Fantasy Nearly Fulfilled

College Guy

Fantasy Nearly FulfilledI’ve always wanted to watch my wife Gwen fuck another man. I’d told her of this fantasy many times while we fucked. She always said no, but never told me to stop talking about it and she always got hotter when I discussed it. I even told her that if she wasn’t comfortable with me there, she could go out and find a guy to fuck and tell me about it when she got home. I also loved to hear her talk dirty while fucking, although most of the time I had to prod her into what to say.Gwen just turned 40 and is about 5’10” tall. She has brown hair and green eyes. She carries a little extra weight, but not much. She’s got 36c tits, a great ass and she shaves her cunt, which gets extremely wet when she’s really horny.I normally have to initiate sex, but the other night she was all over me as soon as we got in bed. When I felt her cunt, she was dripping. She sucked my cock for only a couple of minutes before telling me to hurry up and fuck her. She spread her legs and I slid my cock into her with ease and started to fuck her. She was hot! We were face to face and this was the conversation we had while we fucked.Me: “What got into you tonight?” Her: “It’s not what got into me tonight, but what got into me today.” Me: “Oh, did you fuck your toy today?” (She has an 8″ dildo that she loves to fuck.)Her: “No.”Me: “Then what is it?”Her: “Promise you won’t get mad? It’s something you’ve always wanted.”Me: “If it’s something I’ve always wanted, why would I get mad?”Her: “Because I fucked another cock.”I had to stop fucking her right then, because she almost made me cum just from saying it.Me: “Oh my God, Honey. That is so fucking hot! You have to tell me everything, in detail. First of all, who was it, anyone I know?”Her: “Yes, you know him, and I’ll tell you all about it, but I can’t tell you who it was.”Me: “How come?” I started fucking her again, slowly.Her: “Because I’m kind of ashamed that I let it happen and you’ll probably think it’s too perverted. I feel like such a slut for doing it.”Me: “Honey, there’s almost nothing that’s too perverted for me, you know that. And you know that I don’t mind if you act like a slut now and then. Although I wish you would have told me before hand or is this something that happened on the spur of the moment?”Her: “Kinda both.”Me: “How so?”Her: “Well, I knew that he wanted it and I sort of did, but because of who it was, I didn’t think I could bring myself to do it, although, I did kind of encourage him.”Me: “Nothing wrong with that.”Her: “I know, but this is different.”Me: “Did you like it?”Her: “God yes, why do you think I’m still so horny?”Me: “Did you cum?”Her: “Fuck yeah, I did. A few times.”Me: “Then what’s different?”Her: “Because of who it was.”Me: “Honey, as long as you enjoyed it, it doesn’t matter.”Her: “Are you sure?”Me: “Positive.”Her: “Okay, it was Jeff.”I stopped fucking her again and just stared, mouth wide open. Jeff was her nineteen year old son. My step-son.Me: “Jeff?”Her: “See, I told you. Now you’re mad.”Me: “Are you k**ding me? That’s hotter than anything else you could have told me.”Her: “Then why did you stop fucking me?”Me: “Because you almost made me cum again.”Her: “So you’re okay with it?” She cracked a sly smile.Me: “Okay? You have to tell me everything.”Her: “Okay. (Whispering into my ear), I fucked him twice.”Me: “You fucked him before and didn’t tell me?”Her: “No, he fucked me twice today.”Me: “Tell me from the beginning.”This is what she told me.”A few weeks ago, I’d just gotten out of the shower and had only put my panties on. (We have a master bath attached to our bedroom.) I was walking around the corner to the bedroom and he came in to ask me something. There I was in only my panties. He was staring right at my tits and looked like he didn’t know what to do. I was kind of stunned myself and it took me a minute to grab something to cover up with. He said sorry and turned around and left. I didn’t know what to do, but really didn’t think much about it, so I put on some sweat pants and a shirt and went to see what he wanted.””The door to his room must not have shut all the way, because it was open just a crack. (A common problem with several doors in our house.)”I peaked in his room to see if he was there and he sure was.”Me: “What was he doing?”Her: “He was lying on his bed naked and jacking off.”Me: “So you saw his cock?”Her: “I sure did.”Me: “Does he have a big cock?”Her: “It’s not as thick as yours is, but a little longer, probably seven inches or so.”Me: “Did your son’s hard cock make you hot?”Her: “Let me finish. But, I have to warn you, I’ve never acted the way I did today with anyone, not even you.”Me: “Okay.””So, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and for some reason, I couldn’t stop watching. His cock was so hard. Then I was really blown away when I heard him say, “Suck my cock Mommy.” That’s when I started to get turned on, I don’t know why, but it sent a shiver down my spine and right to my cunt. My own son was thinking about me sucking his cock! I couldn’t turn away then. I watched him türbanlı ankara escort stroke his cock some more and then he said, “Oh Mommy, you’re such a good fuck.” I couldn’t believe it, my son was thinking about fucking me while he stroked his hard cock.””By this time, my cunt was dripping and I couldn’t help but reach down and rub it a little. Rubbing it a little and watching him jack off made me want to rub it more, so I put my hand inside my panties and I was soaking wet. I was rubbing my clit and he was close to cumming because he said, “I’m going to cum Mommy.” And he did, a lot. He shot his cum almost up to his chin.””I couldn’t take it anymore and went back to our room, locked the door, stripped off my clothes and grabbed my toy. I laid on the bed, spread my legs and slid the entire thing in my cunt and fucked myself hard. I couldn’t help it I haven’t been that horny in a long time, maybe ever. I tried not to think of Jeff as I fucked myself, but it was no use. I fucked myself and couldn’t get the image of his hard cock out of my head. I made myself cum three times.””I felt kind of ashamed when I finished, but chalked it up to a one time thing.””But it wasn’t?” I asked.”No, it wasn’t. After that day, I noticed Jeff looking at me in a different way. I guess he may have been looking at me that way for a long time, but I never noticed. Anyway, it kind of made me hot to think that he was thinking about me that way. So, I started teasing him a little. When we were home alone, I’d wear tight tank tops, with no bra or a loose one, you know the kind that had the really big arm holes and either tight or loose shorts, with no panties.””If I wore the loose tank tops and I bent just right, he could see my whole tit and with the loose shorts, if I moved my leg just right he could look up the leg of the shorts and see my cunt. One day I had the loose shorts on and pretended I was looking for something in the attic and asked him to hold the ladder. While I was up on the ladder, I had my legs spread enough that he could get a good look at my cunt. God, it made me hot and him too, because I could see the bulge in his pants. I noticed that a lot since I’d started flashing him.””He would go to his room and close the door soon after he got a shot of either my tits or cunt and I knew why. I never saw him do it again, but did listen at his door a lot. But, he wasn’t alone. I was fucking myself silly with my toy.””God honey, this is hot as hell”, I said. “Feel how hard my cock is right now.””Mmmm, I can see that, want to fuck me now?” She asked stroking my cock.”Not until you finish your story.” I said.”Okay, well I decided that I wanted to see what he would do if he knew that his Mommy thought about fucking him too. So, one day, he was due to be home at any time. So I went in our bedroom, took my clothes off and lay out on the bed, completely naked and started playing with my toy. The only difference was that I’d purposely left the door open a little ways.””So there I was, completely naked, legs spread wide and my toy fucking in and out of my cunt. I was squeezing my tits and moaning loud enough for him to hear. The next thing I know, he’s peaking into the room and watching me fuck myself. I pretended I didn’t see him and fucked myself harder. Then I started to say things like, Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard. I kept it up, saying that’s it, fuck my cunt, fuck it hard. I rolled over and got on my knees, with my ass pointed at the door and continued. But then I started saying, fuck Mommy’s pussy baby. C’mon, fuck Mommy hard and you’re going to make Mommy cum. And cum I did. I came so hard, I almost passed out. I heard him leave and go to his room. I was kind of disappointed that he didn’t come in, so I knew that if it was ever going to happen, I’d have to initiate it.””I still wasn’t sure if I really wanted it to happen, but it made me so hot to think about it. So this morning, I decided that today was the day I was going to try and came up with a plan.””We were both home and I told him I was going to take a shower. I went and took one, made sure that my cunt was freshly shaved and got out and wrapped just a towel around myself. Then I called Jeff and told him I needed to talk to him about something. This is where my plan kicked in. Just as he was coming to open the door, I pretended that I was going for it from the other side and as he opened the door, I pretended that he pushed me back and I tripped and fell. When I fell, I of course lost my grip on the towel and fell flat on my back with my legs spread and pretended I hurt my back. He didn’t know what to do, stare at my tits and cunt or help me up. I was pretending that my back was really hurting me and told him he had to help me up. He came and took my hand and tried to pull me up, all the while looking over my body. I screamed and said he had to pick me up from behind.””He got behind me and lifted my shoulders up and I got a glimpse of his cock starting to get hard. He only had a tank türbanlı ankara escort bayan top and shorts on. I told him to wrap his arms around me and pull me up and don’t let go no matter what. When he did, he copped a feel of the sides of my tits and put his hands on my ribs. When he started to pick me up, I intentionally slipped a little so that his hands ended up on my tits. God, I was hot. He said he was sorry, but I said, it’s okay, just don’t let go and to pick me up. He picked me up to a standing position and I leaned back into him a little bit and told him to just stand still for awhile.””I was pretending that I was trying to get my breath and wait for my back to stop hurting. Meanwhile, I could feel his hard cock on my ass and I leaned a little further into it. I felt him squeeze my tits, just a little and I smiled just a little, but didn’t let him know that I felt it. I tried to lighten things up a bit and said that it seems like this little episode got him a little excited. He started to apologize and I told him not to and that it was alright, just don’t let go, just yet. Then I started to grind my ass into his cock. He let out a little moan and I asked him if it felt good. Without thinking he said yes. Then I reached behind me and grabbed his cock and said it sure does. Then I asked him if he liked my tits. He said yes and I told him to feel them all he wanted to. He started to rub and squeeze them and pinch my nipples while I was feeling his rock hard cock through his shorts.”I then grabbed one of his hands and he thought I was stopping him from feeling my tits, but I slid it down my stomach and said how does this feel as I slid it over my cunt. He took over from there and started to rub my hot cunt. And it was hot. He rubbed my clit and slid his fingers further down and slipped a finger in my pussy. I was so wet. I couldn’t take it any more and turned around, looked him in the eye and told him he couldn’t tell anyone about this. Then I slid down to my knees and took his shorts and underwear with me. His cock sprang out right in my face. He was so hard. I stroked it a little bit and told him he had a nice cock. He could only moan. Then I licked it from bottom to top and took it in my mouth. He moaned even louder then. I sucked his cock hard. Up and down his hard cock with my mouth, taking as much as I could, which was only about 2/3 of it. I was on fire and took his cock out and while licking it all over I looked up at him and asked him if liked how Mommy sucked his cock. “Oh yeah” he said as I licked down to his balls. I started talking a little dirtier to him and asked him if he thought his Mommy was a slut for sucking his cock. He said no, but I told him that I had to be suck my own son’s cock.””And that’s the way I felt honey, like a slut and I loved it. I licked my way back to the tip of his cock and slid it in my mouth again and sucked him hard. He grabbed my head and said, “Oh Mommy, I’m going to cum!” I was fingering my clit as I sucked him and he started cumming and so did I. He was moaning and I was moaning. He shot a hot load of cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all. It tasted so fucking good and I came as hard as he did.”Me: “How come you don’t swallow my cum?”Her: “I don’t know what came over me, I couldn’t help but swallow it, I wanted to swallow it, it was just so slutty to swallow my own son’s cum that I couldn’t help it. But, don’t worry; I’ll be swallowing yours from now on too.””Anyway, after we both stopped cumming, I licked his cock clean and he was still hard. I stood up and said that it looked like he wasn’t done with his Mommy yet while I stroked his cock. He just moaned and I said, “Do you want to get this nice hard cock in your Mommy’s slutty pussy?” He groaned and said yes. I told him that he had to tell me that he wanted to fuck me. “I want to fuck you”, he told me and I told him that that wasn’t good enough. If his Mommy was going to act like a slut for him, he had to treat her like one. He was feeling my tits and my cunt and then said, “Okay slut, you want to fuck your son’s cock? Huh.? Are you going to spread your legs like a whore for your son? Huh, slut? Because I’m definitely going to get my cock in this slutty, wet cunt.” As he said that, he shoved two fingers up my cunt and I almost came again. “Then he told me to get on the bed, which I did and said, “Spread those legs slut” and I did and then he started to tease me. He was between my spread legs and grabbed his cock and said “Is this what you want slut? You want your son’s cock in your cunt? You want to fuck your son?” “Huh?” “Tell me what you want whore.””Oh God, baby, I want you to shove your hard cock in your Mom’s cunt.” I pulled my cunt wide open and said to him, “Look how wet your mother’s slutty cunt is for your cock, baby. Fuck your cock whore mother.” Then he rammed his cock all the way in in one stroke. I started cumming as soon as his balls hit my ass. He just started to pound his cock in and out of my cunt türbanlı escort ankara and that’s just the way I wanted it. God, baby, I was so fucking horny, I could have fucked a baseball bat. He didn’t slow down one bit; he fucked his cock into me as hard as he could. All the while we were talking dirty. He was telling me that he couldn’t believe what a slut his mother was and I was telling him that I was a slut, a cock whore, a fuck slut, the nastiest things I could think of because this was the nastiest thing I’d ever done. I had my legs spread as wide as I possibly could to give him full access to my horny cunt and he fucked it good. I couldn’t stop cumming. I told him how hard he was making his slutty mother cum and that must have set him off, because he said he was going to cum too. I said, “Yes, give mommy your cum baby, make me your complete slut and cum in my cunt.” I reached down and grabbed his balls and said, “Empty these fucking balls in me you mother fucker.” And empty them he did, he groaned and rammed his hard-on in deep and started shooting his cum in me. I could feel each spurt of cum and started cumming with him until he was drained.”All this time, I hadn’t touched my cock and it was still hard as a rock. I couldn’t let her touch it either, because I didn’t want to cum just yet. I wanted to hear the rest of the story, but it was torture on my cock. “Wow, honey that was fucking hot!”, I told her.”God, I know”, she said, “It’s got me hornier than I was before. Fuck me now please.””Not yet”, I said, “but make no mistake, you are going to get fucked again tonight, right after you tell me the rest.””Oh God baby, I need to cum so bad. Can I at least fuck my toy? I promise you, I’ll still want your cock.””Sure, go ahead.”She grabbed her dildo and shoved it up her cunt hard and started to fuck it like I’ve never seen her fuck it before.Me: “You’re thinking about Jeff’s cock again aren’t you?”Her: “Yes!”Me: “That’s good baby, fuck it hard, I’m glad you enjoyed his cock.”Her: “Oh god, I did honey. I was such a slut, I’m fucking cumming already!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH”She lay there for a minute catching her breath, the dildo still buried in her cunt. I was rubbing her tits and waiting for her to finish. After about five minutes, she’s calmed down enough to continue, but she keeps the dildo in her cunt.”After we came, he pulled out and flopped down on the bed beside me. We were both breathing hard and trying to calm down. After a few minutes, I rolled over to him and asked him if he had any regrets. He said, “No way, that was the best I ever had.” I laughed and noticed that his cock had gone down some, but not all the way. I reached down and started stroking it again. He just moaned. It started to rise to the occasion again, so I went down and started to suck it again. I took a little longer this time, as I wasn’t in as much of a hurry to fuck him this time. Although, I did want to fuck him again. Any way, I sucked him for about five minutes and he asked me if he could cum in my mouth again. I stopped sucking him and told him, “Not ’til you fuck me again.” Then I climbed over him, held his cock up and slid my cunt all the way down until his cock was buried in my cunt. Then I started to ride his cock and told him to play with my tits while I fucked him. I rode his cock up and down and fucked myself on it, rocking back and forth and was ready to cum again. I rocked hard on him, rubbing my clit against his pubic bone, he was mauling my tits and I was cumming hard again. We didn’t say a whole lot this time, I just wanted to get my cunt off on his cock again. I came hard, moaning the whole way through it. He was still hard though. He hadn’t cum for the third time yet. I leaned over, after I came, his cock buried deep in my cunt and kissed him. Then I whispered in his ear, “Mommy wants her mother fucker to pound her slutty cunt from behind.””Oh yeah”, he moaned. And I got off his cock and let him get up. I got on my knees and stuck my ass up in the air as high as I could and opened my legs for him. He got behind me, ran the tip of his cock up and down between the lips of my cunt. He had me so fucking hot again. I told him, “Ram that cock in balls deep baby. Fuck your mother hard!” Ram it in he did. He lined his cock up in my fuck hole and rammed it in as hard as he could. I moaned loud enough for the neighbors to hear. He was hard as a fucking rock again. He stayed deep in me for a little bit and then he started fucking me. He started kind of slow and it felt so fucking good. I felt every inch of his cock and he got in me so deep this way. I was in heaven. He started to fuck me faster and said, “God, what a slut!” because I was moaning like a whore while he fucked me. “Then he slapped my ass as he fucked me and I started to cum. He said “You like that slut?” and slapped my ass again. “Oh fuck yeah, I love it!. Slap my slutty ass again baby. You’re making your whore mother cum again!” SLAP!, “Take that you fuckin’ whore!” SLAP! “And that for being a slut and taking your son’s cock in your cunt.” “Oh, yes, baby. Your mother is a slut for fucking her son. Spank your nasty whore mother.” I said. I can’t remember what all we said, but it was along those lines. He spanked my ass the whole time he fucked me and I had one continuous orgasm. He must have fucked me for ten minutes straight. My ass was raw, but I didn’t care, I couldn’t stop cumming.”

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