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FAQAnswers to questions that I get frequently asked.Ok so I decided to compile a list of questions that I frequently get asked and answer them in detail for everyone.1) What do I do on X Hamster? Well I read and post stories. I occasionally chat and reply to a few people. I don’t entertain rude messages or guys that’s being abrupt. 2) Do you want to Skype or Chat privately? No I don’t. I’m hear for reading of stories and posting my own and if we do chat and become friends and I feel comfortable with you then I may ask you for your number to chat privately. 3) Do I get wet and horny when reading stories? Yes I do. I enjoy reading about passion and most well written stories do make me horny. 4) Do I play/pleasure myself while reading stories? Yes I do. I often play with my pussy, fingering myself and bringing myself to orgasm. But please note that i dont play with myself everytime that I’m online.5) Do I watch videos on X Hamster? No I don’t, reason I don’t is because, most porn videos seem very fake to me. And when I do watch a porn video I prefer to do so while in the company of my man. So i watch porn videos together with him.6) Are you stories real or fantasy? 85% of my stories are based on true life events. So yes I am unfaithful and have cheated on my husband numerous times. Yes I have a younger lover who is now 21 years old. Yes I have had 4 or 5 MMF 3some as well as a few FFM 3somes. My husband and I do occasionally partake in 4somes kütahya escort and swapping of partners and that’s what brought me to wanting to sleep with other men.I am bisexual and my bestie and I often enjoy lesbian experience together.7) Does my husband satisfy me? Yes he does. He really does know how to please me and I enjoyed it when we sleep together.8) What’s the biggest I have had? Well to be honest I’ve never measure any of the guys I have slept with apart from my husband. He’s about15.5cm long and 12cm girth. The guys I talk about it my stories; Nick he’s about the same as my husbands, Frans same length but maybe a bit thicker, then Gavin by far has the biggest dick out of all the guys I have slept with and I’m guessing his cock is near to 25cm long and also about 12cm girth. And he uses it well.9) Are all the names in my stories real people?I’ve changed the names of the people in my stories for obvious reasons, but yes I have a 21 year old younger lover and a bi sexual best friend, as well as an ex from school days with the big dick.10) What’s my favourite position and why?Well I have 3 favourite position.1. Doggy style, reason being I enjoyed deep and rough penatration during sex as well as the man taking control. And I feel during doggy style sex men do have the control and can dictate how hard and rough they want to go.2. Edge of bed with my legs up over the man’s shoulders, reason for this position malatya escort is again the deep and rough penatration I receive in this position as well as when the guys thrusts into me in this position even my husband he’s cock always hits my inner pussy walls which gives me great pleasure.3. Cowgirl, yes I do like to be in control as well and ride a man the way I want to. It gives me great pleasure and also being in control adds a bit extra to this position.11) Do I enjoy Anal sex?My answers to this question is often misinterpreted. I do enjoy Anal sex HOWEVER I, personally, don’t get any pleasure from it. Ok so what do I mean?So I enjoy Anal sex for the fact that my husband enjoys it and I enjoyed pleasuring and fulfilling his sexual needs and desires. Part 2, no I DON’T get any pleasure from my man thrusting in and out of my bum or cumming in my bum. I much prefer normal sex, where I get plenty of pleasure from.12) Can I squirt?Yes I can squirt but it doesn’t just happen. In order for me to squirt, I need to be real horny as well as have numerous orgasms. Once a guy gets me to start having few multiple orgasms while pleasuring me then it becomes very possible for him to make me squirt. It’s only happened to me a few times. Yes it does feel great. But have a few orgasm or multiple orgasms during a sex session is just as great.13) Do I enjoy Bondage or Bdsm? I enjoy being tied up from time to time and being escort bayan taken advantage of. What I mean taken advantage of is; finger me as much as you want, muff me as much as you want, fuck me and cum in me multiple times. But I DON’T ENJOY when pain gets inflected on my body that will leave marks or bruises, draw blood or anything else that could make me and the sex uncomfortable.And yes I do also enjoy tying my man up and taking advantage of him, as he can’t have all the fun.14) Do I ever get a guy to use a condom?Yes I do, including my husband. Although I’m on the pill, if I’m sick and on any pain, anti inflammatory or anti biotic medications I do get my husband to put on a condom. The rest of the time no need for him to wear one.My younger lover from the first time that I slept with him, it was bareback.With the other men I’ve slept with, I’ve asked them to wear a condom for obvious reasons.15) Am I worried that I might get busted being on X Hamster and my husband finding out all my secrets? No I’m not worried although at first I had a profile picture of myself on my page. Which I now changed and put a few pictures of me in a locked Gallery.My name is Lauren but there are many Laurens in the world. All the people in my stories ie: my bestie Jenna, my lover Nick, Gavin, are all made up names to conseal their identity as well as protect myself from being busted. Well at least I think so.Well that’s a few questions that I frequently get asked and hope you all enjoy my answers and enjoy reading my stories and there will be more coming soon.Please feel free if you have any other questions to send me a private message and when I got time I will reply to it. Thanks, have a lovely day further.Many kissXOXOXO

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