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family Peepers -Anonymous AuthorChapter 1Virginia Hightower was giving her teenaged son a good look at her pussyand getting really turned on in the process. She had always been anexhibitionist and had been thinking a great deal about exposing herself tothe youth but this was the first time she had actually done it.Her husband and daughter had both gone out and Virginia was alone in thehouse with Jimmy. The handsome boy had been sitting in the living room,reading a magazine and Virginia had decided that this was the time to makeher fantasies reality. She knew that Jimmy was a horny young man because shehad found sticky evidence of hand-jobs on his bed sheets and in the bathroom. She knew it would excite him tremendously to sneak a look at her cunt andthat, in turn, excited Virginia.She had undressed upstairs, first, removing the slacks and sweater thatconcealed her voluptuous body. Then she had drawn black silk stockings upher shapely legs and fastened them to a sexy garter belt. She had selecteda frilly, semi-transparent negligee and drawn that over her naked form, thenstood before the full-length mirror, admiring herself and imagining just howher son would react to the sight.Virginia, in her mid-thirties, was still every bit as sexy as she hadbeen in her promiscuous teenage years. It made her hot just to look atherself, narcissism combining with her exhibitionist tendencies. Her greeneyes glowed as she gazed at her reflection. The silken negligee clung to hercurves, d****d from her big, thrusting tits. Her stiff nipples stood out intwin peaks on the creamy mounds and she could faintly see the ovals of herareolas through the material. Her eyes lowered and she smiled, noticing thatthe outline of her bushy cunt mound could also be glimpsed through thesemi-transparent and provocative garment.She turned and looked back over her shoulder, pleased by the way thenegligee clung to her heart-shaped ass. Turning to face the mirror again,she slowly drew the hem of her nightie up her flat belly, exposing her goldenpussy triangle. Her crotch was a jungle of curly blonde hair, spreading outwidely across her loins.She dipped at the knees and parted her thighs, staring at her pussy. Her cunt lips were unfurled like the petals of a moist, fleshy flower. Heropen slot was creamy and her stiff clit stood out like a stump in a swamp.Virginia slid a hand up the sleek flesh of her inner thigh, then brushedher fingertips across her pussy. She shuddered at the sensation. Her lushhips jerked and she pumped her belly in and out in a fucking motion as shelovingly fingered her tingling clit.”Ummmm,” she purred as that stiff nugget swelled and rippled against hercaressing fingers.Although she had a handsome husband with a huge prick and plenty ofsexual stamina, Virginia still finger-fucked herself a lot. She enjoyed herown body, her own private caresses. But then, Virginia was a woman whoenjoyed anything and everything that had to do with sex.Her heavy mane of blonde hair cascaded over her high cheekbones as shetossed her head, her face contorted into a mask of desire. Her green eyeswere narrowed to slits, the long lashes fluttering and her sensual lips wereslack. She started to pant and her big tits thrust out, as if they werebeing inflated by the fat valves of her nipples.Tilting her wrist, she slowly inched her middle finger up into herfuck-hole. Her pussy muscles pulled and sucked. She pushed her finger in tothe knuckle and wriggled it around inside her steaming cunt.She pushed her belly out towards the mirror and tilted her groin up, sothat she could see her finger as it fucked in and out of her gash. She beganto shove all four fingers up her pussy, brushing the edge of her thumb backand forth across her clit at the same time.Waves of pleasure shot across her slender belly and ran like electriccurrents up her thighs. She bunched her fingers together in a phallic shapeand fucked them all the way up her cunt hole, grinding against them. Hercunt lips spread wider and a wash of pearly pussy nectar gushed out, soakingher hand and wrist.When she pulled her fingers out of her cunt. That hairy bowl remainedspread in a wide oval and she could look right up her fuck-tunnel. Thedarker inner folds were all lathered with cunt juices. A slimy trickle ofthe creamy stuff ran down her crotch and seeped into the crack of her ass. Shimmering ribbons unwound down her thighs.Virginia brought her creamy fingers up to her lips and licked at them. The taste of her own pussy juice tingled on her tongue, thrilling her. Shedipped her hand back into her cunt, then brought it up to her mouth again. Her fingers slid up her fuck-hole all wet with her saliva and pushed into hermouth, drenched with cunt cream.Caressing her pussy made her feel so good that Virginia was sorelytempted to frig herself off.But then she remembered that Jimmy was downstairs and that she haddecided it was time to give the boy a good flash. How wonderful it would beto feel the teenaged boy’s hot eyes on her body! How excited her displaywould make him and her.She wondered if Jimmy ever thought about her when he was beating hismeat. She hoped so. And if he hadn’t before, she was damned sure that hewould after he’d had a long look at her pussy.Virginia, radiant and glowing with anticipation, gave her cunt a laststroke, squirming against her hand. And then she went downstairs to fulfillher fantasies.Jimmy was slouched in an armchair, idly flipping through the pages of asports magazine and feeling rather bored. He wished that he had agirlfriend, in particular, a girlfriend who would fuck. Jimmy was still avirgin and quite inexperienced. He had dated a few naughty girls who had lethim feel their tits and one very naughty girl who even let him have a feel ofher pussy but that was the extent of the horny lad’s sex life. Frantic withpuberty, he jerked off frequently and with regularity. He usually beat hismeat first thing in the morning, still groggy with sleep so that the hand-jobhad a dreamlike quality. And he almost always jerked off as soon as he gotinto bed at night. And quite often he enjoyed a hand-job during the courseof the day. Jerking off was a lonely occupation but it served to take thepressure off his cock and balls. It was better than nothing.He heard his mother come into the room but didn’t look up from themagazine. Virginia came over and stood behind his chair. Jimmy was gladthat he was reading a wholesome sports magazine instead of a girly magazineas the woman leaned over his shoulder.Her fat tits brushed against his neck.Jimmy tensed. He could feel the stiff tips of his mom’s tits brushagainst him. He blushed, embarrassed by his own reactions. Obviously hismother didn’t realize what she was doing to him. She probably still thoughtthat he was an innocent c***d, he guessed. Wild images flashed through hisfevered brain. As an infant, he had nursed on those big nipples-and how hewould love to nurse on them again!Virginia rubbed her tits against him for a moment, pretending to betaking an interest in his reading matter. Then she moved away. As shecrossed the room, Jimmy stared at her swinging ass. He could see theindentation of the crack between her ass cheeks quite clearly through hernightie and he gulped. His big prick, a blessing that he had inherited fromhis robust daddy, gave a lurch.Jimmy blushed again, ashamed and embarrassed at getting a hard-on overhis mother. That was real naughty, he knew but all the more thrillingbecause of it.His cock hardened and rose up inside his jeans like a fleshy lever andhis balls ballooned between his legs. He glanced down and saw that theoutline of his hard-on was very obvious. He hoped his mom didn’t notice! But how could he hide a huge cock-bulge like that in his skin-tight jeans? The boy felt trapped and panicky. If his mother stayed in the room, he justcouldn’t get up from the chair without revealing his booming hard-on. Helowered the magazine into his lap, shielding his disgrace.Virginia curled gracefully onto the couch. Pretending to be looking atthe television, she drew one leg up, her knee bent. She squirmed around, asif getting comfortable and managed to slide the hem of her negligee higherover her lush hips, as if by accident.Jimmy gaped at her, unable to conceal his fascination. His eyes bugged,his jaw dropped open wide and beads of sweat dotted his brow.The way she was sitting, with one knee raised, Jimmy could look right upher nightie! He could see her bushy cunt mound and, in the shadows, glimpsea flash of pink pussy lips. The boy’s head spun. So much blood had rushedinto the building of his enormous hard-on that his brain was starved foroxygen.Virginia sneaked a sideways glance at her son and smiled as she notedhis reaction to her display. Still feigning an interest in the television,she wriggled around a bit. She arched her back, thrusting her stiff-tippedtits out. Jimmy’s eyes shifted to her tits for a moment, then dropped backonto her creamy crotch.Why was his mom’s cunt all wet?His prick was pounding and pumping wildly. The magazine vibrated in hislap. He placed his hand on it to stop the motion and felt his prick jumpvigorously. He was afraid he was going to cream his jeans. How embarrassingthat would be, with his mom in the room!Virginia scratched lightly at the sleek flesh of her inner thigh,raising the hem of her negligee a bit higher in the process. She was reallyenjoying this situation, thrilled at how much she was turning Jimmy on. Herpussy rippled, as if the boy were caressing her with his gaze. More pearlycunt juice oozed from her fuck-slot.Now Virginia was as desperate to get her rocks off as her son was!Jimmy was trapped in his chair by the prominence of his hard-on andVirginia felt as if her body were glued to the couch by her soaking cunt. She watched his prick pound under the magazine and her pussy rippled asspasms of pure lust rushed through her loins.She had known that it would be exciting to flash her pussy to her sonbut she hadn’t expected it to make her this fucking horny! If she sat theremuch longer, she knew that she was going to cream, that her steaming cunt wasgoing to just melt all by itself.Virginia figured that it had gone on long enough. She simply had toleave the room now, both to relieve herself and to give the horny teenager achance to jerk off. She got up slowly. She could hear her cunt squashbetween her thighs and wondered if Jimmy, too, had heard that moist sound. Her legs felt limp as she moved towards the doorway and her cunt was like asmoldering ember in her crotch. She wouldn’t have been surprised if herpussy had suddenly ignited, bursting into flames, except, of course, that hercreamy pussy was much too wet to burn!With her lovely ass swinging sensually, Virginia left the room with herson staring after her, looking stunned. She paused in the hallway, breathingheavily. Her face was radiant with arousal, her body glowing in the dimlight. She was amazed by her own fiery passion. She didn’t think that shehad ever been so hot before, not even on that memorable evening when, as ateenager, she had sucked off the whole basketball team, one right after theother.She started towards the stairs, then paused again.It dawned on her that maybe Jimmy was going to pump his prick rightthere in the living room.She smiled with trembling lips.She had given the boy a stimulating sight, now it was her turn to enjoya performance!Chapter 2As soon as his mother had left the room, Jimmy took the magazine off hislap and began to rub his throbbing cock and balls through his jeans. Hethought that he should go up to his bedroom and jerk off behind a locked doorbut his prick was so heavy that the thought of lugging it, unemptied, up thestairs was distasteful. His iron-hard prick was already jammed uncomfortablyin his jeans and he figured it would be downright painful to try to walk thatway. His cock was pushing the front of his jeans out like a tent and hisballs were swollen so massively that his legs were almost bowed around them.He decided to jack off right there in the comfort of the easy chair. There was the risk that his mother might return and catch him at it but thatelement of danger only added another dimension to the thrill. Somehow, hedidn’t think that she would be surprised or that she would disapprove. Italmost seemed as if she had deliberately flaunted her voluptuous body andexposed her pussy. It was shocking to think that his mom would do such anaughty thing and exciting. He knew that she was a horny woman because hehad often heard her wailing and moaning in the marital bed and this wouldn’tbe the first time that Jimmy had thought about his sexy mother while hepounded his prick to a frazzle.He closed his eyes, summoning up a vision of her bushy, soaking pussy. He rubbed his cock through his jeans and cupped his balls, squeezing themgently. He was so hot that he could feel the thick jism slashing aroundinside those swollen balls.He drew the zipper of his fly down. His cock shot out of the openinglike a guided missile, standing high over his belly. Jimmy unfastened thewaistband and his fly spread open in a wide wedge. He reached in and hauledhis balls out. He stared down at his prick, amazed by how huge and hard ithad become. Jimmy was fascinated by his own hard-on.But not as fascinated as his mother.Virginia had sneaked back to the living room door and carefully peeredaround the corner, just in time to see her son haul his prick out. Her greeneyes flared and she had to stifle a moan of desire.Virginia simply adored big pricks and Jimmy’s cock was a fuckingmasterpiece! His balls looked huge jammed between his lean thighs and,rising from his loins, the stalk of his cock was long and thick and rockhard. Dark, pulsing veins writhed up the underside of his cockshaft andspread out under his mushroom-shaped knob. That massive slab of cockmeat wasdeep purple, glossy and shiny and throbbing. His pisshole was parted and afew drops of frothy pre-cum had oozed out and trickled down the cock-knob,like lashings of whipped cream on a plum.Not touching himself yet, the horny teenager moved his ass and hips,humping up from the chair and thrusting his prick up over his belly. Hiscockshaft was so long that the knob was standing nearly as high as hisbreastbone. A creamy ribbon of pre-cum slithered down the slope of hispurple slab and ran down his cockrod, tracing the pulsing vein.His cockmeat was slimy with his cum seepage and it was a mouth-wateringsight. Virginia began to drool as she stared at his hard-on. She felt as ifher eyeballs were going to melt from the fiery intensity of her gaze.Her cunt rippled and flowed and her clit flared. The woman felt as ifher loins were hollow, a void abhorred by her nature. Oh, how she would haveloved to have her son’s gigantic cock thundering up her fuck-hole! Wild,i****tuous desires raced through her fevered mind and her fiery bodyresponded. Her nipples shot out like rockets ready to be launched and a tideof pussy cream filled her slot. Her clit felt like it was being pulled rightout of her cunt as it swelled and expanded. Her tongue slowly slid back andforth across her lower lip, flicking like the tail of a hungry cat that wasstaring at a feast. She felt dizzy with fuck-lust, not knowing which end ofher voluptuous body was hornier, her steaming cunt hole or her ravenousmouth. Those two holes seemed interchangeable. Her tongue was tingling asmuch as her clit and her mouth was drooling as heavily as her pussy wasflowing. Even her trim little asshole was rippling with longing for a loadof cock.Virginia reached down and cupped one open hand over her cunt slot,holding herself as if she were trying to keep her creamy juices fromescaping, to contain her passion. She sank very slowly down to the floor,kneeling over her hand. She began to fondle her explosive tit tips with theother hand, pulling and rolling the taut nuggets.She was afraid that Jimmy would hear the panting sound of her heavybreathing and stifled moans. But Jimmy, panting heavily himself, wasblissfully unaware that he was under such keen observation.He stretched out, his back arched deeply and his ass perched on the edgeof the chair, with his legs extended to the floor, slightly parted. His neckwas craned down as he stared at his vibrant cock. His hard-on was so hugethat Jimmy was almost intimidated by it. His heels drummed on the floor andhis ass squirmed on the seat.His left hand slid down, curled around and cupped his swollen balls. Ashe fondled them, another glob of slimy cum squeezed from his piss hole,lathering the tip of his cockhead with quicksilvery fluid.His right hand moved down towards his groin, slowly and tentatively,almost warily. He looked like a member of a bomb squad, cautiouslyapproaching that smoldering stick of dynamite to defuse it.His fingers closed around his cock at the thick root. He held hiscockrod in his fist for a moment, squeezing and making the prick-knob flare. Then he gave his long prick a slow push-pull. His fist slid up towards thecockhead, then pushed back down towards his balls. As he stroked up, hisforeskin curled over the ledge of his cock crown and as he pumped back downthat naked slab flared out like the head of a hooded cobra ready to strike,a fangless cobra with non-lethal venom bubbling out. At that first caress,his expression changed. His face lost its wary look and brightened with thepleasure of his self-induced sensations. He smiled. But then he strokedagain and the smile faded away as his features twisted into a mask of lust.His mother’s face was contorted with an equal desire. She knew thatJimmy was so horny because she had let him glimpse her cunt and thatknowledge enhanced her own passion. By making the boy so hot, she had turnedherself on to the limits. She was trembling and shuddering. Her cunt wasflooding into her palm as she cupped the slot.Jimmy’s cockshaft was slippery with the overflow from his piss hole andhis fist skimmed lightly up and down the cockrod, at first. Then hetightened his grip and began to pound his prick with vigor and concentration.Virginia’s eyes were glued to his cockhead. She was desperately eagerto see the boy’s potent cum-load spurt out, to watch him reach the creamyconclusion that, she knew, the sight of her own sexy body had inspired.Her clit went off like a detonator in her palm, setting off a creamyexplosion deep within her loins. Cunt juice poured from her cunt, spillinginto her hand. The flow was getting hotter and thicker as her arousal juicechanged to cum cream. She began to rub her pussy energetically, stillpulling on her nipples with the other hand as she felt her cunt melt.Her eyes closed for a moment as she reached the shuddering peak ofsensation. Her pussy rippled and the heavy flow lessened. But Virginia wasso hot today that a single coming on her own hand did little to satisfy her. No sooner had the spasms of her first climax passed than her cunt heatedright back up again, ready for another orgasm.And her mouth was hungrier than ever.She drew her soaking hand from her crotch and held it under her chin,palm upwards. Dipping her face down, she pushed her nimble tongue out andbegan to lap up her own cum juice like a kitten at a saucer of cream. Shecontinued to stare at Jimmy from the tops of her eyes, gazing through the webof her fluttering eyelashes.Her own delicious cum nectar ignited her taste buds. Instead of slakingher hunger, that creamy snack was playing the appetizer, whetting hervoracious appetite. Lapping her pussy juice from her hand, she stared at thehead of her son’s cock and longed for a mouthful of his cockmeat, followed bythe creamy dessert of his cum-load.That longed-for load was about to arrive, obviously. Jimmy was pantingand groaning and shaking violently as his fist flew up and down on his prick. His thick cockrod was bucking like a bronco, damned near throwing his handfrom the saddle. His cockshaft was so taut that it was vibrating like atuning fork. It felt as if he were stroking a heated crowbar as if hisfingers and palm were blistering.Virginia was drawn to that sight as if mesmerized. The oversexed womandidn’t even realize that she was slowly crawling closer, that now she waskneeling there in the doorway, in plain sight and in a compromising position,as well, squatting on one hand fondling her tits with the other while shestared at her son.”Ahhh,” Jimmy moaned.His body bridged as he fucked up through his flying fist. His slimycockshaft was hissing through his hand.The boy grunted, then gasped.”Oooooh,” his mother squealed, knowing he was coming and unable tocontain herself.Suddenly a great geyser of cock spume shot out from the head of hiscock. The hot, thick jism flew straight up into the air. It hung there,suspended for a moments like a creamy cloud floating over him. Then theslimy cum fell back to splutter onto the youth’s belly and thighs–as asecond wad spurted from his piss hole, as thick and abundant as the first.Groaning and grunting, Jimmy pounded away on his prick. Anotherquicksilver dose squirted out each time his fist pumped down to the root. His cock lurched and a load of cum rocketed up past his contorted face. Hisfist slammed down and more jism hosed out.Virginia was whimpering at the sight. She had never seen so muchfuck-juice spurt out of a single prick on one ejaculation. His balls seemedbottomless, his vitality endless.Moaning, Jimmy slumped back in the chair. The pumping actions of hisfist became erratic and the jism jets shot out with reduced force. The cumwas no longer shooting towards the ceiling but was squirting out in a loopingtrajectory, splashing around his feet.The final spurt of cum shot out. Jimmy kept on stroking, milking thelast drops out in a trickle. They slid down his cock and onto his balls. Hegrimaced and shook his head as if stunned by his massive unloading. His headtilted and he looked down at his prick. Cum was no longer shooting out butthat mighty prick was still standing rampant in his hand and his emptiedballs were already starting to fill up again. Jimmy grinned, satisfied. Hehad gotten so turned on by his mother’s exhibition that there was no way hewas going to be satiated by draining his balls a single time.His belly and thighs were all lathered with cum, shimmering as the stuffcongealed on his flesh. His cock and balls were drenched, as well. He shookhis prick, as if testing it for tension. At the first shake, his cockrodsnapped like a whip. Then it tightened into a rock-hard rod again.Jimmy pulled his hand up and squeezed his cockshaft, just under theknob, coaxing a glob of cum out. Then he began to pump up and down again,starting a second frigging without ever removing his fist from his cockmeat.His eyes closed. He was thinking about his mother again. Then heopened his eyes and he was looking at his mother!Chapter 3As Jimmy’s fist flew up and down on his cockstalk, his head was turningfrom side to side as if connected by some internal clockwork, as if the rootof his long hard-on ran right up his spine. His eyes were half open as hisface swung towards the doorway and then they snapped open wide, in shock, ashe found himself staring directly at his mother and saw that she was staringright back at him.Virginia, drawn to her son’s cock as if to a magnet, crawled right intothe open doorway and was kneeling there, one hand up under her negligee andfrigging frantically away on her overheated, sodden pussy.Jimmy blushed in mortification. He willed his fist to stop moving but,already into the steady rhythm, that fist continued to fly up and down on hisfucker for a moment, keeping to the habitual pounding action. Then it slowedand ground to a halt on the hilt of his prick.Realizing that by gripping the root, he was leaving most of hisrock-hard prick exposed, he groaned and drew his hand back up to thecock-knob. He was trying to conceal his disgrace behind both hands but hiscock was far too huge to be successfully hidden. His bloated balls loomedout around one palm and his cockstalk jutted from the other.He stared at her in horror for an instant and then it dawned on the boythat there was no sign whatsoever of shock or anger in his mother’sexpression. Far from it, she was radiant with fascination.Jimmy frowned in confusion as the details of her position slowlyregistered on his vision. His mother had a hand up under her nightie and hecould see it moving in her crotch and her other hand was plucking at theplump tips of her tits and she was licking her lips!Virginia had blushed slightly too, when she saw that Jimmy was aware ofher presence. Her hand, like his, continued to frig automatically. Herimagination leaped, seeking some possible excuse, wondering if she should saysomething but what was there to say? Maybe she should crawl back out of theroom and pretend it had never happened.But she didn’t want to leave. She was raging with unholy desire,burning with i****tuous passions. Any morals that the promiscuous womanpossessed had all melted away in the intense fire of her fuck-lust. To beginwith, she had only intended to give the boy a visual treat by exhibitingherself, then she had decided to treat herself to a little voyeurism. Butnow matters were getting out of hand, literally. What was i****t, anyhow?Well, letting her son fuck her would most certainly be i****t. But whatabout fondling, touching, oh, shit! What about sucking? Her head spundizzily at the thought. Her conscience cried out that it was wicked and yetit was all the more exciting because it was so naughty.She got unsteadily to her feet and walked across the room towards Jimmy. He stared at her with a mixture of amazement and embarrassment andfascination.”Jees, Mom.” he croaked.”Don’t say anything, darling.” she rasped, her voice taut and husky withemotion.Standing before him, her legs apart, she drew her nightie up above thewaist. She tilted her belly out and up, so that he could look between herthighs.Jimmy gulped. Slumped back in the chair, his head was on a level withhis mother’s loins and as he gazed at her his cock towered up so high that heseemed to be aiming across the cock-knob, like a gun sight.Smiling wantonly, Virginia drew her hand up the inside of her sleekthigh and brushed her fingertips across her soaking cunt gash and swollenclit.”It makes you hot to look at me, doesn’t it, Jimmy?” she whispered. “No, don’t say anything, darling, just look at my cunt, Mommy understands.”She fingered her pussylips and they unfurled, rippling. Her clit seemedto be trying to shoot right out of her cunt slot and fly into his face. Cuntjuice filled her gash and ran down the inside of her thighs. She frigged onher pussy and her ass and hips jerked.Taking her negligee by the hem, she drew it up and over her head,standing before him wearing only her dark garter belt and stockings. Hergolden-blonde cunt bush was framed by the black straps. She cupped her heavytits together, lifting the firm mounds and deepening the velvet cleavage. Her thumbs ran across her nipples and they ballooned, rosy and swollen. Sheswitched her hips and her ass churned. She slid one hand down into hercrotch again, rubbing her fingers up her open pussy slit.Jimmy couldn’t believe this was happening. He thought that he must havefrigged himself into oblivion and was having an erotic dream. Yet it was fartoo real to be a dream. He could hear his mom’s wet pussy squash as shestroked it and he could scent the hot, spicy fragrance of her aroused pussy. He closed his eyes. When he opened them again, she was still there and hegroaned.His hand started to move on his prick again, the motion automatic to ahorny youth who was in the habit of beating his meat at every opportunity.”Don’t do that,” Virginia whispered.Jimmy frowned. Since she was frigging her pussy, how could she objectto his jerking off? She could scarcely castigate him for self-abuse, whileher own hand was dipping up into her steaming fuck-hole.Smiling again, her green eyes glowing like smoldering jade, the womanreached down and took Jimmy by the wrist and pulled his hand away from hiscock. Neglected for the moment, his mighty cock pounded like a jackhammer.Then Virginia gave a little whimper and sank down to her knees betweenhis extended, trembling thighs. Her face tilted down as she gazed at histowering cock. He saw that her lips were frothy with saliva.”I want to suck your cock, darling.” she sighed. “I want to take yourbig prick in my mouth and milk your sweet meat and swallow all of your hot,thick fuck-juice.”She glanced up at his face and smiled when she saw how her words hadaffected the horny lad. Her own face was hovering over his prick. Her eyesglinted. She was thrilled by her own depravity. She blew her warm breathdown onto his cock and balls. His prick jerked and pulsed. She looked downat that succulent- looking tool, then up at his face again. She was turnedon psychologically as well as physically, inspired by the very wickedness ofher desires.Jimmy felt as if he were going to faint. His mother actually wanted tosuck his cock! It was a thing he had fantasized about often enough, while hewas beating his meat but the i****tuous reality of it left him stunned.”Ummmmm, darling,” the wanton woman purred teasingly. “Would you likethat? Ummm? Would you like to have Mommy take your cock in her mouth?”The experienced woman realized that such words could turn the boy onalmost as much as the actual prospect of what they so lewdly described.”Would you like to feed Mommy your cum-load?”Jimmy’s lips moved but no sound came out. His vocal cords seemed asstiff as his prick. He tried again.”Mom, oh, jeez, yeah! Yeah.”Jimmy had been longing for his first blow-job for ages. The fact thatit was his own mother about to give it to him made it even more thrilling. His hips jammed up as he shoved his cock towards her face. Virginia blew onhis cock but didn’t begin to mouth it yet. The depraved woman was savoringthe preliminaries, getting hungrier by the moment. Her blonde head bobbed upand down above his loins, rising as the boy humped up, avoiding contact.”Have you ever been sucked off, darling?” she whispered. “Are you avirgin?”His voice failed him again. Jimmy nodded dumbly.Virginia sighed happily, delighted that she was going to drink her son’scherry cum-load. Milking off any virgin boy was a treat but milking her ownson was an overwhelming prospect. She was drooling so heavily now that a fewfrothy drops of her slobber dribbled down onto his cock.Her fat tits were swaying over his trembling thighs. She slid up a bithigher and cupped her tits in her hands. Her nipples stood out like bullets. She leaned down and tapped one tit tip against the head of his prick, thenrubbed the other against him. His cock felt scalding hot on her tit meat.She closed her deep cleavage around his prick and slid up and down,squirming over him. Jimmy humped jerkily, fucking up between her heavy tits. His purple, mushroom-shaped knob came squeezing out from between her smoothtit mounds and slid up her breastbone, nudging into the hollow of her throatand tilting her head back.Jimmy’s prick was already lathered with congealed cum from his hand-job. Now, in the warmth of his mother’s cleavage, that fuckcream liquefied again,while more slimy drops oozed from his piss hole. As he fucked up and downthrough her cleavage, his cock was laying a slippery, glistening track allthe way up to her throat.His bloated balls dragged up her chest as he shoved his cock meat up hertit tunnel. Virginia reached down and took those huge balls in her hand,lifting as if to weigh the jism-load they contained, squeezing gently,feeling his hard balls shift inside the hairy sac. She whimpered as she felthis cum slosh inside his balls.Oh, what a fucking feast she had ahead of her! Even though Jimmy hadalready drained his balls by hand, they felt as full of cum as any balls thatthe promiscuous woman had ever fondled. His iron-hard fucker throbbedbetween her tits and his cockhead was like a slab of molten iron as it nudgedunder her chin.Jimmy gasped and gurgled, jerking his cock up and down frantically. Virginia was enjoying the preliminaries but now she was afraid that the hornyteenager might get his rocks off prematurely, shooting his cum-load beforeshe got his cock in her mouth. For a moment, she wondered if it might bebest to let him cream that way. Letting her son fuck her between the titsdidn’t seem quite as depraved as letting him fuck her in the mouth but itdidn’t seem as wonderful, either. Virginia knew that they might both feelashamed of themselves, after it was over but that was a bridge they wouldhave to cross when they came to it. The only bridge that mattered at themoment was that tubular span of his cockshaft that bridged the gap betweenhis balls and her gullet.She arched her slender back, drawing her heavy tits away from his prick. Jimmy whimpered and humped wildly, fucking the air. She gazed down at hisprick and balls like a hungry c***d peering through the window of a candystore. It was the most delicious-looking thing she had ever seen. Hiscockhead and stalk were already slimy with reheated cum and thick globs werebubbling from his piss hole.Virginia folded her hand around the root of his thick cockstalk. Tilting her wrist, she shifted that mighty meat lever up so that thecock-knob was aimed at her face. His cock was far too stiff to bend and asshe levered it into position, the boy’s ass jerked up like a boulder beingpried from the earth. She stared down at his prick-knob, her eyes crossing.”Suck my cock, Mom! SUCK MY FUCKING COCK !!” Jimmy wailed.Virginia pushed her tongue out and tapped the tip against the undersideof his cockhead, where the dark, writhing vein spread out under the meatywedge of his purple cock-knob. She drew back, savoring that first taste.”Yummy,” she purred.She tapped at his cock-knob again, slurping up the spunk that coated thethrobbing slab. His cherry jism was scrumptious and Virginia moaned, herappetite whetted, yearning for the full load of his balls.Now, having tasted his cockmeat, Virginia knew that she would feel noremorse or regrets afterwards. It was far too wonderful for that. How happyshe was that this situation had arisen! Even before she had sucked the boyoff for the first time, the insatiable woman was thinking ahead to all thedelicious cum-loads she could suck from him in the future.Ducking lower, she licked around his balls, savoring the musky flavor ofballmeat, subtly different from cockmeat. She lifted his bloated balls inher hand and slipped her tongue around under them. She slid lower and ranher wet lapper up from his crotch.Virginia was starving for his cock and cum, yet she was in no hurry forthe creamy conclusion. This was the boy’s first blow-job and it was thefirst time she would be milking her son off and the naughty woman wanted torun the gamut of variations, to let him know the joy of a super suck.Gripping him by the hips, she slowly turned Jimmy over onto his flank. His massive cock swung around like the boom of a sailing ship, the slimycocktip brushing against her lips. She turned him farther and Jimmywhimpered, frantic for the mouth, wondering why she was rejecting him now.Turned belly down now, Jimmy felt his prick slamming into the cushion ofthe chair, heaving his ass up as if he were pole vaulting from his cock.Virginia placed her open hands on the firm cheeks of the boy’s ass andspread them apart, exposing the tight brown bud of his asshole. With alittle hungry gasp, she leaned down and slid her hot tongue yeşilhisar escort up through thecrack of his ass, then nudged it into his asshole.Jimmy jerked as if he had been electrocuted when he felt his mother’stongue plug his shit slot. His prick levered into the chair, shoving his assback against her face. Virginia tongue-fucked his puckered asshole, shovingher tongue as deeply into his ass as she could. Her lips sucked on the slot,slobbering into his shit chute.The tangy taste of her son’s asshole delighted her so much that shehated to stop rimming him out but again she feared he might blow his wad toosoon. She gave his shit hole a last slurp, then slowly turned him onto hisback again. His cock rose up like a derrick.Virginia tongued his balls again, then began to lick up the underside ofhis rockshaft. She flutter-kissed the underside of his cockhead. Jismtrickled down into her lips and she purred with the joy of it.Criss-crossing back and forth against the fat vein, she tapped up anddown his cockstalk again. Then she fitted her parted lips against hiscockrod and ran them slowly up and down, as if she were playing a flute.”0h! Ooooooh!” Jimmy gasped, humping up from the chair and slamming hiscock across her pursed lips.His cockmeat slid up drenched with saliva, then pulled back down,lathered with more cum seepage.Virginia whimpered, her taste buds going crazy. She slid up his prickrod again and this time, as she reached his prick-knob, she turned her faceover the tip. Her tongue pushed out, raving his purple slab and pushing intohis parted piss hole. She kissed the tip of his cockhead lovingly.Then she let her lips slowly part, feeding his prick into her ravenousmouth.Jimmy cried out with the ecstasy of it, the joy of having his hot cockburied in a wet mouth. Her lips collared his fucker just behind the knob andVirginia nursed with enthusiasm on the throbbing slab. Her mother-mouth wasmagic. He jerked and more son-slime oozed from his piss hole and trickledinto her maw.She held his prick by the root, her hand squeezing but not stroking hiscockrod. She needed no manual assistance, wanting to do the job with onlyher mouth. She sucked hungrily on his cockhead, her cheeks hollowing inwardsand her lips turning out around his cockstalk.”Ummmmm, ummmm, ummmmm,” she purred, going suck-crazy on his poundingcockmeat.”Yeah, yeah, suck it! SUCK MY FUCKING COCK !” wailed the frantic teenager, overwhelmed by thefiery sensations that were shooting through his loins and coursing up histhighs.His heels hammered against the floor as he arched his back, then bowedforwards, flopping around on the end of his prick like a fish on a spear.He moved his hand behind her head, as if to hold her in position butunnecessarily, for there was nowhere the cock-hungry woman would have ratherbeen, nothing she would rather be doing and no way she was going to take hermouth off his prick before she got her juicy reward.She had been mouthing only his cockhead so far, with his cockshaftsticking out between them like a bolt between his balls and her lips. Nowshe pushed down lower, feeding another inch or two through her lips. Shetwisted her head from side to side, winding her mouth around on his cockheadlike a pliable nut on a meaty bolt.Jimmy humped up hard, fucking deeper into his mother’s magic mouth.His huge cock fucked back into her throat and she pushed down, takingall of his prick into her mouth. Her chin brushed against his balls and hernose nuzzled in his wiry cock bush.She gagged as that huge cock clogged her gullet, almost choking her. But she held the full load in, switching her tongue against the underside asher lips worked voraciously at the root.She pulled up slowly, her lips turning outwards as she sucked throughevery precious inch. His prick was dragging her mouth almost inside out. She pulled up to his cockhead and nursed on it.”Ummmm,” she sighed, adoring the taste of his cockmeat and yearning forhis cum.Jimmy fucked up into her mouth again and Virginia ducked down to meethim. Her tongue curled into a hot, wet bridge over which his cockmeat rodeas it slid from her lips on back to her throat.She tilted her head from side to side, taking his cock-knob into eachcheek, in turn, then she took the massive wedge back down her throat again. She was moving in the classic blow-job action now, her head bobbing up anddown on his cock.She had already sucked all the congealed cum from his knob and stalk buthis piss hole was seeping freely now, coating her tongue with creamy cum. She let the sweet slime wash over her taste buds, then swallowed it. Shethought she had already gulped down as much jism as the average man shot whenhe creamed and her potent son hadn’t even climaxed yet!His heavy balls swung in and slapped her under the chin, like theclappers of a fleshy bell. Jism flowed into her cheeks and slashed aroundher teeth. Her tongue was floating in a slimy swamp.Jimmy began to whimper, humping furiously tossing her head up and downon his vigorous cock-thrusts. Her blonde hair fell over his balls in agolden curtain as he fucked every inch of his succulent cockmeat into hermaw.Virginia was in seventh heaven, loving this meaty feast, wishing that itcould last forever. But she knew that Jimmy was going to blow his cum-loadany second now. His huge cock was hammering and throbbing, his balls wereinflated like balloons and the seepage from his piss hole was getting hotterand thicker and creamier.She pulled up to the tip of his prick and spoke to it as if whisperinginto a meaty microphone.”Cum, Jimmy, cream my fucking mouth, feed me your jism.”Jimmy groaned, inflamed by her words as much as by her sweet mouth. Hefucked in furiously, tilting her head back.As her lips pulled back to his cockhead, she gurgled.”Pour it to me, darling, fuck my mouth like a cunt.”And her mouth felt like a cunt to Jimmy and to Virginia, as well. Hertongue was as hot as her clit ever got and her mouth longed for cum as muchas her cunt. She slammed her head up and down in a frenzy of lust, gorgingherself on her son’s cockmeat like a glutton.His cock gave a mighty jerk.”Here it comes,Slut” Jimmy gasped.”Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Virginia wailed, pushing her lips down towards hisballs as she felt his stalk expand and his cockhead flare out widely.His balls exploded and the thick jism came rushing up through hispulsing prickshaft and shot from his piss hole so hard he almost blew hismother’s head off the end of his cock! The creamy tide flooded her gulletand her head slid up to his cock-knob. Her lips clamped tightly, clinging tohis cockstalk just behind that cum-spurting slab as the horny teenageremptied his first dose right down her throat.The cum warmed her belly like a fine cognac and Virginia whimpered withbliss. But his jism had sped straight down her gullet, so that she didn’tget to taste it and now she pulled her mouth back up towards his cockhead sothat his second gooey geyser skimmed over her tongue. Her taste budssparked. She gulped the precious prick slime down as fast as she could buthis cum-load was too much for her. Frothy cum bubbled from her sucking lipsand ran down from both corners of her mouth.Virginia’s pussy was dripping cunt juice like a faucet.Jimmy humped up and down and her head bobbed to meet him. Hisfuck-juice hosed her throat and whitewashed her tonsils and poured down intoher belly. The stuff was shooting from his piss hole in an unbroken stream,a solid rope of jism running from his balls to her throat.”More, more, more,” gurgled Virginia, insatiable in her hunger for cum. “Keep coming, drown me with your fucking cream, darling.”Her words broke off in a bubbling gasp as another load flooded hermouth.Jimmy heaved upward and squirted a last steaming hot deluge into hermouth. His cum was so hot and thick that it felt like melted lead as sheswallowed it.”Umphff,” she gulped, as another creamy mouthful of cum foamed into hergullet.Jimmy groaned and slumped back in the chair, his whole body shudderingviolently and his chest heaving as he panted in the aftermath of his climax. His cock twitched, softening slightly in her lips. Virginia kept on sucking,milking out a few more drops from his piss hole, coaxing another trickle ontoher flashing tongue.Her belly was full of the boiling slime and still she was sucking formore. Jism dripped from the roof of her mouth like limestone stalactites,gooey globs of cum filled her cheeks and her tongue was bobbing around incock cream like a pink raft in a swamp. Yet still she yearned for more. Shepumped her fist up his cockstalk and squeezed his prick just behind the knob,forcing another slimy blob of cum from him. Her lips pulled up and down onhis spent fucker.His cock was diminishing in her mouth now and she sighed wistfully,sorry that it was over. She nursed on his softening cockmeat for anothermoment, then reluctantly drew her lips away. His cockhead popped from hermouth like a cork from a bottle. The cockrod swayed back and forth over hisbelly, still semi-stiff. Virginia gazed at his prick hopefully, wantinganother load even while her mouth was still full of the first. AlthoughJimmy had already creamed twice, his cock showed promising signs of vitality.Virginia leaned in and licked at his cockhead, then tongued up and downhis prick, gathering up the errant drops of cum that had escaped her greedylips. She slurped a thick glob from his balls and lapped up a streak fromhis belly. His cock dipped down like a divining rod seeking moisture, thensnapped back up like a rocket aspiring to the sky.Virginia smiled dreamily, her lips all creamy. She tilted her head backand let the last of his fuck-juice bubble down her pulsing throat. She hadswallowed so much cum that she could feel it sloshing around in her belly.”I love blowing you, Jimmy,” she whispered.The boy stared at his mother in awe. Then he grinned. It was naughtybut what the hell. If his sexy mother wanted his cum, he had a duty to feedher.”I’ll suck you off all the time, from now on. I’ll be your very own cock slut” she said, her face allglowing at the prospect. “But we’ll have to be careful that your fatherdoesn’t find out.”But Jack Hightower already knew.He had been watching!Chapter 4Like his adorable wife, Jack Hightower was both a voyeur and anexhibitionist. Enjoying both equally, he had gone out this evening preparedfor either or both.Jack had dressed for the occasion, wearing high black stockings and anold, belted raincoat, sturdy shoes, a wide-brimmed hat and nothing else. Thestockings came up to the hem of the raincoat so that, with the coat closed,he appeared to be fully dressed. Yet with a quick movement, in a flash, asit were, he could throw open the coat and expose his big cock and balls. Hehad practiced in front of the mirror, the same mirror, in fact, before whichhis wife had practiced flashing her pussy a bit later. Throwing the raincoatopen, he had thrust his naked loins out and grinned at his own performance. Jack was no ordinary, limp-cocked flasher. The very thought of exposing hisprick to a girl gave him a hard-on, thereby giving him a hell of a lot moreto expose.Then, because he was just as keen on playing Peeping Tom as he was onshowing his cock, the enthusiastic fellow had gone to the local lovers’ lane. Jack believed in an eye for an eye or more precisely, an eyeful for aneyeful.With his prick already rock hard, Jack lurked in the shadows of a tree,waiting hopefully for some young lovers to arrive. From time to time heslipped his hand inside his raincoat and gave his prick a stroke or two, justto make sure it stayed nice and stiff. He made no attempt to jerk off,however. Later, after he had flashed his prick to some sexy girl, he mightbeat his meat or he might lug his hard-on home to his voluptuous wife,depending on how the occasion developed. If the girl showed any interest, hemight even jerk off while she watched. Or if he struck it lucky and got ajuicier performance to observe, he might pump his cum-load out during thatperformance. Jack was versatile in such matters.But tonight he was in for a special treat.Jack had just slipped his hand in and tested his hard-on for tensionwhen the headlights of a car came flashing through the trees. He grinned inanticipation, pulled his prick up, tilted his hat lower on his brow andwaited.The car, a battered old wreck, came rumbling up and parked close towhere Jack was concealed. He peered out and grinned again, thinking that hehad struck it lucky. There were three people in the front seat of the car,a blonde female head framed between two male heads. Jack figured that if agirl came to a lovers’ lane with two escorts, she must be a delightful trampand he was going to enjoy an interesting look. Since there were two guys, heprobably wouldn’t get a chance to expose himself to the girl because, whileone lover was occupied, the second would be waiting his turn and available togive chase. But the thought of watching a threesome was thrilling enough tomake up for the lost opportunity to flash his own cock.The car engine stopped. The radio was playing softly and, in themoonlight, Jack had a pretty good view, although he hoped they would get outof the car to attend to business and give him an even better view.The girl giggled. Her blonde head turned to the driver and the moistsounds of a juicy French kiss came clearly to Jack’s keen ears. Then herhead turned and she kissed the other guy with equal enthusiasm and Jack felthis cock pulse as he knew he had been right about the girl being a tramp. Jack liked to watch tramps perform. In fact, he liked tramps, in general. Hell, he’d even married one!The blonde girl giggled again but the sound was more strained now. Shecontinued to turn her head, kissing one guy, then the other. They were allsquirming around and the sound of heavy breathing drifted from the car. Heheard her moan and figured that one of the guys or both of them, had startedto feel her up. Damn! If they didn’t get out of the car soon, he was goingto have to sneak up and get a look in through the window. He was gettingmore of an earful than an eyeful, in his present position.Then that earful got exciting.”Oooooh, it’s so big!” squealed a sultry, girlish voice, all husky withdesire.That voice sounded vaguely familiar to Jack and he wondered if he mighthappen to know the little slut, if maybe she was a neighbor’s k** or somegirl that his teenaged daughter, Bonny, went to school with. He hoped so. Spying on girls he knew was more thrilling than watching strangers.”Gee, so is yours, Randy,” the girl rasped, as she obviously groped theother lucky fellow.Jack could see her slim shoulders shift around and guessed that she mustbe jerking a prick in each hand. Then her blonde head ducked out of sight. He heard a guy gasp and a girl gurgle. The car rocked on its ancient springsand Jack’s cock rocked even more. That naughty blonde girl must be suckingcock, he figured. Her head came up, then dropped down again, on the otherside. The other guy gasped.What a delightful slut she must be, Jack thought.”Christ, she can really suck, hey?” the driver said, his head rockingback as, obviously, he frigged his cock up into the girl’s mouth.”Yeah! C’mon, baby, you’ve sucked Joe long enough,” said the otheryoung man, evidently the one called Randy. “C’mere and give me some of thatsweet head.””Ahhhh – she’s sucking my fucking guts out!” Joe moaned. “Let herfinish me first.”The girl rose up again, laughing happily, pleased at being complimentedon her cock-sucking skills.”Shit, ain’t you gonna milk me?” Joe groaned.”Sucking cocks makes me too horny,” the girl said, in that strangelyfamiliar voice.”Huh! Ain’t you gonna make us cum?” Randy cried, in dread of unemptiedballs.The girl was laughing teasingly, taunting them. Was she a cock-teaser? Jack wondered. He sure hoped not. He was as eager for those horny young mento cum in her mouth as they were. Afraid that the performance might beaborted, Jack started to advance, hoping to get a closer look at a bit of theaction, at least. He loved to watch a fat prick fuck in and out of a sexymouth.”You bet your ass I’m gonna make you boys cum but I’m real hot now. I’mmore in the mood for fucking than sucking tonight. Okay?” the girl said.”Hey, yeah,” cried Randy with enthusiasm.”I’ve got a blanket in the trunk,” Joe announced. “I’ll be morecomfortable on the ground.””Yeah, I thrash around a lot,” said the girl.”But it’s my car and my blanket, so I get to fuck you first, right?” Joesaid.”Who cares?” replied the wanton nymph. “As long as I get two cocksstuffed up my cunt hole, I don’t give a shit what order they come in.”Randy grumbled something, not pleased at having to wait for sloppyseconds. As if to console him, the blonde girl ducked back down onto hisprick in a sudden swoop. Randy moaned. Jack could hear the wet sounds thather mouth was making on the lucky fellow’s cock. Randy’s head rocked up anddown and he moaned and the girl whimpered on a mouthful of cockmeat.”Ummmm, ummmm,” came her muffled purr.The driver’s door opened and Joe got out and walked to the back of thecar. He opened the trunk. Jack, delighted by the way things weredeveloping, sneaked back behind the tree and peered out eagerly. The driverhauled a big wool blanket out of the trunk and spread it on the ground.”Get out here, baby,” he called. “I got a hard-on like a fuckingtelephone pole!”That was almost true, Jack thought, peering at the young man. His nakedprick was gleaming in the moonlight, the shiny cock-knob glowing. It wasn’tas big as Jack’s own cock, Jack thought but it was plenty big enough toprovide a good fuck for the girls.Randy groaned as the girl gave his cockmeat a last loving slurp. Then,with a sigh, resigned to waiting his turn, he opened the passenger door andgot out. His prick was as big as Joe’s and even stiffer now. The girl’sfrothy saliva was pouring down his gnarled cockstalk.He stepped back and both young men waited but the girl didn’t get out ofthe car immediately. Jack could see her moving around, squirming. He hearda zipper rasp and realized that the little minx was undressing, stripping foraction. Then she slid gracefully from the front seat and stepped from thecar.Jack’s eyes were glued to her nubile young body. Her tits were firm andplump, capped by big, stiff nipples. Her waist was tiny and her ass was asweeping teardrop arching out below. She had long, shapely legs and flaredhips. It was a truly adorable body and Jack looked up to get a look at theyoung cock-sucker’s face.Jack caught his breath as he stared at that lovely face, framed by hergolden hair.It was his daughter, Bonny!Jack reeled back in shock, so surprised that, for a moment, his lustebbed away. He saw that Bonny was smiling impishly, her sensual lips moist. He remembered that the girl had just had two stiff cocks in that sexy mouth. Then he noticed that the smooth flesh of her inner thighs was moist, too andknew she was yearning to get fucked by both of those cocks. Jack wondered ifhe should make his presence known and prevent his little girl from gettinggang-banged.But how embarrassing it would be for her to find out that her daddy waswatching!And, from the way she was behaving, it was evident that Bonny was novirgin, in no danger of being corrupted and depraved. It would obviously beonly one more slice off a cut loaf. Her chastity was long gone. Then, tooand most important, Jack wanted to watch his daughter get fucked.His shock had faded away now and raging desire had rushed back to fillthe void. Jack was a confirmed and devoted voyeur and spying on his ownnubile little daughter was the most exciting thing he could think of!Jack’s gigantic prick plowed out and up, flapping the front of hisraincoat before his loins like a flag. His balls were so full that, had cumbeen lighter than air, he would have floated crotch first right up into theoverhanging limbs.Trembling with lust, Jack crouched in concealment and waited for hisdaughter to get fucked.Bonny stood there, her bouncy body glowing in the moonlight, letting thetwo horny boys admire her. She loved to feel their eyes burn into her fleshand to know how much they lusted for her. She was hot for them, as well. Bonny had never fucked these two particular young men before and she alwaysenjoyed a new prick.In fact, lewd and lascivious as the girl was, she had not really had alot of cocks, not nearly as many as she would have liked to have had….Bonny had started fucking and sucking several months ago. She had losther cherry on her very first date, in fact. She hadn’t intended to but themoment the young man touched her tits, her nipples exploded and her pussybegan to cream and, from that moment on, there was never any doubt in hermind that she was going to spread her sleek thighs for any man who wantedher. She’d fucked her first date and every date that she’d had since. Shesaw no point in going out with a boy without getting fucked. She loved tosuck cocks, too and did so frequently. And since she loved prick so much,the girl had decided that it was silly to go out with one guy at a time. Whysettle for one cock when she could have two or three at the same blissfultime? So she had made her desires known quite blatantly and her suggestionswere well received. It hadn’t done her reputation any good at all but itsure as hell had made Bonny a very popular girl.Now she moved slowly towards her new lovers as they stood beside theblanket, their cocks jutting up like mortars aimed at the moon. The youngmen stared lustfully at her naked body, as did her fascinated father. Hewondered why he hadn’t noticed before how sexy and nubile his daughter wasand was already looking ahead to all the peeping he could do on the girl fromnow on. The thought of spying on strangers in a lovers’ lane paled besidethat of playing the voyeur with Bonny.Ass swinging delightfully, Bonny stepped onto the blanket. Joe andRandy turned towards her from either side and she reached down and folded herfists around both of their fiery cockheads against her belly. The boys stoodwith their loins thrust out.Their cockheads were dripping and pre-cum flowed onto her flat belly andseeped into her blonde cunt bush, forming a fluid filigree in the moonlight.Bonny sank down to her knees, still holding their cocks. She rubbedthose rock-hard cocks against her tits, brushing the sticky tips against herstiff nipples and inching them into her soft cleavage.Her lips were smiling but trembling, too and her eyes were narrowed andhooded by her lashes. She turned her pretty face towards Joe and sucked hiscockhead into her mouth. Her daddy saw her cheeks drawn inward and her lipsturn outwards as she slurped on that hot cockmeat.Then she pulled her lips off of Joe’s prick and turned to Randy,mouthing his prickmeat, in turn. Randy jerked and fucked into her mouth andthe naughty girl giggled, the sound muffled on his prick.She adored teasing them with her mouth, sucking each right up towardsthe crest and then drawing her mouth away just before they creamed. Sheturned back and forth between them, taking a slurp here, a suck there. Butthis was making the girl as hot as it was making the guys. Bonny was teasingher cunt as much as she was teasing their pricks.Streamers of pussy juice poured down the insides of her tensed thighs asshe knelt between them. Her cunt was so hot it felt volcanic. She had toget stuffed soon or she was going to cream anyhow and what a waste it was tocream with an empty fuck-hole when cock was available. That would be as mucha waste of time as dating one guy at a time. She twisted lithely down ontoher flank, then dropped onto her back on the blanket, her knees raised andher thighs parted.”Fuck me, somebody fuck my cunt,” she panted, jerking her pelvisinvitingly.Joe groaned and knelt between her legs. His prick towered up, allglistening with her spit. Thick ribbons of jism flowed down, streaking hersaliva.Jack knew that prick must have been seeping in her mouth too. Itthrilled him to the core to know that his daughter had been swallowing spunk. He wished that he were closer, standing right above her, so that he couldgaze into her open mouth and see cock slime on her tongue! His blood streamseemed to be carrying lumps of solid lust pounding through his veins andevery nerve in his body was jumping wildly. The head of his prick camepushing out through the flaps of his flasher’s raincoat, dripping as much asthe two pricks about to go into action. He folded his fist around his cockbut didn’t frig himself. Jack was holding his own needs back, ignoring theurgency of his cock and balls as he feasted with his eyes.Joe dipped down, lowering his cock into the girl’s frothy groin. Bonnyreached down and took his cockshaft in her hand, guiding the flaringcock-knob into her creamy fuckslot. She turned her wrist, rubbing the tip ofhis purple slab up and down through her gash and across her clit. Sheshuddered deliciously at the contact. Her cuntlips pulled on the tip of hiscockhead. More jism oozed from his piss hole and trickled into her juicyslot. Mixed with her cunt juice, the frothy fluids flowed down and seepedinto the crack of her ass.With a whimper, Bonny pulled his prick-knob into her fuck-slot. Thenshe drew her hand away and arched her slender back deeply, waiting for Joe topump it to her.His long, thick cock pulsed. With his cock knob buried in her cunt,Bunny’s ass and hips were jolted up and down on the end of his meaty lever.The boy reached down and cupped the cheeks of her pert ass, pulling herup higher. His ass tightened and his thighs braced. Then he grunted andhumped, sliding every inch of his prick up her fuck-tunnel.”Oooooh,” Bonny moaned.Joe held his prick buried to the balls, not moving for a moment as hesavored the joy of having every inch of his fucker clamped in soaking pussyand letting the girl thrill to the feeling of being stuffed to the brim withcock. His balls were jammed against her curved ass and her taut clit wastight against his buried cock.Bonny began to work her cunt muscle, clamping her fuck-hole around thecontours of his prick. The inner cuntal rings fluttered closed, rippling uphis cockshaft in concentric contractions, as if she had some secret handinside her belly, jerking him off in her cunt. Her cuntlips were plasteredaround the thick root of his prick like a suction cup.Bonny began to move before Joe did. Her nubile pelvis drew back, thenpushed down again as she fucked her pussy through an inch or two of hardcock.Joe gasped at the sensation. He began to move with her, incounterpoint, slamming his prick in as she jammed her pussy down to meet him.He pulled out until only the flaring knob of his cock was in her slot,paused for an instant, then fucked it all back up her cunt, tilting her bellyup on his thrust. His balls swung in and slapped against her ass.The sights and sounds were driving Bonny’s father wild. He could hearthe boy’s stiff prick hiss up his daughter’s fuck-hole, hear his balls whackon her ass, hear the way her pussy was sucking. The moist sounds came mutedthrough the pounding of his own blood. His head thrust forwards, musclesstanding out in his arched neck. He saw his little girl’s cuntlips pull anddrag as that fat prick slid through them. Joe’s thick plunger was stuffingher pussy to the core. As he pumped the cockmeat in, cunt juice overflowedher slot and her whole crotch was lathered with the pearly pussy nectar.Joe’s ass corkscrewed as he fed the cockmeat into her. Bonny writhedunder him, her whole body vibrating. She threw her trim thighs around hisflanks, gripping him in a velvet vise. Her heels hammered against hisjolting ass, her ankles locked behind him, then she threw her legs wide openagain and pushed her belly up, bridging deeply.”Fuck, fuck, fuck!” wailed the wanton teenager.Her pussy was creaming. She was coming before he did. But that was allright. Bonny knew from experience that as long as a stiff prick was fuckingin and out of her pussy, she could come and come and keep right on coming.She twisted her hips around, grinding her fuck-hole onto his cockmeat,adding torque to the in-and-out friction. Her cunt hole was so soaking nowthat his prick was splashing into that slimy crater. Joe groaned and jerked. He felt as if he had stuck his prick into a vacuum cleaner.Randy was bouncing up and down impatiently, his neglected cock loomingup and his balls swelling alarmingly. Bonny smiled up at him and Randy sankto his knees beside her head. He pushed his prick out. Bonny turned herface towards him and sucked his cock into her mouth, nursing on it lovingly. But when his cock began to throb, she pulled her lips away, letting himsubside. In a fucking mood, Bonny wanted both boy’s cum-loads up her cuntthis evening, although she would gladly suck them both off later, if they hadany cum left.”C’mon, Joe, cream my cunt!” she wailed, eager to feel his jism spurtinto her so that poor neglected Randy could have his turn.She churned and thrashed wildly. Joe groaned and fucked his prick infuriously as he neared the crest. His prick went in like a battering ram. Bonny gurgled as he stabbed to the core of her cunt hole. His prick felt sohuge that she half expected it to come sliding up into her mouth from inside.Randy was shaking his saliva-soaked cock over her face again. Bonnyturned to him and enveloped his cock-knob with her lips, sucking on his hugefucker.This time she didn’t stop in time.With Joe’s big cock pounding up her pussy, Bonny loved to feel thatsecond prick throbbing in her mouth. She pushed her lips down towards theroot. His cockmeat ballooned and she whimpered, knowing she was about to geta mouthful of jizz.”Come!” she cried.And both horny young men reached the crest at the same moment. Joehowled like an a****l as his heavy cum-load hosed her fuck-hole and Randywailed with joy as he spilled his cum into her mouth.Joe kept humping, squirting more jism into her pussy on everyfuck-thrust and Randy fucked his cock into her mouth and jets of creamy jismcascaded from his piss hole, filling her mouth and pouring down her throat.Bonny was in seventh heaven. With a cum spurting cock in both ends atonce, she didn’t know which she loved more and her father, his eyes flashingup and down his daughter’s body from mouth to cunt, didn’t know which sightturned him on more, either. He watched Joe’s cock hose her cunt hole and hesaw Randy’s prick creaming her mouth. He staggered and gasped, more arousedthan he had ever been before.Bunny’s cunt melted around Joe’s prick like a wax candle around aflaming wick and her mouth was slobbering and drooling as she milked Randy’sprick bone dry.Slowly, that intricate fucking machine ground to a halt. With his ballsdrained, Joe humped jerkily, losing the steady rhythm. Randy had stoppedshoving his prick into her mouth and knelt there, his back arched, as shecontinued to suck the cum from his cockhead.Her lush hips jolted and her ass heaved as Bonny ground her pussy aroundon Joe’s emptied cock, working off the final sweet spasms of her coming. Then, with a sigh, she sprawled out on the blanket, her arms and legs spreadopen. Randy’s drained cock slipped out of her lips and swayed up and down infront of his belly, the knob dripping with cum and spit as it bobbed over herupturned face.Bonny smiled and her lips parted so that the cum dripping from hiscockhead dribbled into her mouth.Joe gasped and pulled back, dragging his cock out of her cunt holeslowly. He had to pull hard against the clinging suction of her insatiablepussy. Her cuntlips distended as they dragged on his retreating cockrod. Then his cockhead slumped out of her slot and the boy groaned and toppledover onto his back. His prick swayed over him as he lay there, panting,feeling as if his whole body had been sucked dry.Randy collapsed onto his flank, his prick starting to shrink. Bonny hadmilked them both so thoroughly that, despite the potency of their hornyyouth, the boys were finished for the moment.Bonny lay there, well fucked yet eager for more. Her vacated cunt slotwas bubbling with fuck-slime and her sensual lips were streaked with gleamingfuck-juice.She looked from boy to boy, seeking signs of renewed vigor. They haddamned near passed out in the aftermath of those gigantic comings and shefrowned, wondering how long it would be before she would be able to suck themup stiff again.She wanted more hard prick.And another hard prick, even bigger, loomed out from the darknessnearby….Chapter 5Jack had to do it.It might be wicked to expose himself to his daughter but the man was sofrantic with lust that he had no inhibition left. He gazed between her legs. Her open cunt slot was overflowing and her whole groin was drenched with cumand cunt juice. His eyes shifted to her face, just as she tilted her headback and let the last of Randy’s jism slowly trickle down her throat. Heglanced at the two young men and saw that they were in no state to interfere,even if they noticed his presence. Bonny had fucked them nearly u*********sand, in the process, had given her daddy a hard-on that had to be emptied.Jack pulled his hat down low over his brow, masking his face in theshadow of the brim.Then, with his naked prick jutting out from his raincoat, he movedstealthily out from the trees. Drifting silently behind his looming cock, hemoved towards his naked daughter.Bonny wasn’t aware of his approach until he stood at the foot of theblanket. When she noticed him, she gasped and blinked in surprise.Then her pretty face lit up with a smile when she saw that enormousprick jutting out from his raincoat. She glanced up at his face but, withhis hat brim tugged low, she failed to recognize her father. The girl sawonly a tall stranger with a gigantic hard-on and thought her prayers had beenanswered. Her thighs shifted apart a bit wider and she held one hand uptowards him in invitation.Jack groaned, grating his teeth and clenching his jaw. Oh, how hewanted to fuck her! But if he mounted her, she was certain to see who he wasand, despite his raging desire, he wasn’t ready for that.He had to empty his balls before it was too late to resist her welcomingcunt!Thrusting his loins out, Jack wrapped his hand around his cockshaft. Hesqueezed the cockrod and his knob flared out in a huge wedge. Moonlightreflected from the angry red slab so that it flashed like a torch. He pulledback, skinning the cockhead into a naked, pounding slab of gleaming cockmeat. Dark veins writhed up the underside of his prick and his swollen balls lookedhuge. Bonny gazed at that formidable fucker in awe. She had never seen acock so big, balls so full. She was mesmerized by the sight.”Fuck me,” she whispered huskily.Joe and Randy, unaware of the newcomer’s presence, both muttered inprotest. Jack tensed, struggling against the unholy desire that filled him. Then, summoning up all of his willpower, he began to pump his prick.”W-why?” Bonny stammered, frowning in confusion.Why was he beating his meat when she had offered him her cunt? She roseup and reached out for his cock but he took one step backwards, staggering,still pounding his prick furiously. What kind of pervert was he, to bejerking off when a hot pussy awaited him?Jack was so totally aroused from having watched his daughter fuck andsuck that his hand-job could not be prolonged. His cockmeat began to surgeon the very first stroke and the thrill rushed through his belly and explodedin his balls. Bonny saw the man’s mouth twist in a grimace, saw his wholebody shake. She knew the signs and realized that it was too late, that hiscum-load was on the way.She lay back on the blanket and arched her back, ready to be hosed byhis cock slime.His fist flew up and down on his prick like lightning and Bonnywhimpered in anticipation. His cock was so huge that it was intimidating andshe was cringing under him, as if his cock were a weapon leveled at her.”Oooooh, shoot all over me!” she gasped.”Unghhhh!” Jack grunted, slamming his fist back to the hilt of hiscockshaft.His cum shot out in a geyser. The first thick stream flew right intothe girl’s open crotch and she wailed as she felt the steaming cum run up hercunt slot. It felt so hot she thought it would melt her clit.Jack’s ass and hips jolted back on the recoil of that first spurt, thenthrust out again as a second creamy torrent sped from his piss hole. Thecock slime skimmed through her cunt bush and poured up her belly, a foamingtide that broke in the cleavage between her upthrust tits.Jack staggered forwards as his fist pounded back again and his third wadsplattered in his daughter’s upturned face. Bonny gurgled and opened hermouth. Jism splashed on her tongue and lips and she gulped. A squirt of theburning stuff slid up into her nostrils and she spluttered. Jack stood overher hips now, hosing her lovely face with the last of his cum-load and Bonnyopened her mouth as wide as she could, swallowing joyfully.His balls sank in and his cum stopped squirting out. The last dregstrickled from his piss hole as he jerked on his cockrod. The frothy nuggetssplashed on Bonny’s tits and clung to her nipples.With a groan, he stepped back.His balls were drained but his prick was standing and as huge as everand Bonny rose up, pushing her face towards him with her mouth wide open,wanting to suck the slimy residue from his prickmeat.It took all of Jack’s willpower to resist. With a moan of anguish andshame, he took another step back – away from her open eager mouth.”Give it to me, please,” she pleaded.Jack shook his head in torment. She was his daughter. He mustn’t lether suck his cock. With a strangled gasp of emotion, he turned away and rantowards the shelter of the trees, his coat flapping behind him.Bonny stared after him in confusion and regret. She yearned for thatstranger’s huge cock. But he had only jerked off on her and fled and shecouldn’t understand it at all. No one had ever rejected her before, it madeher lust for the mysterious stranger more than ever.She lay there for a while, braced up on her elbows. The whole front ofher body from groin to mouth was lathered with his creamy cum-load. Shescooped the jism up from her belly and tits with both hands, then lapped itout of her palms with her hungry tongue. His jism was so delicious that itmade the girl’s eyes water.And her cunt was bubbling with need.With a moan of desperation, she crawled over to Randy and rolled himonto his back. His prick was limp but she sucked it into her mouth andworked with all her skill and after a few moments that slick cockmeat beganto swell in her mouth. She sucked him up hard as he lay, groaning andsemi-conscious. Then she threw her knees across, straddling his belly. Sheguided his cock into her fuck-hole and began to ride up and down on it. Heheaved up from the ground automatically as her cunt slid down and herpussylips spread out at the base of his prick.Riding Randy’s rampant cock, she thought about the mysterious man in theraincoat.Randy gasped and came but his climax seemed insignificant compared tothe unknown stranger.The desperate teenager pulled her pussy off Randy’s cock and crawledover to Joe. Taking his cockmeat in her mouth, she worked him up to anotherhard-on and mounted him, in turn. Her ass bucked and churned and her thighstensed and rippled as she rode in the saddle of his loins.His jism shot up into her pussy and, still recalling the man in theraincoat, Bonny thought that it was a feeble cum-load to feed a girl. Compared to the stranger’s cum, Joe’s cock cream seemed thin and cool andinsubstantial.Bonny milked him dry in her cunt and creamed on his prick and yearned,still, for the mystery man.Who was he? Why had he jacked off, instead of fucking her cunt or hermouth? Now that she had seen that gigantic cock and balls and been soaked byhis tremendous cum-load, how would she ever be satisfied with less?Bonny wondered if she would ever encounter the man in the raincoatagain, never for a moment guessing that she saw him every day.As Bonny fucked herself on lesser cocks and got more and morefrustrated, the object of her desires was making his way home, filled withshame and remorse and guilt. How close he had come to i****t! Yet he hadresisted the unholy urge and he could be proud of himself for that. Jerkingoff on her was not like fucking her. And she hadn’t guessed who he was andhe reasoned that no harm had been done.His prick was still hard and his balls were recharging themselves. Theevent had been so thrilling that a single hand-job had done nothing to lessenhis fuck-lust. Jack was on his way home to throw a fuck into his wife or sothe man intended.He knew that while he fucked his wife, he was going to be thinking ofhis daughter, pretending it was Bonny’s pussy he was pouring the prick to.He was looking forward to his fantasy, too.Jack had been a voyeur for years but he had never had an experience asthrilling as watching his naughty little girl in action. And he wondered ifhe would ever again enjoy a treat like that.He would have been amazed had he known how soon he was in for anothervisual treat and who would provide it….Chapter 6Because he was wearing his flasher raincoat, suspect garb at best, Jacklet himself into the house very quietly, wanting to get upstairs and changebefore he encountered anyone. And because he was being so cautious, neitherhis wife nor his son heard him come in.But Jack heard them.Standing just inside the front door, he frowned and cocked his head ashe heard the juicy slurping and the heavy panting that was coming from theliving room. Jack knew well the telltale signs of a blow-job in progress andfor a moment his frown deepened, furrowing his brow. The natural assumption,knowing his promiscuous wife as he did, was that Virginia must beentertaining one of her frequent lovers.Jack felt a twinge of anger and jealousy. But that jealousy served asa powerful aphrodisiac and a surge of lust coursed through him. His prickwas already hard and now it began to hammer. He grinned. What did he careif his sexy wife was unfaithful to him? She could suck and fuck with dozensof men, as far as Jack was concerned, as long as he could watch!He began to tiptoe down the hallway towards the open doorway throughwhich the incriminating and fascinating sounds were drifting to his ears. Heheard a low, throaty moan and recognized his wife’s voice. Then that moanwas broken off into a fluid gulping sound and Jack guessed that his wife’slover must be fucking his prick right down her throat. He wondered if heknew the man or if she was sucking off some total stranger? It didn’t muchmatter, although he hoped that the lucky guy had a big cock.Coming to the door, he carefully looked in and damned near fainted fromthe shock.His wife was blowing their teenaged son!The vision scalded his eyeballs and the knowledge branded his brain. Hehad always known that Virginia was lascivious and amoral but he hadn’trealized that she would carry her depravity as far as i****t.And it thrilled him to the bone!Watching his wife suck their son’s prick was even more exciting thanwatching his daughter fuck and suck with the boys on the blanket. The manknew that he should feel scandalized but he felt only lust.He crouched beside the door, observing the scene in all the gloriousdetails. He saw his wife’s sweet lips pull up and down on their son’s hugeprick as she sucked the boy into the crest of bliss. With vicarious joy, hewatched as Jimmy shot his creamy cum-load into her gulping maw and saw thecum-hungry woman swallow every drop. The sight and the sound drove him wild. His heart was hammering explosively and he had to restrain himself fromcrying out words of approval and encouragement. He stared as she finishedthe job and watched her greedily tongue up the overflow.He was ready to flee if either of them showed any sign of approachingthe door.But they stayed where they were. Jimmy’s cock was still hard andVirginia offered to suck him off all the time, as long as Jack didn’t findout. Jack grinned at that but it was a strained grin. He was hoping thatVirginia would proceed to suck the boy off again, right now.But then Jimmy grinned at her, looking far more worldly than he ever hadbefore, no longer an innocent youth frustrated by his pubescence but a potentyoung stud who had learned the joy of sex.”Jeez, Mom, you’re a great cock-sucker,” Jimmy said.Virginia blushed modestly at the compliment.”I never had a blow-job before but I guess you do it about as good as agirl can, eh?””I like to think so,” she whispered, looking all dainty and demure, asdemure as a mother could when her lips were all slimy from her son’s jism.”But, I’m still a virgin,” the boy added.Her eyebrows shot up.”Oh, darling, you wouldn’t fuck your mother,” she said, trying to soundsurprised but looking delighted.Mother and son gazed at each other in tense speculation and a husbandand father looked on hopefully, hoping with all his heart that he had sireda potential mother-fucker.And yet another pair of eyes were fixed upon the scene.As soon as Bonny had finished squatting on both boy’s pricks and got herpussy shot full of more cum, she had announced that she wanted to be takenhome. She guessed that with a bit of time and a little effort she might coaxone or both, of the young men up to another hard-on but she was no longerthat interested in them. Having looked at the gigantic cock and balls andfelt the steaming jism of the mysterious stranger, the girl saw Joe and Randyas feeble substitutes. She didn’t suppose that she would ever meet the manin the raincoat again and it frustrated her bitterly.As they drove her home, she played with their cocks and sucked them eacha bit but that was only out of habit and so that she would not have herreputation tarnished by any hint of purity. She would have been deeplyashamed if anyone thought she was less than insatiable. It might even costher a few dates.When they drew up in front of her house, she sucked them both goodbye,promising to go out with them again sometime but making no definitearrangements. She got out of the car, her pussy squishing between herthighs. The boys drove off to the pool hall to boast of their successfulseduction and Bonny walked up to the house thinking that maybe she would giveher cunt a nice finger-fucking in her bedroom, while she remembered thestranger in the raincoat.She opened the front door and stopped dead in her tracks, gasping inamazement.There in the hallway stood her mystery man!Who was he? What was he doing in her house? She looked up at his face. His hat was pushed back now so that his face was revealed. Bonny hadn’trecognized that formidable cock but she most certainly recognized her mysteryman’s face. The girl gulped with amazement as she realized that it was herown father who had been watching her get fucked and then jerked off and shotcum all over her!A sequence of emotions went through her. The girl felt a fleetingembarrassment because her daddy had seen her taking on two guys at once andbecause she had offered herself to him so willingly, not knowing who he wasand proving herself a tramp who would fuck a stranger at the drop of a hat. But he had obviously not disapproved of her lewd behavior, far from it! Thenshe felt a bit uncomfortable in the knowledge that her daddy was a voyeur anda flasher. But Bonny was far too naughty, herself, to castigate anyone foranything.She began to tingle with the thought that her father’s eyes had been onher while she sucked and fucked and that she had turned him on so greatlythat he had just had to risk revealing his identity long enough to empty hiscock and balls all over her naked body. She could still feel that thickfuck-juice on her belly and tits, congealed to a milky film and sheremembered how she had felt as she saw the huge cum-load pump from hispiss-hole. She knew, now, why the man in the raincoat had spurned her offerof mouth or cunt. Her father had, quite properly, been resisting the urge tocommit i****t.But horny Bonny felt no such inhibition. Knowing that the mystery manwas her daddy only made the promiscuous girl lust for him all the more!She stared at his handsome, lust-twisted face, then dropped her gaze tohis marvelous cock. Her flesh heated up and the congealed cum began toliquefy and get slippery on her belly and tits and in her tangled pussy hair.What in hell is he looking at? she wondered.His face was strained by lust and his giant prick was thundering as itjutted from his raincoat and the girl knew that something very naughty andinteresting must be taking place in the living room. But her curiosity aboutthat event was faint. As long as she could watch her daddy while he watched,she was more than satisfied.Bonny sank down onto her knees beside the front door, in the shadowsbehind the hat rack. With her eyes glued to her daddy’s cock, she slippedboth hands under her skirt and began to finger-fuck her pussy and to wonderif and when and how she could get her father to fuck her.Bonny’s brother, at the same time, was trying to get his mother to givehim his first-ever fuck. Not realizing that they were the end link in a sortof visual daisy chain, the horny boy slid down from the chair and joined hismother as she knelt on the floor.”C’mon, Mom. Let me fuck you,” he pleaded.But Virginia shook her head. The oversexed woman was yearning for acunt full of her son’s cock but she was struggling against the wicked desire,not wanting to carry this i****tuous relationship to the limits.”No, darling. I’ll suck your sweet cock whenever you want. But wemustn’t screw,” she whispered.Jack heard her words and gnashed his teeth in frustration. He wantedhis wife to fuck their son!And Bonny, too, heard her mother speak and gasped as she realized whather daddy was so interested in watching. Her mother and her brother werehaving an i****tuous relationship! It delighted the girl. If Mom could suckJimmy’s prick, it certainly enhanced her chances of blowing her daddy!But Jimmy, already sucked, was determined to get his first piece ofpussy. It was obvious that his mother wanted to and he knew she wasweakening in her resolve. Jimmy had never seduced a woman before but he hada pretty good idea that his mom was not hard to seduce.As they knelt face to face, he began to fondle her firm tits, kneadingthe mounds and then pulling his fingers and thumbs up to pluck at the stifftit tips. She swayed and sighed. Jimmy dropped his head and pushed histongue out. He licked at a taut nipple, then at the other. Virginia moaned. Her hand came up behind his neck, cradling him to her tits. It wasn’t somany years ago that the boy had been nursing on her nipples for nourishment. Now he was nursing far more hungrily than he ever had as an infant!His face turned from side to side as he mouthed each tit tip in turn,slobbering and moaning over her tits. Virginia arched her back, thrustingher tits out to his face. His hands slid up and down her voluptuous flanksand haunches. Then he dipped one hand in between her thighs and began tofeel around in her soaking, smoldering cunt slot.’God! He’s making me so hot,’ she thought. ‘The naughty boy is tryingto seduce me! I’d better get his prick back in my mouth and milk him offagain, before it’s too late.’Yet his caress was holding her to him and she was reluctant to make himstop. His fingers slid into her fuck-hole and the heel of his hand rubbedagainst her explosive clit.She reached down and took his cock in her hand. She pumped up and down,feeling the hard cockrod pulse. If she jerked him off, she could cool himdown, she knew. Yet what a sad waste of cum that would be! She continued tohold his prick in her hand but stopped frigging it. She pulled his prick outand rubbed the knob against her belly.Spunk bubbled out from his piss hole and Virginia rubbed it into his hotpurple cockmeat with her thumb, fondling his balls with her other hand. Hislips pulled on her nipples lovingly and his tongue flashed out, slurping ather heavy tit globes and running up through her deep cleavage.His head rose up and he licked at her creamy lips. Virginia sucked histongue into her mouth, knowing she was only making him hotter. They Frenchkissed, swapping saliva and tongues, as Jimmy continued to frig her pussy andshe brushed his prick against her belly.Desperate to bring the boy off before she succumbed to his seduction,the horny woman shoved her head down, mouth wide open, ready to engulf hiscockhead.But Jimmy knew that if she got his prick into her magic mouth again hewould be unable to resist. The thought of shooting in his mother’s mouth asecond time was thrilling but the virgin boy was determined to fuck her.He jerked his hips aside and his huge prick slid up along her cheek,avoiding her lips. Virginia tongued at his hairy balls for a moment, thenstarted to lap at his prick but Jimmy jerked away again.Leaning forward over his cock, Virginia was off balance. Her heavy titsswayed under her, dragging her down. Jimmy gently pushed her lower, deftlyeluding her lips. Her blonde head went down to the floor and herheart-shaped ass heaved up at the highest point of her posture. His handswere on her shoulders, holding her down. His balls were jammed to herforehead and his prick towered above her. Then, deft as a wrestler, theathletic boy spun around, changing his grip and twisting around behind her.Jimmy was kneeling behind her upthrust ass, gripping her by herhipbones. She shook her ass as if trying to dislodge him but he clungtightly to her haunches, holding her in the doggy-fucking position.His cock and balls were jammed against her ass. He threw his head andshoulders back, clinging to her like a gargoyle to a curved wall.He dipped at the knees, lowering his loins. His balls slid down intoher crotch, pulsing in her fuck-slot and his huge cock towered straight upover her ass.He slid down lower, pulling his prick down towards her steaming groin. His bloated balls brushed her curly cunt mound and the thick root of hiscockshaft glided into her crotch, standing up at the right angles to herfuck-hole. Virginia squirmed under him, the curve of her firm ass pressed tothe flat plane of his belly.His cock slid lower and she could feel the massive knob drag into hercrotch. She ground her pussy back against him, rubbing against the undersideof his stalk and knob. That long, fat cock was still angled upwards, laidvertically up through her cunt slot. To slip his prick into her, he wouldhave to draw his ass back, she knew and she shoved her own ass out againsthim, preventing the movement that would shift his prick down into the angleof approach.Jimmy hauled on her hips frantically.”No! N-no!” she wailed, still resisting.Her cunt hole was gaping wide open and flooded with cunt juice and sheknew that if the horny boy ever got the tip of his cockhead into her slot,the process would be irrevocable. Even if Jimmy didn’t shove his prick intoher, her fuck-hole would suck him in like a suction pump.”Yeah, yeah,” he gasped. “Let me put my prick up your cunt, Mom!”He tried to shove her ass away far enough so that he could lever hiscock in. Virginia pushed back, jamming against his belly. She reached backbetween her knees and got a handful of balls, holding him tightly and furtherlimiting his movements.Jimmy humped in a fucking motion. His iron-hard cock slid up throughher open cuntlips and the massive cock-knob came surging up into the crack ofher ass. He humped again, running his cockrod up through her creamy crotchand then dipping it into the taut tunnel between her firm ass cheeks. He wasjerking frantically, his movements exactly the same as if his prick werestuck up her cunt and he was throwing a furious doggy-style fuck into her butthey were not coupled. His prick was still at right angles to her cunt slot,sliding through the open gash and massaging her clit and then pushing upbetween her ass cheeks.The big purple prick-knob, all creamy with fuck-juice, burrowed up thecrack of her ass and jerked out. It dragged back down and nestled into thetight brown bud of Virginia’s asshole, flaring and throbbing.And as Virginia felt her son’s cockhead swell and dribble in her shithole, a wonderful idea occurred to her. Jimmy wanted to fuck her and shewanted him to but she didn’t want to commit i****t. The solution wasobvious.She would take his cock up the ass!Chapter 7Virginia whimpered, thrilled by her own depravity, by the delightfulprospect of having an ass full of her son’s thundering prick. Her hand slidup from his balls and folded around his cockshaft. She drew her ass slightlyaway from his belly, her firm thighs rippling and, in the space between them,she levered his cockrod down into position.Jimmy’s pulsating prick crown nudged into his mother’s puckered shitslot. The boy was vibrating wildly, his youthful body jerking on the end ofhis cock. He stared down and saw where the head of his cock was placed andgulped. Did his mother want it up the ass?Her fist pumped on his prick and she pulled the flaring cock- knobagainst her brown bud.”Shove it up my asshole, darling,” she rasped. “Stuff my shit hole fullof cockmeat.”Jimmy gasped at his mother’s depravity. In the hallway, his father’scock jumped up so hard he almost fell over and his hat dropped off. Fartherdown that hallway, Jimmy’s sister moaned and her pussy creamed and then beganto heat right back up again.Virginia was grinding her ass against Jimmy, urging him to shove it toher, yearning to feel her belly stuffed full of his pounding prick. Thenaughty woman had always enjoyed getting ass fucked and the idea of havingher son fuck her ass had turned her loins to an inferno.Gripping her hips and hauling her back, Jimmy thrust his prick out. Herasshole was tight and his cockhead was enormous. At first it didn’tpenetrate. His cockrod was too hard to bend and he shoved her out on hiscock-knob. For a terrible moment, the boy thought that it wasn’t going towork, that his cock was too fat for her shit tunnel.But Virginia knew better.Her tight ass ring began to ripple and part, adjusting to accommodatethe bulk of his prick. She knew full well how pliable a shit chute was. Herbrown bud fluttered open around the tip of his prick. When Jimmy humpedagain, half of his big, mushroom-shaped slab inched into her ass.He stared down in amazement, seeing the purple cockmeat flaring in thattaut slot. A few blobs of spunk dribbled out, lubricating the passage. Heshoved again and his mother pushed her ass back to meet him, squirmingjoyfully.His cockhead disappeared up her shit hole. Her tight ass ring collaredhis cockstalk, gripping him tightly. His prick stood out between them,spanning the gap. Jimmy held steady for a moment, feeling the way that herasshole was dragging on his cockmeat, pulling him deeper with no effort onhis own part. His mother’s shit tunnel seemed to be digesting his cock inreverse, pulling him up into her belly.Inch by inch, his huge cock vanished. Jimmy wondered where in hell itwas all going. Her asshole seemed far too narrow to hold such a load. Heshoved and another inch slipped through her ass slot. He pulled back on herhips and fed her yet another thick inch. Her lithe hips jumped in his hands,as if that ass load was about to dislodge her hipbones from their sockets ashe fucked more cock into her.His cockhead was the fattest part of his shapely prick and it wasblazing a trail, forging a passage through which his cockshaft could follow. The intrepid explorer of his cock-knob was sinking into unknown regions.Feeling her son’s cockhead fuck deep into her ass guts, Virginia criedout.”More! Give me all of it!”Jimmy heaved out again and the rest of his cock fucked into her. He wasburied to the balls, her ass ring spread out against the root of his cock andhis smoking hot cockhead flaring in the depths of her ass.Jimmy held it all in her for a moment, feeling the rings of her shittunnel contract around his fucker, rippling and fluttering up his cock fromhilt to crown. Her shit track was molded to his cockmeat, caressing everyinch and his cockhead throbbed and smoldered in her ass guts. She wailedwith the ecstasy of that ass full. It felt as if she had swallowed a lump ofred-hot lead. His piss hole was weeping and the sex-crazed woman could feelhis spunk dribble into her ass guts.She rubbed his bloated balls around in her soaking, steaming fuck-slotand jerked her ass against his belly. She felt as if her bowels had beencored out.She pulled forwards, dragging her clinging asshole up on an inch ofcockstalk, then jammed back to the hilt again. Jimmy began to fuck in andout. He hauled her back by the hips as he shoveled the cockmeat to her, thenheld her steady as he pulled it back out. He drew back until only his fatprick-knob was lodged in her shit chute, paused with his cock vibrating, thenfucked it all into her ass again.Virginia whimpered with joy as her ass filled with his cockmeat and shelonged for the hot, flushing enema of his steaming fuck-juice. Her ass gutswere melting on his prick. As he thrust in with an upward fuck-lunge, herass tilted up higher. Then he fucked in from above, her ass down. Her headwas on the floor, face turned to the side, mouth drooling. The residue ofhis cum that lingered on her tongue heated up again and, tasting his jismagain, she had a fantasy that his dribbling cockhead was buried so deep thathis cum was pouring into her mouth from inside her belly.Her ass flew about and his hands slipped around on her hips. He reachedunder her and cupped her swinging tits and began to haul her back and forth. Her nipples were bursting in his palms, going off like sticks of dynamite andhe could feel her clit explode against his balls.”Come!” Virginia gasped as she began to cream. “Shoot your sweet slimeup my fucking ass! Pump my guts full, darling, feed me your fuck-juice!”Jimmy plunged in to the core, rattling her pelvis and shaking her ass. His mighty cock fucked into her as her ass guts dissolved around him. He wasdragging her asshole almost inside out as he pulled back. She felt as if hisprick were pulling her guts out from her belly.”Cream, Jimmy, flood me!” she wailed.Jimmy uttered a wordless cry, then a gurgle and a grunt and a gasp andshe felt his cock explode in her ass. His cum splashed into her bowels in atorrent. She gave his bursting balls a squeeze, as if to help them pump thecum out, then moved her hand down into her crotch. Tilting her wrist,Virginia shoved three fingers up inside her fuck-hole. She could feel herson’s prick sliding in her shit track, through the slender membrane thatpartitioned her twin tunnels. Her fingers massaged his throbbing cock-meatas she finger-fucked herself.He was pouring the spunk into her in a creamy deluge, hosing her bowelsand drenching her ass guts. She could feel the hot cum flow in her belly.Her cunt had creamed so wonderfully that she felt numb. She slumpedunder Jimmy. He continued to fuck his cock into her but his balls weredrained and empty. After a few more fuck-strokes, he halted and clung to herass, panting. His prick was still jammed up her ass and he wondered if theymight have gotten stuck together, like dogs.But her asshole was far too slippery with his cock slime to hold himtrapped. He pulled back and his prick came out as it had gone in, inch bysoiled inch. His prick withdrew from her tight brown bud, all lathered withcum and ass juice. His fat cock-knob lodged in the slot for a moment, thenthat, too, came popping free. Semi-hard, Jimmy’s huge cock hung from hisloins in a fat parabola, a coil of glossy meat.Cum bubbled from her spread shit hole and trickled down into her floodedcunt gash.Virginia twisted around, smiling. Jimmy’s prick was all creamy and sheslipped her lips around it and began to suck lazily, polishing his cock-knobto a luster, slurping her own tangy ass juices from his prickmeat.Oh, how she had loved getting ass-fucked by her son!Now they could suck and ass-fuck to their heart’s content, she thoughtand still not commit i****t.But as much as Virginia and Jimmy had enjoyed that depraved act, herhusband had enjoyed it every bit as much. And so had her randy daughter.Chapter 8As the panting and moaning lessened and Bonny knew that her mother andbrother had reached the peak, the girl decided that it was time to act. Hercunt had been creaming steadily on her hands but a thousand hand-jobs couldnot have cooled her ardor by this time.She got unsteadily to her feet, one hand still in her crotch and walkeddeterminedly down the hallway. Jack saw her from the corners of his eyes. It was difficult to look away from the delightful performance in the livingroom but he forced his head around. A look of horror transfigured hishandsome face when he realized that his teenaged daughter had been watchinghim as he played Peeping Tom on his wife and son. Then he realized, too,that she would have recognized his raincoat and hat and knew now that it washer daddy who had sprayed his spunk all over her at the lovers’ lane.Jack blushed with guilt and shame.But then he saw that Bonny was smiling impishly and that her skirt waslifted above her waist and her hand was dipped into her crotch. He saw hisown cum matted in her blonde pussy bush. He saw that the girl’s fingers weresticky and that a pool of cum cream slid around in her palm.Bonny had enjoyed the scene as much as he!Jack’s guilt and shame faded away at that realization but now a newdread filled him. Bonny was approaching, knowing who he was now and with hereyes, still fixed, longingly, on his cock and balls!More inhibited than his lascivious wife, as far as i****t was concerned,Jack quickly jerked his raincoat closed. But Bonny continued to gaze at themassive lump as it tented the flaps. She was walking resolutely down thehall towards him, wanting him even now that she knew who he was! He took abackward step, in retreat, refusing to yield to the dark desires that flamedin his loins and his mind. Summoning up all of his willpower, he backed awayfrom her.Bonny was stalking him like a hungry tiger eager to feast on a fat,phallic snake. Her eyes were glowing, her tongue was gliding across herparted lips and cunt juice was streaming down her thighs. Jack shook hishead from side to side but, determined, Bonny nodded up and down.Jack had moved away from the doorway now, in his retreat. As Bonny cameto that doorway, she paused to glance in. Her eyebrows lifted and her lipsformed an O-shape as she reacted to what she saw.Jimmy was on his knees and her mother was crouched before him, the fatcoil of his semi-hard, ass-soiled prick looped out between her lips and hisballs. The woman was nursing softly and moistly on that tangy cockmeat, herlips pulling slowly up and down the thick slab.It was such a fascinating sight that Bonny might well have lingeredthere, enjoying the performance. But she knew that her brother had alreadyshot his wad and she could see that his cock was already drained and, knowingthere would be no creamy spurt to look at, she turned and moved after herdaddy. There was nothing semi-hard about his prick.Jack was backed into a corner.”Let me suck your cock, Daddy,” Bonny whispered. “Let me milk you off.””No,” he gasped, clutching the folds of his raincoat about his loinsprotectively.”Please? I’m so hungry for your meat,” she begged.He stared at her, his eyes baleful and haunted and she slid her tongueout to show him what he was missing. His hands trembled on the flaps of theraincoat and she thought that he was going to throw it open and present hisprick to her. But then, trembling, he shook his head again. He seemedfrightened of his daughter, terrified by his own desires.Bonny saw that he was resolute and the horny girl sobbed withfrustration.But then she grinned again, wickedly.Knowing that her daddy was a voyeur now, the naughty girl also knew justhow to turn him on, how to make him so hot that he couldn’t resist heradvances.With a saucy flip of her hips, she turned and moved back down the hall,swinging her trim little ass teasingly, tantalizingly.Jack sighed with relief as she moved away.Then he groaned, as Bonny walked into the living room!Virginia heard a footstep and, with her mouth still full of semi-hardcockmeat, looked up in alarm. Jimmy’s head shot around in dismay. Heinhaled sharply. His mother did too and sucked his prick deeper as she didso.Bonny stood inside the doorway, one hand on her hip, drinking in thedetails. Her daddy liked to watch, did he? She was damned well going togive him something good to see!And naturally, despite all his good intentions, Jack began to sneak backdown towards the door.”Mumpfff,” Virginia gulped, the sound muffled on a mouthful of cock.”Jeez, s*s, get outta here,” Jimmy protested.”Not fucking likely,” said the girl.Virginia drew her lips off her son’s prick. Automatically, she startedto admonish her daughter for using such foul language. But then she figuredthat would be rather ridiculous. She smiled sheepishly.”I, I hope you won’t tell Daddy?” she said.”I might,” Bonny replied, shooting one nubile hip out defiantly.She tilted her head to the side.”Then, again, I might not.”Virginia looked puzzled and confused. Johnny’s prick was still rubbingaround in her face, twitching with renewed vigor. The boy was appalled thatBonny had caught them at it but it was inspiring his cock, as well.”What-what do you mean?” Virginia stammered.”It made me awful horny to watch you sucking Jimmy’s cock,” Bonnyannounced, speaking loudly enough to make sure her father could hear her. “Igotta get my rocks creamed off.”She gave a little shrug.”As long as you take care of me, I won’t have to tell on you.””Me,” Virginia gasped.”Well, one of you,” said Bonny. “But it looks like you’ve drainedJimmy’s balls and if he can’t get another hard-on, it’s up to you, right?””I, I….you mean….?” Virginia gasped.Game for anything, herself, she was startled to find that her daughterhad inherited her sexual inclinations.”Why not?” said the girl, grinning, really enjoying this situation,especially because she knew that her daddy would be enjoying it, as well.She moved forwards and knelt down beside them. Reaching out, she tookher brother’s prick in her hand and drew it around into her face. Shesniffed at the cocktip, licked it lightly, then sucked it into her mouth,purring as she nursed on it. Jimmy groaned and his cockmeat began tostiffen. Since his prick was stiffening inside her mouth, Bonny realizedthat it would be easy to suck him into another hard-on and the thought wasappetizing. But she was more interested in her daddy’s prick. Since he hadalready watched Mom giving Jimmy head, she figured a bit of perverted varietywould be more effective in arousing him beyond all resistance.She slid her lips away from her brother’s cockmeat and gave anothershrug.”He’s limp, Mom,” she announced.Jimmy’s mouth opened. He was about to protest that, in fact, his cockwas rising quite promisingly. But then he clamped his jaw shut, withoutspeaking.Jimmy too, had the family genes.With his balls already emptied twice, in his mother’s mouth and asshole,the boy was thinking that it might be nice to relax and enjoy watching aperformance, for a change.”Well, Mom? You wanna suck my pussy or do I have to tell daddy what Isaw?” Bonny threatened. “What’s the matter? Ain’t you never sucked a cunt,Mom?”Virginia, who had sucked a few cunts in her time, blushed and loweredher eyes demurely.”Shit, all my girlfriends give each other head,” Bonny was saying,knowing that information would thrill her daddy as he listened from thehallway. “I mean, a tongue is a tongue, right? Don’t matter what sex thetonguer happens to be, long as your pussy creams.”She paused, then continued.”I’ll give you a suck too, if you like.”Bonny, because she expected it, heard her daddy moan and smiled happilyat how well her scheme was working.Virginia seemed undecided. Bonny sat back on her ass and pulled herskirt up above her waist. She wasn’t wearing any panties, she never did,when she went out on a date and she spread her thighs apart.Virginia stared at her daughter’s cunt.Although, like many women of healthy appetites, Virginia always enjoyedeating out a cunt, she generally preferred sucking on a cock. But Bonny’spussy looked so fucking delicious that her mouth began to water.The girl’s cuntlips were spread open wide, peeled back to reveal theinner folds. Her cunt hole was drenched with creamy lashings and it wasevident that the girl had recently been pumped full of plenty of spunk. Butthat only made her pussy more appetizing to her mother. The blend of cum andcunt juice was far more succulent than either of those juices alone, thedistinctive flavors enhancing one another.Bonny’s clit was standing out like a bullet and her grotto was steamingand Virginia whimpered.The woman shot a nervous glance toward her son. But Jimmy was staringat his sister’s cunt hungrily, himself. When he saw that Virginia waslooking at him, he shrugged.”I guess you gotta do it, Mom,” he said. “Otherwise, she’ll tell Dad. And her pussy looks awful tasty, anyhow.”Virginia noticed that Jimmy’s prick was hard as a stone again. Since hemade no mention of it, she realized the boy was more than content to play thespectator, making it a very handy family trait.Virginia’s lips parted and perhaps she intended to speak but she wasdrooling so heavily that only a gurgling sound emerged from her lips and atrickle of saliva ran down her chin. Bonny raised her skirt higher, baringher tits, too and her mother leaned closer. The woman’s glowing face wasbetween the girl’s parted knees and Bonny could feel her warm breath waft upthe insides of her thighs, into her crotch.Virginia looked at her daughter’s naked torso and saw that the girl hadbeen creamed on. Congealed jism matted her cunt bush and filmed her bellyand tits. There was so much of it, including the heavy dose that filled herfuck-hole, that Virginia knew that her daughter must have been out with morethan one guy that evening, that no cock and balls, no matter how potent,could have shot that much cum out. The thought that her little girlparticipated in cluster-fucks thrilled Virginia, who had been the centerpiecein many of them, herself.Glancing sideways at Jimmy to see if he was paying attention, wantingher son to watch her, Virginia moved closer. Her fat tits brushed up thegirl’s shapely thighs and slid into her steaming crotch. Cupping a tit inher hand, Virginia rubbed the taut tip around in her daughter’s cunt slot. Her rosy nipple brushed against Bonny’s stiff clit, back and forth, like twofleshy swords in a duel.With her tits hanging in the girl’s groin, Virginia shoved her head outand began to run her tongue all over the teenager’s plump tits and nipples. Her taste buds registered the familiar flavor of jism as she lapped the cumfrom the girl’s seething tit meat. That jism was, in fact, even morefamiliar than she realized, since she sucked loads of it out of the very samesource three or four times a week. But it didn’t dawn on her that she wasslurping her husband’s cum from her daughter’s tits. She sucked on a swollennipple, then switched to the other.Bonny’s pussy was flooding over Virginia’s tits and the girl wasobviously desperate to be creamed but Virginia was enjoying working up to theculmination slowly, lingering over the juicy foreplay. She licked up thegirl’s graceful throat, then licked her panting lips. Those sweet lips, too,were tainted by fuck-juice and Virginia moaned, inspired by the girl’sdepravity. The woman’s heavy tits were pressed higher now, nudging thegirl’s smaller but equally firm tits. They rubbed together, nipple tonipple, both writhing with passion.Virginia began to lick her way back down, pausing to suck some tit, thenmoving onto her daughter’s slender belly. She tongued up the residue of theunknown lover’s load, dipping into Bonny’s belly button for a few drops thathad formed a slimy pool in the shallow indentation.Her tongue ran down and into the girl’s golden pussy triangle, rustlingthrough the curls like a moist, pink rodent scurrying through theundergrowth. As she licked at Bonny’s cunt mound, her chin slid around inher creamy groin and Bonny moaned and jerked up, desperate to get her pussyplastered against her mother’s tongue and lips.Virginia tossed her head aside teasingly, playfully. She glanced atJimmy again and saw that the boy’s face was twisted with lust as he lookedon, fascinated by the details of this bizarre family gathering.Jimmy’s prick was towering up so high by this time that he had to pushthe cock-knob aside so that the fat purple slab wasn’t blocking his view.Virginia adored having her son watch her misbehave. If she’d known thather husband, too, was an avid spectator and approved, she would have beeneven more delighted. But Jack’s presence was still a secret to all butBonny, who twisted her head around and grinned wickedly at the doorway. Knowing he must be watching, she winked. She knew that by now his cock mustbe so hot and hard that he would be desperate.Virginia slid down, bypassing the girl’s sodden pussy and starting tolick up and down the moist flesh of her sleek inner thigh. She tongued up tothe crease where the girl’s slim legs joined her torso and ran her lapper upthat junction, licking parallel with Bonny’s open cunt slot but not yetmaking the vital contact.”Don’t tease me, Mom!” Bonny wailed, jerking her hips in an effort toplaster her pussy on the woman’s face.Deftly avoiding that fuck-slot, Virginia switched across and tongued ather other slippery thigh.”Ooooo, suck my cunt,” Bonny cried.By now, Virginia was as desperate to tongue that sweet pussy as the girlwas to get tongued. She reached up and spread Bonny’s cuntlips wide openwith her fingers, unrolling the pliable folds and opening her fuck-hole.Her radiant face hovered only inches away from her daughter’s steamingcunt. The tip of her tongue slid out, flicking across her lips.Bonny stiffened in anticipation.”Watch me, Jimmy,” Virginia whispered huskily. “Watch me suck yoursister’s pussy.””Yeah,” the boy enthused, leaning closer, his chin thrust out above thehead of his towering prick.And Bonny was every bit as much an exhibitionist as her mother was. Thegirl turned her head and looked over her shoulder, towards the door.”Watch Mom tongue my pussy!” she cried.”Yeah,” Jimmy said again, never dreaming she might be addressing someoneelse….Virginia tapped the tip of her tongue lightly against Bonny’s clit. Bonny gasped, shuddering. Virginia drew back for a moment, savoring thatfirst taste on her tongue. Holding the girl’s cunt slot wide open, sheleaned in again and began to lick hungrily at the creamy pussy folds. Usingonly the tip of her tongue to begin with, she traced up each unfurled cuntlipin turn, then flutter-lapped against Bonny’s clit. Her blonde head twistedaround and bobbed up and down as she tongued the sweet pussy from differentangles.Her tongue shot up Bonny’s fuck-hole as far as it would go, wrigglingand sliding in the sodden tunnel of lust. Virginia could taste the jisminside her daughter’s cunt and she slurped it up greedily.Her tongue slid across her lower lip, curled up the girl’s soaking slotand pushed on into her cunt hole, then flipped back out across her clit. Bonny shuddered with each electric spasm of that contact. Virginia wasmoaning and panting, even growling, like a terrier shaking a rat, as her headground around in that hairy grotto.”Ahhhhh,” she sighed as a steaming stream of cunt juice slid onto hertaste buds and bubbled past her lips.The cunt-hungry woman was wallowing around in her daughter’s crotch likea porpoise in a heated pool.Bonny was going crazy with the joy of it. Her pussy had been tonguedplenty in the past, by her randy girlfriends. But those had been justschoolgirl pranks, compared to the job that her mother was doing on her now. It was already the best cunt-lapping that Bonny had ever had and Virginiahadn’t even begun to use her lips yet!Bonny arched her slender back and tilted her pelvis up, her ass risingfrom the floor. Bridged, head and shoulders down and feet braced, she swungher hips, wiping her cunt against Virginia’s face like a hairy mop. Virginiawas coated with a film of pussy cream from chin to forehead. She fucked hertongue in and out of the girl’s cunt slot steadily as that steaming snacktwisted and jerked in her face.Her sleek thighs clamped around her mother’s blonde head, closing in asoft vise. Then she threw them open wide again, giving the woman’s head freerein to wallow in her crotch. Virginia cupped her hands under the cheeks ofthe girl’s trim little ass and hiked her up a bit higher, as if her cunt werea creamy goblet she was tipping to her thirsty lips and draining to the verydregs. She gulped and gurgled as her mouth filled with cunt cream. She hadalready tongued out all of the jism from her daughter’s pussy and now theflow was unadulterated pussy nectar and Virginia tongued it out greedily andwolfed it down.Cunt juice poured from Bonny’s pussy and streamed down her crotch,gliding into the crack of her ass like a sluggish river flowing between thesmooth, rounded walls of a gentle canyon. Virginia slid lower, her chintouching the floor and began to slurp the overflow back out of the crack ofher daughter’s trim, trembling ass. With her nose buried in the girl’sfuck-hole, she lapped at her ass. Pushing Bonny up higher, she stabbed hernimble tongue into the girl’s asshole.Bonny wailed and jerked, thrilled to have her mother’s tongue frolickingin her shit hole and Virginia moaned as she savored the flavor of herdaughter’s ass. But, tasty as it was, Bonny’s shit slot wasn’t as deliciousas her cunt and Virginia gave the puckered bud a last slurp and then draggedher tongue back through the spread ass crack and into the girl’s foamingfuck-slot again.Temporarily neglected while the woman did some ass rimming, Bonny’s opencunt hole was swampy with juice. Beads of fuck-cream gleamed on her pinkpussylips like a string of pearls. Virginia lapped the stuff up with gusto. Then she parted her lips and clamped her mouth onto her daughter’s sweetpussy, kissing it as if it were a bearded mouth, lovingly and tenderly andthen, with more passion, French kissing that fuck-hole.”Ohhhhh-ahhhhh,” wailed Bonny as her mother’s mouth went to work like asump pump on her steaming cunt.Virginia’s lips were clamped to the girl’s cunt slot like a suction cupto a clogged drain, plastered there by a gooey paste of saliva and cuntjuice. Virginia was nursing on her daughter’s cunt and clit more hungrilythan the girl had ever nursed on her mother’s tits.Virginia was panting like a steam engine. Her hot breath billowed upinto the depths of her daughter’s cunt hole as she exhaled. Then she inhaledand Bonny felt as if her eyeballs were caving in from the fierce suction.The girl’s hips worked like pistons as her mother’s tongue shot up herfuck-hole and her lips pulled on her clit with steady slurps. The girl gazeddown along the arched plane of her nubile body, seeing the top of hermother’s blonde head jerking against her cunt mound, the rest of the woman’sface buried in her groin. Virginia’s lips were stuck to Bonny’s cunt like alimpet to a mossy, slimy rock.Bonny was nearing the crest, waves of joy rippling up her thighs andacross her quivering belly.Through eyes glazed by lust, she saw that her brother was kneelingbeside her hip, leaning over her loins as he watched his mother tonguing andsucking her pussy. His prick loomed up like a derrick, long and thick andgnarled, vibrating like a tuning fork.Twisting her neck, she looked towards the door. She could see her daddynow. Drawn by raging desire, the man had moved right into the open doorway,to get a closer look. His prick was jutting out from his raincoat again,angled up before him. His knees were bent, his body tense, he looked like apole vaulter about to make his run.His cockhead was all lathered with seepage. But Bonny saw that he wasnot jerking off and that he hadn’t creamed yet and she smiled. The naughtyteenager had great plans for her daddy’s next cum-load.Then her smile tightened and her face contorted as the thrill surged inher loins.Her clit tingled as if charged by a high voltage jolt. That electriccurrent ran from the girl’s clit into her mother’s tongue. Mother anddaughter both jerked, galvanized. As Bonny’s clit exploded, Virginia’stongue flared.Bonny was in the throes of a super climax and the thrill of it waspassing right on into her cunt-hungry mother’s body. The rippling wavesspread out into Virginia’s tingling tongue and shot on down into her cunt.Virginia swallowed a load of steaming cunt juice and her own pussytingled as if the stuff was rushing straight through her writhing, voluptuousbody, as if the cunt juice she was gulping down was pouring back out from herpussy.”Come, come, cream my fucking mouth….” gurgled Virginia, the wordsmuffled and echoing right up inside her daughter’s melting fuck-hole.”Creaming, Mom, creaming!” Bonny cried.But Virginia, who was drinking that cunt cream so voraciously, alreadyknew that. As Bonny surged to the peak, the sweet flow from her cunt holewas getting hotter and thicker and spicier and creamier and even more fuckingdelicious!Virginia was going suck crazy with the joy of drinking her daughter’scum cream.She sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked. She gulped and gobbled,gurgled and gasped. Her mouth filled up with tangy pussy nectar and shedrank it down ravenously and kept on sucking for more, her appetiteinsatiable.Her tongue spooned the sweet slime out by the mouthful and her lipspulled wildly. Bonny’s climax was so juicy that her hairy pussy wassplashing against her mother’s mouth.A spasm shook the melting girl to the core. Drained, for the moment,she sank back down, sprawled out on the carpet, arms and legs spread.A blissful look transfigured her face.”Oh, Mom….” she sighed.Virginia was still sucking relentlessly. The woman had become a gashglutton now and, with her belly already full of her daughter’s succulent cumjuice, she still yearned for more. Her tongue flashed up inside Bonny’scunt, swiping at the creamy pussy walls, gathering up the dregs. Her lipspulled on the girl’s slightly softened clit.Bonny purred like a stroked cat as her mother, cat-like too, lapped ather cream bowl.Then Virginia raised her head. Her eyes were glowing and her lips weredrenched. Her jaws were dripping like a wolf looking up from a juicycarcass. Her tongue slide across, slurping the slime from her lips.”Oooooooh, your pussy is scrumptious,” she whispered, her voice husky. “I could suck you forever.””But I’m hungry, too,” said Bonny, significantly.Virginia hesitated, torn between conflicting desires, still ravenous formore cunt but with her own cunt smoldering for a good sucking. She yearnedto feel her daughter’s sweet lips working on her steaming cunt but hated tomove her head out of the girl’s succulent crotch.Then she had a great idea.”Let’s sixty-nine!” suggested Virginia.And Bonny grinned with enthusiasm.Chapter 9Jimmy groaned.He had enjoyed watching his mother and sister with an inbred voyeur’sglee but now his cock was hammering, badly in need of attention. He hadhoped to dip it into one of their fuck-holes. But it seemed that the womenwere quite content without his prick. He grasped his cockstalk, tempted torelieve himself by a hand-job but then hesitated, still hoping to be invitedup a cunt hole.His daddy was even more desperate as he crouched in the doorway, hiseyes blazing as they registered the i****tuous scene, the images branded intohis brain. His cock was harder than it had ever been before, even in thedays of his desperate virginity. He felt as if his hard-on extended rightdown to his heels, as if his massive prick was rooted to the floor, like atree.Virginia dropped her creamy face back into her daughter’s crotch,plastering her lips to the girl’s pussy slot. Then, without breaking thatsweet contact, she began to revolve. Her ass and hips slowly circled around,turning like a compass around the focal point of her head. Moving on herknees, her ass hiked up and her heavy tits swinging under her, she shiftedaround into the reverse position. She knelt beside Bonny’s eager, upturnedface. Then she threw one leg across and straddled her daughter’s head.Bonny gazed up into her mother’s soaking, gaping cunt crater and shebegan to whimper hungrily. Her tongue was flashing out even before they madecontact and her lips were sucking as if they were already clamped on that wetcunt gash. Bonny had always enjoyed giving head to her girlfriends, as muchas she loved getting it from them, in fact, her mouth being as horny as hercunt. But the very idea of sucking her own mother’s cunt was driving thegirl wild.Thighs rippling, Virginia slowly lowered her crotch onto her daughter’sface. Bonny’s tongue shot out to meet that juicy pussy. Virginia’s hipsjerked and her pussy circled just above the girl’s hungry mouth like a hairyhawk seeking soft, pink prey. Bonny’s tongue extended, eager for thatswooping assault. Then Virginia went down the final inch and her steamingcunt was glued to her daughter’s mouth.Bonny sucked with joy, her tongue slithering up into the woman’s creamyfuck-hole as her parted lips pulled voraciously on the open folds.Virginia’s ass swung from side to side as her belly pumped up and down. She sucked with joy and felt her daughter’s magic mouth massaging her pussy.And Jimmy could wait no longer!With his mother on top in this inverted love scene, her ass churning,the woman was in the same position she’d been in when her son had fucked herasshole. The frantic lad crawled around behind his mother’s ass, followinghis jutting prick like a ship behind its prow.Virginia’s ass cheeks were spreading open as she ground her cunt downinto her daughter’s face and Jimmy gazed with fond memories at his mother’stight shit hole. But he could see her cunt, as well. Those hairy cuntlipswere split widely and his sister’s tongue was darting in between them and theboy realized that there was room for a prick, as well as a tongue, in thatsoaking fuck-hole.She might reject him again, he knew and feared but it was sure worth atry!He grasped his enormous prick by the hilt and levered the cock-knob downinto his mother’s crotch, from under her ass. His flaring cockhead rested onhis sister’s forehead for a moment, then slid down and nudged into Virginia’scunt. The woman jerked and gasped when she felt a hot slab of cock-knobthrob in her pussy slot. She started to raise her head, to tell the boy toswitch to her shit chute so that they wouldn’t be sinning by i****t. But herlips were glued so firmly on her daughter’s soaking cunt that she couldn’tseem to break the contact and she didn’t want to, anyhow.What the hell, she reasoned. If a mother sucks her son off and takeshis prick up her asshole, does it really matter if he fucks her cunt, too? Smiling on her daughter’s cunt, she shoved her ass back against her son’sflat belly.Jimmy paused, with only his cockhead pressed into her rippling cuntslot. He no longer felt like a virgin, having unloaded his balls in hermouth and her ass, yet he was and the boy was savoring the expectation oftechnically losing his cherry, lingering over the final seconds of his hatedvirginity. He held his mother by her lush hips and worked his cock muscles,making his cockhead flare in her cunt slot.Bonny, finding the cunt she was sucking suddenly stuffed by a hugecockhead, squealed with delight. She began to tongue her brother’sprick-knob and her mother’s cunt together. Her taste- buds went wild as theyregistered cockmeat and cuntmeat together. Jimmy’s piss hole was droolingand his pre-cum slid into Virginia’s drenched cunt gash and Bonny was lappingthose sweet nectar up in a succulent blend.”Yeah, fuck my cunt,” Virginia moaned, her lips stirring on Bonny’scunt, causing her clit to vibrate.Jimmy began to edge his enormous prick up into his mother’s openfuck-hole. As his cock-knob disappeared in her pussy, his bloated balls camesliding down his sister’s upturned face. Bonny lapped at his cockshaft as itglided through her mouth on the way to her mother’s pussy.Bonny was in seventh heaven. The girl loved to suck cunt and adored tosuck cocks but this was the first time that she had ever known the pureecstasy of sucking on both of those sweet delicacies at the same time.With a jolt, Jimmy fucked his cock balls-deep up his mother’s clingingcunt hole. She sighed into Bonny’s cunt and Jimmy gasped, thrilled to thecore at having his thundering prick enveloped in a hot pussy for the firsttime.Virginia’s firm cunt muscles began to work, pulling and dragging up hiscockstalk. The boy thought that her cunt felt even better than her mouth orher shit chute. It had been impossible to imagine anything that felt betterthan fucking her mouth or fucking her ass, yet it did. Her cunt walls weresucking on his pounding cockmeat as well as any mouth and her firm cuntmuscles were contracting around his prick so that her fuck-hole was as tightas her asshole.The boy held every inch buried up her pussy for a long moment, savoringthe joy of it. Then he slowly pulled back out, until only his cock-head wasin her cunt, paused, then fucked in to the balls again.Bonny tongued up and down the underside of his prickstalk as it fuckedin and out. That fat cockshaft pulled out soaking with cunt cream and shovedback in drenched with the girl’s frothy saliva. He fucked through hissister’s parted lips and into his mother’s pussy with long, rippling strokes. His balls slid over Bonny’s face and she tongued them, thrilled at how fullof cum they were and eager to drink that cum out of her mother’s soaking cuntwhen her brother shot his creamy wad into that smoldering grotto.Jimmy was shuddering under the magnificent double sensation, having hisprick sucked and licked at the same time that he was fucking it up a cunthole.Bonny was vibrating with a dual delight, too, sucking and being suckedall at once and sucking on a double load, to boot! She didn’t know which endof her nubile body was more excited, her mouth or her cunt, her tongue or herclit.And Virginia, naughty mother that she was, was transported to purebliss. The horny woman was eating out her daughter’s delicious pussy whilethat sexy little nymphet tongue-fucked her with gusto and, at the same time,her lusty son poured the prick into the depths of her pussy.Virginia had been in threesomes before and plenty of them but never oneas wonderful as this, with the frantic joy of i****t added to the physicalsensations.And that three way fuck-suck looked good to the burning eyes of herhusband.Jack could bear it no longer.The tormented man had to empty his balls before the fucking things blewup! A man who enjoyed playing the voyeur at any time, even with totalstrangers, he was driven to the heights of lust by this family fuck-scene. i****t in all its forms, with a bit of lesbianism added, set the man aflame. He grimaced and gasped and staggered.He reached down and grasped his prick. It was like trying to grab holdof a spurting fire hose. His cockrod bucked so hard that it tossed his fistoff. Groaning, he grabbed again, clamping his hand around the thick root ofhis cockshaft as if he were strangling it.He gave his prick a slow push-pull. His hard-on seemed to be throbbingall the way from his tight asshole up to his flaring cockhead, like an ironrod that stretched right through his shuddering loins, transfixing him on hisprick.Jack thought that he was going to shoot with such dynamic force that hiscum would arc all the way across the living room and splatter onto theirnaked, churning bodies. The thought reminded him of how, earlier, he hadhosed his nubile daughter with a massive jism-load.He wanted to move closer.Still seeking to avoid i****t, himself, although reveling in the sightof it being performed by the other members of his naughty family, Jackstudied the cluster-fuck.His wife’s head was down, buried in his daughter’s crotch and hisdaughter’s head was hidden as his wife squatted over her face. His son’seyes were closed as he fucked his enormous cock into his mother’s pussy. They were all preoccupied. Why should they notice a stealthy approach?Jack began to creep across the room behind the battering ram of hispounding prick, stepping bowlegged around his bloated balls. His cockheadwas dripping, splattering a string of pearly drops across the floor in hiswake. He moved up and stood over them. His gigantic prick was casting anelongated shadow over his wife’s grinding ass.A glob of spunk fell from his piss hole and splashed onto Virginia’s assbut the whole scene was so creamy that she didn’t notice the added dampness.Clenching his teeth, his lips squared back and his nostrils flaring,lack began to beat his meat.He intended to unload his cum-load and escape before anyone was aware ofhis presence.But then Bonny saw him….Chapter 10The thick cum-drop that had fallen from Jack’s cockhead onto his wife’sass slid slowly down the curve of that heart-shaped mound and dribbled intoher crotch. As it did so, Jimmy jerked his cock out through Bonny’s lips. Her eyes were open and she saw the scum glob sliding down from her mother’sass and, naturally, craned her neck up as she pushed her tongue out to lap itup.Looking up out of her mother’s crotch and across the fat rod of herbrother’s prick, Bonny found herself staring up at her daddy!There had been only one element missing from the wonderful family union.A mother, a daughter and a son had all joined eagerly into thefestivities and only a daddy had been absent and now that missing element wasat hand!But her daddy was frantically pumping his prick. Bonny wailed inanguish, hating the thought that he was going to waste another cum load on ahandjob.She reached up, hand open, groping for his cock. But with her headpressed down under her mother’s grinding ass, she was unable to raise upenough to reach that giant prick. She sobbed with frustration.Jack, seeing her reach for him and realizing that his daughter had seenhim, began to beat his meat even more furiously, trying to get his rocks offbefore his willpower failed him. As his fist flew back, another fat scumblob dropped onto Virginia’s ass.The sight of that preliminary seepage drove Bonny wild, knowing as shedid how much fuck-juice her adorable daddy’s big balls contained anddesperate to have it inside her. Bonny was not to be denied.Bracing her feet flat against the floor and surging up like a wrestlerbridging out from under a pin, Bonny began to turn the whole cluster over.Virginia’s ass turned. One lush hip came up and the other twisted down.Thinking that Bonny wanted to sixty-nine in a different position, flankson the floor, the woman twisted to aid the revolution, not knowing that therewas a factor of which she was as yet unaware, nor knowing that her daughterhad ulterior motives in this shifting of the cluster.Jimmy’s cock was buried up Virginia’s fuck-hole and as her ass and hipsturned over, the boy was jerked on the end of his prick like a weight on theend of a crowbar. He toppled and fell onto his side on the floor, stillfucking in and out of her pussy without missing a single stroke. Now he wasthrowing a backskuttle into his mother and loving every stroke, not giving adamn what position they fucked in, as long as his tormented prick was stillup her cunt.And Bonny was in the same position as her mother, except that there wasno prick up her cunt.With her mouth still clamped on Virginia’s cunt, she slid the top of herradiant face out from the woman’s crotch and smiled up at her daddy.Jack gulped and his hand slipped off his rampaging prick. He watchedhis son pump the meat into his wife and saw that his daughter was availablefor a similar coupling and smiling in happy anticipation of it.To his credit, Jack had done his best. But now his will power melted inthe inferno of his lust and only one force motivated him, that unholycompulsion to shove his cock up his daughter’s fuck-hole.Jack grasped his cock at the hilt again, as if it were a spear that hadimpaled him. Grimacing, he sank down to his knees behind Bonny. Shewriggled her pert little ass about invitingly. Then her father dropped ontohis side on the floor, lying behind the girl. His cock was jammed into thetrim crack of the girl’s shapely ass. He held her by the hips and leanedforward, gazing over her shoulder.With her daddy’s eyes upon her, Bonny squealed and began to slurp awaywith renewed gusto. Jack watched his son’s fat prick fucking in and out ofhis wife’s soaking cunt, while his daughter’s nimble pink tongue flutteredall over both of them at the same time.Jimmy’s thick prick pulled out, distending his mother’s cuntlips. Bonnylapped at her mother’s clit and licked up and down her brother’s rod. ThenJimmy plunged back in to the root and Bonny tongued his swollen scumbags andlicked at her mother’s cuntlips. She slid her tongue right up into thewoman’s steaming fuckbox, next to Jimmy’s prick.Jack groaned and jerked his hips down, dragging his cock through thecrack of his daughter’s ass and dipping into her smoldering crotch.A muffled cry of surprise came from Virginia’s busy lips as, suddenlyand unexpectedly, a new prick was brought into play. She drew her face backslightly, staring at the massive intruder.She recognized her husband’s cock and balls.Holy shit, thought Virginia. Jack is going to fuck Bonny! She wasactually shocked, for a second. But then she grinned with delight at theprospect. After all, she was fucking her son and why should the other halfof this family scene be neglected? She leaned in again.Looking over his mother’s shoulder as he fucked into her pussy, Jimmyblinked and frowned when he realized that another prick had joined into thecluster. He raised his head and looked over his mother’s lush flank and sawthat it was his father who had provided the new meat. Jimmy was startled. But he was already a motherfucker and he saw no reason why his daddyshouldn’t be a daughter-fucker.Virginia and Jimmy both gazed into Bonny’s steaming groin as Jack inchedhis cockhead into her cunt. The big prick knob flared, spreading herpussylips. Cum bubbled from his pisshole and seeped into the girl’s pinkslot.”Put it in me, Daddy!” squealed Bonny, thrashing her ass against hisbelly.”Oooooh, yeah, fuck the little bitch, Jack!” Virginia cried, withenthusiasm, approving and encouraging the final linkage of this i****tuousclusterfuck.”Yeah, Dad, fuck her ass off!” Jimmy rasped, fucking his prick up hismother’s pussy and feeling his sister’s tongue play over them both.Virginia leaned in and began to wash Jack’s cockhead with her frothytongue. The purple prickmeat glistened with her saliva. She lapped down theunderside of his cockshaft, licking along the writhing vein and tongued hisswollen scumbags as she came to them at the hilt of his prick.Jack slid his prick up his daughter’s gash slowly, fucking in inch byprecious inch.Bonny wailed with the joy of it all. The girl had had plenty ofcockmeat up her pussy in the brief time that she had been fucking sopromiscuously but no cock had ever stuffed her cunt hole so full, nor probedso deeply. She felt like a virgin being deflowered all over again as herdad’s long, thick cock slid into cherry territory.With a jerk, Jack buried his prick. Bonny gurgled, feeling stuffed tothe core, like a boa constrictor that had swallowed a pig. Her cuntfluttered around him, molding itself to the outline of his cockhead andstalk, massaging and sucking on his smoking hot prickmeat.She pulled her pussy up through an inch of shaft, then pushed back down,frigging herself on her father’s cock even before he started to move. ThenJack grabbed and began to pour the prick to her fuck-hole with gusto.Virginia drew her head back to watch for a few strokes, then ducked inand began to lap greedily at her daughter’s cunt slot and clit, slurping onher husband’s soaking cock.Jack was in total ecstasy. What more could a man want? He had the joyof his daughter’s sucking cunt hole and his wife’s nimble tongue on his meatrack, while his eyes were feasting on the other end of the coupling. He sawhis son’s cock fucking in and out of his wife’s pussy, while his naughtylittle girl licked and sucked on them both.This was a sixty-nine with a vengeance.Jack began to soar toward the heights of sensation. The thrill lashedthrough his loins and his cock swelled even bigger in his daughter’s pussy. Bonny thought that his enormous cock must be plunging right up into her bodycavity, shoving her heart and lungs aside to make room. She felt fuckedthrough and through.Bonny and Virginia were already creaming, coming on cockmeat and tongue. Jimmy’s prick pulled out, drenched with girl cum and his sister lapped itfrom him with relish.Jack watched his daughter tongue up her mother’s slime from herbrother’s cock and the sight inspired him anew. He jolted into Bonny soviolently that he rattled her bones.Jimmy, having started first, reached the crest first. His balls eruptedand his fuck-juice squirted into his mother’s steaming scumbox. As his fatprick pumped in, the hot, thick cock spume poured from her well-stuffed pussyslot.Bonny’s tongue went wild as she feasted on the succulent stuff.Watching his son shoot into his wife while his daughter lapped up theoverflow, Jack howled like a b**st in torment. His balls were so solid thatthey were rolling into Bonny’s groin like cannonballs. He fucked in hard andhowled again as his cum shot into Bonny’s belly. The girl squealed as shefelt that steaming slime hose her fuck-hole. She churned against her daddy.He pumped in, spurting load after load up into her cunt. His jism wasthick as whipped cream, heavy as lead. His scum bags poured the gunk out bythe gallon.Each time his spurting cockmeat stuffed her to the core, Bonny creamedagain, her pussy going off.Jimmy’s prick, drained at last, slipped out of his mother’s cunt andBonny slurped his cock into her mouth, sucking the cum and cunt juice withrelish. Her pussy sucked more slime out of her daddy’s pisshole.Then she pulled her lips off her brother’s sweet meat and clamped heropen mouth onto her mother’s cum-filled gash and sucked her hot fuck-holehungrily.Jack, gasping with a final creamy spurt, emptied the last of hisfuck-juice into the girl. He lay, panting, as Virginia lapped up theoverflow from her daughter’s pussy and polished his cockhead.Still linked together, the happy family waited eagerly for their vigorto return, thrilled by what they had done and anticipating doing it again andagain.They had found the perfect answer to the naughty desires that theyshared, breaking all the taboos. If it was wrong, who cared? And who couldblame them, after all?It was bred in them.The End

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