Fat Trailer Trash gets DP

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Fat Trailer Trash gets DPI worked on a road construction crew and spent a lot of time away from home. On one occasion we were put up in this small town, my buddy Javion and I were in a scuzzy bar drinking and playing pool. There was this woman in there who joined us, her name was Amber. She was about 32 Long dirty blond hair, Big Fat Ass Belly with massive Tits, she was wearing very tight jeans & white t shirt that left nothing to the imagination, she was what you would call Very Curvy with a Skanky look to her. It was getting late we were all feeling no pain when Amber asked us if we wanted to come over to her place and smoke a joint. We said sure the 3 of us jumped into her pick up and Amber drove us to her place, it was a trailer in a large park, we drove up to her trailer, she opened the door and we piled in. Amber told us to grab a seat she was going to get us a beer, Javion and I were looking at each other this place was a disaster, shit was everywhere the furniture was stained ripped smelly, Javion turned to me to say wow man real trailer trash! Amber returned with the beers sat down between us on the couch and started to roll a joint. We finished with that she got up told us she had to just check on her daughter. Now good and stoned we sat there Javion looked over to me, to say hey man we’re gonna Fuck this Pig, I really wasn’t attracted to her Big Women really aren’t my thing but I was drunk & stoned at this point, told Javion she’s all yours buddy! Amber returned sat between us again then Javion made his move. He turned to her, said hey baby you want to Fuck, YA she replied the next thing I knew he had his hands all over her Massive Tits. Javion was a 25 year old Black Man, 6.4 Bald and in great shape, he was now taking off her t shirt, Amber put her arms up then unhooked her bra to release the Biggest Fattest Tits, I’ve ever seen in real life. I sat there watching as Javion pawed her Tits, he started Sucking on them while clawing at the button on her jeans . Next thing I knew Amber was standing peeling off her pants they slipped off her like a banana peel, all she had on now was her little black panties. She dropped to her knees, clawing at Javion’s zipper she was like an a****l in heat, I sat there watching like a loser as she released his Massive Black Cock, it had to be at least 10″ Long as thick as a can of shaving gaziemir escort cream. Amber pounced on it Jerking it as she inhaled as much of it as she could, I sat there in amazement, when Javion scowled Fuck Man get in on this, Fucking Pig wants Cock! I got up dropped my pants my little white dick was no match for Javion’s but I figured what the Fuck she looks like she gives a Great Blow Job, I sat back down, Amber grabbed my Dick started jerking it while she Sucked Javion’s. She alternated between us, this went on for over 5 minutes until Javion said OK that’s enough, grabbed Amber got her up on the couch ripped off her panties then bent her over Spread her Ass Cheeks to expose her Big Wet Cunt! He finger Fucked her with 3 Fingers she was Soaking Wet, I watched as he got behind her Huge Ass took his Cock in Hand then Rammed it into her Fat Cunt Hard! Amber let out a loud Grunt as Javion bottomed out inside her! I stood there again as he Pounded her Hard I could hear Squishing Noises as he Rammed the Full Length of his Cock in and out of her, JESUS CHRIST Amber scowled, her Belly Tits & Fat Ass all shaking as he Hammered her. I found myself standing there watching again like a Loser, till Javion said come on man get your Cock in her mouth, again I moved in Javion let up a little then Amber took my Little White Cock in her mouth, Javion looked down at me his Dick Buried Deep inside her, give it to her man FUCK her mouth the PIG wants COCK! Things were getting really Nasty at this point but Amber wasn’t objecting I took hold of her hair and proceeded to FUCK her Mouth like a Cunt! Amber was Groaning & Gagging as both her mouth and Cunt were getting a workout, this went on for a few minutes then I felt my Nuts tighten as I Slammed my Dick into her Mouth one last time, then Exploded Pumping Burst after Burst of my Cum into her Mouth as she swallowed it all., YA MAN Javion yelled that’s the way, he pulled out his Cock then Amber dropped onto the couch sweaty out of breath, turn over PIG, he instructed her, I sat down in a chair to watch what he was going to do next. Amber was now on her back he moved in dropped his Slick Dripping Cock on her face then told her to clean it up, she started to Lick & Suck it, while this was going on he moved his hand down scooped a handful of the Goo flowing from her Cunt, smeared gaziemir escort bayan it between her Huge Tits then Dropped his Dick in between them and told her to press them together! Javion was plowing his Massive Black Cock in between her tits it would hit her chin on the up stroke, she started Licking and Sucking it into her mouth, this went on for a while then Javion had enough, moved back between her Big Fat Legs and Slammed hi Dick back into her Wet Cunt. He took hold of her Big Tits as her Plowed her again her Fat Body was Giggling with every thrust he gave her, I watched as Amber went into a Wild Orgasm Javion had to hold her down, her eyes rolled back into her head, she started Bucking under him Crying OH MY GOD DON’T STOP FUCK DON’T STOP FUCK ME FUCK ME CUMMMMMMMMING OH GOD CUMMMMMMMING! This was out of control as he kept Slamming his Cock into her Slapping Sounds filled the room then Javion started, YOU LIKE THE BLACK COCK HUH TELL ME TELL ME YESSSSSSSSSS I LOVE YOUR BLACK COCK GIVE IT TO ME SHE REPLIED. OH YA PIG YOU’RE GONNA GET HERE IS COMES! I watched as Javion Fucked her Harder than ever then Groaned I”M CUMMING he gave Amber one last Hard Thrust then I watched as his Nuts Pulsed as her Shot his Load Deep inside her! Spent sweaty Javion pulled his Limp Cock out, a steam of Sperm came flowing out of Amber’s Hole, that’s when we heard a voice calling Mom are you OK? I turned to see her 15 year old daughter standing there. Amber scowled get back in your room and stay there, she turned and left. Fuck man just trying to have a goodnight here, Amber went to the kitchen for a couple more beer. She can back into the living room looked at us hope this doesn’t mean we’re done cause I really need some more Fucking! She sat on the couch with Javion then took his Cock back into her mouth saying come on big boy Mommy wants More, I sat there watching as she Sucked on Javion I could see he was getting Hard again, by this time I didn’t know what to do or what was going to happen next. I was getting another hard on Amber got up off Javion and told me to come over. I walked over she was on her knees and put my Dick in her mouth to start Sucking it, before I knew it I was Hard again, Amber told me to lay down, she climbed on top of me, grabbed my Cock and started to ride it. Wow what a feeling having escort gaziemir this Massive woman ride me like a horse, I grabbed a hold of her Huge Tits, pinched & twisted her Nipples, I was really getting into it, then she turned to Javion and told him to Fuck her Ass then dropped on top of me Javion made his way behind her again Spit on her Asshole then pushed is Big Black Cock into Amber’s Asshole. She moaned in my face as Javion’s Man Meat pushed into her rectum, I was being smothered by her Fat Body and couldn’t move under her once he was fully inside he Ass she got up a little then Groaned YA FUCK FUCK ME FUCK ME NOW! I could feel Javion’s Cock inside her body as he Pounded the Shit out of her Asshole, I was doing my best to Fuck her Cunt but it wasn’t easy! I looked into Amber’s eyes, I could tell she was ready to blow, then it happened she started shaking OH GOD FUCK FUCK FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK ME FUCK ME I LOVE 2 COCKS INSIDE ME COME ON BOYS FUCK ME FUCK ME! YA Javion yelled YA COME ON YOU FAT WHORE TAKE MY COCK TAKE IT TELL ME YOU WANT IT! YES SHE CRIED YES GIVE ME YOUR BLACK COCK GIVE IT TO ME FUCK MY FAT ASS COME ON FUCK IT! I could feel Javion Hammering her Ass Hard Amber was now Grunting I was doing what I could but the weight of her on top of me made it hard. YEEEEEEHAAAAAAA Javion yelled, THAT’S IT YOU FAT TRASHY WHORE THAT’S IT! I looked up I could see he had 2 handfuls of her Fat Hips and was Pounding her like a man possessed. I looked up to see Amber Grunting as she took his massive Dick in her ASS. I held on for dear life as Javion Slammed her a couple more time then I heard him I”M CUMMING YAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I could feel his Cock Pulsing inside her as he Shot Stream after Stream of his Seed into her Asshole. Once done he pulled out of her Ass Amber got up off me and started to ride me Dick, she ground her Cunt onto me I lay there in a haze, I could feel Javion’s Cum flowing out of her Fat Ass onto my Balls it was a Wet Sticky Mess. Amber continued to ride till I finally Blew my Load Deep inside her. The last thing I remember was laying there spent on the couch, drunk & stoned I passed out and woke up for a Piss I was alone in the living room I made my way to the bathroom I could hear Javion and Amber Fucking in her bedroom. I had a piss then made my way back to the couch and passed out again. The next time I woke I was on the couch in my jocks looking at the time we were late for work I jumped up to get Javion when I found him in the Bedroom Amber was in the process of Sucking his Cock, I thought does this Fat Pig ever stop! Once Javion was done we got out of there to start work!

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