Subject: Feel better buddy My name is Gloria, I’m 24 yrs old about 5ft 4inches and about 110lbs. I’m half mexican half white so I have a nice olive tone with jet black hair I keep in ringlets. Most people say I look Italian or Greek. My best friend Susan looks a lot different, but is also very pretty. She’s tall blonde and has great blue eyes. Me and Susan are very close, we even joked that if we ever had a lesbian experience it would be with each other. I thought that was only a joke until one night a few weeks ago. Susan came over to my apartment one night drunk and crying, she said her boyfriend had just dumped her. After another hour of drinking, laughing and crying, I talked Susan into going to take a shower and stay at my place for the night. When she came out of the bathroom she was wearing the same thing kocaeli escort I was, just a tee shirt and panties. We were sitting on the couch when Susan asked could she lay her head in my lap and take a nap, of course I told her that was fine. After a few minutes she rolled over with her eyes closed and had her face pushed against my pussy. The panties I had on were silk and very thin. As she breathed in and out I could feel her hot breath against my pussy. I could feel myself getting wet. I knew my clit was swelling up, and all I could think about was rubbing it and getting myself off but I did not want to wake Susan up. Susan had moved her legs around so that her tee shirt was now waist high, and to my surprise she was wearing a g string. I slowly ran my fingers between her ass cheeks; it felt so warm and so sexy. izmit escort Gently I ran my fingers under her g sting and around to her pussy lips. I was so excited to find out that she was really wet. I started rubbing her clit in a circular motion with my index and middle finger, while at the same time I let my thumb penetrate her pussy. After only a minute Susan was breathing heavy and staring to moan. Susans face was still pushed against my crotch, so with my other hand I slid my panties to one side. Now her lips were pressed against my pussy lips. With her eyes still closed she started making out with my pussy. It was like she thought she was kissing someone in the mouth but it was my pussy instead. I could feel her pussy walls staring to constrict against my thumb that was inserted. At darıca escort the same time she started sucking hard on my clit and I could feel myself cumming. Susan was cumming also, and I could hear her moans load even though by this time she had a mouth full of pussy. After we both came she sat up and we started kissing. We pulled each others shirts off and started sucking each others nipples. Her breast were about 2 sized bigger that my and it felt great and unusual to hold them in my hands to squeze. After a few minutes of that we were in a 69 position, with myself on top. Susan when from licking my pussy to licking my asshole. At first this felt weird and kind of embarrassing, but soon it started feeling so great I did not want her to stop. I had 4 orgasms that night and I think she had about the same. I has not happened again so far but I sure am hoping. Please e-mail me and let me know what you think of my story. I would love to hear what you think, and perhaps stories of you own. Hasta otro dia, or until another day! Love Glogirl69

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