Father’s Day


My wife is 39, I’m 38, and we’ve been married for almost fifteen years. The years have been good to my wife. She works hard at her job as a cement truck driver and the physical side of it; the heat and the sweat and being on the move all day, really pays off. She’s the same weight as the day we got married, only somehow her boobs seem to be bigger; I distinctly remember her as a 34C and these days she’s a 36D.

I know her measurements because I like to buy lingerie for her and bless her heart, she likes to wear it for me. Not all the time, but as a reward for when I’ve been good. I always try to be good because I like the rewards; I do all my chores around the house on time, I snare good business deals and bring home the dough. I’m a lucky guy and I love my wife a lot, and I like the goodies she throws in when she wears the sexy lingerie I buy for her.

I’m not talking whips and chains here or anything, and I’m not talking all the feathers and lace and deedle-balls they drape the models with at Victoria’s. My wife sports the sexiest panties, the most miniscule of thongs, and she has a collection of lacy see-thru negligees. Certainly not the rudest stuff you see the porn chicks strutting around in but definitely sexier than what Church Lady across the street climbs into for HER hubby (I don’t even want to IMAGINE . . .) My wife has the sleek body to go with the outfits, besides.

Our sex life is good — I’d be a fool to complain. Like in any marriage, we’ve gone through our dry spells, but for the most part Wifey worships my cock on a regular basis. She’s even been willing to watch porn with me from time to time — not on a regular basis but every now and then to help set the mood.

One of the things Wifey learned from watching porn is shaving for me ‘down there’. I’m really appreciative of this. Wifey keeps her pussy trimmed down into a narrow strip, shaved completely bald from the clit on down. What little pubic hair she has is closely cropped, no more than a 1/4 inch, a nice little patch of silky fur.

Way back when I first introduced my wife to porn, I had to be careful to pick out the right videotapes that weren’t too way out there. I mean, the rudest stuff with endless vignettes of women şişli üniversiteli escort taking it up the ass or having their faces totally splattered would be a bit over the top to say the least.

For our special ‘movie nights’ Wifey would climb into something slinky and we’d cozy up on the sofa to watch a ‘couples’ type video, stuff that’s almost soft-core in nature. Wifey found she appreciated ogling beautiful nude women in all their natural glory just as much anybody.

This has never been a usual thing, maybe three or four times a year. In between the sex is good, far from vanilla-flavored. It’s just that we don’t overdo it with pushing it to the edge. It makes those Special Nights all the more special.

The further we’ve gotten into our marriage, however, it seems the kinkier and more perverted the porn needs to be. Nowadays the wife watches porn to pick up pointers and check out the latest perverted techniques, as much as a mood setter. A beautiful nude just isn’t enough for her anymore, she needs to see some action. The women need to be either diddling it outright or taking a pounding, sucking cock and getting cummed on, you know the deal.

As for my part, what’s been turning me on lately is the ‘mature’ genre; women wearing their hair up in pigtails, to be specific. When a good looking older woman does her hair up in pigtails like a cheerleader, this really sends me.

I’m talking women in their forties or fifties, naked, doing all sorts of horny activities – legs spread wide, fingerfucking themselves or dildo-ing themselves or on their knees gobbling on the knob, WHATEVER – with their hair done like pre-pubescent teenyboppers.

Maybe it’s the complete contrast there, the total dichotomy of it all. There’s a certain naughty taboo, it’s a statement if you will, when a mature woman wears her hair in a style that’s so totally on the other end of the spectrum. There’s a certain message, like, “I’m a totally sexual being and I’m in heat right now.”

I mean, don’t get me wrong here; I’m really appreciative of all the hot and slutty things my wife does for me. I just love it when she worships my cock and says all kinds of slutty taksim anal yapan escort things in between slurping on the pole. She’s willing to bring me to completion orally, and we’ve gotten to the point where she even lets me cum on her face, I kid you not. But somehow this is not enough.

Pigtails, I want the pigtails. A hot looking older woman with her hair up in pigtails, that really does it for me. It seems a harmless enough kink, so what’s the big deal, right?

I have openly shared this fantasy with the wife; she just thinks I’m a typically crazy perverted male coming down with a case of the middle-aged hornies. I’m beginning to believe she might be on to something there. Unfortunately she refuses outright to cater to my pigtail kink — “Not no, but FUCK no!”

I guess she feels that it’s demeaning somehow. As opposed to our usual perverted themes where she’s the sexual Goddess, she seems to feel that by putting her hair up in pigtails she’d be entering the realm of humiliation. She is unwilling to demote herself to some lesser form of sex object — now hold that thought for a moment.

Well I guess wisdom comes with age. I recently picked up one of those self-help relationship books — something I’d have never done in a million years in my younger days, and right away I picked up on a technique for getting her in the mood. A woman needs kind words, not just actions — I mean, blinding flash of the obvious here, right? — and so if I sweet talk her I’ll get her feeling all clammy inside, and then good things come . . .

It came to be that we were sitting around on the deck, enjoying the cool of the evening, listening to the birds roost in the trees and the sound of the little artificial waterfall I put in on the other side of the pool. I held my wife’s hand and said nice things, lovely things about how much I love her, how much she’s the meaning of my life, how I’d be nothing without her, you know the deal. And the kicker is I meant everything I said.

Well Wifey got all goose-bumply and she was smiling wide and loving it. She finally got up and we held each other and hugged and kissed a little bit, until she looked up at me with a cheeky taksim bdsm escort look in her eye and said, “Oh, I know why you’re being so nice to me — you want something special for Father’s Day, don’t you?”

Something about me, I never know what to say when somebody asks me what I want – for Christmas, for my birthday, for whatever — so when Wifey asked me right out of the blue what I wanted for Father’s Day I was my usual nonplussed self. “Uh . . . oh . . . I dunno . . .”

“You want me to do kinky, nasty sex to you like the porn girls do, don’t you?” she said with a leer.

“Well, uh, now that you mention it, that WOULD be kind of nice.”

“You want me to dress up in stockings and heels and be your whore, fuck you like a hooker, don’t you?”

“Heh, heh, you know me too well, Hon.” I brushed a strand of hair out of her face as I said this and tucked it behind her ear, and as I did this wide-eyed look came across her face.

“OH! You want me to wear my hair up in PIGTAILS, don’t you?”

I swear, I wasn’t even THINKING of the pigtail thing, I was just lovingly lifting a strand of my wife’s hair with my fingertips, but the second she brought it up I could think of nothing else. “W-e-l-l . . . only if you’re, you know, OKAY with it . . .”

“OK let me see if I have this straight: you want me to give you a blowjob with my hair done up in pigtails?” At this point I couldn’t believe my ears but the best was yet to come. “What if I dress up for you like a really horny, dirty little schoolgirl in little white over-the-knee stockings and a pair of those strappy patent leather shoes, with a pleated plaid miniskirt – no panties, of course – so you can fuck me while I’m still wearing it?”

“Well I don’t want you to do anything you’re UNCOMFORTABLE with, Honey . . .”

There was a bit of a pause while Wifey did a bit of soul searching — we were still in each other’s arms at this point. I was getting totally hard at the thought of her FINALLY going for the pigtails, mind you, and she could feel my boner pressing right against her.

“Okay,” she said with a little tentative nod of her head. “I’ll do it for you, Honey. You’ve been such a good Husby (that’s what she calls me) I’ll do my hair up in pigtails for you, and all that other horny stuff.”

I guess I better not tell her that all I was really counting on was a set of ratchet-drive socket spanners in the larger sizes, standard and metric. I can either do without, or go out and buy those for myself any time. Pigtails, though . . . now that IS something special . . .

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