Fetishville Ch. 01


Chapter 1 – Training Time

Before I get to the meat of my experience I think I should share a few things about me. I was divorced about a year ago. The whole thing was quite a surprise to me because I didn’t see it coming at all. I mean I know we weren’t all lovey-dovey, but his demand for a divorce was a shock to say the lease. I was just now beginning to get some normalcy back in my life. I was only in my late 30’s so I still had a lot of my life ahead of me and wanted to make the most of it. The one real surprise is that I missed being with someone even though our relationship wasn’t as exciting and satisfying as I would have liked. In the end though having him out of my life was going to be a good thing and I would be able to explore on my own instead of being controlled by his oppressive personality.

One of the few things I got out of the divorce was a small printing business and I was throwing myself into the business as a way to stay active and feel good about myself. I had recently invested a fair amount in a software package to upgrade the business, but I needed some help to really understand how to use it.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was at one of my best friend’s house. She’s a real techy; very savvy with all kinds software and hardware and she had agreed to teach me some important tips and tricks of my new software. I was pretty well checked out on the basics, but the stuff Emma was showing me would let me do some really cool stuff and give my business a huge competitive edge. It had been a long afternoon and we were just about done. Both of us were sipping on our second glass of chardonnay. Emma was looking up a key stroke combination that she couldn’t remember and I was just staring at the monitor.

I was hardly paying attention, but holy crap what was that on the monitor? The screen saver kicked in and a woman dressed in a very provocative black outfit popped onto the screen. The image was only there for just a brief second because Emma’s hand shot out and hit the keyboard.

Emma acted like nothing had happened and went on with the lesson. I didn’t say anything either, but the image was burned into my brain. I wanted to know about whatever the hell I’d seen because I was almost positive that it was Emma in the picture. I had to find out the story behind it. Finally, Emma had covered everything on her list and she looked blankly at me. “Well, there you have it. Everything I know. Anything unclear or is there something you want to know more about?”

There was my opening and I wasn’t going to let her off the hook. I took a second and then locked onto her gorgeous green eyes, “We’ve known each other a very long, long time…..tell me about that picture.”

Emma didn’t break eye contact, “Amy, that picture wasn’t intended for your eyes.”

“Seriously? Well that’s obvious Emma, but I saw the photo. The genie is out of the bottle. Explain.”

Emma didn’t look comfortable and I could tell she was wrestling with answering or not. After a second or two she grabbed both wine glasses and headed out the door. I followed her into the kitchen. After she’d refilled our glasses she leaned against the counter and took a long gulp. I kept silent and smiled as I took a sip. I was resolved not to break first.

Finally Emma had made her decision. “I’m only going to tell you about this since you are probably one of my oldest and closest friends. I probably shouldn’t, but I’m going to anyway. C’mon, let’s go back to the den.”

When we walked in the den, the screen saver was flashing pictures on the monitor. The first one I saw was of a tall lady in black heels, some sort of shiny black leggings, a bustier, a thick collar and a shiny black hood. Her red pony tail stuck out the top. Even though I couldn’t see her face, I was sure it was Emma on the screen.

Every time the photo changed, it was some variation of the previous one. In many of the photos Emma was topless and her tits hung lewdly. Her tits were really big. I mean really big, almost huge. How did I never notice her unbelievably spectacular body? In other photos she was posed nude in very provocative ways showing off her smooth, bare pussy. She was incredibly hot. In most of the pictures she had some kind of leather or rubber hood covering her head. Fuck, obviously Emma had a streak I was totally unaware of.

The next set of pictures was of Emma standing in front of a bar with two hunky studs with their arms around her waist. One guy was wearing chaps and nothing else except a collar and a hood. He had a huge pierced cock which hung down about eight inches in a lewd sexy arc. The other guy was wearing tight shiny rubber shorts with a place built in for his cock. It was sticking out at least seven or eight inches. Other than his hood, he wasn’t wearing anything but a collar either. There were more pictures of Emma with others – sometimes females, sometimes guys. The photos with the females were the most provocative. Damn, I’d never seen porn this hot. My pussy was nearly soaked and tingled in a very nice way.

We sat there in total quiet while the slide show continued Ankara bayan escort to play. Finally, I glanced toward Emma. She had sort of a transfixed look on her face; almost a dreamy look. I took another sip of wine, “Gawd Emma, you are fucking gorgeous and all of the guys and girls in those pictures are awesome.

Emma answered weakly from her fog, “Thanks.”

We continued to sit there in the silence and let the pictures change from one to the other. I was fine with just watching. There were hundreds. I was going to give Emma all the time she needed. We’d come this far. I wasn’t going to rush things.

Finally, almost inaudibly, Emma started, “I, ahh, belong to kind of a loose knit group that enjoys dressing in fetish gear. We get together from time to time to party. We enjoy getting dressed up and being with like minded people. Plus it’s fun to see what people wear. A lot of it is just being a voyeur. Sometimes more takes place if the right people are there.”

I smiled at Emma and took her hand in mine, “I can see why you love it. Just looking at these pictures has me horny as hell. How did you get into this?”

“I don’t know really. I guess it started when I saw some pictures on the internet. I’ve always liked the feeling of tight clothes so I bought some stuff off the net. First some leggings and then I progressed into some of the other stuff. I really like tight leather, and some of the rubber stuff is so erotic.”

My head was spinning. I was with one of my longest friends listening to her talk about her secret lifestyle and I never had a clue. I was fascinated. I really wanted to see her wardrobe, but I didn’t know how far to push. Her hand was still in mine and I was rubbing is softly and she looked like she was enjoying it so I decided to press forward, “May I look at it?”

“Look at what,” came her slow reply.

“Your very special wardrobe, silly.”

I wasn’t prepared for her response. She cocked her head sideways and gave me an odd look, “You mean you really want to see my stuff?”

Her response gave me the perfect opening. I was going to push things a bit. “Hell yes sweetie. Those pictures made me as horny as I’ve been in months. Not only do I want to see your collection, I want to see you in it.”

I even surprised myself. Without realizing it, my hand was cupping my left tit, squeezing it softly and my fingers drew small circles around my nipple. I don’t know if she even noticed or not, but she squeezed my hand. She picked up her wine glass and walked slowly to her bedroom. I silently followed behind her. She opened the walk-in closet and flipped the light on. As I entered she had her arms extended kinda like a guilty little girl, “This is it.”

I couldn’t believe it. There must have been five feet of stuff hanging and there were all kinds of boots and heels on another rack. She turned toward me and in a resigned tone said, “If your serious, choose something and I’ll model it for you.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Emma was really going to model for me. Damn I couldn’t wait. As I looked through the hangers, I tried to find some of the things I’d liked in the pictures. I settled on a pair of strappy black heels, a basque with the cups cut out, black mesh hose, black leather collar and a shiny black rubber hood with a zipper in the back. Emma looked at my choices, smiled and cooed, “Mmmmm, kinky little bitch aren’t you? Go sit on the bed and I’ll be out in a minute.”

As I went back to the bedroom, it was as if I was in a dream of some kind. Like an out of body experience. The room had gotten dark since the sun went down so I turned on a lamp which gave the room a nice glow. Emma called to me from the closet to get us more wine. When I returned she was standing next to her dresser striking one hell of a provocative pose. I stopped in my tracks and just stared; holy fucking shit. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I loved what I saw, I swallowed hard.

Emma’s long legs were pressed together with one foot in front of the other. The mesh stockings hooked to garters on the basque and made the skin above the stockings and her pussy mound stand out. Her tits sagged provocatively, thrust forward by the underwire of the basque. Her nipples were swollen and puffy and stuck out hard and pointy. The hood covered her whole head except for her eyes, nose and mouth. Her bright red lips protruded through the mask and her pony tail came out the top. She looked fucking hot and slutty as hell.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Then I realized that my heart was pounding and I had stopped breathing. I hoped I wasn’t going to faint or something. I had cotton mouth and felt like I needed CPR. I remembered my wine and took a quick sip. I gazed at her over the rim of my glass. Gawd, her tits were magnificent. Just the right amount of slope and her nipples were pink and hard. She extended her hand asking for her wine. I had forgotten it was still in my hand. I delivered it to her. Her very red lips curved into a wicked smile, “See something you like dearie?”

I almost couldn’t speak. My thoughts were so jumbled. Even Escort bayan Ankara though I knew it was her, the hood took that bit of identity away. I couldn’t see her facial expressions; just her gorgeous body. Finally I gasped, “Oh my gawd yes Emma, Jesus you look fucking fantastic. I would have never believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself. I mean you are sex. For fuck’s sake, you are so gorgeous and your tits are sooooo big and so beautiful.”

Emma smiled again, “Hmmmm, and I was worried that this whole scene might wig you out. You know it really wasn’t my intent to let you see my screen saver. I just forgot it was active. But I’ve changed my mind now. It’s a huge turn on having you know about my special love. I’ve got to admit that being dressed up for you has my pussy drenched,”

My pussy was on fire. Emma continued to lean against the dresser and smile. She sipped her wine and watched me. I didn’t feel like I was in control of myself. My hands just found their way back to my tits and I was fondling myself through my blouse. I didn’t feel self conscious doing it. It felt very right even though I knew I shouldn’t be doing it. Having her watch me was intoxicating. I couldn’t ever remember feeling this way with anyone.

I couldn’t have predicted what happened next in a million years. Emma took a step forward smiling and said, “Let’s get you into something naughty too. I’ve got several very nice things that I think would be perfect on you.”

I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. My head was spinning and I don’t remember saying anything. All I remember is nodding my head and Emma smiling wickedly back at me. She disappeared into the closet and in a few minutes she was back with an arm full of clothing and ordered, “Take your clothes off and throw them on the bed.”

I didn’t hesitate a second. I started unbuttoning my blouse as I kicked off my shoes. I undid the last button and hesitated for a minute but the lust got the best of me and I threw it on the bed. I started on my bra next. My tits aren’t as big as Emma’s monsters. Mine are maybe 34C’s, maybe a bit more, nicely shaped with a little sag which I think makes them kinda sexy. I’d always been proud of them.

As I reached around to undo my bra, my tits were thrust out and I hesitated. I guess I’d just never been alone and naked with another lady. Emma stepped forward immediately reaching around me to unclasp my bra. In the six inch heels her tits were right at eye level. She drug them across my face invitingly and her pointy nipples brushed my lips. My pulse was racing and I really wanted to wrap my lips around one of them, but I hesitated. She moved slowly until she was standing behind me. She caressed my body as she moved. She extended her arms around me and hugged me to her. My head slid in between her huge soft tits and I rubbed my head from side to side. She slid her fingers down my flat tummy and down inside the waist band of my pants.

She slid both hands inside my panties and her fingers worked down toward my pussy teasing me. I sucked in my waist to make it easier access for her. After playing in my pants for a bit, she moved one had up to my bare tit and squeezed it roughly. The other hand went farther down and into my sex. I sighed, closed my eyes and rolled my head against her tits. What the fuck was going on with me? It had been so long since I’d had sex and this felt so good, but wasn’t this wrong? In micro seconds I’d made the decision. I didn’t care about right or wrong. I just wanted her to take me and use me. It was time to explore.

She brought her other hand up to play with my tits and began kissing my ear, moaning little mewing sounds. Shivers ran up and down my spine and my head was spinning. I was glad that she was holding me tightly or I may have fallen down. After fondling my titties and massaging my nipples until they were as hard as rocks, she finally lowered her hands and un-did my pants. Once my pants were unbuttons, she moved in front of me and had my jeans and panties off in one pull. She grabbed my panties and put them to her nose. She maintained eye contact as she took a huge deep breath and then licked the crotch. I just stood there bare ass naked watching her. She was the most exotic woman I’d ever been around.

My pulse was racing and I was breathing hard. I felt like a deer in the headlights, except that I wanted whatever was going to happen to happen. I wanted her and I wanted sex with her. She just stood there looking at me as if she was deciding what she was going to do next. I couldn’t believe how fucking hot see looked. The mystery of the hood and her gorgeous tits sticking out at me was overwhelming. All of my senses were on overload. The tension was killing me.

Emma took her time as if she was inspecting me. Finally she went to the pile on the bed and selected a garment. She turned and handed me a black leather garter belt. I fastened it around my waist. Emma checked the fit. She arranged it so the garters hung perfectly down each thigh. Her fingers felt like little butterflies whenever she touched me. She grabbed a pair of stockings from the pile Bayan escort Ankara and handed them to me without saying anything. I sat on the bed and slid them onto my legs trying my best to look sexy as I smoothed them against my skin. Emma insisted on fastening each garter to the stockings. When she was satisfied with the way the garments fit, she handed me a pair of black leather heels with ankle straps like hers. I slid my feet into them and buckled the straps.

Emma smiled and stood directly in front of me. Slowly she raised her hand until it pressed against my pussy. She palmed my sex with her warm hand and then her middle finger split my soaked cunt lips and found its way inside. She slowly moved her finger up my slit, lingering a moment on the tip of my clit. After a short pussy massage, she removed her finger and brought it to my lips. Without hesitation I opened and slowly sucked her finger into my mouth. It was salty and musky. I couldn’t believe I’d just sucked my juices off of Emma’s finger. What the hell was happening? I’d never felt this kind of tingle in my body, especially in my pussy.

Emma stepped away and then handed me a bra made of the softest leather I’d ever touched. There were quarter sized holes in each cup and as I slid it over my tits each of my nipples fit perfectly into the openings. Emma fastened the bra so that it fit snuggly against my skin. I ran my hands over my tits and the feeling was magical. The soft leather was totally erotic and when I found my bare nipples it felt like electricity shot through them. I tugged on them slightly. It was wonderful.

I was in my own little world playing with my tits. I think my eyes were closed, because I didn’t see Emma grab the leather hood which she was sliding over my head. My eyes snapped opened as she pulled the hood into place and delicately moved it around so that the openings were where they were supposed to be. Once she was satisfied, Emma began to tug on the laces in the back and the hood tightened against my face. The hood covered my head and all the way down my neck. The last thing Emma did was buckle a wide leather collar around my neck. I heard the click of a small lock as she fastened it.

The scent and feel of the leather was intoxicating. The sensation of the tightness of the hood was exotic and made me feel like a slut. It was if I was now under her total control. I couldn’t believe what was going on. This was all crazy as shit, and I loved everything that was happening.

She gently turned me until I was standing directly in front of her looking into the mirror. The reflection nearly made me faint. The two erotic women we were looking at were so exotic – like something from a porno fantasy movie. I could feel my pussy begin to leak again and my breathing was starting to get rough and erratic. I leaned against Emma to steady myself again. Her tit flesh was hot and soft and I could feel her rock hard nipples.

As I looked at the mirror I knew we were the reflection, but the hoods changed who we were. Holy shit! We were fucking hot. Emma reached around and slid her hands across my tummy and electric sparks seemed to explode from my skin. She let them come to rest just above my pussy and she rubbed my pubis softly. I wanted her to lower her hand to my pussy and take care of my ache. I watched in the mirror as Emma raised her right hand to my boob and cup it gently. Then she started making small circles around my exposed nipple with the fingernail of her index finger.

My head was buzzing and my pussy was tingling. I was having trouble breathing. I wanted to fuck so bad I couldn’t believe it. Her fingers had caused my nipple to become rock hard and ached. Her other hand was lazily rubbing small circles just above my clit. Her teasing made me crazy. I’d never even thought about being with another woman, but I was ready for this to go where ever it was going to go.

I let my fingers trace down her arm until I found her hand and nudged it toward my aching pussy. She didn’t need any further encouragement. Her fingers slid all the way in and filled my cunt. In no time the room was filled with the sloshing noise coming from my pussy. It was nasty and hot. Emma was alternating between sawing her fingers in and out and attacking my hypersensitive clit. Gawd I needed to cum so badly. I was getting close, but she seemed to know when to slow down to prolong my agony. I was moaning loudly and bucking my hips trying to get better contact with her fingers.

My clit was throbbing and I could feel the special tingle begin, “I’m going to cum, Emma. I’ve gggggot to cum. Please make me cum.”

Emma pushed me hard against the wall and began deep finger strokes against my G spot. She was kissing my neck and ears and pulling on my nipples. I couldn’t believe the sensations. The tingle in my pussy was now buzzing, I felt like I was twitching and shaking as she trapped me tightly against the wall. She used both hands to work on my pussy. One stroked my clit while her other one was penetrated my pussy. Oh shit. Here it comes. My legs began to shake and then my pussy felt like it exploded. It felt like I was peeing because suddenly my legs were all wet. I couldn’t catch my breath. Orgasms kept hitting one right after the other. I had never experienced anything like this in my life. My legs felt like jelly and I then I must have passed out or something.

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