Fantasy with my girlfriend

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Fantasy with my girlfriendI am currently in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend. She is really hot, has cute boobs and ass. Since we are in a long distance relationship, to satisfy our sexual wants and desire, we have video sex. We do video call in skype and we often have sexy times together, probably about 5 days a week. For few mariobet güvenilirmi months we just had normal video sex. She used to undress infront of me. She used to show me her cleavage, her hairy pussy at times and shaved pussy another time. She tells me sexy things. When I show her my cock, she moans and I thing im mariobet yeni giriş sure is that she is the sexiest girl ever. But later this normal routine became boring. I was afraid but I gradually told her that I want to have threesome with her. She was also excited about my choice. So after that we started having fantasies. mariobet giriş I used to tell her that I and my friend is fucking you and she used to imagine and moan my friends name. That turns me on so much that i cant hold. She rubs her pussy, fingers her pussy and licks her fingers which is amazing. Her boobs have become much beautiful that before. When I ask her do u want my cock or my friends cock, she becomes horny and tell that she want my friends cock. She is really beautiful and sexy and I love her very much and im sure that fantasy is just for fun, we love each other and we wont betray each other.

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