Subject: Father and Son Bonding 15 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you enjoying the story. Please send any comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill FATHER AND SON BONDING Chapter 15 It was Sunday afternoon. Joe and his dad were sitting together on the sofa after a late lunch. “How would you normally spend Sundays if I wasn’t here?” Joe asked. “On my own, just relaxing and pottering about in the garden,” replied Callum. “Why do you ask?” “Well, you’re a very sexy man. Didn’t you have a hot young guy in your bed every weekend?” Joe suggested with a smile on his face. “Only in my dreams,” replied Callum. “I didn’t live like a monk but I was on my own at the weekends more often than not.” Joe was quiet for a moment and then he went on. “That guy who visited a few weeks ago – Duncan. You told me you had sex with him sometimes.” “Yes, I did. He occasionally stayed overnight but he always left straight after breakfast,” said Callum. “We didn’t really hang out together.” “I see. I love sex with you but the rest is just as important. Maybe even more important,” Joe said. “I love being able to talk to you at any time, whether it’s about school work or something I’ve been reading or about Mum. Swapping daft ideas or laughing together at some comedy on tv. And sharing meals together.” “I agree. I didn’t realise how much I missed those things until you moved in with me,” said Callum. He smiled and kissed Joe’s forehead. “The missing ingredient was love.” Joe smiled. “Yes, love and friendship. I guess there aren’t many boys who consider their dad to be their best friend and you are mine now.” “Who was your best friend in London?” Callum asked. “John, one of my neighbours,” replied Joe. “We’ve known each other since before we started school. I told him I was gay but not that I was attracted to older men.” Joe turned to his dad and smiled as he said, “You are the first person I think of when I wake up now.” Callum smiled. “Well, I am the first person you see each day.” Joe shook his head. “I often think about you even before I open my eyes.” Then he grinned and added, “Of course, I sometimes wake up feeling your lovely big cock pressing against my bum.” “I’ll start wearing pyjamas if that’s a problem,” Callum said with a straight face. “No! I love feeling your naked body against me in bed,” said Joe. He laid his head against his dad and said, “Tell me more about Duncan. Did you meet him through Grindr?” “You know about Grindr? Of course you do.” Callum smiled. “Actually we met through the Gaydar website, chatted over a couple of drinks in a pub in town and found we were after the same thing. So we came back here and had sex. It was good and we’ve met up several times since. Then this damned virus came long.” “And I came between you,” said Joe. “No. You came back into my life and made me happier than I’ve ever been,” stated Callum. “Yeah?” Joe smiled. “Yeah!” said Callum. “So sex with Duncan was good,” said Joe. “I remember how he stood with his head bowed and his hands behind his back when he spoke to you. Where you like master and slave?” Callum chuckled. “I didn’t realise youngsters knew so much nowadays.” “The internet is a wonderful thing,” smiled Joe. “Are you going to answer my question?” “Aye. We sometimes acted as master and slave in role-play games,” replied Callum. “And you’ve done that with other guys too?” Joe asked. “I have but that’s not all I’m into. Sex with you is very satisfying. Some of the best I’ve ever had,” said Callum. “That’s good to know,” smiled Joe. “I think it would be great if we got into some role-play games too sometimes. I’d love you to tie me up and have your wicked way with me.” “But I can already have my wicked way with you without tying you up,” smiled Callum. “It might be more exciting if I was tied up. Maybe izmit escort blindfolded too,” Joe suggested. “Can we try it?” “I’ll think about it,” replied Callum. “Now tell me about the first man you fancied.” “You know him – my teacher, Mr Johnson,” said Joe. “He was the first, other than a few men I’d seen on the telly.” “Any others before you met me?” Callum asked. “No. I’m fussy,” smiled Joe. “So I should be flattered. I hope you’ll stick with me and not trade me in for a new model once lockdown is lifted and you can meet other guys,” said Callum. “Oh, I’m definitely sticking with you. You’re perfect,” replied Joe. “In fact, I’m even thinking ahead to our holiday next summer. We’re going to rent an apartment in the South of France.” “Is that so?” smiled Callum. “Yes. Sun, sand, sea, good food and lots of sex,” said Joe. “I haven’t decided whether it should be for two or for three weeks.” Callum laughed. “Sounds like fun. I assume I will be allowed to help choose the apartment.” “Of course, since you will be paying for it,” smiled Joe. “Okay but it will only happen if you do well at school,” Callum said. Joe sighed. “I’m not really looking forward to the prospect of a new school. I won’t know a soul and the curriculum will be quite different.” “You’ll be fine,” said Callum. “Everyone will have to adapt to new ways of working with social distancing and I imagine that work will be split between school and home study for a while.” “It’s a depressing thought,” said Joe. Then he turned to Callum and smiled. “At least I have you to help me through it.” “You do.” Callum hugged Joe. *** Joe was excited when the postman delivered the parcel of sexy clothing they’d ordered. “Can we try everything on now?” he asked his dad as he started to pull the items out. “We will be going for our run very shortly,” said Callum. “I think it would make more sense to wait until we have returned and had a shower.” “Aww, Dad!” Joe pouted as he held up one of the jockstraps. “You can run in the new shorts though,” Callum added. Joe rummaged through the clothing to find the shiny, high-cut shorts and held them against himself. “They will only just cover my briefs,” he said with a smile. “Aye…you’ll look very sexy,” grinned Callum. Joe nodded then picked up the ball stretcher/divider. “I don’t suppose I could wear this while running.” “I think it might chafe and result in very sore balls. I wouldn’t recommend it,” said Callum. “Now finish off the lesson you were working on and then we’ll go for a run.” Joe grudgingly went back to his studies but he wasn’t able to concentrate. He was eager to see his dad in the sexy backless, fake-leather briefs. When the time came to set off for their run, Joe was quite glad they lived on the edge of the countryside and rarely saw other people when out running. “It feels as if I’m wearing only underwear and this shiny material seems designed to attract attention,” he told his dad. “Yeah, you look great in them,” smiled Callum. “I’m going to enjoy running behind you today.” Joe couldn’t help smiling in response. There was a cool breeze but the run went well. Joe wasn’t happy when he saw a tractor ahead of them on the single track road on the final downhill stretch on the way home but he kept going at the same pace. He blushed at the sound of a wolf-whistle as he passed the tractor. “Is that your son? Good-looking boy, Callum.” Joe heard the man talking to his dad. “Aye, that’s Joe,” replied Callum. “I’m helping him burn off some energy.” “I could always find him a few jobs to do if he gets bored,” the farmer said. “I bet you could, Jim,” laughed Callum. “I’ll bear it in mind once the lockdown is lifted.” Callum waved to the man and followed Joe into the rear garden. Joe was bent over, getting his breath back when Callum caught up with him. “What a beautiful sight! And a good position too,” Callum said. Joe laughed as he straightened up. “It’s too cold to do it outside today or I’d say let’s do it. Who was the man izmit otele gelen escort on the tractor?” “That’s Jim, one of our neighbours. Haven’t you met him yet?” Callum said as he followed Joe into the house. “He owns most of the sheep we passed earlier.” “He whistled at me as I ran past him,” Joe said with a frown. “I heard him,” Callum laughed. “He’s got a wife but he told me he likes a bit of boy-bum now and again. He might have been joking but be careful around him.” “He knows you’re gay?” Joe asked. “Aye. Not many secrets around here,” smiled Callum. “Now get into the shower!” “Yes, Master,” smiled Joe. The pair showered together and fondled each other’s erections without it leading to sex. Both were looking forward to the fashion display with their new items of underwear. Joe lay naked with his legs spread on top of the bed while looking again at the leather ball stretcher/divider. Then he put the longer strip of leather around the base of his cock and his balls. When he fastened the shorter piece to the `ring,’ he found that it just lay against his balls. “It doesn’t divide them,” he complained. “The ring part isn’t tight either.” “That was the small size,” Callum pointed. “You will just have to wait until you grow a bit to get the proper effect.” “That was disappointing,” Joe said as he removed it. “I wonder if the neoprene bands will be better.” He picked up the narrowest of the three bands and carefully eased it over his balls. “Yeah, this seems to fit okay. What do you think, Dad?” “Looks fine but don’t try a wider one until you get used to that size,” replied Callum. “Let me see you in the jockstraps.” “You want me to keep this stretcher on while wearing the jockstraps?” Joe asked. Callum smiled and shook his head. “No. I want to see you in your natural state while wearing them.” Joe posed for his dad in each of the three jockstraps and then in the see-through briefs. He was starting to leak pre-cum at this stage. The final item was a pair of low-cut briefs with a circular hole in the rear. Joe pulled them on and then crawled onto his hands and knees on the bed. “How about these, Dad? Can you see my pussy?” “Hmm, it’s very nice. I think I prefer the small black jockstrap though,” said Callum. “It frames your bum beautifully while allowing full access.” Joe grinned. “You can have access to any part of my body whenever you want.” He removed the briefs and then knelt naked on the bed. “I want to see you in your sexy leather briefs now.” Callum picked up the fake leather briefs Joe had chosen for him. His cock was stiff after watching his son trying on the various items and more than obvious behind the removable cod-piece. Joe let out a sort of growl. “I don’t think you have ever looked sexier.” He squeezed his cock while looking at his dad’s body and then said, “Let me see the back now.” Callum turned and showed the large circular gap at the back. “Oh, yeah. That’s fantastic,” said Joe. “I need a closer look.” Moments later Joe was kneeling behind Callum and licking his lips. “Beautiful,” he said softy. Then he raised his right hand and caressed the muscular buttocks. “Turn around, Dad.” Callum turned and smiled down at Joe. “What now?” “Remove the cod-piece and let me see your cock…please!” Joe answered. Callum unbuttoned and then removed the cod-piece to let his thick 20 cm (8 inch) cock and his large hairy balls free. Joe licked his lips again and then looked up into his dad’s eyes. “May I?” Callum nodded and Joe moved forward to kiss the cockhead. The kiss was followed by Joe taking half the cock into his mouth and sucking it. Joe ran his hands up and down his dad’s strong thighs while orally worshipping the cock. He sucked, licked and kissed the cock for several minutes, occasionally pausing to kiss and lick what he hoped were cum-filled balls. Then Callum lifted Joe onto the bed and crawled on top of him. It was now his turn to give pleasure. After giving Joe a long passionate gölcük escort kiss, Callum worked his way down the slim body. He sucked and nibbled his son’s nipples, planted kisses on the flat stomach, sucked the balls into his mouth and then licked and sucked the dribbling teen-cock. Joe moaned as his dad got him more and more worked up. Then he couldn’t stay silent any longer. “Fuck me, Dad. Fill me with your beautiful big cock,” he begged. Callum smiled and flipped Joe over. He pushed a pillow under Joe’s middle, shoved his face into the hairless arse crack and began to eat him out. Joe whimpered and moaned as first the tongue and then a finger poked into the hot, moist tunnel. “Yes, that feels wonderful,” said Joe. Callum paused to fetch the KY jelly but was soon finger-fucking Joe with two and finally three fingers. “I’m ready, Dad. Give me your cock. Please!” Joe pleaded. Moments later Callum’s cockhead was pressing against the pink pucker and seeking entrance. Joe gasped when he was penetrated but then relaxed and smiled as the big cock slowly slid deeper. Callum bent forward to kiss the back of Joe’s neck while he savoured the feeling of having his cock buried deep in the hot tunnel. When Joe started squeezing with his arse muscles, he took the signal and began short fucking movements. Gradually his strokes began longer and then faster. Joe’s head was turned to the side and his eyes were closed but there was a big smile on his face. Callum smiled too as the love-making continued. Joe knew that he was close to cumming and he sensed that his dad was too. “Dad, please feed me your cum. Pull out before the end and cum in my mouth.” “Okay, son. Get ready because I’m nearly there,” said Callum. Less than a dozen thrusts later, Callum pulled out and helped turn Joe onto his back. Joe smiled and then opened his mouth as his dad straddled his upper body. He watched the cock as Callum gave it a few wanks and then pointed it towards the open mouth. He jerked slightly as the first jet of white cum flew towards him and landed on his tongue. “Six, seven, eight…” Joe counted silently as his mouth was filled. Callum sighed and held onto his cock as the flow was reduced to a slow dribble. Joe slowly swallowed the cum and then opened his mouth again, sticking his tongue out. Callum knew what his son wanted and pushed his cockhead between Joe’s lips so that he could suck and lick the last few drops. “Thanks, Dad. I loved that,” smiled Joe. Callum smiled back and bent down to take Joe’s wet cock into his mouth. A few sucks and a finger sliding between his arsecrack was all it took for Joe to erupt. He moaned and spunked off, lifting his bum as he sent blast after blast of boy-cream down his dad’s throat. Callum pulled back a little and let the remaining cum build up in his mouth so that he could share it with Joe. Afterwards they cuddled together, happy and with no need for words. Eventually Joe stretched and said, “I have two questions.” “Go ahead,” said Callum. “Can we do that again later?” Joe asked. “Maybe,” smiled Callum. “I’ll take that as a yes!” Joe grinned. “And what’s for dinner? I could eat a horse!” Callum started tickling Joe. “Worked up an appetite, eh?” Joe giggled and squealed as he tried to avoid being tickled. “No! Don’t! That’s not fair!” he cried. Callum grabbed Joe and hugged him tight. “Wear those tiny, shiny shorts again. You look sexy in them.” “Whatever you say, Daddy.” Joe smiled. “I’ll do anything to have your cock inside me again.” “I’m not sure I like `daddy’. Reminds me too much of the age difference and makes me feel a bit guilty,” said Callum. “Some of your young partners must have called you daddy. No?” Joe asked. Callum nodded. “Some did but they were in their twenties or older. I’m your real dad and you’re only a teenager. A young teenager at that.” Joe looked puzzled and Callum went on. “If you call me daddy, it will be like you are even younger.” “I see. When I call you Dad, you see me as someone more mature. Is that it?” Joe asked. “Exactly,” said Callum. “Okay, Dad it is,” smiled Joe. “I think I’m mature for my age.” “I wouldn’t disagree.” Callum pulled Joe closer and kissed him. “Definitely mature enough to help me in the kitchen.” To be continued

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