Subject: Father’s Day Gift Standard warnings here, leave if you’re not legal, if this is illegal in your area, if you’re offended by this, etc. This story focuses on a relationship between father and son. If you don’t like that, then this one might not be for you. If you have any questions, comments, criticisms, or concerns, then contact me at my email. Any semblance to a person, living or dead, is unintentional. Remember to donate to the great people here at Nifty! They wouldn’t be able to run without donations. I know I would really miss them if they shut down, and you probably would too. Every bit fty/donate.html —————– “So what’dya get me for Father’s Day, boy?” I had barely stepped in the trailer door, coming home from a long day of school. It was Father’s Day; my dad’s favorite holiday. We had a tradition of exchanging gifts, and I’m sure Dad was ready to see what I had gotten him. I just laughed in response, and he grinned. I walked over to where he was sitting on our raggedy blue coach and looked over what was there. First, my Dad. Six feet tall, dark brunette hair, and bearded. Short hair. Very hair, and he constantly had a slight scent of body odor. He’s pretty fat, but he also had a lot of muscle to even out his bloated beer belly. At the moment, he was wearing a very grungy wifebeater and boxers. He had a noticeable southern accent, as did I, but his was much more pronounced. Very much a redneck. I’d always had a bit of a thing for my dad. But I’d never tell him, of course. Lord only knows how he’d react. So I stuck to my imagination while I stroked my cock in bed every night, usually huffing the scents of his underwear. He was sitting on the couch with a wrapped gift sitting in his lap. It was sloppily wrapped and lumpy, but it was a gift. I picked up the lump of wrapping paper and started tearing the paper and tape off. After a few seconds of fiddling with the excessive wrapping, I got down to the center. “World’s Best Son… Of A Bitch” Dad started laughing maniacally, cocking his head back from amusement. He had gotten me one of those “World’s Best Dad” type of mugs, but with a pretty crude twist. I laughed too, and I sat the mug on the stained coffee table next to the couch. “Well, what’dya think?” I grinned. “Love it, Dad. Now let me go get yours.” I walked off to my room, one of the two rooms in the house. Reaching under my bed, I pulled out the gaziantep travesti Amazon package I had been keeping there. I walked back to Dad, box under arm. “No wrappin’, eh?” I handed him the box, and he pulled his pocketknife out to open the seal. He flipped the knife out and sank in to the packaging, slowly sliding it down the masking tape used to hold the contents of the box in. Once he got to the end, he just pulled, tearing the flaps free. I watched in anticipation, watching to see how he’d react as he peeled back the last cardboard flaps. But I could never have guessed what would happen. Dad’s face morphed into shock, and he looked up at me. “A dildo?” I froze in place, my gut twisting. I had grabbed the wrong package. Weeks ago, I had ordered a dildo off Amazon, but I thought I had lost it. This whole time, it was really my Dad’s present that I had lost. I tried to talk but my words fumbled, and I just avoided his eyes as I gulped in anxiousness. Dad sighed and set the box down on the main table, a slate of wood held up by cinder blocks. “I’m guessin’ you got some packages mixed up?” Still avoiding his eyes, I nodded. But instead of yelling at me, Dad laughed a little. I looked up to him, surprised and a little relief. “Well, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. You just like it up the butt. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that at all.” I exhaled, finally breathing after anxiously holding it in. “Y-you aren’t mad?” Dad shook his head, making an almost confused face. “Course not! Why would I be mad?” I licked my lips nervously. “I don’t know… I just assumed you’d be against it.” Dad laughed. “Well you know what they say about assumptions. Nah, I’d be a hypocrite if I was mad about it.” If I were a dog, my ears would be perked to the sky. I gulped. “W-What’dya mean hypocrite?” Dad let out a small chuckle. “Well… I was a wild child in the 70s. I’m what kids yer’ age call bisexual. Back then we just called it sexually active.” He laughed heartily, and my head reeled. My dad had sex with men? My dad, the man who taught me about how to properly pleasure a woman? My dad, the man who I caught having sex with women on multiple occasions? I was dumbfounded. “So… you have sex with guys?” Dad grinned and nodded. “Yup! When one’s available that is. You just ain’t caught me yet.” I laughed in shock and sat on the couch. I was at a loss gaziantep masaj salonları for words. All this time of being afraid of coming out, when my dad was secretly into men this whole time. Dad shifted closer to me. “So when did ya’ know?” I choked. How was I supposed to tell my Dad that I knew when I quietly watched him jerk off through the door crack, or when I fantasized about him fucking me? “I guess you were kinda the one who uh… made me know I was into men.” Dad smirked and huffed out a little. “Yer’ own man huh? So you thought about having sex with me?” I was taken back by his bluntness. “Yeah, honestly.” Dad grinned even wider. “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that! I jerked off thinking bout’ my dad!” My eyes widened, and I turned and looked him in the eye. “Ya did?” “Of course! My dad was a hot man, and I know I am too!” He flexed, showing off his muscular arms. He rolled his tongue out, winking one of his eyes shut I grinned and chuckled, feeling flustered. “I used to watch you jerk off too.” Dad laughed. “Oh, I know! That’s why I’m not surprised yer’ gay!” I nearly jumped off the coach. My mouth was gaped. “You knew?!” Dad laughed even harder. “Of course I knew, boy! I ain’t blind!” I was so embarrassed. All this time, I thought I was subtle. I was deep in thought we Dad suddenly growled to clear his throat. “Of course, I’d be lyin’ if I said it didn’t turn me on…” I bit my lip. “Did it?” “Yeah it did. Every time I caught you, I was thinking about you comin’ in and helpin’ me out.” I bit down harder, my cock stirring in my pants. I looked over and Dad’s bulge was noticeably growing. He moved his hand down and started gently squeezing it. “Y’know, you never did get me a gift.” I shakily breathed out, watching his boxer tent raise higher and higher. “Well, what’dya want?” Dad leaned into me, pressing me against the arm of the couch. “I want you.” I could’ve came right there. I leaned in, locking lips with my dad. He kissed back, sliding his tongue in my mouth. We made out, rubbing eachother’s bodies on eachother as we passionately kissed. “Fuck boy… I’ve wanted this so long.” Dad broke our kiss, a trail of spit connecting our mouths. He grinned, leaning over me. I felt his solid belly rubbing against me. He moved back, leaning his back against the other arm. He pushed his legs out, putting gaziantep escort bayan me between them. He put his arms behind his head, revealing his sweaty, hairy pits. I crawled up to him and pressed my face i his pits. I licked up and down them, savoring their musk and flavor. Dad growled in pleasure. “Yeah boy, get in there.” He pushed me in with his hand, and I harshly sniffed in, savoring the scent. After a while of licking his one pit, I moved to the next one, licking it clean as well. Dad huffed and growled as I did, clearly getting turned on by his son worshipping his pit. I broke free, breathing heavily as I continued sniffing in his smell. I moved down to his bulging crotch, looking his big dick in the eyes. I placed my mouth on his bulge, sucking it through the fabric. Dad groaned in pleasure as I wet the tip of his cock through his boxers. I licked up and down the tent, wetting his crotch. Dad pulled down on his waistband, letting his cocks slip out. I groaned as it popped out in front of my face. It was thick as a beercan, and a good 8 inches. I started sucking the tip, rolling my tongue around the head. Dad moaned, grabbing my head. “You suck cock like an expert, son.” I just grunted in response, sliding more of his cock down my throat. Dad moaned again, pressing me down farther on to his cock. Slowly, I worked down to the base. I slid back up, forming a rhythm as I sucked on his cock. I kept sucking, bobbing my head up and down as I sucked my dad’s dick. Dad moaned again, guiding me in the blowjob. “Fuck yeah boy, take all my meat.” I picked up speeding, licking around his cock as I slid it in and out of mouth quickly. Dad’s breathing was getting faster and heavier. He was close to cumming. I kept sucking him off, fastly moving his cock in and out, grunting as I did. Suddenly, Dad grabbed my head and pushed me all the way down, moaning as he did. “Fuck yeahhh! Take that seed, boy!” I panted as he came in my mouth, holding my head in place. Eventually he let go, leaning back and panting as I slid off and caught my breath, swallowing his massive load. Dad whistled and slowly jerked his dick, still hard. I wiped my mouth and pecked his cheek, making him grin. I sat back, still catching my breath. “Happy Father’s Day, Dad.” “Happy Father’s Day, boy.” ———- And that’s it! (For now) Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed, then please email me and let me know! Do you think I should I continue this? Let me know! Coming up, I’ll be continuing my Helping Hunter series (check the highschool section), and I have an ultra-raunchy series called Dirty Coach in the works. It means so much to me that I have people who actively read my stories and tell me what they think. Y’all mean the world to me.

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