Father-Daughter Love


Father-Daughter Love

Shawn Cole was a middle-aged man with a hot and sexy wife and a father of 3 daughters. Kristina-the oldest, Salma-middle, and Lisa-the youngest and the hottest. Being 17 she hit puberty about 5years ago. She has a sizzlin body, with big boobs, a very nice and very big ass. She was very close to her dad. He really loved her. I think due to being the youngest. They used to play baseball with each other, watch home movies with each other, and do things that would normally be done with a son.
They really loved each other and he’d always tell her if she had problems that she should come to him. A person would sometimes think that they were dating. They never had any problems with each other. They would sit at the couch and sit close to each other while they watched movies.

One day…
Shawn returned home from a hard days work.

Shawn: “Honey”, to his wife. “Where are you? Honey!!!! Are you here?” He went to the kitchen to see a note on the fridge. It said:

“Hi Shawn. My mother called earlier and she told me that she feels kinda sick and she needs me to come and take a look to see what’s the matter with her. So I’m going there and spend a couple of nights there until she’s OK. Kristina and Salma went with their boyfriends camping and won’t be back till Sunday.” It was Friday that night. “So don’t worry about a thing. Lisa is gonna stay home. There’s some food left in the fridge; just heat it up. See you soon. Love you. Plenty of kisses. Bye.”

With that, Shawn opened that fridge and saw small plate with a couple of pieces of chicken. He heated it up and ate. Shortly after, Lisa came back home from her friends house. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans that shows her big ass quite nicely. She said hi to her dad, kissed him, and went upstairs to take a shower.

Shawn had finished by the time she had entered the bathroom. He cleaned up after himself, and wanted to change his clothes. So he went upstairs and went to his room. While he did so, he passed by the bathroom door, knocked on it, and asked if Lisa wanted anything.

While he was knocking, the door accidentally opened a little bit without making any noise. Lisa said “No thanks dad. I’m OK” with that, he went to change his clothes. Before he entered his room, he remembered that the bathroom door had opened a bit. So he went to close it.

When he reached the bathroom, he noticed that Lisa was just stepping out of the shower. He, unintentionally, stood there peeking on his daughter. As she stepped out of the shower, he saw her grabbing her big breasts, and started pinching her nipples.

They quickly grew harder and then pointed outward. Then she started sucking on her boobs. By then, Shawn’s dick was starting to grow. But it wasn’t all hard. Then Lisa sat on the toilet seat and started drying herself off. She said to herself “Man, my bushes are really growing. I really need to shave them.

With that, she went and got a razor, and sat again on the toilet seat. She spread her legs wide apart so she can shave in comfort. And she was right, her bushes really were growing. It was going close to become a forest! She started shaving. 10 minutes passed by and then she was finished.

There wasn’t a hair left on that small, delicious pussy of hers. She then started rubbing her clit. Then Shawn’s penis really grew hard; he was seeing his daughter masturbate.

Then she was rubbing faster and faster and faster, until she exploded and her love juice was all over the toilet seat and the floor. That was an exploding orgasm. şişli bayan escort She turned her head to the door where her clothes were hanging and she saw her dad peeking in on her.


Lisa was so embarrassed. Her father was peeking in on her while she was masturbating and shaving her pussy. She was thinking about what she was going to do, when she went out of the bathroom.

She was totally clueless of what she was going to say. Then, she finally went out of the bathroom and headed to her and her sisters room. She wore her pajamas which were a kinda small top, and tight matching pants. Now her ass was bigger then ever!

She went to the living room, and saw her dad sitting on the sofa watching a dirty movie. She entered the room and Shawn looked at her. Their eyes were locked on each other. They remained like that for a while. Then he said:

“Honey, I’m sorry that I was peeking in on you. I really didn’t mean to do that. I swear. I went to close the door because it was a bit open, and then I saw you leaving the shower. It wasn’t my intentions to stay there and watch. It’s just that you mom wasn’t having sex with me for months because of a problem with her pussy or eggs or something like that.”

He sighed for a moment and said “You know it’s from a man’s or boy’s instincts that when he sees a woman or a girl in the bathroom he stays there watching. He doesn’t mean it but it just happens. I’m really sorry and I’ll respect your privacy next time. So?”

Lisa “its okay dad, I forgive you. I know you didn’t mean it. It’s something boys do. I get it.” And she sat down next to him, and continued watching the movie.

Lisa said “So what are we watching tonight?”

Shawn “Well, I was watching this movie but I don’t expect you want to watch it”

Lisa “No it’s okay, keep it. I don’t mind. If you wanna watch it then go ahead.”

He hesitated for a bit. “Well, OK. If you really don’t mind. I heard that this is a really hot movie. Have you ever watched it?”

“Umm, no dad, I don’t usually watch dirty movies. But judging from the scenes, I guess that it’s good. Plenty of suckin and plenty of fuckin.” She giggled.

Shawn “hey that’s a good one. I like it. Funny. So you really don’t mind?”

“Yes dad I don’t. It’s okay. I kinda like it.”

Silence filled the room as they watched the movie. Some very hot scenes came up. Two girls where in a bedroom makin out. They then took off their clothes to reveal gigantic breasts. They started jumping on the bed and their boobs were jumping up and down, up and down. Lisa then laughed a bit.

Then a man came into the room and stripped. It was at that point that she started focusing at the movie. She kept starring at the man’s 10′ dick, and was impressed with it. Shawn was looking at her, and he noticed that her hand was between her legs and were moving slowly.

Shawn “So umm, you like masturbating?”

Lisa “Oh, sorry about that, sometimes I can’t control myself.”

“Its okay, it’s normal. All the hormones trapped inside your young body have to be released sometime, eh?”

“I guess” Giggling. “I like it when you talk to me like that. It makes me feel like I’m not a kid like everyone treats me when it comes to issues like this.”

“Really? I never knew. Why didn’t you tell me before? I could have helped you with it.”

“Thanks dad. I really appreciate it.”

“Anytime, honey, anytime. You know that you can come to your old man at anytime and talk to him about anything. şişli escort OK? I want you to do that every time you have a problem. K hone?”

“OK dad, thanks.” After a few moments… “Dad, I want to talk to you about sex. Is that all right?”

“Sure honey. What do want to know?”

“I want to know about positions.”

“Positions? Well,” he hesitated “OK. Umm, there’s the doggy style. You know that one?”

“Umm, know I don’t. How’s that?”

“Can’t you conclude how it is from the name? The woman, naked of course, goes on her knees, then the man comes and fucks her hole. How’s that?”

Lisa giggles a little “That’s good daddy, I like that one. Can you show me how it’s done?”

“You want me to show you? I don’t think that’s right.”

“Nah, it’s okay, besides I’m your daughter and your giving me sex education, it’s okay believe me.”

“Well, if you say so, and if you really want to, then sure.”

“GREAT, give me a minute and I’ll take off my clothes, it won’t take a minute. Come on you take your clothes off.”

They both stripped but Shawn first stood there watching Lisa strip first.
He was trying to savoir every moment of that good looking, hot, never fucked before body.

Her pussy was a bit wet from the movie they were watching. And her big ass was beautiful! Her boobs were just lovely.

When she was done, she looked at Shawn for a moment and then said

“You like my body don’t you daddy?” giggling. “Now take your clothes off”

“Oh, sorry about that. Give me a moment and I’ll be ready.”
He then hurried to take his clothes off. When he took off his underwear…

Lisa “OH dad, you have a very nice ass! It looks great from here. Now turn around and show me your cock. I’ve always dreamt of seeing it.”

Shawn at that time had and athletic body. Upon saying those words, he quickly blushed.

“OK, here it is.”
Before turning around, “Hope this works, and you’ll learn something from this experience.”

“Oh I will.” Lisa had something else in mind.

He turned around and…

“Oh dad! That’s a very, very big cock. I’ve never seen one like that before. I like it.” Lisa kept starring at it for a moment. “Now, let’s get started, shall we?”

“OK, now what you do here is you get on the floor, and on your knees.” Then she did so. “Now I come and grab my penis and shove it in your anal.” He did just that.


“I know, I like anal sex too! Now the man, that’s me”….
Lisa interrupted him saying “You mean the very big man!!!”

“Yes, the man starts thrusting, he can go hard or he can go slow, it depends on what the woman feels; if it hurts or not. Now what are you feeling now?”

“Oh verrrrrry goooood! Now go harder and faster!”

“You see, it all depends on what the woman feels” now he went faster and harder just as his daughter told him. After a few minutes…


And then she cumed, and she cummed hard while Shawn was still in her.

Then after 5 minutes, “Now it’s my turn, do you want me to cum inside of you or what?”

“No, don’t I want to see how a man ejaculates.”

So he pulls his big man from inside his daughter’s asshole, and shows it to her, and then she brings it to her face and when she saw the first drop of cum she quickly put him inside her mouth. Shawn then couldn’t resist to the feeling he was getting so he didn’t try to get his dick from his mouth, instead, he surrendered and sat on mecidiyeköy escort the floor while his daughter sucked him clean.

Lisa “Oh I really, really, really, liked that position daddy. How about we continue the teaching and just have normal sex? I’d really enjoy it.”

“Sure! I’d be happy to do that. As long as you’re benefiting from all this.”

So they came closer and Shawn inserted his brave soldier inside Lisa’s wet and soaking pussy. Then Lisa put out a loud moan of enjoyment.
So did Shawn as he loved the feeling of Lisa’s young and fresh, still never fucked before vagina.

Lisa “OH DAAD, THAAAT’S EVEN, EVEN,” And she was speechless.

She then let out another even louder moan.


“OK honey, I too want to enjoy the sensation. Now what’s gonna happen is that after all the fucking is over, your vagina is gonna bleed a little. But that’s normal because you a virgin. Well, until now.”

Lisa giggled. “OK, now I suppose that it will swell up for a couple of days?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. But it happens only once. So don’t worry. Then you can fuck and fuck as much as you want with out getting hurt. Now, should I continue?”

“Yes daddy, go on and I want you to cum inside of me. I wanna feel what happens.”

Then Shawn started thrusting as hard as he could and 2 minutes later he told his daughter that he’s about to cum and she told him go ahead.


Lisa was truly enjoying her father’s dick inside of her. When he finished, Lisa told him that she wants him to teach her how to give blow-jobs.

Shawn. “Now for blow-jobs, the woman should bring her mouth and put it on the mans dick. Try it.” And she did. “Now you should move your mouth up and down, up and down. Now try it. And if you want, since my cock is “VERY, VERY BIG” you can make a ring around my shaft, and move it also up and down. That’s if you want to make the man cum faster. You understand?”

“Yes daddy, I understand. Like this?”
“Oh honey, YES just like that. OH you look like you’ve given blow-jobs before. Have you?”
“No dad, I haven’t. But I’m really enjoying this. And I want you tom cum inside my mouth. I want to taste your cum. I hope it’s good.”

“Oh don’t worry; it’s as sweet as sugar! I hope you like it.”

Then things really started to heat up! Then Shawn said…

“Oh Lisa, I’m gonna cum, get ready for the best cum you’ll ever taste in the world!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And he cumed, inside his daughter’s mouth. When he finished, Lisa said

“Oh dad, your cum tastes sooooo goood. It’s delicious. Now let’s have oral sex. I really liked it the last time. Is that OK with you?”

“Sure honey, if that’s what you want.” And they started having sex all night, and at bedtime, he told her that he’d like her to sleep with him that night. And she quickly accepted! That was a very weird night for them. Although they really loved it!!! It was then when they started having sex every chance they’ve got.

Lisa did exactly what she was taught, and more. Every time when there were nobody in the house, Lisa would beg for her father to “teach her some more” which he did. They both loved it and every time, Lisa would learn something new. At one time, Lisa would bring a very busty friend with her that “didn’t know anything about sex” and Shawn would teach them. But that’s a different story.

Now that’s really “Father-Daughter Love”!!![/b]

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