Fetishes Awakened Pt. 02


The next morning I woke up in bed alone. I heard talking in the kitchen so I slowly rose and headed out without bothering to cover myself up.

“Good morning,” Renata beamed a smile at me from the kitchen table. She was sitting there in her robe with Carol across from her – fully dressed – each with a cup of coffee in front of them.

“Oh jesus,” Carol giggled as she looked over and saw me standing there naked. “That must be a great way to start your mornings,” she laughed to Renata.

“I certainly enjoy it,” Renata giggled back.

“Sorry,” I shrugged. “But I didn’t know you were still here,” that was a bit of a lie. When I heard talking I knew Carol was probably still there. I just didn’t care.

I think she may have known that. “I doubt that,” she said with a wry grin. “But I like that you’re not too hung up about it.”

“True enough,” I shrugged. “Do you want me to put something on?”

“Oh god no,” she said with a wave of her hand. She took a sip from her cup and glanced at her watch. “Oh jesus look at the time. I’ve got to get going,” she stood up and moved over to Renata and gave her a hug. “Thanks for letting me spend the night.”

“Think nothing of it,” Renata replied warmly. “It was wonderful having some company.”

Carol smiled at her then cinched her purse over her shoulder. She paused and eyed me up and down as I poured myself a cup of coffee. “Later stud,” she grinned at me.


Three days later I was having a beer with Rob. He had presented with over two hundred bucks from video and picture sales, along with copies of my first two videos.

“Now,” Rob said with a smile as he lit himself a cigarette. “What the hell did you and Renny say to Carol?”

“We just showed her our videos,” I replied with a shrug. “Oh. And we let her watch us fuck that night too.”

Rob laughed loudly. “Well it worked,” he finally said. “Kind of.”

“What do you mean?” I asked as I took a sip from my glass.

“She’s still not willing to fuck on camera,” he sighed. “But she offered up an idea where ‘mom’,” he made the air-quotes as he spoke. “Catches her son and her mother while they’re going at it.”

“If it’s anything like what went on a few nights ago,” I chuckled as I lit myself a cigarette. “You’ll have a blockbuster on your hands.”

“Why?” he replied. Clearly his interest was piqued. “What happened?”

“Well,” I began. “She was just sitting there in Renata’s robe while we were going at it. Next thing I know when I look over, the robe was open and she was playing with herself.”

“Ooh,” he grinned widely. “I like that,” he signaled to Gino for another round. “Okay give me a day or two to come up with something. Then maybe we can make some magic happen.”


Later that night I was slaving away in the dish-pit. Colleen’s shift was ending and she was about to head out as the restaurant closed up for the night.

“Hey listen,” she called out before heading out the doors to the main dining area. “A bunch of us are going to Bluffer’s Beach on Saturday. Did you maybe want to come along?”

“Oh I wish I could,” I replied with a sigh. “But my mom is coming into town this weekend.”

It wasn’t a total lie. Before we parted ways, Rob had gotten on the phone and called Carol. He had told me he’d film a scene with her at the bus depot downtown, and then on Saturday we’d meet up at my place. So ‘mom’ was coming for a visit.

“Oh bummer,” Colleen said regretfully. “I mean it’s nice your mom is coming to visit,” she stammered. “I just meant that you can’t make it.”

“No, no,” I reassured her with a smile as I pushed another tray of dishes into the dishwasher. “I get it. Trust me,” I exhaled deeply. “I’d rather hang out with you guys than spending a day with my mother and grandmother.”

Okay. THAT was a lie.


Carol arrived on Saturday around noon, almost a full hour before Rob was supposed to arrive. She was dressed in a collared pink, sleeveless blouse that buttoned down the front – and did those buttons look like they were strained holding in her ample chest. Of course the white shorts she also had on were equally strained against the girth of her backside.

“I still can’t believe I agreed to do this,” she said with a nervous laugh. “So I brought some liquid courage to help me out,” she pulled a bottle of Bailey’s out of her bag and handed it to Renata.

“You didn’t need to do this dear,” Renata said warmly. “We still have plenty here.”

“No, I insist,” Carol said as she moved to the living room. “I had more than the allotted visitor’s amount the last time I was here.”

“So,” I asked from my seat at the kitchen table. “How did your shoot at the bus depot go?”

“Oh fine,” she said with a wave of her hand. “He just got me on a payphone telling someone that I’d gotten on an earlier bus and was going to surprise you two.”

“Yes,” Renata said as she sat down at the kitchen table with me. “Robert had explained that to me too. You are supposed to come in and find us making love.”

“Yeah,” burdur escort Carol nodded nervously. “Um,” she rocked back and forth a bit. “I don’t want to seem like a demanding bitch or anything, but when I gave you that bottle, I was kind of hoping you’d put it to use.”

“Oh forgive me dear,” Renata replied as she stood up quickly. “I should have asked. I didn’t realize you wanted one right away.”

“No need to apologize,” she laughed nervously again. “I just want you to know what happened here last time,” she sighed heavily. “Was WAY out of the norm for me.”

“You should drink more then,” I chuckled.

“Oh Dale,” Renata admonished me.

“It’s okay,” Carol laughed. “Some people,” she sighed heavily. “A LOT of people have said I really need to loosen up a bit.”

“Don’t fault yourself dear,” Renata said in an assuring tone. “Not everyone is as open and free as we seem to be,” she finished as she passed Carol her cup of coffee with Bailey’s.

“Seem to be?” Carol giggled as she took a quick sip from her cup. “I’d say you two are as free and open as anyone I’ve ever met.”

“Well thank you dear,” Renata replied warmly.

I stood up and moved to the fridge then grabbed myself a beer. “I hate to see you drink alone,” I said with a grin.

“Thanks,” Carol grinned back as she toasted me with her cup. “So,” she said after another sip from her cup. “Do you have the video of you and Becky?”


“Oh my god!” Carol giggled as she watched the action on the TV. “Did you just cum inside her?”

“I did,” I nodded as I took a sip of my beer. “It was her idea.”

“Wow,” Carol whispered. “I didn’t know she had it in her,” she slumped her shoulders and rolled her eyes. “Okay that was a comment that could be taken out of context.”

Renata and I both laughed.

“I always thought porn was about the cum shots though,” Carol said.

“Well yeah,” I nodded. “I did in my first,” I looked over at Renata. “And we always do too. But like I said Becky just came up with it at the time.”

“It’s just so shocking though,” Carol whispered in disbelief as she watched the TV where the close-up of Becky’s pussy with my cum oozing out of it filled the screen. “I mean it’s one thing to do pornos,” she sighed. “But like I said, she’s married. To let another man cum inside of her,” she shook her head.

“In for a penny,” I offered. “In for a pound.”

“I guess,” Carol sighed as the video came to a close. “But jesus.”

“Let me get you another dear,” Renata interjected as she stood and took Carol’s cup off the table.

I thought that was a good call. Carol was back in the same stunned, yet intrigued, state that she’d been in days prior. If it took a little more alcohol to limber her up, so be it.


“Oh good,” Rob said as I let him in the door of the apartment. “You’re here already,” he said to Carol.

“Trying to get psyched,” she giggled nervously with a toast of her cup.

“Relax,” he replied as he placed his gear back and tripod on the floor. “You’ll do fine. Okay,” he looked over at me and then at Renata. “You guys know the drill?”

“I just got the quick and dirty version,” I replied.

“Oh, right,” Rob said with a shake of his head. “I didn’t go over it with you completely. So,” he continued. “Carol – your mother – is coming to town for a visit. You and your grandmother,” he nodded at Renata. “Know this, so you decide to have a quick fuck before she arrives. But,” he paused with a knowing grin.

“She’s early,” I replied with a grin.

“Bingo,” he nodded. “And we went back and forth on this,” he looked over at Carol and Renata. “I’m actually interested in hearing what you have to think.”

We all moved to the kitchen table and sat down. Renata had grabbed Rob a beer and we listened as he explained. “My first thought was for Carol to just freak out,” he paused and took a sip of his beer. “Y’know? Right batshit,” he continued.

“But I thought,” Renata interjected. “That she should be more sad than angry.”

“Yeah,” Carol joined in. “And when I heard that, I thought that was more true,” she finally finished as she looked for the right word. “I mean, you’re not my kid, but that was closer to my reaction when I found out about you two,” she explained further.

“And that’s what changed my mind,” Rob added. “What do you think?”

“I think that fits,” I nodded. “Shock, awe, and sadness,” I continued. “I mean, how do we go from batshit insane to wherever this ends up?”

“Exactly my point,” Renata said. “All it takes in this case is a little motherly comforting and next?” she shrugged. “She’s sitting there watching us make love.”

“Does that work for everybody?” Rob asked.

Renata and I nodded. Carol sheepishly shrugged her shoulders and agreed. Then she looked over at Renata and wiggled her cup. “Can I have another?”


I was sitting at the kitchen table naked by myself, fidgeting my leg per Rob’s direction. Following his lead I nervously smoked a cigarette and bursa escort sipped on a beer, while every now and then casting a nervous glance towards the bedroom. I was also sporting a rock-hard erection.

“Man,” Carol whispered to Renata from behind Rob. “It doesn’t take much for him to get hard, does it?”

“Why do you think I like him so much?” Renata giggled.

“Okay,” Rob announced. “Ren?” he continued. “In your bathrobe? Sitting at the table, okay?”

“One moment,” she nodded in response as I headed off to the bathroom.

A few minutes later Rob was filming me coming out the bathroom clad only in towel. “Morning grandma,” I said as I approached the kitchen table where Renata was sitting in her robe. I gave her a kiss and then turned to the counter to pour myself a cup of coffee.

“How was your night dear?” Renata asked.

“Horrid,” I replied. I finished pouring my cup and joined her at the kitchen table. “I didn’t get out of there until almost two am.”

Renata reached her hand out and caressed my face. “Oh my poor boy,” she cooed. “You should have woken me up though when you got home.”

.”Oh grandma,” I chuckled. “It was late, and I was filthy.”

“Still,” she nodded knowingly at me. “You know your mother is going to be here today for a visit?”

“Yeah,” I nodded. I reached for the cigarette pack on the table and lit myself one. After it was lit, I exhaled and smiled at her. “But we still have a few hours.”

Rob cut the scene there and then filmed Carol coming through the door. “Look around,” Rob whispered from behind the camera. “Then head over to the bedroom door.”

Carol did as she was told and then Rob ended the scene.

Rob then moved his camera and lights into the bedroom, where Renata and I joined him. We were on the bed, both naked and waiting for the cue. Rob set up a still camera again, and then got behind the video camera. “Okay,” he said. “Get to it.”

I crawled onto the bed and laid down on my back as Renata followed me and then straddled me. She guided my already erect cock up into her pussy and then started riding me.

“Oh grandma.” I moaned loudly as I gripped her big ass cheeks as she pounded herself down on me.

“My boy,” she cooed back as she bucked away. “If your mother wasn’t coming here we could do this all day!”

“Great line Ren,” Rob said as he stood up and set the still camera on auto. A moment later there was an audible click as it took a shot of me and Renata fucking. He got behind the video camera again, and then stood up abruptly. “Hang on a sec,” he said as he rubbed his forehead.

Renata stopped riding me, but my cock was still up inside her. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I think we should have done more leading into this,” Rob said in a frustrated tone. “Ren?” he continued. “Hop off, let’s get you two coming into the bedroom.”

“Certainly Robert,” Renata agreed as she crawled off of me and off the bed.

I took a deep, and frustrated breath, before rising myself and following Renata out the bedroom door.

“This is ridiculous,” I whispered to her as we got outside of the bedroom.

“Oh be calm,” Renata tapped her finger against my chin. “Do you need me in my robe Robert?”

“Yeah Ren,” Rob replied from inside the bedroom. “Good idea. Dale?”

“Yeah?” I replied in a tone to let Rob know I wasn’t happy.

“Towel back on.”

“Got it,” I replied with a heavy sigh.

Rob gave us the cue and then Renata and I re-entered the bedroom. This time as she approached the bed, she threw her robe to the floor, then crawled onto the bed on her elbows and knees. She looked back at me with a big smile on her face and I knew immediately what she wanted from me. I dropped my towel to the floor then crawled onto the bed behind her and dove my face in between her big ass cheeks.

She moaned loudly as my tongue began flicking over her asshole. “Ooh ya,” she purred. “My grandson has the most talented tongue.”

Rob just moved in to get a close-up of me tongue-fucking Renata’s asshole, with two of my fingers inside her pussy, then he asked us to switch it up after a few minutes. I got onto my knees and Renata was bent over in front of me. She took my cock into her hand gently and licked the tip of my cock and got some pre-cum on the tip of her tongue. Then gently eased her head back, and the pre-cum extended from the end of her tongue to the tip of my dick.

“Oh that’s fucking great Renny,” Rob laughed from behind the camera.

A moment later she had her lips wrapped around my shaft and writhing her velvety tongue around my cock as she bobbed her head back and forth.

“Oh grandma,” I moaned loudly as I gently dug my fingers into her gray hair.

Rob moved in for another close-up and then ended the scene. Again. He repositoned the tripod off to the side of the bed so he could shoot us with the bedroom door in the background. “Okay Carol?” he said to her after he was set up. “Just stand outside out of the shot for a moment. I’ll cue you and then you walk çanakkale escort into the doorway.”

“Got it,” she nodded. She looked at us on the bed and grinned nervously then shrugged and headed outside.

Renata got back on top of me and starting riding my cock again. Rob began filming and then cued Carol into the scene. She got to the doorway and bugged her eyes out of her skull when she saw us going at it. She placed both hands up to her mouth and stood there speechless.

“Great stuff,” Rob whispered from behind the camera. “Okay Dale,” he cued me. “Go.”

I leaned up a bit and dug my face in between Renata’s big tits. Then as I pulled back I noticed ‘mom’ standing in the doorway watching us. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed. “Mom?”

Renata stopped riding me immediately and turned to look over her shoulder. “Oh my heavens,” she gasped.

“Okay,” Rob announced as he stopped filming. “Let me just get the same thing from this side,” he said with a grunt as he moved the tripod and camera to the other side of the bed.

We re-did the same thing, then Rob turned the camera around to focus on Carol. She repositioned her hands to her face as she had when she first showed up, then just dropped them slowly. “Oh mama,” she practically sobbed. She looked over at me. “Oh Dale,” she said with a look of disappointment in her eyes.

“Great stuff,” Rob said as he stood up. “Okay Ren?” he announced as he turned the camera around again. “I’m going to get you coming off the bed as you go to her.”

“Yes sir,” she smiled in response.

Rob started by filming Carol looking like she was about to cry, then she turned to leave. Rob then swung the camera over to get Renata climbing off of me and the bed and going after her.

“Wait little one,” she called out. “Please come back.” she shuffled quickly across the floor and grabbed Carol by the arm. “We should talk about this.”

“Oh mama,” Carol said in another near sob. “I can’t.”

“Shh,” Renata said softly as she stroked Carol’s graying hair. “Calm,” she said in a reassuring tone. “Come,” she gestured her back into the room. “Dale?” she said as she looked at me. “Could you please give us a minute?”

Rob repositioned the camera to get me climbing off the bed. I had a sheepish look on my face as I nodded and said I would give my ‘mother’ and ‘grandmother’ a moment alone.

Then I stood in the doorway having a smoke as Rob filmed Renata and Carol talking on the bed.

“Now little one,” Renata began in a calm tone.

“Mama,” Carol said with a bit of defiance in her voice. “If we’re going to do this, could you at least cover yourself up?”

“Oh of course little one,” she grabbed at the blanket on the bed and hastily wrapped around her body. “You were never very comfortable with nudity were you?” she added with a giggle as she finished concealing herself.

“Mama please,” Carol moaned.

“I’m sorry little one,” Renata replied in a soothing tone. “Now, I know you must be shocked by what you have seen here today.”

“Shocked doesn’t even come close mama,” Carol sighed heavily. “How could you? He’s my son!”

“I know little one,” Renata’s voice was tinged with regret.

“I mean I almost expect it from that little pervert out there,” Carol said with a shake of her head. “After all he gets kicked out of his apartment for fucking an Indian in the laundry room,” she sighed heavily. “And,” she paused nervously. “I never told you about this, but he fucked his bitch of a step-mother too.”

“Oh my heavens!” Renata gasped. “Did he really?”

“Yes,” Carol said sadly. “SHE,” Carol spat the word out. “Called me and told me about it.”

“Why would she do that?” Renata asked.

“To mock me,” Carol huffed. “To taunt me,” she shook her head. “That bitch just loves to grind my gears.”

“Oh I’m so sorry little one,” Renata replied in a soothing tone as she reached forward and gently rubbed Carol’s arm.

“That’s why I was so happy when I heard Dale was going to live with you instead of my ex and that bitch,” Carol continued in a wistful tone. “And then to see the two of you like that? Oh mama,” she sobbed and put her face into her hands.

“Oh shh, little one,” Renata leaned in and gently hugged her. “I understand you being angry about this, but blame me,” she continued in a soft voice. “Not him.”

“It’s not about blame mama,” Carol sighed heavily as she lifted her face from her hands. She had a single tear running down her cheek. “And it’s not about anger. I’m just so,” she paused as she searched for the words.

“Disappointed,” Renata finished for her as she brushed the tear from Carol’s cheek.

“Exactly,” Carol nodded. She sighed and stood up. “I mean I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by all this,” she paced nervously back and forth beside the bed. “That one out there fucks in laundry rooms and fucks his step-mother,” she paused and looked down at Renata. “And you have always been very,” she shrugged her shoulders. “Sexual.”

Renata nodded. “I am,” she agreed. “And I apologize to you now because I know you were never very comfortable with that aspect of me.”

“Oh don’t apologize,” Carol replied with a wave of her hand. She sat back down on the bed and looked straight at her. “At times I wished I could be more like you,” she sighed.

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