Feeling My Daughter: Part Two


Molly stood in the same spot as I walked around to let her back face me. I looked at her round firm pale skinned ass where my finger had lingered. I saw where the beads of sweat pooled in the crease of my sixteen year old daughter’s back just above her round posterior. Slowly, I touched her bare shoulders, flipping her hair out of my way in order to feel her hot moist skin. Even though Molly’s skin was moist with perspiring stimulation, it was still soft. The curve of her shoulders fit perfectly in my hands.

I blew gently on the back of her neck and I felt her body quiver in ripples. I could tell my warm breath, that tickled her nape, sent feelings through her she never felt. This was all new to Molly. This was another of her teenage experiments. What better way to learn?

Slowly, I ran a finger down between her shoulder blades, tracing all the way to the top of her round rump. As I did, Molly arched her body, making the crease of her back conform to my finger as it caressed her hot soft skin. Again, I blew gently on her neck and reached around with both hands to feel the softness of her tight stomach. I circled her little navel with my fingertip as my other hand drifted upward along her softness. My daughter was so warm to the touch and so sensually erotic than she realized.

“Oh daddy, your hands feel so good all over me. It feels like my body is on a roller coaster ride as your hands travel over my curves.”

“Molls, you are so soft and smooth. So hot and curvaceous. Just enjoy the ride,” I said as I continued to feel her warmth.

“I am daddy. Believe me, I am,” Molly answered and leaned her head into my shoulder.

My right hand rested over her stomach, feeling the dimple of her navel under its palm. My left hand continued upward until I could feel the underside of her small mound that corresponded with my exactness. I took my finger and traced along the bottom arch that formed there connecting her small breast to her upper torso. I felt my daughter’s body shiver as I tickled such a tender area on her. Then Molly moaned.

That moan told me I could do what I wanted, so I moved my hand upward and cupped her small breast. My hand fit perfectly over it, covering its tiny firmness. Molly let out a long sigh as my hand began to massage her petite handful. My fingers pressed slightly on the silkiness of her smooth skin and I could feel the puffiness of her aureola expand, as well as her tiny nipple lengthening against my palm. I could feel the heat in Molly’s nipple as it grew firm and rigid and the soft puff of her tiny aureola mound rub against my cupping palm.

“Mmm, daddy, that feels so good to have your hand on my breast! Don’t you want to feel the other one too? Don’t you want to make both of my nipples hard?”

“Oh, Moll’s, I don’t have too. Your other nipple already is!” I said and reached up with my free hand and tweaked its firmness.

Molly sighed loudly at the surprise that her right nipple was just as hard as the left one under my palm. I was sure she did not feel it grow because of the stimulation I was giving to her left breast with my hand.

Slowly, I cupped her right one to match the left one already covered and began to equally feel both of them in the same fashion. I squeezed their small supple roundness with matching smooth strokes. Molly’s skin was so soft and smooth as I massaged in circles over her small mounds. Even the skin of her hard nipples on pink puffs was just as delicate. My daughter, with her pale skin, looked and felt like a marshmallow.

Molly şişli bayan escort covered my hands with hers as I felt her small protuberances that made her a young woman. Her gentle hands felt wonderful on my strong ones that caressed only a part of her sexuality. I could tell that she felt comfortable in my arms by the way she caressed my hands covering her tiny mounds. My virgin daughter was taking everything in so she would know what to do her first time. I knew that I was only the teacher at this point.

Molly’s body was getting hot and her breasts had gotten as firm as they possibly could under my stimulation. I could tell that she was ready for more. I knew that I could finally dare to take my hand lower and feel the hot partition between her legs. It would be no surprise to her though, not like when my finger found her tight little butt hole. Molly would know exactly where my hand was going.

Slowly, I slid my right hand down from her breast and across the hot soft skin of her side. Molly continued to feel her own breast as my hand slunk down to her hip. I massaged the bone there that stuck out slightly. It felt good and Molly’s skin was still just as soft. My finger then found the crease of her leg that led to her sweet spot, but I trailed my finger on the inner side of her thigh. As I moved my finger down, I could actually feel the heat from her tight lips that formed the perfect verticalness between her thin legs. There was more than just heat escaping. There was also moisture.

Molly’s body trembled as my finger tickled her inner thigh then ran slowly back up to the crease of her leg, oh so close to her sensitivity. Again, Molly shook from anticipation of what was going to happen.

I moved my hand over to the mound that was right above the formidable fold that represented Molly’s whole feminine being. Her skin there was soft, silky, and oh so smooth; no stubble from being shaved was there at all. I could tell that she had just recently shaved it smooth, probably last night in the shower. Reminded me of her mother’s shaved smoothness. I guess, like mother, like daughter!

I circled over Molly’s mound and she moaned gently as I did. My other hand now rested on her hip for support. The softness of her mound was so delightfully smooth and so warm to the touch. My finger felt good there as it traced over her luscious mound of love. The contour of it led to just where I wanted my finger to be. I circled a finger tip over the top, still over the mound, but right at the beginning of Molly’s perfect fold. I heard her gasp as my finger whisked slowly in circles.

“Doesn’t my mound feel so good, daddy? Don’t you like how smooth it feels since I shaved it last night?”

“I do, Moll’s. It’s so much like your mother’s. So soft and smooth and hot!” I said and slid my finger down right on top of her perfect verticalness to feel her knob hiding behind the delicate flesh.

“DADDY!” Molly exclaimed as my finger massaged what hid, “That’s my. . . oh God. . . that feels so good. . . so much better than when I feel it myself!”

I imagined my sixteen year old daughter masturbating after that statement. I pictured it, seeing her delicate body on her bed with her own hands running over her teenage sensuality. To tell the truth, I was glad she felt herself. I did not have to worry about anything as long as she did.

“Oh daddy, I’ve never felt my clit react like this before. Your finger is drawing it out even more than when I feel it. God, daddy, keep going!” I suddenly heard and was pulled back into şişli escort reality. I began to circle over her sensitivity even more. I felt it getting harder and more attentive as I did.

In quicker circles of my finger, I massaged over her clitoral hood, feeling Molly’s pink button behind it. Molly was right, I could feel her clit poking out even farther, lengthening more and more under my stimulation. I also felt the warm wetness form around it as my finger pulled the fleshy skin up and over it to expose it slightly.

“Mmm, daddy, that feels so amazing. More!” Molly begged.

I definitely gave her more. I circled over her hot pink clit a couple times and then slowly let my finger drift between the crease that hid all of her other goodness. As my finger slid between the tender partition of my daughter‘s smooth teenage slit, I felt the hot moisture of it coat my finger.

I only let my finger drift through the sensual division of my sixteen year old daughter, being careful not to let it sink any deeper into her hot wet chamber. I only wanted Molly to feel the shape of my finger trace a trail of intimacy through it. However, as I felt my finger glide over the spot that gave her so much wondrous pleasure, it was hard to hold back from sinking into the hot juicy depth of her fleshy pink chasm. I held back for the moment and slowly brought my finger back up through it.

“Oh my! Oh daddy! I can feel the shape of your finger slide through my pussy. It feels so. . . so. . . so dangerous! You are making not only my pussy tingle, but also my whole body!” Molly said through heavy breaths.

I moaned into her ear as my finger found her clit again, now more attentive and erotic. I circled it slightly then took my finger and circled her silky mound, leaving her sticky residue on her soft skin. As my finger swiftly traced over it, Molly reacted by spreading her legs slightly, just enough for her engorged inner lips to jut out. It was now time for the coup d’etat.

Inch by slow methodical inch, I again ran my finger down through my daughter’s tender pink pliable inner lips that had swollen to stimulated perfection. I parted them slightly as I went and when I was at the entrance to her vagina, my finger toyed there, tickling its wet opening. The warmth of her hot hole felt good on my finger and as I circled just inside Molly’s notch, she moaned long and softly.

Slowly, I let the tip of my finger slip inside her tightness and I felt Molly’s body flinch and heard the gulp of air she took in surprise.

“Daddy, are you going to. . .” Molly said through hot heavy breaths that I interrupted since I knew what she was going to say to slowly insert my finger into her tight pinkness.

“UUUUNNNNNHHHH, DADDY!” Molly shrieked as my finger penetrated her hot constricting virginal vagina. “I’ve never felt anything like that inside me! Not even my own fingers. God, it feels. . . feels. . . oh my!”

Molly’s virgin pussy felt so good wrapping around my finger slowly sinking deeper inside her. As I moved my finger in and out of her tightness, it felt like my finger was pressing into a damp sponge slowly filling with hot desire. I moved my finger in and out at a very slow pace at first so Molly’s virgin pussy could get used to a hard object inside it.

I listened to my daughter’s tone and paid close attention to her breathing. I used that as a sign to know when to go faster with my finger. Her tone and breathing were quickening, so I fastened the pace.

“Daddy, oh daddy, that feels so amazing! You are giving me mecidiyeköy escort feelings I’ve never felt! I never even please myself like this!”

“That’s the purpose, Molls.” I said as I continued to insert my finger deep inside her.

“This is all so new to me. I’ve never been so wet. And I thought I made myself wet all the time. God, the tingles! They feel so prickly over my whole body. It’s like. . . like. . . something is building up inside of me that wants out!” Molly said, moaning syllables of pure delight.

“That’s your orgasm, Molls.”

“Orgasm? Really? I never make myself orgasm like this daddy. It never is this intense!”

“Do you want me to stop, Molls?” I asked, still burying my finger deep inside her getting wetter pussy.

“No, please don’t stop daddy, keep going. I want to know what it feels like to have one brought on by somebody else other than myself.” Molly answered as her pussy began to quiver in pulsing desire.

I kept stabbing into my daughter’s still tight, but extremely wet sixteen year old pussy at the same pace to where I had quickened. It seemed to satisfy her, so I did not want to stray from the rhythm I had found. Molly’s moans and breathing began to quicken even more and become a little more labored. Suddenly, I felt her wet insides change. I was able to sink my finger into her pussy a little deeper. I could even feel her pink lining grip my finger even harder. I was about to make my sixteen year old daughter cum.

“Uh, uh, uh, daddy. It feels like. . . like. . . oh God!” Molly said and before she could finish, I felt a gush over my finger.

“You are cumming Molls! You are cumming! Let it go, Molls. Let your daddy make you cum!” I said as I wiggled my finger inside her now sopping wet dripping pussy.

“Oh. . . oh. . . oh. . . DADDY! It feels like I am. . . I am. . . I am peeing! Oh God, I am sorry!”

“Molls, honey, you are not peeing,” I said, as I slowly exited my finger from her cum drenched notch, “That’s your cum. You had a wet orgasm.”

Molly turned around and faced me. Her face was flushed and the expression on it was pure surprise, but also pure delight. “Daddy, you made me cum like never before. I can’t even make myself cum like that!” My daughter smiled and said and hugged me in a very tight hold and continued, “God, it felt so good! I wish every orgasm would feel like?”

I wrapped my arms around my naked daughter’s body and said, “Molls, I won’t lie. None of them will always feel the same. They will all be different. And this one was because I. . .”

“Because you used your finger?” Molly interrupted.

“In this exactness, yes, Molls. It will definitely be different when you actually experience the real thing.” I answered my daughter as I looked into her glowing face and swept a finger over her cheek.

Molly pulled away from me and I could see the wheel turning in her head. She looked at me with that sly puppy dog sixteen year old girlie smile and asked, “Then daddy, would you teach me the real thing?”

I was taken aback by my sixteen year old daughter’s statement. That thought never entered my mind. However, it did now, especially since it had an effect on me. It was amazing, the whole time I was feeling Molly’s ass and pussy, never once did my cock react. Until now.

Maybe it was time to teach Molly the real thing. After all, I had already felt her little ass and fingered her tight pussy. It was obvious she was ready for more. As I looked at my naked sixteen year old daughter still standing in front of me, it was clear that Molly wanted to know what real sex felt like.

And I was the one she was asking to take her virginity away. I was sure it was going to be worth it.

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