Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 2 Re-Issued


Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 2 Reissued by gregorthegrant
True Story, Cheating
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Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A
Report: I have listened to all the remarks. I now have an editorial adviser. He is gently editing my stories for gross spelling and sentence structure. I hope that this adds to your reading pleasure. All persons in this story are at least
18 years old.

Previously in Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 1 Reissued.

Parts I cut out of my original story of Family Beach Party Turns X Rated.

I don’t know why but I didn’t feel as upset as I thought I would feel having watched my wife and our two son’s each fucking their mother. In fact when I began to think about it again I felt my cock going completely soft.

I took it for granted that this was the very first time Matt and Chuck had sex with their mother after the strange way everything unfolded. There sure was a lot of accidental pushes, shoving, ripping of pants, bra not to mention clothes being pulled off completely by accident. Fuck what was the chances of that ever happening again. At least both my sons were of legal age for sex but that didn’t excuse them for what they did with their mother. Or did it excuse them? Yes, they are old enough to have sex but that didn’t mean they didn’t know what they were şişli bayan escort doing.

What I had seen was so fucked up. I looked at Matt then Chuck and over at Sandy. “What the hell happened here?” I asked and felt my head shaking from side to side. I pulled up my shorts and undershorts. “There has to be some kind of explanation for what happened. Damn this had to be the most fucked up accident ever.”

“I’m sorry dad.” Matt answered putting his hands over his now soft cock. His cock was still big and thick even soft. What the hell was I looking at my son’s cock for? I asked myself. I couldn’t believe his cock had been in his mother’s pussy. I just couldn’t believe it. But yet it had been. He had actually shoved it in his mother but it had been an accident. However did he completely loose it by actually fucking his mother? Who’s to say. I suppose once a boy is worked up there is no stopping what happens next.

“Me too dad.” Chuck also answered putting his hands over his now soft cock. Chucks cock was even bigger than his brothers. Again I asked myself why I was looking at his cock. Same with Chuck. It was one thing his cock slapping his mother’s face and entering her mouth. But he had gone one step further by driving that thing down her throat.

They both turned around, walked to the cabin and went inside. şişli escort

I looked at Sandy. I didn’t know what to say to her. I scratched my head and looked at her. One thing I knew what had happened had to be a total accident. What the boys said had to be drummed up in their heads in the heat of the moment. I am sure the boys were sorry but what about Sandy? Could she have stopped the boys? Could she have pushed them off her? Could she or were they too rough with her? Maybe she was incapable of pushing them off her.

Then again why didn’t I rush over and stop my sons from fucking her pussy and mouth. I guess in away a lot of it was my fault. After all I a man the adult not my sons. There were two of them and only one of my wife. How could I expect her to stop our sons from forcing themselves on her. She kind of looked happy though when they were fucking her though.

“Honey. Please forgive the boys.” Sandy said. She looked directly at me her breasts still fully exposed and her nipples still hard. Could she still be horny after her two sons just fucked her? I asked myself.

I couldn’t take this any more. I had to get away and do some thinking. There just had to be some kind of explanation for everything that happened. I didn’t have any idea what it was but I had to do some thinking all alone.

“Sorry dear mecidiyeköy escort but I have to take a walk and think.” I said. “I am too upset to talk to you right now Sandy.”

Just then the two boys came out the cabin door. “Where you going dad.” Matt yelled.

“Just for a walk boys.” I answered.

“See you later dad.” Chuck yelled. “Sorry what happened with mom.”

“Don’t worry son. It happened and it’s over with now.

“Yeah sorry.” Matt yelled. “See you when you get back dad. Mom I brought you your dress to put on.”

Both boys seemed to get over the shock of fucking their mother pretty fast but then they were only normal teenage boys.

From behind me I heard Sandy yell. “When will you be back Jeff?”

“I don’t know.” I yelled back. “Go ahead and have supper though. I need time to think. Maybe the three of you can go to town for supper. I just need some time to think for now Sandy.”

“Okay dear.” Sandy said as she slipped the dress on that went about half way from her knees to her thigh. A bit short I thought but that didn’t matter. The dress was kind of low cut and showed most of her breast only covering her nipples. “Get in the car boys and we’ll head for town. To tell you the truth I’m starving.”

I watched the boys get in the car. Matt in the front seat beside Sandy and Chuck in the back seat. “Have a good walk dear.” She said and got in the car. I watched as they drove away then turned and headed up the beach.

The End of Part 2.

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