Fantasy Girl – Laura Vandervoort (5/5) final chapt


Fantasy Girl – Laura Vandervoort (5/5) final chaptChapter 5Finally Laura relented and uncuffed my aching arms. Success! As soon as my hands were free, I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards me in a sticky hug. “I’ve missed you,” I whispered, kissing her hair.“I missed you too, Jan,” she whispered. “I can really be myself when I’m with you.”I leaned back and smiled at her. “What took you so long to come back to me?”“I wanted to be sure,” she said simply. “And now I am.”I smiled. “I’m so glad. I yearned for you every night since you left.”“Really? What did you think about?”“I wanted to do this…” I yanked off the nippleless bra and squeezed her tits in my hands. She squealed and I lowered my mouth to them, sucking on them noisily. Laura moaned and threw her head back. “Mmm…that’s really good. What else?” I spun her around and pushed her forward so that her ass was in the air, and ripped off the panties, leaving her skin bare. “This…” Quickly I landed a sharp, stinging slap to her exposed skin and she yelped and moaned. “Again,” she ordered. “I slapped grandbetting yeni giriş her ass again, and she tensed. “More!” she instructed. So I slapped her over and over until her flesh was red and throbbing.“Smack my pussy!” she screeched, and I slapped her along the slit until her pussy lips became thick and engorged with desire. “Oh yeah,” she moaned, trembling. “That stings baby, that stings so good…”I smiled at her bright pink ass. “Tuck yourself in, so that your ass is really high,” I ordered, and she obliged, bringing her pussy into clear view. “That’s how I like it,” I grinned, and leaned forward to give her a long lick all the way from her clit, up the crease and into her cunt, then along her asscrack until I got to her puckered hole. “Oh, YES!” she screamed. “More, Jan. Lick my pussy and my crack, together, just like that…yes…”I held her stinging, reddened hips and licked her cunt, lapping up her cream and using it to lubricate her puckered asshole. I prepared the star-shaped hole with my tongue and fingers, taking grandbetting giriş turns to press and push until she relaxed for me and I could tongue-fuck her tight ass, her muscles clamping my tongue like a vice.With my other hand I worked two fingers into her tight, dripping cunt and thrust hard. Then I made it three fingers, then four…finally I pressed my thumb in as well, so that I was fisting her pussy and tongue-fucking her ass, and she trembled and moaned hoarsely as a monster orgasm ripped its way through her body.“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!” she screamed as I fisted her hard, ramming my hand back and forth. “That’s number Two for you,” I said. Then I reared up and removed my hand from her, using her thick juices to lube up my already hard cock for her ass. When my dick was glistening and sticky with her cum, I grabbed her hips and pressed the thick tip of my shaft against her anus. “Get ready,” I growled, and jammed my cock into her tight hole. “Oh shit!” she screamed. “Oh, fuck! That hurts!”“You know you like it,” I grandbetting güvenilirmi grunted, and thrust hard. Laura yelled and moaned, and cursed and screamed, and I just fucked her ass harder and harder, ramming her blissfully as the bed creaked and creaked ominously. Before long she came apart in my arms, bucking and shuddering like a prize bronco, her pussy leaking with cum as her third orgasm rocked her system. “And that makes Three,” I said triumphantly as she came down from her high. “I knew I could get you there, baby. I know what you really like, and how hard you like it.”“Oh God,” she moaned weakly. “I’d forgotten how good you were, Jan.”I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. “I’m never letting you go again, Laura,” I declared. “You’re mine now. No one will ever love you like I do.”“That’s okay,” she said, cuddling me. “I’m not going anywhere.”“Good,” I said, “Because I’d chain you to the bed to stop you, if I had to. You know I will.”“Hey, isn’t that how all this started in the first place?” she said, and laughed.I laughed and pulled her to me for a long kiss. “I love you,” I said when I came up for air.“I love you too, Jan,” she replied with a happy smile.I grinned and held her to me again, almost unable to believe my luck.Laura Vandervoort was with me, for keeps. I finally had my Fantasy Girl.And it felt so good.The End.

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