Fay Ch. 03


Reading the previous chapters of this story will get you up to date with the story line and people. Strong sexual content.

The days past quickly and Fay was busier than ever. There seemed to be no shortage of war injuries involving amputated arms, and legs, on both males and females. Fay’s specialty at the VA hospital was teaching arm amputees how to use their prosthesis. Her right arm was gone along with part of the shoulder and her right leg was paralyzed and shortened from bomb fragments. She had quite a few new patients and was not able to spend a lot of time with Tim during the day but she often stayed after work helping him eat. He did not require a lot of help now as he had learned how to use his left above elbow prosthetic very well. She got very wet a lot of the times watching him use it.

She and Tim had become lovers and he had been home with her on a pass one time so far. She masturbated him often, either with her hand or the hooks on her prosthesis, if she had it on when visiting him. While at her house, she had trouble taking care of him since he was a quad amputee with legs missing at his hips, his right arm gone at the shoulder and his left arm above his elbow. He really had nothing to work with and with Fay being so crippled also, she was not sure about their future. She knew she did care for him a lot though.

Margo had called and was doing great out of the hospital and wanted to know when they could get together. Fay suggested she come to her place for dinner on Friday and Margo said that would be great.

Fay had a new patient to see this afternoon and went up on the floor. She knocked on the closed door and a voice said come in. Janice was in a bed with the head rolled up some. Fay went in and introduced herself and they chatted a while about where all they had been in the military. She was in the Air Force and Fay was Army. Fay got down to business and told her why she was there, to get her fitted with an arm prosthesis and teach her how to use it. Janice said ok but was hesitant. Fay had noticed and asked why. Janis started crying and said she did not think it would make much difference as badly crippled as she was.

Fay asked what she meant and Janice said pull the sheet back and look. Her left leg was in a full leg cast and the foot was missing. Her right leg, hip bone, and pelvis were gone, a hemipelvectomy. Janice said her right kidney, spleen, uterus, fallopian tube, right labia, buttock and a lot of skin was also gone along with injuries to her bowel. Her right arm had been broken and the left arm was gone above the elbow. Fay could see where chest tubes had been along with a colostomy. All were closed now and except for the leg still being in a cast, she was mostly healed, at least as much as she was going to be. A urinary catheter ran to a bag.

Fay asked about her leg and Janice said they still had more surgery to do on it. Fay was quiet and after a pause, Janice said she just wished it was gone like her other one was. Fay did not have her prosthesis on and removed her lab coat so Janice could see how badly she was injured also. Fay knew she could also see her shortened, crippled leg encased in her leg brace and stilt. She scooted her chair closer to the bed and took hold of Janice’s hand in hers. She looked at her and then asked if she had talked to her doctor about that. Janice got a surprised look on her face and asked what do you mean? Fay took a breath wondering if she should get into this discussion. She then told Janice it was her body and she could decide what was done with it and she did not have to go along with everything that was done to her.

Janice digested this for a few minutes then said you mean that I could stop the surgeries, and then she paused for a few seconds, have it removed. Fay just nodded her head. Janice asked if Fay thought she would ever be able to walk on it and Fay said she had no way of knowing. Yes she could be fitted with a foot prosthesis, but would the leg be able to work was anyone’s guess. Janice just looked at her and Fay could tell she was really thinking. Fay finally asked more about her leg and she said that both the upper and lower bones were shattered. Fay asked if she knew how high the breaks went and Janice said she had been told her femur was shattered about 2/3’s of the way up. The patella (knee cap) had also been blown away.

Fay asked what she thought she would like to have done. Janice immediately said amputate it at the broken part of her femur and get it over with. Janice said she did not mind being an amputee and started to say something else but stopped, smiling. Fay said then why don’t you tell the doctor that. Janice said can I, and Fay said you bet you can! Janice then asked her if she would help her and Fay said that was what she was here for and would be glad to. Janice asked if she would be there when she talked with the doctor and Fay said she would. Fay knew the doctor and that she would understand but did not tell Janice that, she wanted her to learn to bornova escort stand on her own two feet, pardon the pun.

Fay found out the approximate time the doctor made rounds and would arrange to be there for moral support. She told Janice they would wait for a while to start on her arm project. They hugged and Fay left. Luckily that had been her last patient so she stopped to see Tim and he was just finishing up eating. He looked proud that he had done it by himself. She had not put her lab coat on and Tim said she looked very sexy that way pointing his hooks at her empty shoulder. She looked down at it and said she thought so also and kissed him. He nudged her breast with his hooks as they kissed.

She finally forced herself away from his hooks and said she needed to get going as she had to stop at the store as Margo was going to be there for dinner tomorrow night. He asked if he could be there again sometime and Fay said you bet, I will get an order for a pass going. She whispered in his ear that she needed another great fucking like he gave her the last time, kissed him and said good night. She went straight to her car and on to the store. She used her wheelchair there and got lots of smiles and looks. She got her stuff and a sacker helped her out to her van putting the bag on the passenger seat. Fay noticed he watched closely as she got in.

At home she put the bag on her lap and wheeled up to her apartment. After putting things away she headed to the bedroom to undress and then into the shower. She washed good and decided she would wait and shave good Friday. She dried and got back in her wheelchair and to the bedroom. She put an old sleeveless shirt on and headed back to the kitchen and fixed a bit of dinner. After dinner she called Margo and Fay told her what she had planned for dinner and was it all ok. Margo said it sounded great and to not go to a lot of trouble. They finished up and Fay headed to her bedroom to watch TV.

The next day she planned to be up with Janice and had another patient on the same floor. She asked the nurse to let her know when the doctor got there. Just as she was getting finished with that patient the nurse said the doctor was on the floor. Fay went to Janice’s room and told her to relax. She suggested a question Janice might ask the doctor and the doctor soon came in the room. After asking Janice how things were Janice asked if they could talk. The doctor said sure and pulled a chair over to the bed and sat. Fay and the doctor had winked at each other out of sight of Janice. She asked the doctor if her body was spending a lot of time and energy trying to heal her badly broken leg.

The doctor agreed it was. Janice looked at Fay then the doctor, chewing her lip, and finally said she did not want anymore surgery to try and fix or save her leg; amputate it at the end of the upper femur fracture and get it over with. The doctor only hesitated a few seconds and asked her if she was sure and Janice said very sure. The doctor said she agreed with the decision and she was glad Janice had spoken up; it made her job a lot easier. She told Janice she could do it this afternoon, was that too soon. Her jaw dropped and then she said absolutely not, the sooner the better! The doctor told her to not eat or drink anything else today and did she have any other questions. Janice said no and thank you very much. She held out her one arm and she and the doctor hugged. Fay mouthed a thank you to her on her way out.

Fay went over to the bed and they hugged and Janice started crying. Fay held her for a little longer then looked into her face. She asked if she was ok and Janice said she was great, I did not realize it would be that easy. Fay said no problem, you should always be open and honest with your doctor and if they won’t talk straight with you, find another one. Fay said she had to get back to work but would see her before she went. Fay stuck her head in to say hello to Tim and headed back down to the department.

Mark came in for his last session as he was being transferred to a hospital near his home. They went through one last round of exercises with both of his arms and Fay gave him a big hug. She asked him to keep in touch and let her know how he was doing. Fay grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed back up to Janice’s room. The nurse was just going over the operative paperwork and Fay signed as a witness for her. After she left, Fay asked how Janice was doing. She said great and Fay noticed she seemed to slur her words a little. The nurse must have given her the pre op shot to relax her. Fay said can I ask you a question and Janice nodded her head yes. Fay said you want to be a double amputee don’t you.

Janice got a big smile on her face and said yes, she did. Fay said I thought so after what you did not say earlier. She added she saw nothing wrong with it she was just sorry she had to go through all the pain she had gone through. Janice said no problem, it was worth it and after I get this last bostancı escort one over with I am looking forward to more with you. Fay understood her meaning and said so am I. Two corpsmen from surgery came in about that time and said it was time to go. They were going to push her bed down to save the pain of moving her to a cart. The headed out and Fay said she would see her later.

She went to her last patient of the day but the prosthetic lab had not delivered his new arm yet so they just did some strengthening exercises. Since this was her last patient for the day she went to Tim’s room to see how he was doing. He was gone somewhere so she left him a note, went back down to the department and put her stuff away and headed home. She got some dinner started then headed for her bedroom, got undressed and into the bathroom. She got the water adjusted then washed good. She shaved her legs and pussy and douched good for Margo. She was wet just thinking about her.

After she dried off she did not put any makeup on and ran her hand through her short hair. She put on her shirt and left it unbuttoned and decided she was going to stay in her wheelchair tonight. She got some more food for dinner going and the door bell rang. Margo came in and as Fay had figured barley had any clothing on. Her jean shorts were very short and frayed. Her camel toe was very obvious and the t-shirt she had on was also very short and tight across her big breasts. Fay laughed as she said looks like you are ready for business. Margo said well I have more on than you do as she used her hooks to pull open Fay’s shirt and clamped on to her nipple. Fay said she would give her an hour to stop that. Margo pulled off the hard nipple without opening the hooks and said times up.

They headed to the kitchen and Fay had cold iced tea ready. Margo helped her get things ready and on the table and they sat down and ate. Fay loved watching Margo use her prosthetic arm with hooks on her left arm and Margo loved watching Fay only use only one arm to do things with. Margo had been left handed so she used her hooks most of the time to do things. Tonight her right hand stayed in her lap all the time. There was not much said between them, just their eyes looking into each other’s. As soon as they were done eating Margo got up and pushed Fay’s wheelchair to the bedroom.

Margo used her hooks to remove Fay’s shirt and Fay pulled Margo’s shorts down and her top over her head. Margo kneeled down and Fay removed her prosthetic arm. Margo got onto bed and Fay removed her left prosthetic leg and then Margo watched Fay struggle to transfer from her wheelchair to the bed, her paralyzed right leg just flopping around. As Fay got close enough, Margo took hold of the leg with her one hand and started rubbing it all over. It was very thin as all of the muscles had atrophied. It was over three inches shorter than the left leg. Fay moaned in pleasure as she watched Margo’s hand stimulate her.

Next Margo slowly moved her hand up Fay’s side to her nice large 36D breast. Margo fingered the few scars left from the shrapnel that had blown Fay’s arm off and damaged her leg so bad. Fay shuddered at her touch. Margo next moved her hand up to the empty shoulder, or what was left of it, and she massaged the whole area. Fay finally came as Margo’s touch rubbed over the scars and pushed into the partial socket. They grinned at each other and Fay fell over on to her back her useless right leg flopping wide open leaving her dripping, shaved cunt open for Margo to feast upon. She wasted no time in doing so.

After several cums Fay finally blacked out as Margo sucked her whole clit area into her mouth and used her teeth to gently bite her very large, engorged, protruding clit. She came to a few seconds later with her own hand squeezing her breast tightly. Margo was grinning up at her from between her legs with cum all over her face. Fay beckoned her up and they kissed passionately for a while. Fay had hold of Margo’s short leg stump and was massaging it and pushing on the femur bone end through the end flap. Margo was lying on Fay’s paralyzed leg and started humping it rubbing her clit hard on the upper leg bone. Margo had lifted her head from Fay’s lips and was staring into her eyes panting hard. Fay let loose of the stump and quickly slid three fingers into Margo’s very wet cunt and started fucking her G-spot. Margo immediately came big time.

They both fell asleep for a few minutes then Margo rolled over on her back. Looking at Fay she said that was the best yet. Fay just nodded her head and rolled over to kiss her. Margo finally said she had better get up and on her way home. The both sat up, played with each other’s arm stumps and finally Margo put her prosthetic leg and arm on and got dressed. Fay enjoyed watching her do it. When she was dressed, Fay got into her wheelchair and went to the door with her. They kissed good night and Margo headed home. Fey went to the bathroom and back buca escort into bed.

After she got in bed she called the floor that Janice was on to check and see how she was after her surgery. Luckily a nurse she knew answered the phone and gave her the information that she was doing very well, was awake and had eaten a little. Fay asked her to let Janice know she had called asking about her and the nurse said she would do so right now. Fay thanked her and hung up. She turned the lights out and lay there thinking about all of her different lovers.

On Monday morning she went into work early and up to see Janice. She was awake and they hugged. Janice folded the sheet back showing off her truncated body. Her freshly amputated leg was still wrapped in a large dressing with an ace bandage about it. Janice said looks great doesn’t it and Fay had to agree as she felt herself get wet. It was also the first time that Fay had seen her hemipelvectomy to really look at it, and Fay felt it was both a very ugly and sexy sight. She asked Janice if she could look closer and she said sure. There were lots of scars all over the place. Janice looked at Fay and said not a very pretty sight is it. Fay, slightly smiling, said depends on your point of view. Janice grinned back at her nodding her head indicating she got her meaning.

Fay said she needed to get to work and they hugged and she left. She stuck her head in to say hello to Tim and that she would see him later in the afternoon. She got back downstairs and it was a busy morning. In the afternoon she checked Tim’s chart and the doctor had given him another pass. She went in to tell time and he seemed to be very upset. Fay asked what the matter was and he told her they were transferring him back to his home state and that his uncle had agreed to look after him. Fay went over to the bed and sat on the side taking hold of his arm stump not knowing what to say. She finally asked when and he said around 10 days to 2 weeks from now. She told him about the pass and said that this Sunday would be a good day for him to come to her place. He asked if she was sure and she said you bet I am.

She gave him a kiss and headed to her next patient. She had to really concentrate on what she was doing as Tim was on her mind. After work she went back up to his room and watched him as he fed himself with his hook arm. She gave him some tips that helped but they were both very quiet. She finally asked him what he wanted for dinner on Sunday and they figured out a menu. They finally said good night to each other and Fay left. She stopped in Janice’s room and said good night to her. She asked if they could get her arm ordered tomorrow and Fay said she would do that for sure.

Fay got home and took her shower and went to bed. She lay there thinking about Tim and after several hours of no sleep came to the conclusion that his moving on was the best thing for both of them. They were both severely crippled and even though she cared a great deal for him she knew in her heart she was not physically able to take care of him. She was sure that as good a person that he was, he would not have any trouble meeting someone in his home area. She knew the therapist at the hospital he was going to and she would call her and have her look out for someone for him.

After only a few hours of sleep she got up and to work getting her day started. She finally got up to the floor and stopped in to see Tim first. He seemed to be feeling better about things and said he was glad to be headed back to familiar country. Fay gave him encouragement and told him about knowing the therapist there and would call her. He perked up at the “her” and they grinned at each other. She left and headed to Janice to get her started on her arm. A man from the prosthetics lab was to meet her and get Janice measured and a stump cast made. He got there at the same time and Fay introduced them. He made the cast first then took measurements next. Fay wrote things down for him and helped Janice understand the different things she could have on the arm.

Janice said she was not really interested in a fancy, complicated one, just hooks would be fine. They got all the details worked out and he left. Fay did some strengthening exercises and asked her to keep working on them several times a day. Fay had brought up a sandbag with a loop on it to fit over the stump end. She asked how her leg stump was and Janice said great, the doctor had changed the dressings and it looked great. She was so glad the leg was gone as she could move around so much better and had even been out of bed already with just a touch of pain being the main thing now. She was off the pain killers and felt much better.

Fay said she was glad to hear all was going good now. She asked Janice if there was anything she could get her and Janice said yes, would she mind finding a couple of night gowns so she could get rid of the hospital gown. Fay laughed and said she would be glad to, she must be feeling better today. On the way home she stopped at the mall and using her wheelchair, went to the store she knew she could find just what she wanted. After she got home she fixed a bite to eat and since it was Friday night just relaxed with a movie for a while. She took her shower then got in bed and called Margo to catch up on the week.

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