expansion/lactation story


expansion/lactation storyyou arrive home and see that you have a package that has been delivered to you. you are very excited because you know what is inside…you quickly rush the package to your room. you open the box and see what you have been waiting for all week….an industrial breast pump.you are so excited to use your new toy. you rip off your shirt and begin my rubbing and tugging on your nipples making them hard and erect.the machine has an area where you can attach a container for collecting milk. but being you are not pregnant you don’t bother.you turn on the machine and attach them to your nipples. the suction is amazing. it feels so wonderful that you just lay back and enjoy the pleasure.while you lay there you accidentally drift off to sleep. as you are lying there drifting to sleep milk begins to slowly drip from the machine… You awake in a sudden jerk and you realize what türbanlı artvin escort has happened. the first thing you realize is that your breasts have actually become engorged and have grown a least one size. you are confused and as you lean over to shut off them machine you see milk pouring out the milker where the container should be.you shut off the machine and start to remove the suction cups…as you remove them you come to an interesting realization…the machine was on so long that it stretched out your nipples and they have become thicker. standing erect at 3 inches and the size of a dime you realize they have become so stimulated that even though the pump is off you nipples have continued to spray milk with out even being touched.you realize what you much do…you cup both of your breasts and bring both nipples to your mouth and türbanlı artvin escort bayan you begin to drink your own milk from you milk engorged swollen tits and giant nipples.you drink and drink for what seems for hours…you suddenly realize you stomach has been filled with so much milk that you look as if you are 9 months pregnant. your nipples fall away from your mouth that have now double in length and thickness at 6 inches long they are as big as most guys cocks…this gives you an idea to try and relive all of this milk that is building up inside your breasts…you grab the base of your dick sized nipples and being jerking them up and down…causing milk to shoot uncontrollably all over the room you scream with pleasure as your nipples cum with hot sweet milkyou being to get another brilliant plan…you position one of the türbanlı escort artvin suction cups around your clit…you turn on the power and ecstasy begins…the suction on your clit feels so good that you cum at least three times…you pass out from pleasure…when you awake…you realize again the machine is still on…you giant nipples have continuously been spraying milk and have begun to flood the room…and you can still feel the pleasure of the pump on your clit. you turn off the machine and notice that your clit has grown…its sticking out a couple inches…this makes you curious…you begin to tease it…flicking it and rubbing it. you clit is becoming very hot if feels so amazing you wish i will never stop…your clit begins to grow as you now can actually stroke it…3 inches…4 inches…6 inches…9 inches…your clit has surpassed the size of you milk squirting nipples and you now need both hands to masturbate. you put your now giant and super sensitive clit between your milk fill tits and titfuck yourself while still spraying milk. lubing your clit with your warm milk you reach your climax where you literally shoot a giant load out from your clit…the ceiling is now dripping with cum and milk and you just lie there in ecstasy…

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