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FEMALE PRISON FOR SEXUAL OFFENDERS DAY 1 – INITIATLarge van comes to old warehouse, out of it steps one heavy male, which opens back door of the van. He escorts 6 humans, likely females, to place inside of warehouse. In average size hall, about 5m in square, is female dressed in black latex clothing. Once 6 humans are in place, she nods to heavy male, that he can leave place. She calls her female slave and starts talking: Welcome to my prison. Slave will tell you rules.Slave start to read from sheet of paper:Obey the mistressEverytime when you want to speak raise hand, that means you are asking for permission to speak.Your first order will be to dress in what you get in package, and mistress will give sign when to do that.Mistress continue talking: Slave go for 6 packages for them with chairs. I know what you did that you are here now. I won’t be telling you real names, you’ll recognise yourself in stories which slave will tell. Slave comes back with all the packages, mistress allows her to read what on them.Ringy is young blonde worker in office, which has strong dress code, which she doesn’t accept and goes to work in jeans. She also signed contract where its written to come without panties on work. Stuffer is a lady from Ukraine which said her love, she’ll do everything he likes in bed. He tried to do anal with her, but she didn’t let him.Squirty is sexy young blonde with DD breasts, which studies in adult university. She is talented and knows a lot, but refuses to take orders.Tanner is a teenager which works in a adult shop that demands her to demonstrate toys and lingerie if customer needs that for making decision easier. She wasn’t doing it, so customers complained at manager and she got here cause of it.Our female slave, we’ll call it Lippy, is a wife of rich male. She was just buying expensive stuff in shops, sometimes she even tried to steal. Husband was quiet, but when she refused to have anal penetration several times, he got angry and told her about that he knows what she’s doing.Our male slave, we’ll call it Bally doesn’t have a female, so as he tried to get them, he begin to Crossdress and go to parties. After them, he tied up non expecting ladies and fuck them in all 3 holes. He was also hard to get, and ladies got him bursa escort at party which got bit more naked than expected and now he has on that outfit.Mistress continued: Now that you hear what you did, slave till tell you further instructions.Slave said: Inside that boxes is all the same, except for the male slave Bally. If he can raise his and and show his penis, we would be glad, so we give 6th box to him.Third from left raised hand and open zipper, so penis fall out. Slave then gave boxes to everyone and went for chairs and laundry baskets.When she got back, mistress told her to introduce herself too.Slave told that her name is Pissie, cause she likes to piss and that she got here because she didn’t obey her master as well, when it came to some hard things, like pissing in mouth, also she didn’t do dp, but she does now and that piercings on nipples and pussy she got as punishment for not doing that.Later on she said: You will undress now, when mistress Nutz give you permission. In boxes there are shoes, lube, nipple clamps with weights and 2 dildoes, for male 1 dildo. Clothes you wear now, you throw in baskets, and when you’re done and sit on chair, legs must be spreaded further then chair legs. Beside that, whole procedure took me 4 minutes to do from clothes you wearing now, so max time for doing it is 7 minutes. If it gets 10 minutes or more, you will get punished.Mistress said that she said it all, and that there shouldn’t be misunderstanding. So, prisoners, ready, steady and go.All 6 started to undress, before even checking what’s in boxes. First to undress was 2nd, and her breasts look really amazing. Then she opened the box and starred in it for some time, that miss 4th got before her. 2nd then took the sandals and put them on her, but he heel was so high that she hardly stand. She took dildoes out and place them on chair and kept nodding with head. Once all opened boxes, mistress Nutz allowed Pissy to talk. She began, that she knows its kinda extreme. That sandals have 15cm heel and both dildoes measure 5cm in diameter and 20cm long. Now that you are so nicely lined up, slave Pissy gave 1st female from left small sheet of paper with text:Please introduce yourself this way: Hello, nice that we all meet, I’m…. ( tell name which bursa escort bayan mistress Nutz gave you) and …..( age) years old. ( Then give the paper to next one).First female:” Hello, nice that we all meet, I’m Ringy, 25 years old.”2nd female:”Hello, nice that we all meet, I’m Squirty, 22 years old.”3rd male:” Hello, nice that we all meet, I’m Bally, 27 years old.”4rd female:”Hello, nice that we all meet, I’m Tanner, 22 years old.”5th female:” Hello, nice that we all meet, I’m Stuffer, 23 years old.”6th female:”Hello, nice that we all meet, I’m Lippy, 20 years old.”They all introduce themselves, slave Pissy continued telling their time for outfit change, 1st was Squirty 5min20’’, 2nd Tanner 5min30’’, 3rd Bally 5min32’’, 4th Ringy 6min00’’, 5th Stuffer also 6min00’’ and last Lippy 6min32’’.Mistress Nutz orders slave Pissy to bring metal barrel and gasoline. When she brings it back, slave needs to put all clothes in it and pour them with gasoline. Then she lights a cigare and says:” You wont need this clothes. In this prison you will be converted to other person and you stay here for 1 year atleast. Either you will obey me and become my student, or you keep being what you are now and you’ll be receiving punishments.” Then she throws cigare in metal barrel, so clothes start burning.She congratulate them on time and took at sheet of paper, which she gave to male slave, Bally, and told him to read it.Bally started to read:”As this is female prison, everyone will be treated like female, that means high heel shoes for everyone, depilated body, corset when sleeping. On top of that, piercings on nipples and labia. Slaves also get bigger heel and dildoes inside them.Slave Pissy left before Bally started to read and when he finished, she returned back with bed. Then she told Bally to wake up and get on bed. Bally looked puzzled, but he went on bed anyway. Mistress Nutz started to talk while Pissy was securing Bally on bed. That they will get depilated now, first slaves, and then the rest of them. That she won’t be doing piercings on them, because they need to find someone who does that. Slave Pissy slowly depilated all of them and after that mistress Nutz had a preach:So now that you look sexier then before, we’ll go to check rooms. Mistress escort bursa gave word to slave Pissy.We have 15 rooms. Some of them aren’t equipped yet, but most is. As this is prison, you will be put on test in everyone of them, one session per day. Mistress already gave you charge of rooms you’ll first test and take care of, which is written on entrance of room: slave sleeping room: 2 beds with wooden spikes where our slaves sleep totaly nakedpissing room: this serves as human piss toilet. medical examination room ( caretaker Ringy)exploration room ( caretaker Stuffer)SM play room ( caretaker Pissy)heavy drinking and enema room ( caretaker Squirty)hot, cold room ( caretaker Tanner)penetration room ( caretaker Lippy)Kitchen and dining room ( caretaker Squirty)exit to garden ( use cook only)prisoner sleeping roomWhen they came to end, slave Pissy said that today she’ll be in pissing room and that tomorrow mistress will tell who will be. Pissy went to 2nd room and prepared herself in position, and put open mouth funnel gag on her mouth. As prisoners were just looking, mistress Nutz told them to piss on that funnel, and those who can’t will, go to heavy drinking and enema room tomorrow morning, cause its late now. First one goes Squirty, after her Lippy and then noone else. Squirty raises her hand and mistress Nutz allow her to speak. She says that she would like to go for heavy drinking room tomorrow morning first one. Mistress replies, that she’ll go as it is her wish. Mistress Tells, that slave Pissy will stay like that whole night, if anyone would like to go during night. Then they walk to prisoner sleeping room, where are 5 beds with anal plug on each of them and that prisoner Squirty won’t be sleeping here, but in kitchen. Mistress tells them to go on bed and put that plug inside butt and slaves too.After that mistress Nutz and Squirty go to kitchen, where she says that she needs to wake up Pissy at 6:30 am. Then she tells her, to put on this panties as she opens drawer. Squirty raised hand, then mistress allowed her to talk.Squirty said that she just saw that panties on TV in class one week ago, and female teacher said, that when new month comes, they will wear this when sleeping while she was putting them on. Once Squirty gets them on, mistress Nutz says that in school they will wear the ones which have 4cm anal dildo, and those have 2 dildoes for anal and pussy with 5cm in diameter. Then she says, she can sleep on table and mistress Nutz goes out.

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