Feelin’ Lucky


As we walked off the crowded dance floor I asked if I could buy her a drink.

She quickly gave me the once over. “Yeah, sure,” she replied with a smile. I guided her to the last pair of empty stools at the bar. “Captain and Coke,” she said as the heavy-set bartender approached. He nodded and looked at me as I fumbled for my wallet.

“Bourbon, rocks,” I said.

“You’re a great dancer,” I said, trying to make small talk while we waited for the drinks.

She looked me in the eyes and smiled. “Thank you,” she replied appreciatively, as though she had heard that for the very first time. She had pretty blue eyes and long blonde hair, which she had to frequently brush away from her face. Her makeup was very subtle and tasteful, preferring to accentuate her features as opposed to grab your attention from across a crowded bar. I’m usually partial to brunettes, but she didn’t exactly look like the typical blonde bimbette that are a-dime-a-dozen in the clubs. Her small perky breasts, which I happen to find very attractive, and heart-shaped ass are what originally caught my gaze, but I had noticed too that she was alone, making her perhaps my best chance of getting any this night.

The bartender set our drinks before us. I picked mine up, taking a quick sip, letting it coat my tongue briefly before swallowing. I watched as she lifted her glass and pursed her lips around the swizzle straw. My mind’s eye, naturally, replaced the straw with my cock, and I had to smile. “Don’t take this the wrong way,” she said, setting her drink back down on the bar and turning to me, “but you could use a little work with yours.” Her pleasant smile conveyed that she wasn’t trying to be mean, just offering some genuine constructive feedback.

“My dancing?” I acknowledged with a laugh, “really sucks!” “There are trees that have better moves than me,” I said, trying to be funny. She started to giggle at my attempt at humor. “Seriously,” I continued, leaning close to her and lowering my voice as if to make a confession that I didn’t want overheard. “I paid a guy $1000 once to chop one down after it showed me up at my prom.” I took her pleasant laughter as an invitation to continue. “Yeah, my date dumped me, went home with the tree, and I never got laid that night. He took my money but never did the job. Last I heard, they got married, moved to California, and were the proud parents of twin shrubberies.”

Her giggles were infectious, and I found myself laughing along at my own joke. She placed her slender hand on my arm and leaned close to whisper in my ear. “I hope you fuck better than you dance,” she said invitingly.

I leaned back, looking at her with widened eyes, taken a bit off guard by her bold statement. I wasn’t sure whether that was meant as a proposition or as another bit of constructive criticism, but there was only one way to find out. “Absolutely!” I replied, “Nothing I do is as bad as my dancing.”

“Good! You want to get out of here then?” she asked seductively.

“Let’s,” I replied eagerly before downing my bourbon in one quick swallow. I watched as she chugged the rest of her near full drink. She set her empty glass down and wiped away the drop that escaped the corner of her mouth with her index finger. I wondered why that always looked so sexy.

I walked her to her car and agreed to follow her back to her place. I glanced quickly at my watch as I started my car. “Only 10:30?” I thought to myself, having never had an offer this early in the evening, “That’s a record!”

I parked my car in the closest open spot to hers, which was three cars behind her. She stood next to her car and watched as I approached. “Thank you for the compliment,” she cooed as I got within earshot. I looked at her quizzically, as I hadn’t said anything yet. I blushed as she nodded toward the bulge that had become more visible than I had thought in the front of my khakis.

She took my hand and led me inside her apartment building. It was an old building but was very well maintained I noticed, as I surveyed the halls and stairs that led to her place. Once inside, I had to nod approvingly, as it was much brighter than I would have expected in a building it’s age, and very tasteful in it’s décor. The masculine touches, however, caused me pause. I hadn’t met many women who had an electric bass and amp in the corner of their living room, or a necktie draped over a dining room chair.

She noticed my concerned expression as she dropped her pocketbook on the dining room table and saw me eyeing the tie. “Yes,” she confessed, “I have a boyfriend. He’s out with his buddies, somewhere between Hooters and the sports bar they hang out at. We have some time.” Noticing that my expression had not eased, she continued, “I just found out he’s been fucking one of my girlfriends so I may as well have a little fun of my own…if you’re still interested?” With that she reached down and caressed my cock through my pants. That was about all the konuşanlar izle convincing I needed, and we kissed wetly as she reached inside my pocket and adjusted my cock, allowing it to swell to usable proportions.

She led me into her bedroom, stopping at the foot of her bed. She ran her hands down my body as she sunk slowly to her knees. She unbuttoned my shirt, then my pants and carefully slid them down. She pulled the waist of my boxers away from my body, using her thumb to push my stiff cock toward my belly, and eased them expertly down to my knees. “Oooh, that’s a pretty cock!” she purred, as she admired it, standing tall and proud in it’s naked glory. She gently brushed her hand over my clean-shaven balls and neatly trimmed pubes, apparently appreciating my grooming skills.

I’m not overly blessed downstairs, exactly average actually, judging from the statistics I’ve read, but from a purely aesthetic point of view, I’m pretty happy with my equipment. Thankfully there are no unusual curves, bends, or blemishes to worry about, though I, like every other guy who’s not endowed with Peter North-like proportions, still certainly wouldn’t have minded having a bit more of the right tool for the job, so to speak.

She wrapped her slender fingers loosely around my shaft and stroked it slowly as she reached her other hand between my legs, cupping my heavy balls in her soft palm. I watched as she caressed every inch of my equipment with her lovely eyes, as though she were admiring a sleek sports car or beautiful work of art.

“I’ve never been with anyone before that wasn’t…au natural,” she said looking up at me with sultry eyes, “Very sexy!” I smiled in response to her to compliment. If nothing else, she sure was good for my ego. With one hand still wrapped around my cock, she slid the fingers of her other hand behind my balls, supporting them as she leaned close. Still holding my gaze, she extended her tongue and began teasing them with the moist tip. The sensation immediately sent shivers through me. With short, sweeping, side-to-side motions, she lightly caressed them. An involuntary moan escaped my dry lips, prompting her to smile. I reached out to her, tenderly cupping her face in my hand, my thumb caressing her earlobe while her soft tresses fell gently around my fingers.

Letting my heavy balls swing free, she moved her hand to the outside of my thigh. She paused only briefly to moisten her tongue and ever so slowly licked a straight line up the underside of my swollen manhood from my balls to the sensitive ridge beneath the tip. Her eyes sparkled brightly and she smiled as the velvety head disappeared into her hot, wet mouth. My eyes closed, and my face contorted into a grimace as every nerve was suddenly stimulated through her talented touch. Her lips firmly locked below the flared tip of my cock, she slowly flicked her tongue all over it, and at that moment, every cell in my body seemed to be inside her mouth, as if being awakened from a long, dormant sleep and coming alive as never before.

I moaned and watched as she eased more of me between her soft, sensuous lips, holding my ass with her hands, stopping only when I felt myself brush the back of her throat. Her gag reflex kicked in mildly, but she never backed off a bit. Suddenly I felt myself being bathed in a flood of hot saliva. She withdrew from me slowly and relaxed her lips just enough to allow a tiny stream of spittle to leak out, run down my shaft, and drip from my balls. When she allowed me to slip free from her lips, a large drop of clear saliva dribbled down her chin. She smiled seductively, not bothering to wipe it away, as her hand glided effortlessly up and down my slick, engorged member.

I had left my house hoping to get lucky, and it seemed that I had somehow hit the lucky lottery. Whoever had taught her to give head had done well, and for several minutes I enjoyed one of the most incredible, sloppily wet, blowjobs I’ve ever had, but if I didn’t stop her, and soon, she was going to have a mouthful of more than just a good helping of throbbing gristle. I placed my hands under her arms and lifted gently. She took the hint, grazing her teeth lightly up the length of my dick as it slipped free of her incredible mouth, and slowly rose to her feet, taking time to tease my navel, and my sensitive nipples as she passed. I kissed her wetly, sucking briefly on her pouty lower lip, while I lifted her clingy knit top up over her head and off her slender, raised arms, baring her petite, braless boobs. I kissed my way from her lips, to her chin and neck, a finally down between her creamy white tits. Placing my arm around her waist I held her firmly to me as I teased the dark brown peaks of her nipples with the tip of my tongue, feeling them stiffen quickly from the attention.

She reached down and slid her skirt and g-string down over her hips while I explored her lovely tits. My hand dropped to her fabulous, kulüp izle now bare, bottom, so warm and soft to the touch, as I helped her off with the last of her clothes. I kicked off my shoes and stripped off my clothes. I eased her back onto the bed, kneeling between her legs, admiring the perfectly shaped landing strip of golden hair that ended abruptly above her clit, and the soft pink petals of her inflamed labia peeking eagerly from her slit.

She relaxed back on the bed as I leaned forward planting a kiss on the inside of her toned, shapely thigh, then another, and another, inching ever closer to her steamy core with each subsequent kiss. As I kissed one particularly sensitive spot on her thigh, less than an inch below her anxious pussy, she inhaled sharply and her body tensed as though a bolt of electricity had shot through her. One of her hands shot out, entangling her fingers in my hair. I could only hope for a similar reaction when my tongue parted her silky folds.

I often wondered; if I had to make a choice, and could only do one or the other for the rest of my life, could I choose between fucking and eating pussy? It was no contest. Having my face slick with fresh woman-juice, while she writhed screaming and clawing at me, won out every time. There are other ways for me to get off, but there was no bigger turn-on in the world than having a woman completely lose control of herself while I feasted upon her kitty. There were, of course, purely selfish reasons that factored in as well. I absolutely adored the taste of women, their scent when aroused, the incredibly soft, satiny texture of their flesh on my tongue and fingers…

Her fingers still clutching my hair, I finally reached the spot we both sought. I lightly probed the crease between her thigh and her fleshy vulva with my tongue. Her fingers clenched a bit tighter. I licked my lips and kissed her just above and to the right of her slit, and both of her hands grasped at my head. When I blew lightly on her parted folds, her back arched and she mashed my face into her delightful, steamy crotch. The sheer sudden force with which she drew me in buried my nose between her slick lips. Not being one to complain about being nose-deep in a woman whose name I didn’t even know, I didn’t try to pull away, and instead I stuck out my tongue and teased the sensitive patch of skin between her dripping cunt and her rectum.

Her soft moans of delight echoed in my ears as she crossed her ankles behind my neck, her thighs splayed widely, her firm calves warm on my shoulders. Her fingers released their intense grip on my head and slid up her naked body to her breasts. She brushed her fingers across the large erect buttons, the tiny nerves inside sending tiny electrical impulses straight to her creamy snatch, releasing a torrent of delicious fluid upon my probing tongue. My taste buds responded joyfully and my mouth began to water in earnest. I fucked her as deeply as I could with my tongue, eager to taste every heavenly drop of her nectar, while she twisted her large, stiff nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

I reached up along the bed, taking her hands in mine, interlacing my fingers with hers. I sucked her large, puffy labia into my mouth, teasing them with rapid flicks of my tongue. Her fingers straightened between mine as I freed her lips from my busy mouth, and her nails dug painfully into the back of my hands as I licked her swollen clit. Her moans grew louder, and breath shallower, as I furiously flicked at her little nub with the lightest, barely there, touches I could muster. Her rapturous moans grew into one long, primal scream as her climax built and crested, her sexy legs quivering on my shoulders, my own hands seemingly screaming out along with her as her nails pierced my skin, small droplets of fresh blood trickling out and staining the back of my hands.

I ceased my oral assault on her, knowing her clit would be supersensitive as her orgasm passed, allowing her to ride out the last few blissful waves, and watched as the pleasure-pain contortions on her face began to fade. Her chest rose and fell violently as she struggled to catch her breath.

Long moments passed before she was able to speak. Finally she broke the silence, still panting, “Baby…you may not be…able to dance…but…fuck!!!!”

I smiled, taking that as a compliment. She released her death grip on my hands, which had become numb. I looked at them and chuckled, “Hey, any night I end up clawed and bleeding is a good night. Beat’s the hell out of dancing any day.”

She bolted upright. “You’re bleeding?!”, she cried. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” she said, spying my injured hands.

“‘Tis but a flesh wound,” I said in my best British accent.

She gingerly held my hands to her lips and kissed my wounds, licking my crimson blood from her lips. She looked into my eyes and responded jokingly, in an accent far better than mine, “Shall I lady voyeur izle bite your bloody legs off then?” I laughed loudly, rather surprised that my Monty Python reference wasn’t lost on her. “Or would you rather fuck me hard and fast, my brave Sir Knight?” she continued with a grin, still maintaining her accent. My erection bobbed slightly as we laughed at our shared joke.

Rather than utter a reply, I climbed up on the bed. She pretended to retreat, playing the demure maiden as I crawled toward her on all fours. I took her lips in mine as I straddled her on my hands and knees, easing her onto her back. She wrapped her arms and legs around me as I entered her. Slowly, gently, I filled her with my manhood, our lips still locked in a wet, passionate embrace. She felt so incredibly soft and warm as she enveloped me in her tender flesh. Our bodies rocked together in a quiet rhythm as we caressed each other with exploring hands, lost in each other as if nothing existed outside our intimate bond. Our hips ground gently together with each even thrust, her clit being pressed firmly against the bone at the base of my cock. In time, our non-stop kiss grew sloppy as our need to breathe intensified.

“I…wanna…watch,” she panted, trying to catch her breath. I broke my explorations of her sensuous lips, raised myself up on my hands, and looked at her, still slowly pumping my fuck wand into her awaiting depths. “I want to see your cock filling me,” she implored with pleading eyes. I wasn’t about to argue. I sat back on my ankles, still deep inside her, and adjusted myself between her lithe legs. I took her ankles in my hands and lifted them into the air, using them for balance and leverage, and began thrusting into her with short quick strokes. Sure enough, she stared intently as my shaft appeared and disappeared repeatedly inside her slippery hole, her swollen labia caressing me with each thrust.

When she reached down and began to rub her clit I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer. I tried to wait a few strokes, but when her moans grew louder, I had no choice but to get serious. The intensity of my thrusts grew quickly and soon, as her sharp gasps echoed in my ears, I was pounding away recklessly. My balls slapped into the crease of her ass, and my pubic bone mashed against her fingers as they continued to circle her energized clit. From her cries I could tell that her orgasm was approaching rapidly, and thankfully several seconds before my own. Sweat dripped from my brow and ran down the tip of my nose while I ploughed into her as quickly and roughly as I could.

Her scream echoed off the walls and her whole body convulsed as she lost herself to the blindingly intense sensations that wracked her small frame. She was just peaking as my own climax began to build with lightning speed. Her high-pitched squeal was accompanied by my deeper, animal grunting. Somehow she still had enough control of her senses, as her hand slowed it’s manic manipulations, to cry out, “Cum on me…I wanna feel you shoot it on my pussy!” I was in no position to attempt to think for myself, and at the last possible instant, I pulled free, squeezing my slick cock in my hand as thick jets of hot steamy spunk erupted from within and splashed upon her glistening pussy and fingers.

I collapsed, exhausted, along the foot of the bed, her legs, still enduring the occasional post-orgasmic quiver, draped across mine. We both lay still for several minutes, fighting to catch our breath and regain our senses. I could feel droplets of sweat trickling through my hair, tickling my scalp, before ultimately soaking into her bedspread. “I take back everything I said about your dancing,” she said when she was finally able to utter a complete thought, “Nothing wrong with your moves where it counts.”

I laughed appreciatively. “I had an amazing partner,” I replied.

She lay her hand on my sweaty chest. “Ah, Sir Knight, you are too generous with your words of praise,” she said, slipping back into her playful English accent, “Twas you who so nobly wrought the beast within me.”

My laughter echoed loudly in the silent room. I began to hope that this encounter could lead to more than just a fleeting one-nighter, thoroughly enjoying her sense of humor as it seemed a perfect complement to my own, but if not, I knew I’d always look back upon it fondly.

She reached beneath her pillow and withdrew a pair of black panties, wiping the cooling jism from her fingers. She lifted her legs in the air, drawing her knees to her chest, and pulled the small garment over her slender legs, then placing her feet on the bed, lifting her butt just enough to slide them up to her hips. I took that as my queue to get dressed as well.

She walked me to the door, our juices soaking into the only piece of clothing she wore, creating dark, wet, patches in the clingy material. After an intense, deep kiss at the door, I said, “Since you have a boyfriend, it’s probably pointless to ask for you number huh?”

“Yeah, ‘fraid so, “she replied before smiling, “but you will leave me yours.”

She was awakened an hour or so later by the scent of stale beer and cigarettes, and the feel of a familiar hand between her legs. “Hey baby, you up?” he asked drunkenly.

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