Exercise With Michelle


Hi my names Rob I am 40 years old and I live in a village in S.E England. My wife Mary is 30 years old and is a keen sportswoman. She plays tennis for the village sports club in the summer and hockey in the winter.

The sports club have a presentation evening twice a year for winter and summer sports respectively. My account starts at this year’s event for the winter awards held in May. My wife and I were sharing a table with Roger and Michelle another younger couple from the village. Roger is a keen sportsman like my wife and plays cricket and rugby. During the evening Roger and Mary were busy organising various things, prize-giving etc being committee members. I was therefore left spending most of the evening talking and dancing with Michelle. We had a bit to drink and during conversation Michelle asked if I was at all sporty. I told her I wasn’t and joked that the only exercise I got was sex and that wasn’t very often. Michelle informed me that she was also a non-sports person although she does go to the gym twice a week to keep her body toned. We had a good evening and left for home at about midnight.

I thought nothing more about it until about a fortnight later. It was about one o’clock on a Saturday afternoon when the doorbell rang. I answered it and was surprised to see Michelle standing on the doorstep. She told me that as Roger was away playing cricket and Mary was away playing tennis she thought she would call round and visit me. I was a little taken aback but invited her in. Following behind her into the living room I was remembering how we had danced very close on the presentation evening and how rounded and firm her bottom had felt when I had fondled it, without any objection from her.

Michelle sat on the sofa and I offered her a drink. She requested a white wine spritzer and I went into the kitchen to prepare us both one. On my return I gave Michelle her glass and took my drink and sat in the armchair opposite.

We talked about this and that, where Roger and Mary were playing and what we both had been doing since the presentation dinner.

Michelle then surprised me by saying “I thought I’d call round and see you as we are always being left at home whilst our partners enjoy their exercise. You said the only exercise you get is sex so I thought perhaps we could exercise together.”

As I said she took me a little off guard by her frankness and the only thing I thought of were drinks. “Let me get you a top up, your glass is almost empty,” I said getting up and going to the kitchen with both our glasses. I returned with Michelle’s replenished glass and approached the sofa from the back. I passed the glass to Michelle and she placed it on the coffee table in front of her. Still standing behind the sofa I decided to be as frank as she had been in response. “So Michelle you’d like me to fuck you would you?”

“I’d love you to,” she replied “If of course you want to, but the way you played with my bum when we danced suggests that it could be on your mind.”

“Getting you naked and giving you a seeing to would be very enjoyable and taking care of that wonderful bum of yours would be a pleasure,” I replied.

“Well then do with me as you wish,” said Michelle.

Leaning forward I let my hands rest on Michelle’s shoulders, gently massaging them. “I want to fuck your pussy and that arsehole of yours and I want you to eat and swallow my spunk,” I said.

“That’s fine by me if you will eat and taste my cum,” she replied.

Michelle is twenty-four years old, standing about five feet tall, slim with blond hair and green eyes, having small boobs that I have since found out are 34B and here she was wanting me to take her. I removed my hands from her shoulders and walked around in front of the sofa. “You do realise that I am forty years old, why would someone as young and pretty as you want to choose someone of my age?” I enquired.

“I’m hoping that with age comes experience,” said Michelle.

“In that case,” I said extending out my hand. “Let me take you upstairs and you can discover if I am experienced enough for you.” Michelle took my hand, stood up, and collected her glass as I led her towards the stairs. I let her go in front of me as we ascended keeping my eyes fixed on the pert little bum ahead of me. “Third door along,” I said and she entered the bedroom before me.

She placed her glass on the bedside cabinet and turned to face me. Leaning down I placed my lips over hers, she was eager and responded by parting hers allowing my tongue full access to her warm mouth. Our tongues danced around each other and my hands squeezed her firm young buttocks. We eventually parted and Michelle whispered in my ear “Please undress me Rob.”

I required no second bidding. My hands had located the popper and zip on the front of her skirt, the popper popped and the zip was eased all the way down causing the skirt to tumble to the floor. I opened the buttons on her blouse starting at the bottom and working upwards. In love never lies poland izle no time this joined the skirt on the floor. Michelle was now stood before me in pretty matching lemon panties and bra she looked divine. I moved behind her unfastened the clip on her bra moved my hands around the front under the material cupping one small breast in each hand. The bra fell to the floor as I gave each breast a gentle but firm squeeze. I located each nipple with my thumb and forefinger; they were already erect and hard and to my surprise very long being about ¾ inch in length. I pinched and rolled them eliciting gentle moans from Michelle. Staying behind her I squatted down and with my hands gently rubbed her buttock cheeks through the material of her little panties. I hooked my fingers inside the waistband and gently eased them down her legs. On reaching the floor Michelle stepped out of them. I now had the naked flesh of her pert little bum right in front of my eyes.

Michelle was now totally naked and I stepped round in front of her and feasted my eyes for the first time on her petite form with small firm tits, long nipples and I could see the small wisp of downy blond hair above the slit of her pussy. She was a hot sexy young woman and I was with her. I took her hand and led her to the bed “Lay down on your front and make yourself comfortable,” I instructed her. “I’m going to get myself ready then I intend to give you a long slow massage. Would you like that?”

“Mmmmm sounds good,” she said as she moved into position on the bed.

I left the room in order to collect a special bag I have that I take with me on business trips away from home. I removed my clothes, apart from my briefs, outside the room before returning with my bag. Michelle was just returning her empty wine glass to the cabinet before settling herself down. I removed a little bottle of massage oil from my bag before joining her on the bed. I knelt alongside her took the top off the bottle and allowed a little oil to trickle along her spine. It was cold and she gave out a little shudder. I then carefully massaged the oil into her shoulders, along her back and spine down as far as the tops of her bum cheeks. I repeatedly massaged slowly all over her back, up and down easing all the tension out of her muscles. When all the oil had been absorbed I moved position so that I was kneeling at the bottom of her feet. I dribbled a little oil onto the backs of each of her thighs and her calf’s. I began a slow massage of each of her legs from her ankles to the top of her thighs once again working out all of her tension and relaxing her. I changed position again kneeling at her side and put a small drop of oil on each firm little bum cheek. I began massaging it in, one hand per cheek, occasionally pulling her cheeks apart to reveal a small but pretty pink puckered entrance to her bum. I repeated this many times until keeping her cheeks apart I lowered my head and allowed my tongue to lick and swirl around her pink bud. She was enjoying this and sighed contentedly. I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go before withdrawing and sucking on her hole. After a prolonged period of this I ran the index finger of my right hand around Michelle’s by now quite wet bum hole, again something she enjoyed judging by her moans. I stopped my finger at her entrance and with a little pressure it eased in slowly, up to the knuckle. I wiggled and twisted my finger a little “Are you enjoying that?” I enquired.

“Mmmm its really nice and I like you taking it slow,” Michelle answered.

“You really are tight in there,” I commented.

“It hasn’t been used for some time,” Michelle informed me.

“Well we had better take care of that later,” I suggested.

“Mmmm please,” she replied.

I took my finger out and let my middle finger slide along her bum crack and down between her legs, parting her pussy lips and curling under and slowly entering her by now already moist cunt. Again I encountered a very tight little hole. I moved my finger around gently and slowly moved it in and out, it felt good. I placed my thumb at the entrance to her bum hole and slowly eased it in. I worked finger and thumb in and out very slowly for some time as Michelle was really enjoying the attention she was getting. I took my finger out and licked the juice off, it tasted very good. I returned it and carried on the attention. I again removed my finger and offered it to Michelle; she sucked it into her mouth and cleaned off all the juice.

I then encouraged her to role onto her back. I lay beside her and began giving attention with fingers and tongue to her long, hard, pink nipples. I continued my licking and sucking whilst allowing my hand to drift along her body, onto the downy tuft above her pussy and down between her legs gently encouraging them to part which Michelle was more than happy to do. I parted her pussy lips and located the little button of her clit. I worked love off the grid izle it between my finger and thumb squeezing, rubbing and pulling it. Michelle’s moans were becoming louder as I continued to work on her nipples and clit. She began breathing quicker and deeper. “Your going to make me cum!” she shouted as a long moan exited her mouth and her body began to shake as an intense orgasm ripped through her body. I continued my play but slowed it right down until I eventually stopped, removing my fingers from her clit and mouth from her nipples. “My God Ron that was incredible. No one has ever made me cum like that before, not even myself,” said Michelle as she locked her lips over mine probing her tongue deep into my mouth.

I responded and then freed myself. “I hope it wont be the last time today that I will be able to milk your pretty little pussy,” I said as I manoeuvred Michelle to a position at the foot of the bed. She was still on her back; her legs were hanging over the end with her bottom very close to the edge. I was standing at the foot of the bed and gently lifted her legs, parting them and pushing them either side of her head. This fully exposed her pink pussy and kneeling down on the floor I lowered my head and began using my mouth and tongue to lick, suck and probe her pussy and to get inside her cunt. She tasted wonderful and was very wet. I continued licking and sucking. I used my fingers to expose her clit from inside its hood licking and sucking it into my mouth. My tongue found its way as far as it could into her tight moist cunt. I was enjoying this, as was Michelle.

“Oh Rob I’m going to cum again!” shouted Michelle above her moans and loud breathing and I was treated to a mouthful of sweet tasting cum as she climaxed, her body shaking once again.

“You taste wonderful,” I said “I knew you’d cum again and I’m not finished with you yet.” I got to my feet and taking Michelle’s hand I raised her to sitting on the end of the bed. “I think you should get my cock ready for fucking now, don’t you,” I said.

“Mmmm Id like that,” said Michelle as she gazed at my black briefs. She put out her hands, hooked her fingers in the waistband and eased them down giving her her first view of my cock. “Wow Rob you’re a very big boy,” she said as she caught sight of my semi hard cock.

“I hope you’ll be making it even bigger,” I said thinking of how she would react to seeing it in all its glory at 8½ inches long with its girth of 7 inches.

“It already looks much bigger than Rogers and its un-cut. Your balls are huge as well; I hope they are good cream producers. It looks like I will be experiencing my oldest and biggest cock in one go. I’m going to enjoy getting it bigger,” Michelle commented.

With that she got hold of the foreskin above the tip between her thumb and forefinger and lifted my cock up flat against my stomach. She placed the palm of her other hand flat against my cock lowered her head and sucked one of my balls into her mouth. It was warm and wet and she gently licked and squeezed it whilst moving it around in her mouth. Whilst doing this she squeezed the tip of my cock back and forth under it’s covering of skin allowing her other hand to rub up and down my shaft. She alternated her attention to my balls and soon had me at near full erection.

Michelle stopped her mouth attention and carefully pulled back my foreskin revealing the head. “It’s so big and I’ve already made it so shiny and sticky mmmm,” she said.

“You certainly know how to work a man up,” I said “Whoever taught you did a good job.”

“It was my godmother, she taught me to suck and fuck,” replied Michelle before dropping to her knees and placing the head of my cock into her warm little mouth. She licked around the head covering it with her spit before withdrawing it. “Your stickiness tastes good and your heads a real mouthful,” she said before returning my cock to her mouth for more attention as she got as much of it in as possible. She was an expert cocksucker, I was in heaven.

She continued for quite a time until I said, “I think it’s about time I gave your little cunt a good stretching.” I laid her on her back on the bed, parted her legs and knelt between them. I positioned my cock at her pussy and gently pushed. Gosh she was tight but wet and I soon had my cock head inside her. I continued to push slowly and gently until all of my length was inside her. It felt wonderful and very comfortable. I leant forward and kissed her allowing our tongues to play together once more. We broke away “Does it feel alright,” I asked. Michelle nodded her approval. “I’m going to start fucking you properly now,” I said as I began withdrawing my cock before pushing it back inside her. The pace was slow at first but I increased the tempo in time with her accelerated breathing. It wasn’t long before she was coating my cock in large amounts of juice as she came once more. She was really wet and on madoff the monster of wall street izle withdrawing my cock I could see that her juice had left a pool on the sheet below.

I rolled her over, got her on her knees, positioned myself behind her and entered her once again. I enjoy doggy and so was Michelle. Her face was buried in a pillow but you could still hear her moans of delight. I used my hands underneath to play with her boobs and nipples pulling, squeezing and pinching I also went to work once again on her sensitive little clit. It all became too much for her as she was made to cum again sliding off my cock as her knees buckled and she collapsed face down on the bed. I pushed her legs together and straddled her with my knees either side of her thighs I eased my still hard cock down between her closed legs and slid it once again inside her. This time the strokes were long and slow to give her time to recover.

“That was nice, gentle and relaxing,” said Michelle after a while. “Can I sit on your cock and fuck you now?”

“Id love you to,” I replied.

I lay on my back and facing away from me Michelle straddled my body and lowered her pussy down onto my cock allowing it to slide deep inside her cunt. Michelle was now regulating the pace and with me fully inside her she began a gentle rocking, rubbing her pussy and clit into the pubic hair at the base of my cock. Michelle then increased the pace and began rising up and down to allow my cock to go in and out of her little hole. She then turned round and faced me, which gave opportunity to play with her boobs and to kiss. After a while Michelle slowed down and eventually stopped her movement and just rested with my cock deep inside her.

“You certainly fuck well,” I whispered in her ear. “Your godmother taught you well.”

“Thank you, you don’t do bad yourself. My godmother would love to meet you,” replied Michelle.

I wasn’t finished yet and without saying anything I positioned Michelle standing facing the side of the bed. I parted her legs and bent her forward so that her hands and arms were on the bed. Standing behind her I guided my cock inside her again and began fucking her once more. I only stopped when her body started to shake, her legs turning to jelly as I got her to cum again. She slid to her knees on the floor turned to face me and sucked my cock into her mouth. I knew by her efforts that she wasn’t going to stop until she had finished me off. I then had a real surprise. I was very close to cumming when Michelle took me from her mouth and began to jack me off. With her other hand she reached over taking hold of her empty wine glass. I couldn’t hold back any longer and Michelle aimed the tip of my cock at the empty wine glass and made me deposit a very large load of cum into it. She kept jacking until slowing down as my cock lost its rigidity. She looked at me smiled and drank all my juice out of the glass. She had a very happy and satisfied look on her face. She bent down and cleaned my cock with her mouth.

“Lets just lie down together and relax,” she said as she directed me to lie down next to her on the bed. She snuggled in close without saying a word.

I suddenly woke up. We had both dozed off and had been asleep for about 40 minutes.

As I moved Michelle opened her eyes and looked at me saying “Well I needed that you certainly gave me a seeing to I think your very well experienced.”

“You don’t do badly yourself,” I told her. “So you think your godmother would be interested in me do you?”

“Why, are you interested? or perhaps the idea of doing us both together appeals to you.”

“You’re a very naughty young lady,” I replied. “I told you I was going to be very naughty and take care of that little bum of yours, are you still interested?”

“Of course, if you’ve got the stamina for it,” she replied.

“We will have to make sure that you are well prepared in order to take my size.”

“Yes I know. I am a little worried about that and my tightness, having not been used there for some time. I would still love you to fuck me anally though.”

“We will take it easy and I have something in my bag to help. Just lie down here on your tummy.”

Michelle lay down as instructed and I began gently stroking her bottom. I pulled her cheeks apart and began licking her little hole. I gradually worked a finger inside her using plenty of spit. “I’m going to do something special to make sure your ready just relax I wont hurt you.” I went to my bag and took out a tube of lube, a syringe and a short length of thin plastic tube. I squirted lube into the syringe and attached the tube. I inserted the other end of the tube into Michelle’s bum hole. It was narrow and went in easily after Id worked her with my finger earlier. “Your going to feel a strange sensation soon,” I told Michelle “But don’t worry.” I depressed the syringe whilst slowly retracting the tube. This was ensuring that the full length of Michelle’s hole was being well filled with lube.

“It feels nice,” said Michelle.

“Good,” I replied “Your bum is now completely full of lube all you need to decide now is if you want to replace some of it with my cock.”

“Lie down next to me,” said Michelle.

I did as requested and Michelle caught hold of my flaccid cock and began stroking it. She then moved her head down and sucked it until it was fully hard.

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