Subject: Fantasies for Damon – Chapter 1 – A MIDNIGHT TALE. Fantasies for Damon — Chapter 1 — A MIDNIGHT TALE. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. -Oh, you fucking pervert. I never expected to one day enter our bedroom and find my own brother naked and jacking off. We lived alone together, far from our parents since we had both been hired in the same hotel. But my brother, Damon Sykes, worked as a waiter in the morning. I was the night receptionist. And I had just returned from the hotel cause I had forgotten today I did not have to work. One of my workmates had just got married and had asked me a month for himself for his honeymoon trip and I had made his shift. Now he had returned and was doing my shift. So I returned home and thus I found my brother. -Sorry, Henry, I am in the midst of a wonderful blowjob and I don’t wanna stop. If you’re uncomfortable, you can leave for ten minutes and then return. I’m Henry Sykes and I’ve had many jobs till I could find this really good job as a night receptionist and could finally become independent. We are both 27 and of course I understood that Damon is old enough to jerk himself off as often as he wanted, naked if he wanted and that night I had told him I would not be home. -Just be yourself, brother. I’ll pick up a book and go to the living room and read till you have finished. -I’m sorry you’ve just caught me, Henry. I know it must be disgusting to surprise your brother masturbating. -It’s not -I told him-, I also do it, Damon. We’re both adult enough to do it. -You don’t know how long it is since I had my last blowjob, three years, I think, and this is the sexual thing I prefer. Oh, I’d love to have a new girl sucking my cock or at least… well, telling me. Why don’t you do me this favour and do it? -What? –I suppose then I had the most stupid look I’ve ever had. I couldn’t believe my brother had just asked me that-. I’m not gay and I’m your brother, you fucking pervert! -I’m not telling you to give me a blowjob, of course. I’m just telling you to imagine it and tell me. It would be so hot to have someone telling me such a thing! And you like making up tales and are very good at them, isn’t it? The fact is that it was one on my hobbies to sometimes write and invent stories, stories that my brother had read and praised. Then he did something more to convince me. He turned then and showed me his ass. I shouldn’t get şişli travesti hard watching a boy’s ass, let alone my own brother’s ass, but the fact is: it was really gorgeous! -Do you like this ass, Henry? -Not bad, but why are you showing me your ass? -Have you ever fucked an ass? -Never, but I hope you’re not asking me to fuck you. -Just imagination, just fantasies, Henry. I so desire to have somebody telling me that she, or he –he emphasized- is sucking my dick that if you would be so kind as to fantasize it before me, later I would give you my ass to fuck, imaginarily of course. -I want no real sex between us, we’re brothers, for God’s sake! But ok, you really need a blowjob, but it will be only imagination and later you tell me how I fuck you, that’s the deal. -You can even rape me, if you want, in fantasy of course. -Nothing violent, please. -Then if you’re gonna do it, hope you don’t mind that I keep on jacking off. -I’ve always slept in just my briefs. So I’ll remove almost everything first. Since I am gonna do it and hope you keep your promise that I will imaginarily fuck you later, I’ll try to get hard with this fantasy too. Then I removed all my clothes but my briefs and lied on the bed and prepared myself to make up a fantasy for Damon. The tip of my dick was visible. Since I was gonna fantasize that I was gonna suck my brother’s dick, I wanted to enjoy. I only hoped he enjoyed too but we never went further than imagining. I started then but with a hand all the time stroking my crotch. -Henry, since you’re gonna fantasize you will suck my dick, I think you’ll be more comfortable if you do it before me without your briefs too and it will be easier if you jack off all the time. -Right, brother –I told him when I finally removed my briefs and was totally nude before him. Now both brothers would be naked and masturbating together-, and since I will imagine I suck that dick I’m watching, I’d better masturbate looking at it. -Yeah, Henry, I trust you and know you can make up a really arousing tale. -So I’ll start this midnight tale, this fantasy for you, Damon, hope you like it. Well, I start. And I saw my brother resuming his masturbation then. He wanted me to make him horny and so far I didn’t mind giving him an imaginary blowjob. I started to jerk myself off: this way it would be easier. -It all started one night that I return home and enter our bedroom. I find you sleeping in just your briefs but the whole room smells of alcohol, so I guess you’re sleeping it off after having got drunk. So I see you’re fast asleep but beylikdüzü travesti you must be having a wet dream for I notice the tip of your dick protruding from your briefs. Something comes to me then; I am fascinated, cause a brother never has the chance to see his own brother’s dick. I start getting hard at the vision and all I know is I must keep on looking at it and I’m not even conscious that I’ve started to stroke my crotch. As if in your dream you knew that your brother’s looking at your dick, you get even harder and now half your dick is out of your briefs. -Yeah, brother, I’m on fire with the beginning of your tale. One day you should write an erotic story. -Maybe, brother, but possibly not gay. -Ok, but don’t stop now, please. -I keep on stroking my crotch and I’m unable to take my eyes off your dick and I suddenly think I must do something with my brother’s cock. I’m still not sure that I would touch it but I approach your bed and start to slowly sniff that beautiful dick you have and… But I couldn’t go on. I saw Damon in that moment shamelessly cumming before me. -Thanks, Henry. Oh how well you’re starting. What a jolly good fantasy. No girl has bothered to sniff my dick and no girl will. I love it so far, please go on. -The smell touches something inside me, it’s a strong smell of masculinity and that makes me go wilder and just then I start to touch your cock. You moan but are still fast asleep. So I keep on touching it. No doubt your wet dream must be hotter now. Somehow you must be noticing that somebody’s touching your dick. I decide just then that it is about time I saw your whole dick and suddenly pull down your briefs completely. Now I also get horny at your balls and sniff them too and that new masculine smell has a consequence: I suddenly cream my pants. -Glad you cum too in this fantasy, Henry. Hope you want to go on. -Of course I’ll go on. Well now I have to rest my tongue on your balls and the taste is overwhelming, so much that I know I must lick them in earnest, for minutes, knowing I’m doing something forbidden: tasting my drunk brother, but I must go on and your moans increase so much that I’m frightened you can wake up and surprise me. But you’re still asleep and now I think that it’s time to go for broke. I must taste your dick, but I go up very slowly; I must savour every inch of this tasty gun, neglecting no spot. -I wish one day I find a girl who is so conscientious with my dick as you’re being, Henry. What now? -Well, Damon, finally I reach your glans and it’s so scrumptious that I decide to be istanbul travesti licking it for minutes before I swallow your dick completely, something I’ve already become sure that I will do. But I am doing this when something unexpected happens. You’re asleep but feeling a tongue on your cock head suddenly makes you cum in my mouth, before I have started to suck your cock in earnest. I swallow your first load totally surprised at the taste. I have liked it so much that I cum again but say to myself: I must go on with this and finally do what I had wanted to do and swallow it completely. As I’m enjoying the taste, you suddenly wake up and tell me: -Please Henry, if you’ve been so good as to suck my cock, I want you to finish me off, please don’t stop: I would like to cum in your mouth. I’m startled hearing your voice and sure now that you know what your brother is doing, so I tell you. -Ok, Damon, I will go on, but let me tell you that you’ve already cum in my mouth and your semen tastes wonderfully. -So go on, please and I hope you are enjoying, for if you are you could do it more often. Brother please, I love getting blowjobs and if you’re so good to tell me you’ll do it more often, I will give you a gift later, I promise. -So with those words, I certainly devote myself to eat your cock for twenty long minutes and as I’m doing it, you constantly praise me and tell me things like: what a good brother I have, and at the same time you start touching me. I don’t talk, except sometimes to tell you that you can be sure your dick is so tasty that I won’t stop and now I’m sure I will suck it more often. Hearing my words, you cannot help but cum for the second time in my mouth and again I swallow your entire spunk relishing the taste. Finally you tell me. -Thanks, Henry, for this unexpected blowjob you’ve given me. Those last words were my words, the last ones in my first fantasy for Damon, but now I heard my brother’s actual words. -Thanks, Henry, for the best blowjob of my life. My God! Now when I’m lucky to find a new girl sucking my cock, I will miss the previous funs you’ve given me of sniffing it, of licking my balls, of making me cum twice in your mouth… you’re so good, Henry, that I’ve enjoyed this imaginary blowjob more than real blowjobs I’ve had. -And curiously I’ve also enjoyed –and saying this, I shot a load before Damon-. So ok, I can give you more imaginary blowjobs after now if you also fantasize for me. -Right now, brother –and quickly he turned so I could see that gorgeous ass he had that I was gonna fuck now, imaginarily, of course. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: https://luces-delatierra.blogspot/ or in English pot/

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