Fallen Angel


Setting the tray of drinks on the crowded table, Shannon pasted a professional smile on her face, and dodged nimbly as a customer tried to sneak a hand under her short skirt. There was very little about this job that surprised her now, unlike the somewhat naïve eighteen year old she had been only a month earlier. Not that she had ever been particularly shy; she would never have applied for the job as a hostess in a men’s club in the first place if she had been.

She had thought she was going into it with her eyes open, but within days they were opened even wider. Mattie, one of her fellow students had suggested she apply when she discovered Shannon was skipping meals to pay tuition fees. Apparently Mattie herself had been in the same situation the previous year, and took a similar job to make ends meet. Now she offered to arrange for Shannon to have a chat with Dirk, the manager of ‘Blue Heaven Gentlemen’s Club’, saying that the wage offered wasn’t much, and what passed for a uniform was pretty minimal, but the generous tips received from some patrons more than compensated. Shannon had no real objection to wearing a skimpy outfit, because after all some of the bikinis she wore at the beach showed a lot more.

Explaining the requirements of the job, the manager pulled no punches, cutting to the chase by asking her to remove her outer clothing, pointing out that if she wasn’t comfortable with being seen in her bra and panties, she certainly wouldn’t be comfortable in a scanty uniform. After all, the clientele came to look at attractive women, and the hostesses were a necessary appetiser for the main course. He was frank in his appraisal of her figure, suggesting that if she was interested, he was always looking out for new ‘podium dancers’, which she guessed was just a polite word for strippers. When she flatly refused he had shrugged, then told her there were only four hard and fast rules. Encourage the customers to buy expensive top shelf drinks, no drinking on duty, absolutely no drugs, and no upsetting the customers.

The four hour shifts would suit her perfectly, giving her time to study without cutting into her sleeping time. OK, so sometimes, mostly weekends, she wouldn’t finish until long after midnight, but she could work around that, and she wouldn’t need to work on the quietest nights unless she chose to.

She was unable to contain a giggle when shown the uniform the ‘Blue Heaven Angels’ were required to wear. Skimpy, she saw, had definitely been an overstatement. In addition to a blue wig, there was the briefest of bras in a matching blue, so brief that she would be lucky if it covered her nipples. What had prompted her amusement was a small pair of almost transparent ‘Angel’ wings, fastened to the back, and wired to retain their shape. The ensemble was completed by high cut briefs, with an attached skirt barely long enough to cover her crotch. “This is for your tips.” Dirk commented, pointing out a small pocket at the side of the skirt.

Telling her to put her jeans and shirt on he took her into the club proper, so she could get the feel of the place before making a decision on whether or not she wanted the job. He had already told her that the size of her tips would depend on how popular she was, and how amenable she was with the patrons. Now, in the dimness of the room, which was largely lit by the reflected lights from the stage, she was beginning to understand what he meant by ‘amenable’. One hostess good naturedly pushed a customer’s roving hand from under the back of her skirt, before plucking a banknote from the fingers of his free hand and tucking it into her bra. Moments later, further across the room, another girl stood smiling as a man holding a note between two fingers pushed his hand, and the note, inside her bra. Both hostess and customer having got what they wanted, she twisted away and went to take a drinks order at another table.

Shannon looked uncertainly at Dirk, but he merely lifted his shoulders dismissively. “None of the girls allow what they are not happy with.” Taking what at first glance appeared to be a wristwatch from his pocket, he held it out for her to study. “We don’t want any unpleasant scenes, so if a guy tries to go too far, just press this button and security will take him aside for a quiet word. It’s for you to decide what is too far.” A quick glance around the room showed that each of the ‘Angels’ was wearing a similar accessory.

Somewhat reassured, Shannon began to reassess her reluctance. What she had seen happening was nothing that she hadn’t seen scores of times in various nightclubs around town. On more than one occasion she herself had had her boobs and ass groped on crowded dance floors, and shrugged it off as a hazard of the social scene. At least the girls here got more out of it than a tweaked nipple. Moments after agreeing to give the job a try, starting the following night, she had an unexpected shock. A door marked ‘Staff Changing Room.’ beside the bar opened and a man emerged. Crossing to a group seated at a table, he pulled maternal izle up a chair and started giving ‘high fives’ to the others, and laughing loudly at their raucous ribbing.

Shannon looked at her new employer with eyebrows raised questioningly. “Looks like one of the girls gave him more than he can get out here,” he grinned. Seeing her still puzzled expression, he went on. “Some of the girls are willing go a little further to please customers, and earn some extra cash. They take them into the back room, and the house gets half – to cover lost takings when they are otherwise occupied.”

“You mean they……?”

He nodded. “Sure. Provided they don’t leave the other girls overworked, why not? It’s an all round win situation. The customer gets what he wants, the girl makes money, and the house makes money.” He glanced at the stage where a dancer was coming to the end of her performance. “That makes it easier for the girls to get offers. Watch.” Already bare breasted, the girl knelt near the edge of the stage and leaned back, supporting herself on one hand and thrusting her hips forward. An audible sigh of anticipation rippled through the wide eyed audience, as with a flourish she tugged off her g-string and spread the shaven lips of her vagina with two fingers. As she left the stage to a smattering of applause, one of the patrons beckoned to an ‘Angel’ and whispered. With a nod of her blue wigged head, she rubbed her forefinger and thumb together meaningfully, and led him in the direction of the staff door.

Before they reached it, the door opened again and a long blue wigged girl in a matching uniform came out. Locking the door, she grinned as the key was plucked from her fingers, and turned to the bar and picked up a tray, heading for a table where a customer was signalling for service. After taking the order she went to the bar, and returned to the table with a loaded tray, before looking around for more orders. Spotting Shannon, she grinned and came over. “Hi Shannon, I see you made it. What do you think? Going to give it a try?”

“Mattie? Oh my god! I didn’t recognise you with the make up and stuff.”

Her friend fingered the long blue wig and grinned. “That’s the idea. I don’t want to be recognised. The rest of the gang wouldn’t understand, because they’ve never had to go hungry to pay for their studies.” Addressing the manager, she asked “Is it OK if I take my break a few minutes early?”

He nodded and pushed out a chair with his foot. “Sure, but don’t take too long, OK? I’ll leave you to fill Shannon in on how things work around here.”

As he left, Mattie pulled her chair closer. “Well? When do you start?”

“Well I told him tomorrow. I’m not sure I want to now, but I can’t break my word so I guess I owe him at least a couple of shifts. I’ll see after that.” She glanced towards the nearby table, then at her friend. “Did you and him really…. you know…?”

“Yeah, why not? The money’s good and it gets me off my feet for half an hour.”

“How could you? That’s … ” She left the sentence unfinished, so Mattie finished it for her.

“Prostitution? So what? Get real girl. It’s only a fuck. Let’s face it, we’ve both fucked guys for buying us a twenty buck meal and a movie, so what’s the difference? We are all whores when it suits us, just not for cash. This way I can buy a dozen meals and still have enough to pay for my education. Besides, I only fuck guys I fancy.” She looked around the room. “Admit it, There’s a few guys here you wouldn’t mind spreading your legs for if you met them in a nightclub, rather than a strip club.”

Put like that, there was really no arguing with the truth. After all, Shannon was hardly a shrinking violet, or she wouldn’t be here. Not that she would be prepared to go that route. Just because a couple of the girls in this thinly disguised whorehouse chose to sell their pussies, it didn’t mean she had to. Maybe, just maybe, she could handle the occasional grope, provided it didn’t go too far, but that was all.

Suddenly Mattie giggled. “It’s a bit silly really. Dating customers outside work hours is not actually against the rules, but Dirk prefers that we didn’t. It’s OK with him to fuck their brains out in the back room here, but Heaven forbid that they take you to a movie.”

Her first week was relatively uneventful, and she found herself quite enjoying the looks customers gave her. The customers tipped her less than she had been led to expect, and when she mentioned it to Mattie she wasn’t prepared for the response. “You’re too distant Babe. You need to loosen up a bit. If you are too far away from the punters they keep their hands to themselves, but the trouble is they keep their money too. Or give it to someone like me. What harm is there in letting a guy grope your ass for half a second? As they see it you’re already getting paid to serve drinks. If they are going to give you extra they want extra in return. It’s not like an ordinary nightclub or bar, in here everything is method izle about sex.”

Shannon knew her friend was right, but she didn’t like the idea. It wasn’t the same in here as when she was out on the town. This was too much like selling herself. Nonetheless she was here to make money, and she couldn’t do that by being too precious. The next time she took an order she didn’t try to keep her distance, and when the anticipated hand landed on her butt, she was relieved that it was on her skirt rather than under it. As she waited at the bar for the drinks, she told herself that it hadn’t been as bad as she had feared, in fact it hadn’t been bad at all. When she returned with the drinks, she didn’t flinch when the same guy put his hand under her skirt and stroked her ass, slipping a note under the elastic of her pants.

The first time a client tucked a note into her bra surprised her, not because of what he did, but because the feel of his fingers on her nipple stayed with her for almost an hour afterwards. Over the next couple of weeks she became more accepting of what she had first regarded as inappropriate, although she still dodged the men who didn’t appeal to her. Not that she was becoming complacent, because she was honest enough to admit to herself that, although it didn’t exactly turn her on, provided they weren’t too aggressive, having strangers feel her ass and tits excited her, just as it had on nightclub dance floors.

She didn’t fully realise how much the club environment and atmosphere were changing her perceptions until the end of her fourth week. Seated around a table five regulars ranging from early twenties to early thirties were watching a stripper go through her routine. Shannon had learned a couple of weeks earlier that this was their usual ‘let your hair down after work’ Friday night, and she liked serving them because they were always friendly and tipped well. They were already into their second round of drinks, and as the dancer shed her final garment and spread her legs, they began to talk earnestly amongst themselves.

Finally they appeared to reach an agreement, and beckoned to Shannon. With a smile she approached, pen and notepad poised to write down their orders, and then headed to the bar. Back at the table, she saw that one of the group has a folded banknote between two fingers, and she took her time setting his glass down, letting him slip the money under the elastic of her briefs. Suddenly she gasped with surprise, uncertain how to react as his finger traced the line of her slit through the thin fabric. She couldn’t find it in her to be angry, because they were all such nice guys. Besides, she had always been very sensitive down there, and it did feel good.

The rest of the group had been watching her response, and now the next took out a note and looked hopefully at her. She hesitated uncertainly, then telling herself it was only a little harmless fun she moved alongside him, putting his drink down slowly, giving him just enough time to tuck her tip into the elastic and have a quick feel of her panty covered pussy.

This seemed to be the cue they had all been waiting for, and the other three opened their hands to reveal notes of varying values. By the time she reached number four it was getting to her, and she knew she couldn’t stop even if she wanted to, and she most certainly did not. She was in no hurry to stop him feeling her up, and she could feel her wetness spreading when the last of the group urged him to let him have a turn.

She noticed that he was no longer holding the expected tip, but by now she was past caring, and she braced her hands on his shoulders as he tugged her panties aside, and sank a finger deep into her pussy. He pushed in and out two or three times, then looked over toward the staff door. “Do you… um… you know?”

Without thinking, she rubbed her finger and thumb together, and when he nodded she led him past the bar, pausing to collect the key, then took him along a short passage past the changing room, and into a dimly lit room, with a connecting door into a bathroom. The room was dominated by a king size bed with a large towel spread on the covers. The only other furniture was an upright chair, upholstered in the trademark blue, and a small table which held a large box of tissues. She had never for an instant entertained the possibility that she might bring a customer here, and now she had she was completely as a loss as to how much money she should ask for.

The problem was solved when he handed her some notes, and without looking she slipped them into her pocket and stood looking at him. “I’ve never done this before,” she whispered with a sudden show of nerves. “I mean I’ve had sex, but not for money, and I’m not sure how it is supposed to go.”

He nodded in understanding. “You don’t have to you know. I mean if you like we can just sit and chat for a while, and I’ll tell the guys we did it.”

The fact that he was offering her a chance to change her mind made her milf manor izle want him even more, and she took a step closer. “No, it’s OK. I want to. Honestly.”

“In that case I’d be honoured to be your first client,” he smiled, reaching for the fastening of her bra. “How about we start like this?” As her bra fell away he cupped her firm naked breasts and brushed his thumbs across her nipples, raising them to hard puckered points. “Is this OK?”

She nodded, pleased that he had taken the initiative, then sighed as she looked longingly at his mouth. Somewhere, and she wasn’t sure where, she had heard that clients never kissed whores, and although she was about to become a whore, there was nothing she wanted more. Except of course his cock. Or maybe even more than she wanted his cock. It seemed that he had never read the rule book either, because he took her in his arms, and pressed his lips to hers in a deep searching kiss that seemed to last for ever. Her instincts took over, and she returned his kiss with a passion that was impossible to fake. She was about to let this nameless stranger put his cock into her and fuck her in return for payment, but somehow the kiss made it right. Because he was kissing her – correction – because they were kissing each other, she simply couldn’t feel like a whore or a prostitute, or a ‘working girl’ – whatever people wanted to call it.

His hardness was pressing into her, and she released his belt, pushing his pants and boxers down to free his cock. It twitched in her fingers, and his hands went to her waist, sliding her panty-skirt down her legs. She gave an embarrassed giggle when the cash his friends had tucked under the elastic fell to the floor, reminding her of what she was about to become, and then he was shirtless and easing her on to the bed. He wasn’t the first man to look at her pussy, because that was just part of having sex, but now she wanted him to look at her, to part her folds and see where she wanted him to put his cock. A part of her was saying she shouldn’t feel this way, that prostitutes didn’t become aroused with clients, but her pussy was saying different.

She held her breath when he moved between her legs, and then he was inside her, thrusting, driving, forcing the air from her straining lungs as she rose to meet him. Their moans mingled as they fucked, and she was climbing, climbing, soaring above the clouds on a wave of orgasmic ecstasy, never wanting to come down into the world of reality. Mattie had been wrong. This wasn’t ‘just a fuck’. This was the fuck she had dreamed about since she first surrendered her virginity. His cock seemed to swell, filling her even more, and suddenly he was gasping, shuddering in release as he poured his cum deep inside her cunt. For the first time she was totally sated and there was a sense of loss when he withdrew.

With their mixed fluids seeping from her slit she lay watching as he bent to pick up his clothes, then she reached for his cock and took it between her lips. She sucked urgently, wanting him to cum in her mouth, but her efforts to restore his flagging erection were in vain, and she reluctantly released his spent tool.

“I’m sorry babe,” he said, putting his arm around her. “You were too good at what you did and you drained me completely. That was the best fuck I ever had.”

She wasn’t sure if he was only saying that to make her feel good, although he sounded sincere, and it did make her feel good. “Thank you. Me too.”

After he dressed and left, she reached for the tissues to wipe the mess between her legs, and when she moved the box she noticed a packet of condoms. Too late she remembered that whores were supposed to use protection, but at the time she had been too eager to get his cock inside her to give it a thought. She made a mental note for next time, then smiled ruefully when she realised that she had decided there would definitely be a next time. After a quick shower, taking care not to wt her hair, she changed the towel on the bed before counting her takings so far, then dressing and returning to work. A quick glance at the table told her the group had left the club, and she was relieved that she had been spared the embarrassment of facing them again.

At the end of her shift she was heading for the changing room to change into her street clothes, when a customer stopped her and asked her how much. Although she was really interested only in getting home, she saw it as a chance to test her resolve. Still not sure how much she should charge, she rounded off her takings for the shift, not caring whether he accepted or not. When he agreed without hesitation, she led him to the room and undressed quickly, remembering to fit a condom to his cock before stretching out on the bed. Despite not being in the mood, when he entered her she was surprised how good it felt, and as he fucked her she was pleased to discover she was having a mild orgasm.

After the man dressed and left, she wrapped the used rubber in a tissue and flushed it down the toilet. Since there was no real mess between her legs, she merely freshened her cunt up and rinsed the crotch of her panties, which were stiffening from when the five guys had made her cum, then wrapping a towel around her, she tidied the room and went next door to change, and hang her uniform in her locker to dry overnight.

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