Experimenting with Sofie


Experimenting with SofieIt was Saturday morning and we were woken up by the sound of our names being called out loud, “Cassie!… Sofia! Breakfast is ready!…” Momm always knew how to whip us up a great meal at any time of the day, she was truly an awesome stay at home momm! Dadd was always busy working and he came home late, usually missing dinner all together. I was fiftein and my younger siisster Sofia was thirtein at the time. We were spoiled a lot as girls, so we enjoyed playing silly games together and being our youngest selves, even though we were already considered beyond the age for foolish “playtime”. But we had our reasons…After breakfast we headed back to our bedroom to play games and watch tv. About an hour later, Sofia had started playing with her dolls on the floor and I watched curiously as she made the dolls kiss each other. We only had “girl” gendered dolls, no “boy” gendered dolls, so that’s what made it so interesting to watch. It made me a little wet between my legs as I watched her play with them like that. I looked at Sofia with a serious glare and I said, “Hey… go on and lock the door for a minute okay Sofie?…” She already knew what that meant as I watched her cheeks blush before she stood up and went to do what her bossy older zsisster ordered her to do. While Sofia was busy locking our bedroom door, I grabbed the remote to turn on the tv as I turned up the volume so our parents wouldn’t hear us and they’d just think we were watching a show we liked. I started lifting my t shirt, revealing my smallish B cup mounds since I wasn’t wearing a bra yet and my nipples were already pointy. Sofia bit down gently on her bottom lip as she watched me get naked and she pulled her tshirt off too revealing her rather flat boyish chest with two tiny pink, bee sting sized buds. I then unbuttoned my jeans, unzipping them before pulling them all the way down and Sofia copied me as she pulled down her pink sweat pants. I watched her do everything I did, acting just like her big siiss and soon we were wearing nothing but our colorful girly panties as we stood almost completely naked together in the middle of our bedroom. I pulled down my purple polka dotted panties without hesitation, revealing my soft peachfuzz covered pussy and I lowered them all gaziemir escort the way down to my ankles as I kicked them aside. Sofie trembled visibly as she did the same, lowering her pretty pink flower pedal design panties while she looked down at her feet the whole time. I could tell she was shy being in front of her big zsisster like this, and then I walked over to her. First I hugged Sofie to let her know I still loved her. But I soon enough the feeling of our naked bodies pressed together made me feel that familiar tingle between my legs and I reached one hand down to tend to it. Sofia stepped back as she watched me playing with my cunt. She figured I was feeling happy and she didn’t want to mess that up for her big siiss. Sofia then reached her hand inside her panties to do the same to herself as I watched her rubbing her hand over her pussy. She started to moan softly and I continued to watch with my own hand still playing with my exposed cunt. “Mmmm… Uhhh… Uuhhh!…”I then stepped back as I took a moment to admire Sofia’s naked boyish body and I said, “Let’s go to my bed… Come on…” Sofia walked over to my bed just like I instructed and I followed her as we both climbed up on the bed. She laid on her back as I assumed the usual position and we tangled our legs together as I moved in closer. Soon our exposed hot wet cunts were rubbing against each other as we both moaned loudly. I moaned saying, “Ohhh Sofie… Uhhh!… Ohh yeah…” Sofia moaned too as she replied, “Ohhh Cassie… Mmm!… That feels really good…” I felt myself reaching my first orgasm of the day as I pushed harder against her body and soon I moaned loudly, “Ohhh! Ohhhh! Uhhhh! Mmmm!… Ohh yeah, good girl Sofie… Good girl!… Uhhh!… Ohhhh!” I shuddered as I felt that same tingle, only ten times more intense, and throughout my whole body this time. Sofia kept thrusting her hips, while rubbing her clit against mine as she moaned some more and soon she was climaxing too. “Ooohhhh!… Oh Cassie!… Uhhh! Uuhhhh! Uhhhh!… Ooohhhh!…” Unlike me who wanted more, Sofia just lay there sort of limp from the exhaustion I guessed and I pulled myself off of her to finish myself off with my hand.After we were done having our secret, extremely forbidden sex gaziemir escort bayan session we got dressed again and then I unlocked the door. We then sat down on either bed to watch tv for real this time so we could rest our tired limp bodies. Before we knew it momm called us downstairs for lunch shouting, “Come on girls!… Time for Lunch!… Cassie!… Sofia!” We headed to the table in a rush feeling very hungry after spending all morning “playing” together and then watching tv. After lunch, Sofie and I headed to the back yard so we could play outside for the rest of the afternoon. After spending hours having fun, running around and getting all sweaty, we both went back inside to take a much needed long shower. I went to the bathroom upstairs and Sofia went to the one down stairs by the living room. By the time we were done taking a shower, momm had just announced that dinner was ready saying, “Girls, come to the table, dinner is served…” Since we already showered, after we ate we could just head to our room to watch tv for the rest of the night. Sofia was the first to finish her food as she excused herself and she headed to our bedroom to change into her pj’s. I finished eating like only two minutes later as I excused myself from the table and I went to our bedroom to join Sofie. Our bedroom door was closed and I knew what was happening in there as I crept closer placing my ear aginst the door and I became curious as I slowly twisted the knob. The door was left unlocked so I let myself in as I opened it and I caught her slipping on one of her silly, babyish pink Goodnites diapers. She looked at me wide eyed, like a deer in headlights and then she stuttered the way she usually did whenever she felt nervous, saying, “W-Why D-didn’t you knock?…” I smiled saying, “Don’t worry. It’s just me Sofie…” Momm made sure Sofia always wore a diaper under her pj’s before going to bed in case she experienced another of her typical bed wetting accidents. She basically had no choice but to wear them every night until she showed momm that she could stay dry two months straight, which didn’t happen for her until she was nearly sixtein!I shut the door behind me locking it and she noticed as she turned to face me. I walked up to her as I escort gaziemir got close enough and I reached my arm down as I dug my hand inside the front of her crinkly diaper as I rubbed her clit making her pussy wet. She moaned as I continued to touch her pussy and I reached into my jeans to rub my clit too. I leaned in to kiss her and she kissed me back out of pure lust. One of my hands played with her pussy and my other hand was still busy rubbing my clit. I gently slipped one finger into her extra tight virgin pussy and Sofie moaned, “Uhhh!… Mmmm!… Cassie!…” I rubbed her clit at the same time as I slowly finger fucked her tight virgin cunt, and she was trembling visibly while she stood half naked in front of me. We continued to kiss each other passionately as I rubbed both of our cunts giving us both pleasure. I felt her pussy getting very wet around my fingers, even for her age as the crinkly diaper soaked up her juices. I couldn’t take another second of this hotness as I reached my orgasm and I creamed all over my hand. I bucked my hips as I stopped finger fucking Sofie’s cunt for a while and I moaned loudly saying, “Ohh yeah!… You’re making me wet!… Cum for me Sofie… Uuhhh! Uuhh! Uhhh!… Oohhhh!… Ohhh!…” She reached her own hand inside her already wet Goodnites training diaper and she started rubbing her clit as she moaned for me saying, “You want me to cum?… huh?… Ohhh!… Oohhh!… Uhhh Uuhhh! Uuhhhh!… Ohh gosh… Whoa… Ohhh!”Sofie bucked her hips on her hand as she had a powerful orgasm, wetting her diaper even more than before and then she collapsed on her bed. I then decided to do the same as I lay down to rest on my own bed, and we both lay down on either of our beds to rest for a while. After some time passed, I watched as Sofia went to the closet to change out of her wet diaper and she brought out some wet wipes to clean herself up with. She passed a few moist wipes over her slightly irritated pink mound, she bent over bringing out the bag of Goodnites diapers and she pulled one out from the bag, slipping it on before putting on her pj’s for the night. Sofie only turned to face me after she was fully dressed for bed and I was already in my bed wearing nothing but a tshirt and a fresh pair of panties. She headed to her bed and she said to me, “Goodnight Cassie… Sweet dreams…” I replied, “Goodnight Sofie… I love you…” She giggled and then she said, “Yeah, I know… I love you too Cassie!…” It didn’t take too long for us to drift off, after spending a long eventful afternoon together at home that day…

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