Fantasy Saturday

Fantasy SaturdayThe new girl Patty was blushing when Mike told us about her fantasy. She could only shake her head while Mike went into details. When Mike suggested we start the night role playing she could only shake her head more in agreement. Patty wanted to be gangbanged as a breeding bitch whore. She wished to be bound, blindfolded and have every guy talk dirty to her in the process of dumping their sperm into her unprotected pussy. Well, she is protected but for the fantasy I guess we all forgot that!! Noreen giggled and was thinking out loud about us all teasing and edging our guys into the biggest loads they can produce. Patty jumped on the idea and thought it terrific. We also agreed on ‘pineapple’ being the safe word indicating she really wanted us to stop.With the get-ups I have a blindfold and bindings was not a problem. I blindfolded her myself and 4 men went at her together to disrobe her. I went and got some length of laundry rope and a scissors. The boys applied the Velcro wrist and ankle cuffs unattached. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Patty was placed with her front on the bed face down with her knees on the floor. To each wrist cuff they attached a rope and pulled them out in opposite directions to attach points on the bottom of the bed frame. The same was done to the ankle cuffs. Then we started playing with our guys. I expect it was a good 1/2 an hour of foreplay, leaving her to her hearing to figure out what was going on. Us three ladies had a lot of fun sucking and stroking cocks. The men got the treat of having all three of us tease them together. It got a little spit sloppy especially with the big boys where we went to see shich one of us could take the most cock into our mouth. I lost. Cathy is the winner! Heavens, we all could see K2’s cock distorting her throat. I swear she took 10 inches, even if just for a brief moment. Brian was the first ready to cum. He announced something like “Where is the fertile breeding mobilbahis cunt?” Then he moved maybe 3 steps and slid right up in her. Fast pumping followed and a roar letting all know he was seeding her good. That started the rest of them in short order. K2 went next and he was downright mean. He jabbed into her with no mercy calling her every bad name in the book. Oh, we were getting on her too. I wish she did not have the blindfold on when K2 forced herself completely up into her. I can only imagine her eyes bulging wide open as her mouth was agape. K2 stroked her hard and quickly announced “Black baby coming into you now bitch” as he held deep and delivered bombs on target. John followed and I heard someone say wow and told us that upon entry an enormous amount of cum ran out of her, displaced by his cock. My Ken wasted no time and needed no real effort to get his tennis ball sized cock head into her. I could tell she was challenged by his thickness as he crammed more and more. Biggest and best mobilbahis güvenilir mi for last I guess. Then she starts to stammer “apple apple apple” which is funny as it’s close but not the word’ Ken says “Wrong word bitch, Am I getting to be too much for you?”. And shes repeating “Apple, apple apple” continuously. Ken announces “you don’t deserve this African potent breeding sperm but her it comes” as he crams himself balls deep. At that point she let out a yelp and shouted “Pineapple” which coincided with Ken doing his caveman groan as he emptied himself a good 13+ inched inside the lady. She was satisfied and in a state of bliss. Thanking us all while Ken’s cock was still draining the last bits inside her. He was tenderly caressing her hips as he pulled free and when he gets up K2 jumps righ back letting her know “It ain’t over bitch” and goes to re-enter. That earned a “pineapple, the safe word is pineapple”. If she only knew the long duration hard and powerful ride she had coming, maybe she should have kept her mouth shut! Cathy got that. Patty was done for the night but the men all delivered long duration quality fucks for their second go. Having the extra cock with Mike unencumbered by Patty made the switch off’s wonderful and gave the men an extra pause which worked out very well.

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