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The flight home was mentally exhausting to him. It was all behind him now…. for now. Until the next time. As he sat back with his second cocktail on the plane, he realized he had a victory behind him, and a beautiful lady lusting and waiting back home. He raised his drink to himself, and as he took a deep sip ~ told himself it wouldn’t be long now. He knew she was waiting for his next adventurous suggestions, ever so erotic. Amazing to him the trust she had. He told her where to meet him, or when he was picking her up ~ and she admired his self control, his patience.

It was he that was amazing to her ~ his knowledge of the abilities of the female body. His knowing where to touch her, and when ~ and with what. His kisses glided her through her mind of colors and clouds…. only colors that can be attained through orgasm, sheer orgasms. She sat at home, sipping a bloody mary, thinking of those colors. Closing her eyes, and touching herself ~ the near forbidden way that he does…. bringing herself close to climax with just her imagination, and a finger. She dipped her finger deep into herself, and slid that finger into her mouth. And she slowly sucks her own juices off her finger, her lipstick glistening. The pungent spices of the drink enhanced the sweet taste of her pussy.

The lace curtains danced with the breeze blowing in, buffered by the trees outside her window. She closed her eyes and imagined his tongue dancing around her barbell, her clit….. her lips. She slipped into thoughts of using her vibrator ~ the pink one. Slowly vibrating the tip around herself, she knows how to touch herself with near perfection of self pleasure. Knowing full well that a self induced orgasm isn’t the same as a good cum from her man ~ still she pursues herself. Feeling the relaxing effect of the alcohol, she slides a little further down the chaise, her fingers still probing herself to ecstasy. She moans softly, thinking of her lover penetrating her. Watching each other move in unison… he gently gliding in, then out of her pussy. She can see his cock getting wetter and wetter as she invites him further inside. She tightens her muscles, and begins to cum with a shudder. Two fingers inside herself, the other hand stimulating her clit, rubbing a little harder, and faster. Suddenly, even catching herself a little off guard, she cums hard. Her head falls back into the pillows, she sinks further into the cushions… her body peaking, then slowly relaxing as the familiar stimulus engages her into that other side.

The rush of the cum, the smell of her orgasm ~ the feeling of her own juices. She screams in her mind, begging him to fuck her harder…… She moves her hips with ease, inviting her fingers a little deeper. Right to that place that makes her moan.

She also invoked thoughts of last night. A hundred thoughts raced through her mind as her orgasm encompassed her entire body. She felt her legs quiver, then her arms weaken…. “What an amazing feeling” she thought to herself, as she brought herself back to earth. She sat up a little, fixed her hair ~ pulled deeply on her drink, and sat back as she nibbled on the celery moon knight izle and olives. “Thank you, handsome man” she whispered. Barely hearing herself over the music playing in the other room. Smiling to herself, and thinking “You are THE tastiest man I’ve ever experienced”….. reminding herself to tell him when he calls. His plane was due to arrive in a few hours, then perhaps after a rest for him, her phone will ring.

She planned to have him come over, the two could share a light dinner and some wine, then she hoped he would “cash in” his outstanding back rub offer. She truly enjoyed feeling his body. All of it. She would massage him with some oil she had, aromatic and relaxing. Not fully understanding the level of eroticism she maintained, just to give him a massage made her SO incredibly wet. Her mind allowed her to become wet with the feel of his body beneath her fingertips. She could relax him, and turn herself on ~ and what a way to go. Following the rub, of course, she would ask him to turn over, and continue to lavish. Massage oil on his back and legs….. perhaps some fruit for the front of him. And honey….. “here we go again”, she thought as a huge smile began to form on her still wet lips.

Maybe he wanted to take her somewhere. Take her carnally, bent over something in the wilderness…. or softly in the water.

She felt her body relax as moments passed. Sitting back on the chaise… reflecting her dark thoughts. She went back to a time that her insatiable appetite for the opposite sex blossomed, and spilled over to her lust for women. She lost a few years ~ sexually, and felt she could never make up for it. She grinned to herself, as she coyly thought of the way she quenched her fantasies. With the help of great friends, and a wild imagination ~ she felt assured in her sexuality… “fuck those that dare not to address their own inhibitions… their sexual awakening, and finally ~ their own preferences”

She woke to the telephone ringing…. it was 5:30. Feeling a little startled, and not expecting to sleep, she began to sit up as she answered. He had a good flight. He was a little tired, but he still had it in his plans to visit her that evening ~ for a short while anyway. She smiled through the phone, and told him that she couldn’t wait to taste his sweetness. He would be here at 7.

She prepared a tray of shrimp, cheese, vegetables, crackers and chicken. The wine was chilling. Climbing out of the bathtub, thinking all that was left, was to brush her hair, put on a nice black teddy ~ lace and fringe to set the mood, and she had to light a few candles ~ find a CD, and she was ready for him. The fabric of the curtains continued the dance of the wind, and invited an amorous light to shine throughout her room.

He knocked but twice, then slid his key into the door. She heard the faint rustle of his keys, clinking on the brass. A black lace robe hung on her door, she rushed into it, as she hurried down the hall to greet this handsome man. His hair shone, his smile emulated ~ his body whispered to her. She grabbed his hand and led him to the living room. They embraced mrs fletcher izle for a long while… enjoying the feeling of one another’s body. The unspoken few minutes that were priceless. A dare, a smile ~ no words exchanged…. just warmth.

When they released, her eyes led him to the kitchen. She handed him the tray and 2 wine glasses. She brought the wine, and a single red rose…. upstairs to her bedroom. She opened the french doors to her balcony and invited him smiling.

A blanket lain out with pillows ~ and several candles mixed in with the plants, and chimes. The music echoed through her room and trailed outside… a haunting vision of romance revisited. They sat and situated wine, food and pillows.

Sharing great conversation, laughing ~ almost serious for a moment, their eyes met for a long awaited kiss… His kiss relaxed her to a state of euphoria. As if to take her away for a moment, to a place of calm and pure eroticism. Calm for a moment or two. She feels his kiss throughout her body. He enjoys what he does to her, he can see the honest plead in her eyes to continue. He knows how his kiss can begin to moisten her… She is a very orgasmic woman, and doesn’t hide the fact. She loves to detail in her man’s ear how wet she has become. And who’s to blame teasingly? As the blood begins to rush through her ~ he nibbles on her ear, and bites her neck. She moans softly. The near twinge of pain rockets her pelvis forward ~ the unspoken language of lust.

Taking in the night air, the sounds of the not so distant cars ~ the birds and crickets. A faint smell of mint, and wildflowers enhances her imagination. He kisses her neck, and teases her with his flicking tongue around her nipple. First the right one, then he works his way to her left nipple. It has become hard, and alive in his mouth. His lips trace the bumps, sucking it in almost hard…. her moan is felt through his body this time. He begins to harden, and his desire to take her has overwhelmed them both.

He lowers her quickly to the blanket, taking her hands and putting them above her head. He kisses her with force this time, his mind and body taken by her prowess ~ her eyes shouting the lust. The hard kiss has turned her crazy with want. She so desires to run her hands down his back, to dig her nails into his ass just a little…

He mounts her backward. He has a little bottle sitting next to the blanket that he grabs. Dribbling the lubricant over her shaven pussy, the tiny droplets begin to form and run down between her lips. Over her clit, she feels the cool drops.

One by one, the drops form and run between her lips, into her pussy his finger dives. Wetting her from inside out, and feeling her tighten around his digit. He rubs her slowly ~ making circles in the lube…. inviting more from the tip of his two fingers into her again… thrusting his fingers now a little harder. His other hand is stimulating her before he realizes it. He slows down on her clit a little, applying a little more pressure. Round and round…. his hand soaking wet now from the combination juices that are flowing. She arches her back murder in big horn izle underneath him, letting him know he is ever so close…

She runs her fingernails slowly down his back. He can feel her body reacting to the stimulus of sex in the air. The near forbidden feeling of being on her balcony… The moon shining brightly. Silhouetting ~ their shadows intertwine into a sexual knot on the blanket. Her skin is tingling from a combination of feelings. The cool breeze, blowing across her face. The cold/hot feeling of his fingers, the palm of his hand grazing her clit, occasionally tugging on the barbell that pierces her hood.

Feeling her body tense, and excite at the touch… He presses a finger near her ass, wets three fingers as he teases her. She can see the smile in his eyes, albeit his back to her ~ she sees it. He thrushes two fingers deep into her pussy, and one finger into her ass. She nearly screams with pleasure, as she floods his fingertips… then his hand in her cum. She can feel her orgasm from the tips of her toes. This is a big one.

She turns her head to the right, semi-containing her near growl from the body shivers. Suddenly noticing a younger couple standing near a tree, almost behind it. She makes eye contact with the woman. From the balcony, she can see the young lady smiling as the woman continues her orgasm. He is working on her loin, enjoying seeing the fluids gush out of her so forceful. Her head tilts back, she looks at the stars and squirts a final stream into his waiting hand. His fingertips are so wet. As he puts a fingertip to his lips ~ wanting to taste just a little of her liquid…. the warm fluid meets his tongue, and his erection begins to throb a little.

He closes his eyes and imagines fucking her. When he opened his eyes, he then notices the couple. It caught his eye, when he saw the shimmer of her dress. The young man was planning to take his lady right there against the tree. The couple on the balcony were more than they could bear. Seeing their bodies move in perfect rhythm. Seeing her writhe in orgasmic bliss, hearing her moan. They could both near feel him diving into her sweet abyss. Seeing this woman cum with no inhibitions, no care to the outside world ~ only becoming more turned on when she noticed they were watching… Seeing the sheer elation they shared was all it took for the young twosome.

He fucked her against the tree. Her dress was glistening in the moonlight, as he pressed it higher up her thigh. Groping her smooth body as he plunged into her over and over. He clenched his jaw as he came in her… His whole body was shaking with a visible force. She grabbed his hair and kissed him deeply as she came with him.

The couple sipped their wine, and in turn enjoyed the two under the tree. She smiled as he filled her glass, and her appetite for lust. She imagined watching the two finish, then going down on her man ~ tasting the precum from his rock hard dick. Teasingly licking the head, then his balls….. as her fingers traced his entirety ~ working their way up to the tip, licking her fingers and sliding them down his shaft. Slowly down, then up for more of her watering mouth.

She had an idea how she would like to make him cum. He relaxed next to her as her mind raced. She’d reawaken his senses shortly. As her plan gained perspective, she was beginning to feel the familiar inner warmth, her pussy becoming more moist as her mind raced. She lay next to her man, tasting her own sweet juices…

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