Fifty seven year old in met on a dating site

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Fifty seven year old in met on a dating siteI was on a dating site looking for women, When I look at this picture thought not bad & she’s on line, I sent her a message she didn’t answer me I waited a bit still no answer, So I sent her one saying well if u don’t want to talk its ok I will go, I then got a answer back sorry ok I will talk,We started chatting about things & I asked if I could meet her, this was at the Saturday we made a date to meet on the Monday at her flat,When Monday came I got ready & sent off the 13 miles to her flat, I pulled up outside & there two woman on the balcony looking at me I locked the car & walked down the steps, Hello u must be Sharon yes she said & u are Jack yes that’s me, are said are u coming up I will let u in, The door opened & I walked up to the flat on getting there this woman open the door and I looked at her wow she’s got some big tits I thought, I then kissed her on the cheek she asked me to come in the living room and sit down she went & put the kettle on, her mate sat down & said hello I started to talk to her thinking she’s not bad, anyway Sharon came back in with cups of tea & sat next to me, we was chatting away I was looking at her tits when she said the face is here sorry I said she said are u a tit man, No I said I like a good arse, she started laughing we finished the tea & her flat mate was still sat there so Sharon said shall we go in the bedroom to talk ok yes I said,We got in the bedroom on the bed we was just chatting at first, I started to kiss her I thought will u are going to get fucked bring me in here, I undid her jeans & put my hand on the top of her knickers she pulled my hand out, I was still kissing her I got my hand on top of her bra playing with her nipples thought the material, I then tired a old trick I bit her on the neck her shout what the fuck but her nipple got hard when she felt hard it was she said that nice yes I know bit her again and play with her hard nipples, I went back to kissing her then I slide my hand back in the top of her jeans and in her knickers she pulled it out again I don’t do that on the first nigh, At this point I’m thinking yes u will lol, I bit her neck again she was loving it I rubbed her nipples again over the top of her bra she was loving it, I put my hand back on her knickers this time she didn’t stop me, so I put my hand inside her knickers straight on her bald cunt & rubbed her crack she opened her legs & I put a finger in her & started to finger fuck her she was all wet, I pulled her jeans off then got hold of her knickers to pull then down she grabbed her knickers & said no, I said there coming off again she said no there not anyway canlı bahis I kept on a couple of times with this then she said go on then take them off, I pulled her knickers down I then started to get undress I big hard cock was ready to fuck her, I asked het to take her top off at first she said no I don’t do that, I said go on top it off with that she did & fuck the size of her tits she was looking at my cock & said that’s a big one I said yes its not bad its 8 1/2 inch long, she smiled & said please be careful I haven’t had one so big before, I was kissing her & move down to suck on her tits I was biting her nipples she was loving it I then went down to lick her cunt I licked her crack she then said no I don’t like that but I said u will, no stop it I don’t, just come up here & fuck me with that big knob I moved back up the bed she opened her legs & I put my cock in her & started to fuck her it didn’t take me long to make her cum, I’m banging my knob in her as hard & fast as I could she was loving the fucking I was giving her, she came three more times before I shoot my load in her,I start to kiss her again I could feel my cock coming out of her, I played with her tits till it had dropped out of her, She said I must going to the toilet & clean up I got up & looked at she cunt there was my spunk running out of her & down round her arse it looked so good,She went to the toilet & came back, we then got in the bed she asked me where I learned to fuck like that, it was lovely I haven’t ever cum like that will u fuck me again before u go, yes I said but u must let me lick u out, I don’t know she said I don’t like that I said well nobody has done it properly before then she slid down the bed & started sucking my cock let me get this back hard on this I said I love a woman who cleans her muck up this made her laugh, anyway she got me hard again I said open your legs & I started to lick her out her was a bit funny to start with saying she didn’t like it, Then I hit the spot god she shouting that’s nice & she was cuming all over the bed I looked at her & she was shaking fucking hell she said can I change my mind that was lovely I don’t know what u did down there but that was fucking lovely I put my knob back in her & fucked her again but when I was ready to cum I pulled out & shoot spunk all over her face, she cleaned up & we kissed then laid chatting, I was getting hard again I put her hand on my knob she said omg does this mean u are going to fuck me again yes if u want me to I am, I was kissing her & I had three finger up her cunt fuck she saying fuck please fuck me now on that I told her to kneel on the bed I’m going to take up from behind so bahis siteleri she did I put my knob in her cunt hole but she was a little tight I then spit on my hand & rub it on the end of my knob & pushed him in to her please she said becareful I pushed it all the way up her I ask how it felt she asked me to moved slow till she got use to it I then started to fuck her hard & fast the bitch was scream fuck that’s nice that’s fucking nice give it to me I was fucking her with all I had, then the door opened & her mate was stood there, She said are u ok u was making a lot of noise yes she saying yes fuck he knows how to fuck its fucking lovely, I was thinking are u coming to join in but she shut the door & went well I kept fucking her she was really wet I then had a idea if I pull out by mistake & then move forward I might get it up her arse,I puled back grabbed my knob moved it up a bit then moved it forward bingo I was up her shitter she jumped forward & said no please not there I was just kept fucking her up the bum, she started to moaning that’s nice I was ready to cum she started to cum fuck she saying this is a night to remember I was hold my cum back till I was ready again I then shoot my spunk up her arse I pulled my cock out & my cum was running out & down her cunt, She said that feels nice running down there, well we cleaned up got dress kissed & I left saying I will be back tomorrow,The next night when I got there she wasn’t in her mate said she would be back in about a hour she had to go see her dad ago can I wait yes she said, She then said Sharon was enjoying what u was doing to her last night, I said u should have join in no she said Sharon wouldn’t let me, she walk in the kitchen & put the kettle I walked in behind her & put my hand on her arse she didn’t moved it, so I turn her round she said I was so turn on watching u two last night I put my hand up her skirt straight on her mound she didn’t say anything I was working my fingers in her crack I could feel she was getting wet I ripped her knickers down pushed her to the table bend her over it & shoved my knob up her. she saying we can’t do this please don’t so I said u want it don’t yes but she’s my mate I said I’m not going to tell her if u don’t, no I’m not she said on that I turned her round laid her on the table & started to fuck her hard I could see out of the window to see if Sharon came back with me fucking her mate, I was banging into her she was screaming I’m going to cum I said so am I with that I push hard in to her & shoot a load up her I then grabbed my phone & got a picture of her cunt with my cum running out the her all body she said why the pictures I said güvenilir bahis a bit of insurance then u don’t say anything about me fucking up she said no I wouldn’t I would like to do it again was time, Sharon said last night u was a good fuck & u are, I started stopping Friday nights fucking Sharon all night & when she went to work for 6am I would get up & get in bed with her mate & fuck her I was on a winner lol, This Saturday Sharon was at work just me & her mate in the flat I said I think I will go for a walk wait sandy said I will come with u its a nice day we set off I said come on lets walk in the woods I could see a nice grassy bank I said lets walk to the bank & have a sit down, when we got there I was feeling randy it was a lovely day I thought sun on my arse as I was fucking sandy, I put my hand up her skirt pulled her knickers down what are u doing we can’t do it here why not I says because somebody might see, Its ok don’t worry I got my knob out & told her to suck it she was sucking away on it when I could see two lads about 17/18 I said I’m going to have to fuck u I pulled her skirt up so her hairy fanny was on view got between her legs & started to fuck her I could see the lads coming closer I was still fucking her one lad had his cock out wanking the other was just watching me fucking her, the one with his cock in his hand came up to us & she could then see he was making a shadow on her face she look up & shouted go away, he said no I know u, u are sandy what if I was to tell the lads on the street I have seen up getting fucked in the woods, I’m still banging in to her ready to cum what are u saying she said to him, u have a nice hairy cunt there I would love to fuck u, no way she said well then my mate has just taken some pictures of u two fucking do u want to see, I had still got my knob up her but stopped fucking her, his mate was showing her a picture she looked worried I started to fuck her again & shot my load in her & got off, right he says if u suck me off & my mate we will delete two picture of u getting fucked, no way go & get fucked, but that’s what we want from u now bitch, no I’m not doing it yes u are look at his showing a picture to her omg she says now get your tits out lets have a look at u, will u delete a picture if I show u yes he says so she got her tits out & one picture was delete, we have ten pictures we will delete the lot if u let us fuck u no she says no way, what if we show your mate with this I said go on then I don’t give a fuck but sandy then said she will fuck u off & kick me out, will u had better think of something them ok she says u win but not here today, when the lad says she says next Saturday morning at the flat where I can’t be seen again ok he say but first I need to finger u with that he put his hand on her hairy cunt & worked his fingers in her, see u next Saturday bitch, But that’s the next story

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