Fellowship Ch. 02


Authors note: This story was modified into a standalone story from a much larger manuscript. The story may be considered by some to be Sacriligious. I have zero intent to offend any readers. If you do not enjoy butch/femme pairings and large age differences, please skip this story.

All characters are fictional and over the age of 18. Please enjoy this!


I woke up bleary eyed and alone to unfamiliar surroundings accompanied by the sounds of a grandfather clock chiming a dulcet tune. I rubbed my eyes and tried to force myself awake enough to take in my surroundings. I was slumped on a sofa in a beautifully appointed living room that smelled pleasantly floral. The botanical prints hanging on the walls and a cluster of porcelain bluebirds on the fireplace mantel only seemed to enhance the beautiful aroma permeating my nostrils. I noticed that the source of the smell was a small glass vase on a nearby table sporting an explosion of colorful spring flowers.

“Carol Jean…”

My voice trailed off as I looked all around the room. In another room somewhere close, I could hear Miss Treadway and Miss Larsson laughing and carrying on a conversation, but I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying.

“Oh my God…”

By now, I was awake enough to realize that Miss Treadway brought me here with her to Miss Larsson’s house so we could—what did she say—fellowship? I had a pretty good idea that what she told me in the car was likely code for something else. I knew by the time the bible study group wrapped up that her intentions were for us to do more than just talk.

During many after school visits, we discussed the idea, and sometimes I encouraged my gym teacher to talk about it in detail. Having a threesome with another woman sounded kind of exciting, naughty, and very sexy to me. But the thought of actually getting to go through with it really started to scare me. I only talked about it because I thought it was fun sometimes to tease Miss Treadway. I wanted to feel like the most desirable girl at North Haskell, and such naughty thoughts made me feel exactly that way. Jesus, I didn’t really think that Miss Treadway ever seriously intended to share me with her colleague! I realized just now that I was in a bad position.

One time during sophomore year, I went with Amy to a party some guy from school was throwing. Later on, we heard stories that a few girls from Walker had gotten pretty drunk and were doing just such a thing in one of the bedrooms. I was sure that it had to be a lie; girls didn’t really do things like that, did they? Afterwards, Amy told me a few times how much she’d like to try fucking two guys at once, but she said she was sure that Brad would never go for it.

It all seemed so surreal now to be sitting in Miss Larsson’s living room with her and Miss Treadway in some other room chatting with each other and waiting for me to wake up. Now that I was here, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to stop what I’d inadvertently started. I tensed up as soon as I heard the talking stop and the sounds of advancing footsteps behind me.

“Oh good, you’re awake, Ciara.” Miss Treadway said. “You must have bumped your head in the car on the way over here. Do you need a glass of water?”

Before I could respond, I felt the sensation of sofa cushions sinking on either side of me as Miss Larsson and Miss Treadway sat down. Both teachers were sitting so close to me that it almost felt like the walls of the living room were closing in on me. Miss Treadway tried to kiss me, and this startled me. I jerked away from her so hard, I almost knocked into Miss Larsson.

“Maybe I should back off a little…let her get settled in…”

Miss Larsson’s gruff masculine voice penetrated my ears, making me blush. I felt a throbbing between my legs followed by that familiar warm, buttery feeling. I just got here, and my body was already betraying me!

“She’s just a little frightened right now.” Miss Treadway said. “This is good for her though; it builds character.”

Instinct made me want to just get up and bolt out of there, but even the slightest bit of movement on my part caused Miss Treadway’s strong hands to grasp me firmly. I started shaking like a leaf as I tried desperately to make sense of what was going on. What if this is some kind of test to see if I am faithful? Should I let this happen? Should I try to resist? If I let this happen, will Miss Treadway get angry at me? Jesus, if I don’t go along, Miss Treadway could fail me in future leaders’ and PE! Maybe I could get in some even worse kind of trouble—like not getting to walk in graduation! My brain was in overdrive, and I was trying desperately not to pass out again. I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt Miss Treadway kissing me lightly on the cheek and neck. I could feel Miss Larsson firmly rubbing my back now. It felt so amazing to receive attention like this from both gym teachers, but I would never admit such a thing to anybody!

“Easy, Ciara. Everything will be okay.” Miss Treadway said softly.

“I-I…um…think I have to Ankara escort use the bathroom.” I said. My voice cracked a little when I said this. I needed to get out. Just for a minute or two. I needed time to think!

“I’ll show you where it is, sweetheart.”

Miss Treadway helped me up from the sofa and put her arm around me. I was hoping that she’d at least let me go by myself—at least so I could have a few minutes to gather my thoughts. Instead, she guided me across the living room and down the hall to the bathroom. I shut myself in and settled on the toilet, but any attempts to make sense of the situation slipped away from me as easily as the piss I’d been holding back for the last hour or so.

When I finished, I washed my hands and stepped out. Just as I figured, Miss Treadway was standing there just outside the door, waiting for me. I swallowed hard as she brought me back to the living room and the sofa where Miss Larsson was waiting. I couldn’t look at either one of them. It was so embarrassing!

“I can’t…do this.” I protested. “I’d heard that you and Miss Larsson used to…”

Miss Treadway tried to kiss me again, but I pulled away before our lips could meet.

“I am a Christian woman, wholly and completely saved. But I am wholly and completely in love with you, Ciara. You are my beloved soul mate and my beloved companion. Nothing will change that.”

“But you didn’t tell me that you and Miss Larsson…actually still…do stuff with each other!” I protested. “Isn’t this supposed to be against your religion or something?”

I heard Miss Larsson’s gruff voice prickling my ears again.

“God has saved us in Christ apart from any considerations about our sexuality. He has reconciled us through his death on the cross.”

“But…what if someone were to find out? I mean—no one is ever going to understand…This is totally nuts!”

“So are you trying to earn favor with others by living a lie?” Miss Treadway asked. “Or would you rather eschew loneliness and pain by putting your trust in God? Do you remember what we talked about at the Aim meeting two weeks ago? Romans chapter six verse fourteen says ‘For sin shall not have dominion over you; for you are not under the law, but under grace.'”

Then Miss Larsson said:

“If we are not supposed to enjoy these pleasures, the Lord would not have made us capable of giving, receiving, and sharing each other amongst ourselves.”

I drew closer to Miss Treadway and tried to look down at my feet, if for no other reason than to avoid eye contact with both women. I shifted in my seat from the sudden jolts of erotic sensation stabbing me and radiating throughout my body.

“Gracious, she’s so young…and beautiful.” Miss Larsson said. “Lucky us!”

I noticed the blond gym teacher’s ice blue eyes roving over my body, sizing me up.

“How many times have you had her, CJ?”

“We’ve been together a few times, when our schedules allowed, but she’s still very inexperienced…” Miss Treadway said in a voice that sounded strangely wistful. “I can see she’s still a little upset by all of this…so we’ll need to take things easy with her.”

I barely noticed that Miss Treadway was already holding Miss Larsson’s hand in hers, squeezing it tenderly. Without warning, I was sandwiched between the two of them as Miss Treadway drew Miss Larsson toward her, and kissed the other woman very deeply. I gasped loudly in a mixture of shock and arousal as I was caught up in their heated embrace. Oh, my God! I could have died right there!

“I’m scared.” I said to no one in particular. “I’ve never…done anything like this before!”

Now I felt Miss Larsson gently turning me to face her. She was caressing my face, and she spoke to me in a soft yet serious tone.

“You are doing just fine, Ciara.” She said. “Things like fear and grief are helpful to us because they can humble us and enable us to lean on God for strength. It is important to talk to me or CJ to admit your fears. That way, the fear loses some of its power. But telling God that you’re afraid and need him to help you is even more important.”

Suddenly, I was overcome with a delicious tingling heat, and my skin became flushed and feverish once I realized how wet I was getting. I could see Miss Treadway’s hand reaching for Miss Larsson’s again. She placed the other woman’s hand on my thigh, and I heard her whispering words of love in my ear:

“God, grant me the understanding of the feelings I am having at this moment. Let me love those who need love. Let me share the love my partner and I feel with another. Love is the greatest gift that can be shared and multiplied with your blessing…”

Suddenly, I heard myself asking out loud for God to give me his approval and allay my fears about what I was about to experience for the first time. The response came in the form of Miss Larsson’s voice now rent with desire:

“Such a beautiful little princess! May I kiss her, CJ? I’ve wanted to kiss Ciara for the longest time, but I know she belongs to you.”

Miss Treadway must Ankara escort bayan have nodded her approval. I couldn’t see whether she really did this or not because my back was resting against Miss Treadway. She was holding my arms firmly so I couldn’t move except to writhe around from the tingling rushing through me. Oh, God! That warm, buttery feeling was so sexy, so shrill! My heart was beating like a hummingbird’s wings. My head felt woozy; like I might black out at any moment.

“Be a good girl and relax, Ciara.” Miss Treadway whispered. “Birgitta and I are going to take very good care of you. I promise.”

I relaxed my body and surrendered to the erotic sensations as Miss Larsson leaned in to kiss me. I could see the old dyke wetting her lips with her tongue, she was so excited. I closed my eyes, and heard Miss Larsson draw in a sharp breath before our mouths met. I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do! I could feel Miss Larsson’s soft, moist lips against my own. Her tongue probed my lips, trying to part them, but I wouldn’t let her tongue in my mouth. Finally Miss Larsson stopped kissing me for a moment and said:

“Ciara…I would never try to come between you and CJ. But the love we share for one another is important as it encourages our faith to flourish and good works to multiply! Do you know that CJ loves you very much? I can see it in her eyes right now!”

This time when Miss Larsson kissed me, I willingly let her tongue enter my mouth. Her skilled tongue caressed mine. This blond haired gym teacher that all the girls at school called an old pervert is such an amazing kisser! We kissed and kissed and kissed! My mouth craved her kisses. I loved feeling her tongue inside my mouth while her strong hands ran over my body, cupping my breasts tenderly, and caressing them. When we finally stopped kissing and Miss Larsson drew away, all three of us sat in awkward silence until I heard Miss Treadway speak:

“Well…now that you two have been properly introduced, Ciara, I hope you won’t think too badly of us stuffy old church ladies if we take our fellowship downstairs.”


Miss Treadway and Miss Larsson resumed kissing each other like a pair of ardent lovers while I watched in spellbound silence for a few minutes. When they finally stopped, I was led to a windowless spare bedroom in the basement. Miss Treadway ordered me to stand there and watch while she and Miss Larsson resumed their deep passionate kisses. They were feeling each other’s breasts through their respective golf shirts while Miss Larsson’s hands traveled the length of Miss Treadway’s boyish body as she felt my lover’s curves hidden underneath her clothes.

The sight of these two old butch gym teachers kissing turned me on in ways I would never have imagined! I could feel the jolting painful bursts of fire radiating through my body, leaving waves of goose bumps to prickle the surface of my skin underneath my clothes. It was so strange and exciting to watch my teachers kissing each other like that.

Just a few days ago, I was in 6th hour PE while the girls in my class played softball against the boys from Coach Swinson’s class. I watched Miss Treadway holding her clipboard in hand as she paced the sidelines talking to Coach Swinson and taking note of who was participating or not. Now Miss Treadway was grinding her lithe middle-aged body against Miss Larsson like she was some overexcited teenage boy who was getting the chance to pop his first cherry! She took the other woman’s hand and tenderly kissed her fingertips before looking over at me with a demure expression on her otherwise homely face.

Miss Larsson broke away from Miss Treadway, who was now busy taking off her glasses and sticking them in a case that she placed on the nightstand beside the bed. Miss Larsson put her arm around me, holding me so that I couldn’t move. My mind went into a sudden overload of anxiety mixed with raw arousal. I struggled against Miss Larsson for a second, trying to break free from her grasp when I was startled by Miss Treadway who was standing very close to me now. For a second or two, I thought she was going to kiss me, but instead, she leaned in to deliver another deep kiss to Miss Larsson.

A momentary look of mild irritation crossed Miss Treadway’s face when they broke off their kiss. I heard myself gasping sharply in fright when Miss Treadway collared me. She grasped my face a little too hard, forcing me to look directly at her.

“Now you know that I do not tolerate rudeness, Ciara.” She said in that familiar curt tone she uses in class. “You are Miss Larsson’s guest. I do not want to punish you, but I will if I have to. Do you understand me, young lady?”

I swallowed hard and nodded in silence. What would she do to me this time? Would she swat me with a hairbrush again? Would she let Miss Larsson do the swatting? Would she make me recite more bible verses? Or would she force me to run more laps? I felt a brief stinging blast of pain against my cheek. Miss Treadway slapped my face! Not too hard though; just hard enough that Escort Ankara it got my attention. She’s never done this before! All at once I felt shocked, angry, humiliated, and…aroused out of my mind!

“Answer me, Ciara!” Miss Treadway snapped. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Treadway.” I said softly, defeated so easily. I didn’t dare try calling her by her first name. Not when she’s like this! A sort of smug expression crossed Miss Treadway’s face as she regarded her colleague.

From behind, I could feel Miss Larsson’s hot breath against my ear. I guessed from the smell that she and Miss Treadway had been enjoying a cup of coffee while they waited for me to wake up. Suddenly, I let out a startled gasp when I felt Miss Treadway pulling the light sweater I was wearing off of me. I could feel Miss Larsson caressing my bare skin momentarily before taking hold of my body again. The woman’s grasp felt deadly to me. Panic seized me as soon as I locked eyes with Miss Treadway. She reached around and unclasped my bra before pulling it away from my body and tossing it aside.

“Help me with her slacks, Birgitta.” Miss Treadway said in a darkened voice made husky with arousal.

I felt one of them unfasten the buttons of my beige corduroys. I could see Miss Larsson pulling them down and ordering me to step out of them. Miss Treadway started slowly and deliberately rubbing the hot, damp cotton crotch of my panties with a trembling hand.

“What do you think of my student assistant, Birgitta?” Miss Treadway asked. “I’m going to miss having her in my class every day at school after she graduates, but now she’s become one with Christ and our group…”

“…and each member belongs to one another…” Miss Larsson said softly, as if to finish her colleague’s thoughts.

I can’t believe this! They are talking about me as if I was in another room unable to hear their discussion. Suddenly I felt like a 9th grader; 15 years old, and scared out of my mind instead of 18! Images of a few of the older girls floated around my head. One of those girls, Jenny Oberg, came to mind instantly.

When I was still a freshman, Jenny was a senior, and Miss Treadway’s student assistant. She used to love throwing her weight around by scaring all the freshman girls. During my first week of high school, she wasted no time trying to “warn” everyone she could to stay away from the showers and watch out for Miss Treadway and Miss Larsson. She said that if any of us took too long getting dressed, the two lesbian gym teachers would try to “turn” us.

Of course, Jenny was only joking. I’m sure she had no idea for sure if Miss Treadway and Miss Larsson were really lesbian or not. And yet, here I was…

I was like a moth to a flame! I tried to think about other things for the moment: school, graduation, Amy, college, even Jason Pope. My thoughts at the moment were all I had to hold onto. I expelled another sharp gasp the moment I felt Miss Treadway carefully slide her hand inside the front of my panties. She gently rubbed my pussy for a minute or so before I guessed she’d had enough. She hooked a couple of fingers into the waistband of my panties, and slowly peeled them off of my body so I stood before both gym teachers completely naked.

My body at the moment, felt like it was full of scintillating light and searing electric heat. Everything was suddenly so clear and sharp! I could plainly see the shine of the dark walnut bedposts. I could see the muted mint green of the walls, and my eyes drank in a picture of a rustic country church that was hanging near the nightstand. Everything came into alarmingly sharp focus like a camera!

Miss Larsson started kissing me again. She let her tongue snake across my burning skin which made me flinch a few times from the sensation. Our mouths met again in another sloppy insistent kiss tasting of stale coffee. Next, I noticed Miss Larsson’s eyes slowly travel downward past my breasts until they stopped at my crotch, and my face flamed with embarrassment. I tried to cover myself, but Miss Treadway swatted me and barked an order for me to stand still. I gave a startled yelp when I felt Miss Larsson’s fingertips tracing the hairy outline of my slit. My knees started to buckle after a few seconds when the examination started growing more invasive.

“She’s such a sweet, obedient girl. I see that she understands that the Lord has great plans for her…even if it means that it will upset any plans her friends have. I have faith that she’ll end up being a wonderful teacher when she finishes college.” Miss Larsson said. “Ciara has so much potential…”

Miss Treadway gently took my shivering body in her arms and kissed me very deeply before urging me to sit on the bed with her. She was stroking my hair and caressing my face with her hand insistently. Next, she tilted my chin up to face her before our mouths met in a slow and sensuous kiss. I couldn’t figure anything out anymore—nothing was making sense! Even more confusing was my body’s reaction to it all. I shouldn’t be so turned on…should I? But my body seemed to sense that this was actually natural and welcome! Next, I heard Miss Treadway’s voice in my ear. She sounded a little breathless and wild now, but her voice still managed to retain its exquisite poise and professionalism.

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