Families oral tradition

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Families oral tradition”Thanks a lot, Sis!”Laura was sitting on the front porch as her older brother, Thad, came up the steps looking disgruntled and annoyed and slightly flushed.Laura, at that time, was a very pretty blonde teenager with a nubile, bouncy body. Her tits thrust out saucily in her tight sweater and a lot of slim, shapely thigh showed below the hem of her then-fashionable miniskirt.Now she looked surprised by Thad’s attitude.”What’s wrong?” she asked. “Myrna Jones is what’s wrong!” he snapped. Myrna was a classmate of Laura’s and had asked Laura to get her a date with Thad. Thad had just returned from that assignation, much earlier than expected. Evidently the date had not been a success.”Why? What happened, Thad?” Laura asked.”Nothing happened, is what!” “I don’t understand,” the blonde said. “She’s a cockteaser!” Thad rasped, grimacing to show his distaste.He flung himself down on the swing beside his sister. Laura had blushed slightly.”Gee, I-I didn’t-” she stammered. “Aw, it ain’t your fault,” he muttered. “But-what did she do?” Laura queried. She was a little embarrassed, but intrigued, too.”She let me feel her up, see? Bare tit. But after that got me horny, the bitch wouldn’t let me go no further. She wouldn’t even jack me off!”Laura giggled. Her gaze slid down to his groin and, sure enough, the outline of a massive hard-on was bulging in the front of his pants. Thad gland at his sister for giggling.”It ain’t fuckin’ funny, Sis. A bitch like that can give a guy blue balls.”Laura was beginning to feel some very strange stirrings and emotions.”What will you do, Thad?” she whispered, in a low and husky tone.He peered at her quizzically.”Will you-jerk yourself off now?” she asked, sounding both shy and fascinated.The siblings had never spoken like this before and now there was a crackling tension between them. They looked into each other’s eyes. But Laura’s gaze kept dropping down to her brother’s crotch.”I-I guess I’ll have to, Sis,” he croaked. “My balls really need to be emptied off!””I-I feel responsible,” she said softly. “Since I got you the date and all-“”Yeah? What about it?””I suppose-” she blushed again, batting her long, silky eyelashes, “I could do it for you.””Oh, wow!” he gulped.”Since it’s my fault and all,” she added, asif the job was a duty rather than a delight.Thad had begun to grin. His sister was really sexy and she had often thought about her lustfully while he was beating his meat. The prospect of misbehaving with her was thrilling him to the core.He knew it was real naughty, of course-and so did she-but that only added to the excitement.”Oh, yeah, Sis! Gimme a handjob!” he enthused.Laura smiled. She felt deliciously wanton. She lifted her hand and stared at it, almost as if sheI was accusing her palm and fingers for what they were about to do-as if it was her hand that was the sinner, not her mind.”Okay,” she agreed willingly.Thad reached for his fly.”No, let me take it out,” Laura said, grasping his wrist and pulling his hand aside.He leaned back on the swing, thrusting his hips up, his legs extended to the floor. His sister leaned over his lap and began to open his pants. The girl looked as fascinated as if she, were unwrapping a Christmas present.She unbuckled his belt and unsnapped the waistband of his pants, then began to tug the zipper down, inch by inch, with teasing slowness, tantalizing them both by lingering over the approach.His fly opened in a wide vee. He was wearing tight nylon briefs and they were packed solid with his meat. The outline of his cock and balls stood out clearly and a damp, sticky patch was seeping through the stretchy fabric where his cock-knob bulged out.Her breath wafted over his sex tackle, through the sheath of his shorts.Tucking her fingers under the elastic band, she pulled his briefs out wide of his prick and yanked them down, tucking the elastic under his swollen balls so that all of his sex tackle was bared.”Oooooh.” she moaned, impressed.Her brother’s prick was long and thick, the head flaring out in a fat purple slab and, at the base, his balls were as big as melons.Laura thought that Myrna Jones must be a fool to tease a lovely prick like this, instead of having plenty of fun with that hard, hot cock.But Myrna’s loss was her gain.She simply stared at his naked prick for a while, as he stabbed it up and down impatiently.”C’mon, Sis! Do it!” he rasped.Laura cupped his huge, cum-filled balls in her left hand, feeling his load sloshing within the bags. She folded her right hand around his cockshaft. She held him, squeezing, delighted at how his prick was throbbing.She took a slow push-pull.”Ahhhhh!” he groaned.”Is-is this right?” she whimpered.”Yeah! Do it faster!” he gasped.Laura didn’t really want to do it fast, though. She was having so much fun that she wanted to make his handjob last as long as she could.Obviously, from the way his prick was pounding in her palm, that wouldn’t be very long at all.She was bending over his groin, her cute nose flaring as she breathed in the tantalizing fumes rising from his hot prick. Her eyes were glowing lasciviously and her mouth was starting to water.She glanced up at his face speculatively.Would her brother like more than just a handjob? she was wondering.Laura was so horny now that she would have joyfully taken his cock into her salivating mouth and swallowed his spunk. She would even have let him fuck her, if her brother had asked.But Thad didn’t know this.His head was back, his face contorted by lust. He didn’t even notice that hungry look on his sister’s lovely face or the suggestive glances she was giving him. The teen actually believed that his sweet sister was simply doing this as a favor to him and because it was her fault that he had dated a cockteaser.And although Laura was drooling for a mouthful of that brotherly love, she was much too shy and timid to suggest it, or to just go down on him.It would have to be his suggestion, and Thad didn’t understand the situation at all.”Jack my cock, Sis! Jeez! Empty my balls before I fuckin’ explode!” he cried.Laura sighed wistfully.Thad was humping up from the swing, fucking through her fist. She began to frig him then.Her palm and fingers skimmed lightly up the meaty tube, then she tightened her grip and jerked him more vigorously.As her hand drew up, his foreskin folded over his knob in a fleshy carpet, and as she pumped back down, that huge slab flared out naked and glowing.Pre-cum was dribbling lavishly from his open pisshole. bursa escort She inhaled the musky fragrance. Her tongue was starting to sizzle in her saliva.The preliminary seepage poured down his prickshaft, greasing it up so that her fist was sliding more fluidly up and down on the spunky lubrication.If it had lasted just a bit longer, Laura would have been so hot and hungry that she would have lost all of her inhibitions and dove on his prick.But Thad was too horny to hold back. “Here it cums, Sis!” he yelped. “Ooooh-yeah! Yeah!” she squealed. The prospect of watching his fuckjuice squirt from his cock was driving the teenager crazy and she began to beat his meat furiously up and down.His balls exploded and she felt his prick ripple as the juice came spurting up the hollow tube.Then it was spraying from his pisshole in a creamy cascade, hot and thick as melted lead. Gooey globs shot up past her cheek and jizz jets splashed on her chin and into the fluttering hollow of her throat.”Ooooh! Don’t stop!” she moaned.But mad had been too overheated to endure. He shot out a lot of spunk, but it all came out at once, drenching her cheek and chin and soaking her hand.Then he slumped back, panting heavily, an idiotic grin on his face.Laura kept on pumping away, but her brother’s cock was already starting to sag and soften and his cumbags were slack and deflated at the roots.She drew back and watched his prick collapse, dropping down along his twitching thigh.”Was-was that nice, Thad?” she whispered. “Jeez, Sis-that was swell!” he said. He gave her a smile of gratitude-devoid, now, of lust.”Thanks a lot,” he added.Then, to Laura’s keen disappointment, her brother got up and fumbled his diminished cock and spent balls back into his pants, zippering them up.He looked mildly sheepish for what they had done, now that it was over and the pressure was off.He flashed her another conspiratorial smile, then turned and walked into the house-leaving Laura sitting there, alone and frustrated.Damn! she thought.The selfish son of a bitch could have at least returned the favor with a fingerfucking!Jerking him off had been lots of fun, but she sure as hell would have liked more. She held her hand up and gazed at it wistfully. Spunk had formed a gooey pool in her palm and frosted her fingers.She stuck her tongue out and began to lap the jizz up from her palm like a kitten at a cream bowl. She stuck her fingers into her mouth and sucked them as if they were a prick. The flavor of cum made her tastebuds tingle.Then the teenager yanked her short skirt upand dipped her hand down inside her bikini panties. She began to fingerfuck her cunthole and rub her clit. Her brother’s cum soaked into her pussy from her fingers.She would rather have had it straight from his prick!Seething with need and discontent, Laura frigged herself to a foaming frenzy, cumming heavily. She felt better after she creamed.But she was still frustrated.And her i****tuous desire endured. After that evening, Laura was always hoping for a chance to fool around with her older brother again- and in far more serious ways than just playing with his prick.But he didn’t know that.And the opportunity never came.That was once upon a time.Laura, as gorgeous and sexy now in her late thirties, as she had been as a nubile teenager, woke up and stretched languidly. She had been dreaming about her brother, as she so often did. She was a happily married woman with k**s of her own now, yet she had never been able to forget-nor to stop frequently fantasizing about-that time when she had jerked Thad off on the front porch.She was pleasantly stimulated this morning.Rod, her handsome, well-hung husband, was still asleep in the big bed beside her.She glanced at the clock on the bedside table, hoping that there would be time for a morning fuck before Rod had to leave for work.There was, if they didn’t prolong it.Then she listened for signs of life. Laura was a loud sort of cummer and was unable to contain the sounds of pleasure when she got screwed to a crest, so she was listening to make sure that the k**s were still sleeping and unlikely to overhear parental passion.She heard no one moving about and figured they could have a fuck as long as she didn’t make too damned much noise in the process.She gently pulled the covers down and, reclining on one elbow, gazed lustfully at Rod’s loins. His cock was limp, but still impressive, looping down his leg in a thick, meaty coil, heavy headed and seamed with dark veins.His big balls, although not bloated by excitement, were fat and solid. He’d emptied them into her the night before, but he was a virile guy and they had filed up nicely again during the night.Vowing not to make too much noise in her passion, Laura reached for his cock.As it happened, both of her k**s were already awake-and confronted with the same sort of problem that their mother was concerned with-noise.Teenaged Jim was lying on top of the covers, contemplating his cock. He had awoken with a booming hard-on, as usual, and now he was regarding it balefully, wondering if he should toss himself off on the spot, or wait until his parents and sister had gone down to breakfast.He knew that he always gasped quite loudly when he shot his wad off. He felt guilty about his frequent self-abuse, even worried that someone might hear his cock hissing through his skimming fist or his fuckjuice sloshing in his cumbags or splashing when he spilled it off.He decided to wait–if he could bear it.His sister Wendy was also awake and she had the same problem, but to a higher degree. The day before, she had sneaked into the master bedroom and found her mother’s cock-shaped vibrator where the woman kept ithidden in her panty drawer. Wendy had brought the big tool back to her own room, but she hadn’t had a chance to use it yet.It made too much noise.She had dropped her panties and fitted the dildo in her cunt, getting ready for a lovely vibrator fuck but when she thumbed the switch and activated the battery-operated device, it began to buzz loudly.Startled, she had switched it off again.Now she, like her brother, was lying quietly, waiting for the rest of the family to go downstairs so that she could vibrate her cunt to foam.Wendy was a curvaceous girl who looked a lot like her mother had as a teenager and had certainly inherited Laura’s lustful inclinations.She was rubbing the dildo against her plump tits, nudging it up through her cleavage and playing the bulging knob against her nipples.She bursa escort bayan gazed at it affectionately. It was a large and realistically fashioned tool, with a flaring cock-knob and ridges up the stalk.It occurred to the girl that she could fuck herself with it without switching it on, the way she sometimes fucked herself with a sausage ora banana..But it seemed a shame to use it as an inanimate object, when it had battery-powered potential, and she decided to bide her time, suffering her smoldering pussy until she got the chance to use the tool properly.As she waited, she licked the dildo, then pushed it into her lips and sucked, pretending that it was a flesh and blood-and spunk-cock.The vibrator tasted very interesting. Wendy pressed her nose to the knob and sniffed, then licked it again. It was fragrant and yummy.Holy shit! she thought.PU bet that Mom put it away without washing it, the last time she fucked herself!The idea delighted the sexy mini and she began to suck on the cock hungrily, really turned on by the thought that she might be tasting her mother’s creamy cunt.The creamy cunt in question was spilling out plenty of girl goo at the moment, as Laura began to play with her sleeping spouse’s sex tackle.She fondled his balls and stroked his prickand that whopper began to swell and stiffen. He stirred and moaned in his slumber.I bet he’s having a lovely dream, Laura surmised. She was sorely tempted to make it a wet dream-to milk him off while he continued to sleep. It was a thing that she dearly loved to do, taking him into her soft, wet mouth and nursing ibis jizz out as he tossed and turned in slumber. If it had been a weekend, she would have.But, as much as she loved doing it, she knew it would be frustrating today, since he would have to go to work soon and she would be left frustrated.Since they would only have time to cum once-and quite quickly, as well-she knew that it would be better to get her rocks off at the same time that he did.She bent over his loins, her blonde hair tumbling over her cheeks. She licked the head of his prick, then drew it into her mouth and sucked softly and skillfully, completing the hardening and swelling she had started by hand.A trickle of pre-cum flowed into her lapper. Laura savored it on her tastebuds, then let ittrickle down her throat. She loved everything about drinking cum out of cocks-the taste and the texture and the tantalizing aroma and the way a cock pulsed as it shot off in her mouth. It was hard for the horny housewife to stop blowing him now that she had whetted her appetite.But she drew her glistening lips from his cockhead with a wistful sigh, promising herself a lovely bellyful of jizz when she got home from work.At the moment, though, her pussy took precedence.She yanked on his cock and Rod woke up, blinking and confused, still groggy and with his induced erotic dream still lingering in his mind.If Laura had known what he had been dreaming about as she played with his prick and sucked on the head, she would have been thrilled to the core.Rod had been having very taboo dream images of his sexy teenaged daughter.Now, coming fully awake and finding his voluptuous wife lovingly caressing and coaxing his cock the man grinned a bit sheepishly,mildly embarrassed and guilty for having such a lustful dream about their daughter.But he wasn’t so guilty about it that he regretted it and, in fact, Rod knew that while he fucked the ass off his wife, he was damned well going to be still thinking about their nubile daughter.But Laura would have understood that.Because, as she screwed her husband she often thought about her son.Rod rolled over and they embraced lovingly, their mouths meeting in a passionate kiss. He could taste pre-cum on her lips and knew that she had been sucking on his dribbling cock-knob as he slept.They swapped tongues and saliva back and forth, panting into each other’s mouth, exploring one another in a searching French kiss.His iron-hard prick was pressed to her tummy, indenting a long furrow. With hisbloated balls jammed in her bushy blonde vee, his cockhead extended almost to the lower slopes of her fat tits. Preliminary goo was oozing out onto her belly as his cleft spilled over.She rolled against his cock sinuously and sensuously as they lay on their sides, belly to belly and thigh to thigh, lips locked firmly.He lowered his face to her tits and began to suck on the rosy peaks. Those swollen nubbins were smoldering like lighted fuses in his lips. He switched back and forth from nipple to nipple and she slid a hand down between them to hold his balls.His cumbags had filled up so full now that she was afraid he might suddenly blow his wad off all over her tummy and tits before he got up her cunt. That-like sucking him off-‘would have been fine on a weekend, when they had all morning to lie in bed. But with only time for a single cumming, she didn’t want to waste it outside her body.Laura slid away and rolled onto her back, arching. Her knees were lifted and her thighs parted wide and she tilted her cunt up to the coupling angle.”Give it to me, Rod!” she moaned.The handsome man rolled on top of her, taking his lean weight on his knees and elbows. He didn’t ram it up her right away. Bending down, he kissed her same more and nursed on her titty valves.She cradled his head to her tits and squirmed under him, enjoying the foreplay-although she was the sort of lady whose cunt was perpetually hot and wet and really didn’t require any preliminaries.His heavy cockhead lay on her cunt shelf, matting the silken curls with goo. He frigged up and down her belly a few times, as if getting his cock limbered up on the outside for the work to be done within.Then he jerked his ass up and let his prick burrow down into her crotch. The huge knob flared in her gaping pussy. Her pliable pussy lips pulled greedily on the slab, as if her cunt was swallowing his meat.Holding only the head in her cunt, Rod jerked his cock, making it pulse and throb, stirring it like a ladle in her creamy bowl. Her cunt sucked him in a bit deeper, half of the purpleslab sinking in.”Shove it up me, darling! Give me all of your big, hard prick!” she pleaded, her lovely face turning from side to side on the pillow, eyes narrowed and lips slack, her expression a mask of pure passion.Rod slid his hands down her sleek flanks and cupped her under the cheeks of her firm, heartshaped ass, lifting her a bit higher as he prepared to thrust.Laura pushed her pussy up and escort bursa down, sliding her cunt on an inch or two of cock. He was teasing her by holding back and limiting the penetration.And, k**s or not, Laura was simply not the sort of woman to stay passive and quiet.”Don’t tease me, dammit! Fuck me!” she cried.And, naturally, two very interested teenagers heard that plaintive cry.Jeez! Mom’s gettin’ it! Jim thought, his lips drawing back in a lustful leer.His bedroom was next to his parents’ room and he could hear clearly through the wall. He got up from his bed, moving awkwardly becausehis cock and balls were swollen so huge that his hard-on was throwing him off balance.He padded to the wall and clamped his ear to it, eager to overhear all that he could.He sure wished that he could see it, too. The potent youth was always sneaking around hoping to get a glimpse of his mother-or his nubile k** sister-as they showered or bathed or changed their clothing. He had had a certain amount of success in those sightings, as well. But he had never seen his mom-or anyone else, for that matter-getting laid.He sure as hell wanted to.Now he was so intent on his ardent eavesdropping that, for the moment, he even forgot to pump his prick as he concentrated on his ears and his imagination.Nor was he alone in this listening.Wendy, too, had heard Laura’s cry.Oooooh, the girl silently whimpered. Daddy’s big prick is stuffed up Mom’s cunt!Her hand slid down her own seething pussy and she began to play with her clit. She still held the cock-shaped vibrator in her other hand and she brought it to her mouth again, licking andthen sucking. She pushed it in and out of her oval-shaped lips, and her blonde head bobbed up and down as if she were giving a blowjob.The oversexed girl was imagining what it would be like to suck her father’s cock just after it had come out, soaking, from her mother’s cunt.Heedless that they could be overheard as they abandoned themselves to lust, Rod and Laura began to fuck. He braced his knees on the bed, tightened his ass muscles, then rammed his cock up her all the way. His cockshaft vanished and his balls slapped against the curve of her ass.He held it buried, grinding it around inside her as she wriggled like a fish on a hook. Every inch of his massive cock was buried in hot, sucking cunthole and the coupling was making them both pant and moan.”Fuck my ass off! Screw me silly!” Laura wailed, loving to be stuffed to the brim but wanting the hot, sliding friction that would bring them off.Rod pulled back, tugging his prick out against the clinging suction of her pussy, until only the fat cock-knob was plugged in her wet cunt.He paused there, with his cockhead in her cunt and his long, glistening shaft standing out between them like a pipe line from his balls to her pussy.Then, hiking her up by the ass, he shoveled his prick in balls-deep again. Laura fell into the rhythm with his thrusts, slamming her cunt down to meet him as he plowed in, and winding her ass and hips around on the backstroke.Each time his prick stuffed her full, cuntjuice came pumping from her pussy. Her whole groin was lathered with hot cunt suds, and trickles of the pearly nectar were soaking down into the crack of her ass.She bowed and bridged, arched and flipped, dancing a wanton waltz under his driving loins. Her cunt fairly flew up and down as she met his cock and matched his furious fucking pace with equal vigor.She threw her legs up and clamped her thighs around his hips, knees hooked and heels locking behind his ass. She rubbed her heels up and down in his asscrack and dipped them down to brush his balls.Her belly cupped, her legs locked, her pelvisturned into a frantic fucking platform. She threw her feet up then and kicked at the air behind his ass as if she were pedaling a bicycle up a hill.Her knees jerked up higher, almost touching her tits, as she curled her body up into a hoop. Her crotch rolled up and Rod heaved up higher, braced on his knees, as he hammered down into her cunt.She cried out in rapture, Rod was grunting like a hag, the bed was creaking and groaning under their furious assault and his hot prick was hissing iii, her squishing fuckhole with loud slurps as his balls thudded solidly against the curve of her lovely ass.In short, they were making an awful lot of noise as they fucked away with enthusiasm.Neither gave a slit if their k**s were listening or not, at this stage. It added a spice to the act to imagine the teenagers hearing them screwing.And they, in turn, were imagining screwing the teenagers, adding further piquancy to licit marital sex, i****tuous fantasy embellishing the sensations.Waves of heat began to run across Laura’s loins and shoot up her trembling thighs like electricity. Her clit was starting to explode.She struggled to hold her cumming back knowing it would be more satisfying and fulfilling if Rod was spurting his cock spume up her when she creamed.”Cum-cum-shoot in me!” she cried. He began hammering in faster and harder, rattling her hipbones as he stuffed her cunthole full. His balls slapped against her ass like loaded blackjacks, beating a dull tattoo on her jolting ass.The waves of joy were rushing faster across her belly, each one higher and harder than the one before, beginning to blend into one tidal crest.Her clit was going off like a blasting cap, detonating explosions deeper in her pussy. Her cunt was starting to melt on his meat.Rod threw his head back and howled. “Gonna blow, baby!” he cried. “Yeah-yeah-yeah! Jizz me!” she gasped in seething lust, yearning for his cum-and, incidentally, letting two eavesdropping teenagersknow that the parental passion was reaching the peak.His balls burst as they whacked her ass and his hot, thick fuckjuice rocketed into her cunt. Laura let herself go and her cumming crested with his. Her cunt cum gushed out to swirl into his spunk.He kept ramming in like a rutting bull, squirting more jizz out on every thrust. Her cunt tunnel was so full now that it felt as if he was poking his prick in a pit of paste. Bow waves of frothy cream broke around his knob.They held at the heated heights, then began to ebb back together. Still grinding together, they fucked each other down though the fading frenzy.Rod stopped humping eventually and held his prick stuck up her as Laura squirmed in ecstasy, working off the last sweet spasms of her cumming.Then, both contented, they embraced and kissed with loving devotion.Although Laura liked to get laid more than once, when they had time, this had been a lovely fuck and a great cuming and she was satisfied.It would hold her until he got home from work, the insatiable women figured.But this was going to be a special day.

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