Subject: Filipino Teen Neighbor filipino-teen-neighbor-3 First Kiss, First Taste Filipino Teen Neighbor Chapter Three: First Kiss, First Taste ————————————————— Author’s Note: This is my first short story I’ve submitted. The M/Teen relationship will develop over the first few chapters. There are sexual scenes but the story isn’t predominately based on sex. This story is completely fictional. Again, this is my first story so please send feedback (good, bad, editing suggestions, ect). Thank you! **Do not read this if you are not legally able to do so.** Copyright: ail , 2018 ————————————————— ***Special thanks to R for his advice and being a great pen pal! Thank you to everybody else who has emailed. I appreciate all of your comments and suggestions!*** ————————————————— Chapter 3: First Kiss, First Taste Amiel’s face and bare chest had a red glow. This was from effects of the beer and the heat inside my non-air conditioned apartment. Only a couple of beers were probably more than enough to get the small teen tipsy, if not completely drunk. The shirtless Filipino teen sat my couch with his legs crossed. He leaned towards me with his arms resting on his thighs. When I had dared him to stand and spin around in only his underwear, I had seen the outline of a hard cock through his blue cotton boxer briefs. Was he still hard? His interest in my coming out stories and his follow-up questions left no doubt that he was gay, or at least struggling with his sexuality. His overt flirting with me also confirmed his desires. “Kiss me.” Amiel’s dare was spoken with confidence. There was no hesitation or uncertainty. Our eyes were locked together. His dark brown eyes were ordering me to kiss him. Amiel wanted this. His tongue quickly wet his dark lips. He had almost tried to kiss me once before while we assembled the furniture. I wanted this too. I wanted to press my lips against his every time I saw his smile or heard him call me “Kuya”. Nervously, I turned towards him on the couch. Our legs touched as I moved closer. I reached out to pull his body closer to me. The teenager kept his eyes open until our lips finally met. Our lips pressed together for a couple of seconds. His virgin lips were stiff but quickly relaxed as mine began to move slowly. He moved his soft and moist lips over mine. I used my tongue to taste them, and then to slowly explore his mouth. There was no more nervousness. No more hesitation. The teenager moaned and awkwardly met his tongue with mine. After a few more seconds, I pulled away. Amiel’s eyes pleaded with me to come back. His arms that were wrapped around my bare torso did not let go. His grip remained tight. I smiled gently. Amiel blushed and then smiled back. He was breathing heavy and I could almost see his heart beating through his chest. An expression of ecstasy had consumed his face. “My first kiss…” he tried to speak in between heavy breaths, “was with somebody special.” He had listened to my advice. I had butterflies in my stomach and felt lightheaded. I knew it wasn’t from the beer. It was from him. Our game was now over. As I searched for words to respond, the formerly timid teenager grabbed my arm. He pulled me into his small body and I was powerless to resist. I couldn’t pretend I didn’t want this. I climbed on top of him and we resumed our passionate kiss. One of his hands on the back of my head held my face against his as he explored my mouth with his tongue. His other arm was wrapped around me, rubbing my lower back. One of my arms was around his neck, clinging to his opposite shoulder. The other was sliding its way up his bare torso. Amiel was a fast learner. It didn’t take him long to figure out how to kiss well. As my hand played with his nipple, he squirmed but continued to hold my face down against his. After a couple of minutes, I tried to pull away but his eyes silently told me “I’m not done with you yet”. Amiel was in control and his confidence was growing. My hand on his chest gently still rubbed his small brown nipple. His hand on my back found its way under my shirt. After a few moments he got impatient and had me pull it off. He pushed me up and then gently backwards so that now he was on top of me. I stared at his sexy Filipino body. His smooth caramel skin. His soft lips. His messy black hair. Everything was perfect. Amiel was being transformed from a teenager to a man as we made out on the couch. We kissed for another couple of minutes. Or hours. Neither of us had any perception of time. Our kisses slowed and we pulled apart slowly. Our faces were both red and we struggled to catch our breath. “Kuya,” he panted, “That was the izmit escort bayan best dare.” We both smiled. His accent was especially thick as he struggled to find words to say. I reached out to touch his face. I softly cupped his cheek with my palm and rubbed my thumb across one of his bushy black eyebrows. “Just making sure you’re real,” I whispered. He giggled. “I can’t believe dis is real.” I noticed there was an orange glow coming from the living room windows. The sun was starting to set. I checked my phone. I think we had been kissing for over twenty minutes. “Are your lips sore?” I asked. He giggled again and shook his head. While we had kissed, I had licked, sucked and bit his lips, sometimes hard. He had done the same to mine. I adjusted my shorts and then sat up. Amiel did the same. I closed my eyes and put my head back into the couch. I had just spent twenty minutes kissing a fourteen year old. He was the son of a woman, a friend, who had welcomed me into her family. I decided to ponder the consequences of corrupting Amiel later. I couldn’t think nor did I want to. The realization of what I had done was starting to set in. Kissing Amiel had consumed all of my energy, all of my emotions, and probably all of my sanity. “Kuya,” he whispered. I opened my eyes. His lips pointed to the hand he extended towards me with the palm facing upward. I took hold of it and our white and brown fingers interlocked. When our hands met, all of my stress disappeared. Amiel clutched tightly and brought our connected hands back against his abdomen. His hand firmly held mine. The teenager was taking control.I couldn’t escape but I didn’t want to. Where did his shyness go? We continued to sit on the couch without speaking. The only sounds were from both of us trying to catch our breath. Kissing Amiel had been more intense than some of the recent sex I’ve had, including with the Japanese grad student. Like I said, this teenager had put a spell on me. “Amiel, let’s go get dinner,” I finally said, breaking the silence. He nodded. “Yes please, Kuya,” he said. We were still holding hands. I didn’t want to let go. I felt like I was turning into a crazy teen girl. I’m sure many teen girls would eventually want to hold Amiel’s hand. I felt lucky. “Text your mom and let her know we’re going out,” I said. At least some of my sanity had returned. Amiel messaged his mom with his free hand. A minute later his phone beeped. “Kuya, she doesn’t want me to be a bother to you,” he said. His voice sounded defeated. Obviously he was afraid that this was the end of our night together. “Tell her it’s to thank you for all your help today.” I didn’t like the idea of lying to Maria but he had been a big help with setting up my furniture. I probably would have brought him out for food anyways, even if he hadn’t tried to put his tongue down my throat. The teen smiled and replied to his mom. “She said thank you for taking care of me,” he said. I smiled back at him and said, “let’s get up and get ready.” There was a nervous hesitation before we leaned in for another quick kiss. And then another. I tickled his side when he tried to kiss me a third time. “Let’s stand up,” I said. I was sure that he saw my erection through my small running shorts as I walked to my bedroom. When I thought I was alone, I let them fall to the ground. “Your underwear is sexy, Kuya,” Amiel said as I was searching my dresser for a casual pair of shorts. I didn’t notice him sneak up behind me. His brown hands trembled as they reached around my body and slid up my torso. With a light touch, he gently explored my abs and chest. The teenager got brave and moved his hand down to the waistband of my underwear. Amiel used his hand to explore but was still too shy to rub my crotch or slip his hand inside my underwear. Suddenly though, the hand on my waist and the one on my chest pulled me backwards into his teen body. My ass pressed into his crotch where I could definitely feel his hard cock beneath the constraining fabric. His teen cock was desperate to be free. He slowly and awkwardly rubbed his crotch against my ass. Instinctively, I moved my ass up and down against his dick. Amiel moaned softly. Maybe he’s not so shy after all? I turned around for another kiss. Standing in my bedroom, I saw the reflection of our bodies in the mirror above my dresser. Our arms were wrapped around each other and bodies pressed together. He held me as tight as he could. My lips left his as I licked his cheek, nibbled on his ear, then began to gently suck on his neck. Fearful of leaving a mark, I moved my mouth down his chest until I took one of his small nipples in my mouth. I flicked it with my tongue and felt his small body tremble. “Yes Kuya, ahhh,” he moaned. His izmit eve gelen escort controlling hand held my head in place so I kept licking. “Dat’s amazing,” he whispered. I felt his other hand reach around to my back. It went as low as it could but he couldn’t reach my ass. My mouth left his nipple and I stood up for a quick kiss. When I stood up, his hand on my back moved down until it was finally rubbing my ass. “So sexy Kuya…. It’s so firm… so perfect,” he whispered, in between our kisses. Amiel’s crotch was rubbing against mine and I couldn’t take the teasing any more. I slowly moved my mouth down his body, licking his chest and other nipple along the way. Finally I was on my knees in front of him. I kissed his flat and hairless belly. My hands reached up to massage his sides. His hips were thrusting into the air as I teased his abdomen with my tongue. Finally I decided that enough was enough. My hands moved down to the top of his shorts. I stopped licking and looked up for permission. Amiel nodded and started to unbutton his shorts. We were already past the point of no return. I gently pulled his hands away to unbutton the teen’s shorts myself. Amiel’s shorts fell to the floor and the Filipino teen stood in front of me wearing only his underwear. His hard cock tented the cotton boxer briefs. I could even see the outline of a mushroom head and a wet wet spot where his tip strained against the fabric. When my lips made contact with the moist cotton, I felt his cock twitch. I kissed it gently through his briefs and tasted a hint of salt. I pulled the elastic waistband down, finally revealing his sexy brown cock. It’s thickness surprised me for his age. There was a large brown mushroom head, veiny shaft with a slight curve, and some excess skin on the underside. He had messy black pubes above the base of his cock but there was no other hair I saw on his pelvis or thighs. His wrinkly balls hung unevenly below. They were dark brown and hairless. There was a unique musk mixed with the smell of soap. This aroma was a tranquilizing love potion. Amiel’s hand moved through my hair. He gently rubbed the back of my head, pleading for me to continue. So I did. This was the fourteen year old’s first blow job. I knew I had to make this a memorable experience. I also knew that he probably wouldn’t last long. Before I began, I teased it with soft blowing. His young cock twitched with each of my breather. Next, I gave the tip a peck with my lips and then a slow touch with my tongue. Amiel moaned and his legs began to shake. Smiling, I slowly swirled my tongue around the head, licking up from the underside to the tip so that I could get all of the leaking precum. The teen’s entire body trembled with pleasure. “Yes, Kuya!” he whispered. I teased his shaft with my wet lips before licking his balls. As I massaged them with my tongue, I looked up to see the Filipino teenager in ecstasy. Amiel was looking down at me, biting his lower lip and unable to control his expression. Now for the main event. I took his entire shaft in my mouth and began to move my head up and down. As I did, I made sure that my tongue put pressure on the underside of his shaft. I varied the speed, between torturously slow and impatiently fast. When I felt Amiel begin to tense up, I would slow down to help make him last longer. It still didn’t take long. “Kuya!” Amiel moaned and began to buck his hips. His moaning was loud and we simultaneously experienced a wave of intense pleasure. His hands pulled my head into his crotch and he shot two hot bursts down my throat followed by more cum that oozed out slowly. I swallowed everything before taking Amiel out of my mouth. Before getting off my knees, I looked at his cock which was now shinning from my saliva. I gave the tip a final gentle kiss before standing up. He shivered from his cock’s sensitivity. Unconsciously, I had taken out my cock and jerked off while sucking him. It had felt so good to please him that I hadn’t even realized I was touching myself or had cum. Multiple globs from some apparently big shots covered the floor between his feet. As soon as I stood, Amiel wrapped his arms around me and we kissed again. “Thank you Kuya, that was amazing,” he said. “I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I said in a teasing voice. Amiel blushed. We cleaned up and walked down the street to a local Mexican restaurant a few blocks away. The waiter sat us down at a small table in the corner of the tiny establishment. We sat silently for a moment before a server brought over my margarita and some tortilla chips. Was this our first date? We both smiled when I made eye contact with Amiel. Like always, he blushed. It was hard to believe that thirty minutes ago, izmit otele gelen escort his hands were holding my head in place as he thrust his teenage cock into my throat. I sipped the margarita. The tequila washed away any remaining hints of the taste of his cum. I didn’t want to say anything to make him uncomfortable or anxious. One week ago I had met Amiel. He was an incredibly polite and shy Filipino teenager. Since that time, I had gotten to know him and his family better. Amiel was sexy but there was more to him than that. I respected his maturity, humor, and dedication to his family. I admired so much about this guy. I tried to find the words to make casual conversation. I also desperately wanted to make plans to see him again. “I’m getting up early to go for a run. Then I’m going to use the bench press we put together this afternoon. Want to join me?” “Kuya, Sunday morning I go to church with my mom and Kevin. I have to bring them” he said. “Can we run together after church?” “Sure,” I said. There was now a permanent smile planted on his face. Amiel looked genuinely happy. For the first time I could remember, I also felt genuinely happy. There was so much I wanted to say. There was so much I wanted to ask him. I couldn’t bring myself to have that conversation with a fourteen year old in a crowded restaurant. It looked like he was having the same struggle. “Kuya,” he said, leaning in across the table. “Today was perfect,” he whispered. I felt blood surge to my face. I smiled and winked at him. “It was perfect.” After dinner we walked back towards our apartment building. We both knew that we would have to say goodbye for the night once we returned to our building. There was an unspoken agreement to walk slow. Amiel’s hand reached out for mine once we were alone on the sidewalk. I nervously looked behind us, making sure there were no followers, before I held his hand. “I understand our situation,” he said. There was silence for a moment before he admitted, “but I really like you, Kuya.” I squeezed his hand, then brought it to my mouth for a quick kiss. This was a silent admission that I felt the same way. “You know, you don’t have to call me Kuya,” I said. Amiel hesitated for a moment, clearly deep in thought. “Then I want to call you something nobody has ever called you. I want to call you mine,” he eventually said. His possessiveness was exciting. I couldn’t remember anybody having wanted me to belong to them, at least not for more than a night. “Yeah? Are you sure?” My mind was racing. Was this really happening? I was being led by the butterflies in my stomach and the spell he had put on me. I had never seriously dated or had a real boyfriend before. Was I really about to let this teenager claim me after only one night? Every time I had met Amiel, I had felt something special. “I’m sure,” he said. There was confidence in his voice. Amiel was only five foot two and one hundred twenty pounds at most. I was six inches taller and had twenty-five more pounds of muscle on my body but he was in control. I wondered if he knew that. “Then I’m yours,” I said. I couldn’t believe what I had just said. This was insane. He was fourteen and I was twenty-three. Amiel was a high school student and I was still in the Navy. His mother was my friend. I had every reason to not do this. Despite everything else, I wanted this. I didn’t even know what “this” meant. It didn’t matter. He squeezed my hand and we stopped to look at each other. This part of the street was somewhat dark, despite the old street lights and occasional headlights of passing cars. There was a tear in his eye. “Amiel, are you okay?” I asked. “I’m just happy. For the first time, I don’t feel alone,” he admitted. I gently wiped away his tear. I felt the same way. With no people or cars in sight, I leaned forward to kiss my young crush. We kissed for several seconds before he pulled away in a panic. “I don’t want us to get in trouble,” he said. His head was scanning the empty street for signs of anybody who might have seen. “It’s okay Babe,” I said. Babe? “Babe?” he asked. Did calling him that scare him? It scared me. “Well, I mean, you know. Amiel,” I struggled to say. “No, I like Babe,” he said. “I will also call you Babe.” The pronunciation through his accent was adorable. Finally we made it back to our apartment building. I led him inside the entry way and we shared a kiss in the empty hallway. “Sweet dreams my Babe,” he whispered. The “my” in his sentence had made my cock rock hard. I decided that I was crazy. I was absolutely insane for letting tonight happen. It didn’t matter. I responded to Amiel with a kiss, and then another, before heading up the stairs to my apartment. ————————————————— Thank you for reading! I am writing for you guys so please let me know if you have any advice. One of the unexpected benefits of posting these stories has been the great conversations. This weekend was extremely busy. I will try to finish the next chapter by tomorrow. -RyC

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