Father Charles Goes Shopping for Panties Pt. 03


Part Three

Chapter 1, Laundry Day

Mrs. Susan Madison trudged wearily up the stairs of the St. Joseph’s rectory carrying a brown wicker laundry basket. Luckily for her back, today’s load of washing was on the lighter side, consisting mostly of Father Charles’ socks, undershirts and some brightly colored women’s underwear, which she didn’t recognize. Sadly, the woman had become a widow five years ago. She was forty-five years old, short in stature, but she possessed unusually large and heavy breasts, which was the source of some painful health issues with her back.

There was a small plastic bag of wooden clothespins on top of the pile of folded laundry, which she tossed onto the bedspread in disgust. She turned her face upwards towards heaven and prayed, “Oh Lord, please help me, that I may convince Father Charles that now is the time for the Church to buy me a brand new clothes dryer for the rectory; even a decently working used dryer would be very acceptable Lord.”

For the third time in the last six months, the thirty year old Kenmore had gone on the fritz, making its normal sounds and vibrations and electrical smells, but to Susan’s dismay it produced absolutely zero heat. Each time the machine failed she pleaded her case to Father Charles, who only nodded his head sympathetically. She resolved that today she would get the response that she wanted.

She stuck her head out of the doorway and called downstairs, “Father Charles, can you come here please?”

The young cleric answered promptly, “I’ll be right there Mrs. Madison.”

She heard his footsteps on the stairway as he briskly ascended, and then the handsome priest, who was fifteen years her junior, entered the bedroom.

“Alright Susan, what is it?”

She held up the bag of clothespins and shook them angrily in his face.

“The damn dryer is broken again Father Charles, and you will do something about it this time! I’m dead serious about this!”

This was a familiar subject that he was not comfortable with and he would choose to avoid if at all possible. Obviously, he could not avoid it this time.

“I certainly understand your frustration Susan, and if I could help you, believe me I would, but the weekly tithes from the parishioners have been unusually modest lately.”

Mrs. Susan Madison felt herself quickly becoming very angry at the cleric. She gave him a very stern look. With a sarcastic tone of voice she said, “May I offer a small suggestion Father Charles?”

He smiled meekly back at her, “Of course you can Susan.”

The matronly looking housekeeper’s facial expression softened a tiny bit.

“I think you should mention the problem of the dryer in your sermon this Sunday, and directly entreat your congregation to be more generous. Don’t beat around the bush, Father Charles. Explain to them in plain language that your housekeeper suffers from severe back pain that is aggravated by having to constantly bend over while hanging your wet laundry over the backyard clothes line, and then she must do even more bending over when folding the dry clothes and placing them back into the laundry basket, and the pain is simply too much for her to bear any longer. It is simply their Christian duty to help!”

Father Charles gave her suggestion careful consideration before giving his reply. He very much wished to agree to her request, and to make her happy, but he knew it just wasn’t possible given the parish’s current financial state. He took her hand and patted it gently.

“You know I would do anything I can to make you happy Susan, but the parish just doesn’t have the necessary resources right now. When I construct next year’s budget I will certainly account for your new dryer.”

In the woman’s mind this answer was woefully weak, but she knew how to fix that. She placed one hand over his crotch and gave his genitals a gentle squeeze.

“I see… well in that case Father Charles, I’m afraid my ailing back will prevent us from having our customary ‘alone time’ for the foreseeable future.”

Looking directly into his eyes she smiled while wrapping her fingers around his scrotum, gripping his testicles firmly. As the pain in his ball sack increased in intensity, capturing his attention, he began to fully comprehend her meaning. The special ‘alone time’ he shared with this woman was the most important thing in his life, and it was unimaginable that it could be taken away from him. He treasured their special time together, where he could tell her all of his secret thoughts and desires, no matter how sinful and horrendous they were, and this saintly woman would comfort him by bringing him into her bountiful bosom and make everything well again. He made his decision.

“I will make the topic of a new dryer the first point in my sermon this Sunday. I promise! I won’t let you down Susan!”

His housekeeper continued to smile back at him… but at the same time forcefully squeezed his tender balls for a few more seconds before bornova escort releasing her grip, and then lovingly patting him on the cheek.

“I’m sure that your flock will be very generous after you have fully and clearly explained the seriousness of the problem, Father Charles.”

He pulled her hand away from his cheek and tenderly kissed the palm.

“Yes, I’m sure you’re right Susan. This will all be sorted out, straight away!”

The young priest reached out with one hand and lifted up one of her cantaloupe sized breasts, and he marveled at the weight of it. Mrs. Madison allowed him to enjoy this small pleasure for another minute before standing up, and then she started arranging the clean laundry on top of the bed.

“Can I help you put the laundry away Auntie Susan?”

She looked directly at him, and saw that he was most needful of her “special” attention.

“That would be grand Father. You can put your undershirts and socks away, and I’ll take care of your new panties. They’re lovely little panties, Charlie my boy.”

She held up one of his new panties that he’d recently purchased from Camouflage, so that the white cotton gusset was hanging down at eye level.

“Your new women’s underwear is quite pretty and feminine, unlike the sensible white cotton knickers that I give you to wear. Do you like your new panties Charlie? Are they comfortable?”

He gave her a warm smile, “I really love my new panties Auntie Susan. I feel so special wearing them, and a bit naughty as well, especially when I wear them under my black cassock when I say the Mass on Sunday. If the parishioners found out I would be so mortified!”

Mrs. Madison smiled back at him, “Yes, I imagine some would be quite shocked, but I also think many of them would support you and understand like I do Charlie.”

“Well, I do hope you’re right Auntie.”

“Of course I’m right, you silly boy. You have an undeniable attraction to women’s underwear, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Your wearing panties harms no one! And I know for a fact that a lot of men feel exactly the same as you.”

She always knew exactly what to say to make him feel better.

“You’re such a kind woman Auntie. I’m lucky to have you in my life!”

“I appreciate you too Dear. Now would you do me a kindness and model your new panties for me? I want to see how they look on you.”

She knew he would do anything she asked of him, and as expected, he simply nodded his head and began unbuttoning his shirt. Thirty seconds later he stood in front of her wearing only a pink thong panty that was trimmed with white lace around the leg openings, and a small black bow attached to the waist band in front. The flimsy nylon fabric contoured tightly around his egg shaped balls and semi erect penis. She took her time admiring the priest’s taut body, rubbing his hairless chest and abdomen sensuously, and then casually cupping his genitals in her right hand. When she felt his penis stirring a few seconds later it brought a smile of satisfaction to her lips.

“You look so lovely Charlie.”

She gently pushed him away and made a twirling motion with one hand, indicating that she wanted him to turn around so she could see his back side. As he turned away, he looked back over his shoulder and saw that Mrs. Madison was blatantly ogling his ass! He was acutely aware of the thin strip of panty material that was wedged tightly inside his ass crack; he could feel it rubbing up against his anus. The priest’s face flushed to a bright shade of pink.

She decided to be kind to the young man and distract him from his embarrassment.

“Tell me about your shopping trip to the lingerie store Charlie.”

Chapter 2, Father Charles’ Story – The Phone Call To Camouflage

He looked into her eyes and simply nodded.

“Well Auntie, as you’ll recall the first time I went to Camouflage, the reason I was unsuccessful in buying panties was because one of the women working there, Katy Evergood, is one of my parishioners and attends Sunday Mass regularly along with her cousin Marilyn. When I realized she was in the store I ran outside as quickly as possible before she spotted me. I couldn’t take the risk of Katy seeing me buying panties.”

“Yes, I remember that Charlie, and I also clearly remember telling you that you needed to be brave and try again.”

“And I’m grateful that you did Auntie, because after that failed first attempt I decided to take a different approach and order my panties over the phone.”

“I see… and were you successful this time Charlie?”

He thought for a few seconds before making his reply.

“I was successful… well… to be honest, I was somewhat successful. I suppose I should explain.”

The young priest turned around to face her. Mrs. Madison sat down on the bed and motioned for Father Charles to sit in his desk chair so they were facing each other.

“Go on Dear. I want all the details.”

He bostancı escort took a deep breath and began, “I was extremely nervous about making that phone call; you see, I was terrified that Katy would answer the phone.”

“Why were you so afraid? Is there something you’re not telling me Charlie?”

“To be honest with you Auntie, I’m physically attracted to Katy. When I talk to her after Mass on Sundays she has an odd way of looking at me, like she knows what I’m thinking. I feel like she has some power over me that I don’t understand, and I can’t stop thinking about her. I’m a priest, so I shouldn’t be having these thoughts!”

Mrs. Madison nodded her head, “You’re also a man Charlie, and you have needs. Tell me your thoughts concerning this young woman, dear boy.”

“Well Auntie, I can’t stop thinking that I want to sleep with her.”

Mrs. Madison began to giggle, and covered her mouth with her hand, “Oh fiddle faddle! You say you want to ‘sleep’ with her? You dear boy, that is just silly. What you really mean to say is that you want to fuck her! Am I right about that Charlie?”

He looked down at his feet, embarrassed by what he was about to divulge, “Katy is a beautiful young woman, and she appears sweet and innocent. Most people would think of her as the nice neighbor girl who lives next door to their parents. But I just keep thinking about her sweet young cunt, and how I really want to put my rock hard cock up inside of it, and fill it up with my spunk!”

The housekeeper couldn’t help laughing, “Ho ho! That’s more like it Dearie. You know you shouldn’t hide these naughty thoughts from me. I know how men secretly think. In some ways you remind me of my deceased husband, Harold; he could be such a pervert at times, but I still loved him very much. Go on with your story Dear.”

“Thank you Auntie, I’ll try to be more transparent from now on.”

“That’s my boy! So you were saying?”

“Well, it was just my luck, it was Katy who answered the phone. When she asked for my name I told her, John Smith.”

Mrs. Madison chuckled, “You’re not a very good liar Charles. Go on Dear.”

“When she asked what I was interested in I came straight out with it and told her I wanted to order sexy women’s underwear. I knew I’d stepped into it, but I felt I needed to take the risk; but she responded like this was just an ordinary request that a man would make. Then she asked if I was ordering panties for myself, and I admitted that was the case. I was afraid she would think I’m some filthy sexual deviant, but thankfully her reaction was just the opposite. She told me that many of her customers are men who buy panties for themselves! I asked if she thought there was something wrong with me, but she assured me that was not the case. She even said she admired men who aren’t afraid to accept these inner most feelings and allow themselves to be who they really are, and wear what they really want to wear, no matter what society dictates. Her words touched me to the core, and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of me.”

Mrs. Madison stopped him, “Katy sounds like a very intelligent young woman. I think she’s wise for her age.”

“Well Auntie, she certainly is understanding. Then she asked my preferences in panties. After I shared my thoughts on styles, fabrics and colors, she asked about my panty size. I guess I wasn’t thinking clearly because I told her about the white cotton panties I’ve been wearing and that a friend gave them to me, so I wasn’t exactly sure what size panties I wear; but then I let it slip out that my white panties were given to me by my parish housekeeper.”

Mrs. Madison shook her head in disapproval, “Oh dear, that wasn’t very smart Charles. Did you also tell her the name of your parish?”

“I didn’t have to Auntie. By this time she’d recognized my voice and had figured out who I was; she asked if I meant St. Joseph’s parish. There was no reason for me to pretend anymore, so I admitted my true name to her. To my astonishment she seemed delighted by this!”

“Well Charlie, it looks like there was no reason for you to be afraid after all you silly goose.”

He smiled back at her, “You’re right as usual Auntie. The phone call was going much better than I ever thought possible.”

“Please continue with your story, Luv.”

“I’m a little fuzzy trying to remember all the details, but I’ll try my best. Katy told me that it was very important that she order the right size panties. She explained to me that panties need to have enough material to contain a man’s genitals. She asked me to take off all of my clothes and read the size of my white cotton panties. I was hesitant at first, but I really wanted her to like me so I agreed. I stripped and told her that they were size nine, but that they were a tad too big. We agreed that size eight would work better for me and be more comfortable. Then she again took me by surprise when she asked me how big my penis is… buca escort when it’s…you know, um… bigger!”

Mrs. Madison stopped him, “Bigger Dear? Do you mean when you have an erection Charlie?” She gave him a mischievous look, “Or should I say… when you have a hard on?”

He simply looked into her eyes and nodded.

” That is a very personal question Dear. You were well within your rights to refuse you know.”

“I know that Auntie, but now I was certain that Katy was flirting with me, her priest! Of course I was shocked, but I was also so excited! Honestly, I loved the attention she was giving me, and that it was so personal. I told her I’d never measured my penis, almost hoping she would change the subject, but she insisted this was vital information that she needed, and then she asked me if I had a ruler handy!”

“Well I must say this is getting interesting; and did you have a ruler Charlie?”

“Yes I did. I keep one in the drawer of my writing desk. Katy went on to say that I needed to be fully erect for a useful measurement, so I started rubbing myself personally; you know… down there. We didn’t speak for a few minutes, while I manipulated my penis, but I’m sure she heard the change in my breathing pattern, and the dull smacking sounds that happened when I stroked up and down on my shaft. She knew exactly what I was doing and she encouraged me. Katy even offered to help me!”

Mrs. Madison’s face started to flush, and she began to sensuously fondle one of her fulsome breasts.

“Oh my! Katy offered to help you Charlie? How exactly? I want to hear the details Dear.”

“It was so exciting Auntie Susan! I detected a buzzing sound coming through the phone. Katy explained that she’d taken off her panties and was pushing the tip of her mother’s pink six inch vibrator against her clit, and that her pussy was soaking wet! Of course by now my excitement was rampant and I was stroking my cock as rapidly and forcefully as possible, and I shared this with Katy! She said that she wished she was with me in my bedroom, but since she couldn’t be, she offered to tell me what she would do to me if she was with me!”

The housekeeper’s breathing was becoming shallower and faster as she listened to the young priest’s tale. As she unbuttoned the top four buttons on her housedress she said, “This is getting juicy Luv. You naughty rascal, you’re making me wet! Please tell me what she said next!”

“I will Auntie; then she said, ‘I have three fingers in my pussy right now, and all I can think about is your tongue licking me there!’ I have to tell you Auntie, that those words pushed me over an emotional cliff. By now I had a death grip on my cock and I was fisting it furiously. We continued saying filthy explicit things about what we would do to each other, escalating our mutual need to climax!”

Mrs. Madison’s excitement was becoming blatantly obvious, as she pulled her cups down exposing her large pink areolas and stiff nipples. She was pleased to see that the priest shared in her excitement, as the movement of his stiffening penis was plainly visible through the semi transparent fabric of his thong panties. She was also happy to see that there was a small wet spot where pre cum was leaking from his slit.

“And did you both cum, Dear?”

“Yes, Katy was the first to have an orgasm. She said, ‘I want you to shoot your load with me Father Charles!’ Seconds later I heard her scream, ‘Oh fuck me Father! PLEASE! Fuck the shit out of me!’ I knew my orgasm was imminent and unstoppable and I screamed into the phone, ‘I’m fucking your cunt Katy. I can feel the muscles inside your pussy locked around my cock and gripping me like a vice, and you’re milking out every drop of my semen. I’m cumming with you Katy!’ “

Mrs. Madison stopped him again, “So I want you to be very clear about this Charlie. You masturbated with this woman over the phone, and you both had an orgasm at the same time?”

With a huge grin on his face he answered, “We did Auntie! Hell yes we did! Isn’t it wonderful?”

She gave him a warm smile, “I’m so pleased for you Charlie. I wish I could have been in the room watching you. So was that the end of your phone call?”

“Not quite Auntie. We took a minute or two to sort ourselves out, and of course, I needed to clean myself. After that we got back to business. I ended up ordering ten pairs of very sexy panties.”

“But Charlie, you said before that your purchase was somewhat successful. Was there a problem?”

“My new panties arrived in the mail a few days later, and I immediately tried them on. I was very happy with most of them, but unfortunately three were way too small. I was disappointed at first, but then I realized that this would give me another opportunity to talk to Katy over the phone, to straighten out the mistake, so I thought of this as a blessing.”

He looked across at Mrs. Madison, who seemed to be deep in thought.

“Is something wrong Auntie?”

“Something doesn’t make sense Dear. Katy made a point of ordering the right size panties for you, even stressing the fact that she needed to know how big your penis is when it’s erect. I don’t believe it was a mistake that some of your new panties were the wrong size. She did it on purpose so she would have an excuse to talk to you again.”

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