Subject: Filipino Teen Neighbor filipino-teen-neighbor-8 Filipino Teen Neighbor Chapter Eight ————————————————— Author’s Note: This is my first short story I’ve submitted. This story is completely fictional. Please send feedback (good, bad, editing suggestions, ect). Thank you! **Do not read this if you are not legally able to do so.** Copyright: ail , 2018 ————————————————— **Thank you R for your continuing inspiration! Thank you to everybody else for all of your suggestions and comments!** ————————————————— Chapter note: Amiel and Ryan make love while Amiel feels some peer pressure ————————————————— Chapter 8 “Are we boyfriends?” I asked Ryan. I fought my nervous feelings and tried to appear calm. Ryan had saved me from my loneliness. He treated me like an equal. He had given me these feelings that I’ve never had before. He nodded. “I’ve never wanted anything so badly before.” Really? I was in shock. A rush of emotions took control of my body. Mostly relief, followed by happiness. “Good,” I whispered, “I’m happy too.” My nervousness went away when my lips pressed against his. Everything felt perfect. “I have a surprise for you tonight,” Ryan said, “but first, let’s have a glass of wine,” he said. I didn’t notice the two glasses and the bottle already sitting on the dining table. The wine glasses were large and shiny, like a crystal. I don’t know anything about wine but this bottle looked fancy. Ryan opened it and poured our glasses, then lit a candle on the side table next to the couch. He turned off the other lights before sitting down next to me. Finally, he turned on some soft piano music on his soundbar with his phone. The atmosphere was romantic and even nicer than some of the cheesy romantic dates I had watched on all of the Filipino soap operas. “This is so perfect,” I said. The candlelight created just enough light for me to see his masculine face. I looked over his entire body and had never wanted anything, or anybody, more in my entire life. “Cheers,” he said, raising his wine glass to mine. “Cheers to us,” I replied before taking a sip. The wine wasn’t as bitter as I expected. It was smooth, and perfect. I took another sip. My brain was going crazy with so many thoughts. “Thank you for everything,” I said. “I’m really happy and I’ve never felt this way before.” “I feel comfortable with you in a way I’ve never felt with anybody else. I have this urge to know you more, to know everything about you,” Ryan said, before adding, “and to make you happy and feel good in ways that you can’t even imagine.” My cock was so hard. His words had made me so horny and I wanted to be sucked so bad. “Let’s shower?” I asked him. I wanted to see his sexy white body naked and wet. I wanted to be naked with him. I wanted my veiny brown cock inside of his moist white mouth. “Separately, okay?” What? “Why Babe?” I asked. I was confused. “I have a surprise for you,” Ryan said. “Finish your wine and I’ll shower first. Afterwards, come into the bedroom.” Thirty minutes later I left the bathroom wearing only a towel. I could hear the soft piano music coming from the bedroom as I slowly opened the door. There were candles lit on the dresser and nightstand. Then I saw him. “Oh my god,” I whispered. Ryan was laying on the bed on his stomach, wearing thong-like underwear that had his white butt completely exposed. There was a waistband and two dark blue straps, one going down each butt cheek. There was nothing covering the middle, It looked so round and smooth. I dropped my towel, exposing my naked body and hard dick. I felt that I was already leaking leaking precum. “You’re so sexy,” I said, climbing on top of aryan’s back. My dick found it’s way between his ass cheeks and I instinctively began rubbing my hips up and down. My hands reached out to hold his down. My teen hands looked small compared to Ryan’s but I felt in control. This was the way I wanted it. “Kiss me,” I whispered in his ear. Ryan turned his head to the side and I leaned down to kiss him. My body still pinned him to the bed. I knew that he was stronger than me and could have thrown me off but he wanted me to be in control. He wanted to…. What is the word? Submit. Ryan wanted to submit to me. More precum leaked from my cock. His lower back and ass cheeks were now slimy because of me. “I’m so lucky,” I said, nibbling on his ear. My cock was still sliding up and down his ass. I could feel it get more and more slippery from my precum. My heart was racing and I had to think about the english words before I spoke. I looked down between our bodies and saw my dark brown cock against his pale ass. I didn’t want him to be just my boyfriend. I wanted to own him. I wanted to own his body. Ryan slowly rolled onto his back but I kept my position on top. We were now face-to-face. “What is your surprise?” I whispered. Ryan’s arms pulled me down into him for a kiss. This wasn’t an answer. One arm held my waist and the other controlled my neck. I clamped both of my hands against his cheek and my tongue invaded his mouth. I wanted him to feel it. I pushed his tongue back into his mouth. My lips pressed down harder. “You’re mine,” I whispered. “I want to be yours,” he said. His voice was almost a moan. “I own your body and you’ll do what I say,” I said, leaning down to suck on his neck. Ryan moaned even louder. “Make me yours Babe,” he said. I stopped sucking on his neck and moved my head up to look him in the eyes. Ryan’s lips were parted slightly and he was breathing heavy. I had a sudden idea. It seemed kind of gross but I wanted him to know that I was in control. Slowly I let a glob of my spit fall from my mouth into his. “Take it,” I said. He had no choice, it had already landed in his mouth. I spit again and he drank my saliva. It was such a sexy sight that I almost came. We kissed again. His kisses started to explore my face, moving up my cheeks and then to my ears. Ryan’s tongue was amazing. izmit escort bayan “Yes Babe,” I moaned. “Make me feel good.” I let my body fall off him. Ryan did as he was told. He moved his kisses and licking down from my ear, to my neck, and then down to my chest. His tongue played with each one of my nipples and I kept moaning. He slowly licked his way down my chest, to my belly, then my hips. I rubbed my cock against his cheek as his face slid through my pubes. He didn’t suck me. Instead, he moved further down and started to lick and kiss my balls. His tongue massaged each one slowly. “Yesss!” I moaned. “Keep sucking my balls!” Shit, this felt so good. His unshaven face felt like sandpaper against my hairless thighs but Ryan’s tongue didn’t stop moving. It found its way behind my balls.. It tickled me as I moved my hips up and down to give his tongue more access. Suddenly I felt his hands grab my thighs and lift me up. My legs were spread and my butt was off the bed. “What are you…” I started to ask before I felt his tongue lick my most sensitive spot. It moved up and down, between my crack, and pausing slightly each time to press against my hole. I helped him out by pulling my legs further apart. “Keep doing that Baby,” I said. My body was squirming on the bed as his tongue moved in circles. I was starting to sweat. Eventually I couldn’t take any more. “My turn,” I said. We changed positions and I started to lick his ass. I don’t think I my rhythm was as smooth as his but he was still moaning. It felt good to please my Babe, to make him feel as good as he had made me feel. As I licked, I looked up at his body. His balls were in my face, hidden by the small cloth pouch. I was mesmerized by his flexed abs, tattoo, and sexy face. Ryan moaned softly and one of his hands pressed my face harder into his body. My tongue started to press against his hole. I wanted to put it inside of him. I wanted to keep making him moan. “Come here,” he said. I climbed back up his body and we started to kiss again. “Are you ready for your surprise?” he asked. I nodded. Ryan’s hand reached for something on his nightstand. I couldn’t see what it was or what he was doing. Suddenly my cock was smeared with this cold jelly. It was even more slippery. “What are you doing?” I asked. “We’re going to make love,” he said. I suddenly felt nervous. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. Ryan spread his legs and I suddenly knew. I had seen this in porn videos but I had no idea what to do. “Kiss me,” he said. I leaned down to kiss him as I felt his hand grab my slippery dick. My tongue was pushing deep into his mouth and his hand guided me to his hole. I pushed my hips forward slowly and my tip pressed against him. “Slowly Babe,” he whispered. Ryan adjusted his legs and I kept applying pressure. Soon the tip of my hard and veiny dick pushed its way inside. I moved my body up so that I was in a kneeling position while Ryan remained on his back. I could see the tip of my dick was swallowed by his pink hole. We both moaned as I watched my shaft disappear inside of him. It was warm and tight. It was better than any mouth. This was the most intense feeling I had ever felt. Soon my hips started to thrust in and out. I knew that I couldn’t last long with these feelings.. “It feels so good to be inside of you,” I said as I began to thrust harder. “You like this Babe?” Ryan moaned. “Go slow Babe, ahhh, we have all night.” It took me a little while to figure out how to keep a steady rhythm but I eventually got it. Ryan’s muscles flexed as he held himself in place. As my motions got better, we both moaned louder. His pale body contrasted to my skinny brown frame. His strong legs rubbed against my soft and hairless thighs. I watched my thick black pubes press against his ass before my dick reappeared. I had always been self-conscious of the “Asian Stereotype” but I was proud of my five inch dick and my large tip. My fifteen-year-old Pinoy dick was giving my lover pleasure. That’s all that mattered. I was pleasuring Ryan. That thought made me thrust even harder. “Shit,” I said. I had gone past the point of no return. I began to move as fast as I could. “Ahhhhh!” My body tensed up and I felt my cum shoot inside of him. “Fuck,” I whispered. My thrusts didn’t stop. I felt a second cum shot, then a third. Then a fourth. My heart was beating hard and my breath was heavy. This was so sexy. Even though I had just cum, my dick was still hard. I didn’t want this experience to end. My tip was sensitive but I couldn’t stop humping my lover. His ass was still so tight and warm. “I’m not done yet,” I said. As I caught my breath, my thrusts got faster and faster. We were both moving together. This felt like a dance that I was leading. It only took another minute or two before my second orgasm came. It felt just as strong as the first. By the time it was over, I had no energy left. I couldn’t move and could barely breathe. I looked down and saw that Ryan had shot cum in thick streams all over his chest. It felt good to know he had enjoyed this. I had no words. My body was drained and I couldn’t think straight. I had just fucked…. made love…. to the man of my dreams. Ryan slid off his sexy back-less underwear and used it to wipe the mess. He threw it to the floor and then held me from behind, wrapping his muscular arms around my body. We quickly drifted off to sleep. Together. Everything was perfect. I woke up the next morning with Ryan’s arms still wrapped around me. Was this a dream? Was I in heaven? It took me a moment to realize that the alarm was going off. Shit, it was only Friday. “Good morning Babe,” Ryan said. His arms squeezed my body. I reached over to his alarm clock and pressed the snooze. I rolled over so that I was facing him. “Mmmmm it is a good morning,” I replied, “but I don’t want to get up.” We eventually got up, both still naked, and walked to the bathroom. I giggled as we peed together. Sometimes I peed with Kevin but this felt different. I kept thinking about how my dick had been inside of his sexy white body izmit eve gelen escort last night. As I got hard, it got harder to pee. We stepped into the hot shower and Ryan began to lather me with a bar of soap. He was worshiping my body and it really turned me on. He rubbed big circles on my chest, then up and down my arms, up my back and between my ass. He took his time rubbing my hard cock. As I started to rinse, he said “I think we have time for something else,” before getting down on his knees and taking me in his mouth. “Yes Baby,” I said. My hands pulled his hair into me. My pubes were rubbing his face and my cock was in his throat. It was a beautiful sight. “Keep sucking…. Yeah….. Keep going….” I moaned. I was so horny from making love last night that it didn’t take me long. Ryan swallowed all of my cum and then got up to kiss me. I loved tasting me on his lips. “We need to hurry and get ready,” I said. I felt a little selfish for not returning the favor, but I wanted him to be horny all day so that he would be thinking about me. I think he realized the time too and didn’t object. We dried off in the bathroom and walked back to his bedroom. Ryan had some special event today at work so he started to put on his white sailor’s uniform. It was the kind with bell-bottom pants and the long-sleeved shirt with a black bandana or something tied to the back. He was so sexy. I was already dressed in a black tee shirt and brown pants. My hair was fixed and I didn’t want to get messy again. Ryan had pulled up his pants but there were about a dozen buttons on the front he had to fix. He only had a white tee shirt on and this sexy blue pair of silk briefs. His pressed shirt was still on the hangar and the round sailor’s hat was sitting on his dresser. I looked at Ryan with his slicked-back hair and clean shaven face. He was so sexy. Screw the time. I walked over to Ryan and pulled his hands away from the pant’s buttons. I then slid down to my knees and started to rub his cock through his silky underwear. “Babe, you don’t have to,” he started to say and before I began to suck him. Ryan quickly changed his mind. “Yeah… Amiel, keep doing that Babe,” he said softly. His hand was on the back of my head, guiding me up and down his cock. I moved my head as fast as I could and kept my tongue pressed as hard as I could against his shaft. It slid along from his base to the tip. I felt his firmness and tasted his precum. Ryan started to gently thrust. My jaw was still getting used to sucking his thick white cock. I was starting to get sore and tired but Ryan was so sexy. He was my sexy sailor. I had to do this for him. His grip on my head got harder. His thrusts got harder. “Don’t stop Amiel,” he said. The first shot hit the back of my throat and I quickly swallowed. The second filled my mouth. The third made me cough a little. I licked my lips and tried to swallow everything quickly. “No we’re really gonna be late,” I said, still on my knees. We both laughed. School went by slowly and, of course, it was hard to focus. All I could think about was seeing Ryan again and making love again. His ass was so tight and warm. My dick had never felt so good. Mr. Manchin, the stubborn English teacher, asked me to stay after class. “I noticed you weren’t paying attention again. Is everything all right?” I nodded. “Yes Sir, sorry Sir.” He eyed me suspiciously as he leaned up against his desk. The bulge in his slacks was pointed towards me. “There’s nothing you want to talk about?” I shook my head. Mr. Manchin patted me on the shoulder but let his hand linger. Could he sense that I was different? Why was he so focused on me? “You know, I’m going to have to give you detention if you can’t pay attention in class,” the teacher said. His voice was very stern. What the hell? Am I the only one not paying attention? Impossible. I made eye contact with the older man and he didn’t look away. I looked down but noticed his bulge again. Oh. I realized that he was giving me special attention for a reason. “I know Sir,” I finally answered. I felt uncomfortable and suddenly shy. I wished Ryan was here to tell this old man to fuck himself. He was looking into my eyes and his hand remained on my shoulder. “Mr. Cruz, I don’t want to give you detention, or to punish you, but I need you to improve your grades and pay attention. Please come to me if you need help or would like an extra assignment to make up for your poor grade,” he said. Extra assignment? I bet he meant a blow job. My eyes wandered down to his crotch without thinking. Mr. Manchin caught my gaze. His legs parted even more and I noticed that his bulge was now bigger. I was curious as to how big it was. Was he fully hard? No. Stop having these thoughts. “I will perform better in class, Sir,” I said. My heart was racing. I was curious to know what the teacher really wanted and how big he was but I also felt guilty. This man was trying to pressure me and I felt confused. I quickly excused myself and texted Ryan. `Hey babe. I miss u’ I would tell him about the english teacher later. I didn’t want to make him worry. At lunch, I found my cousin Miguel, and sat down with him and his friends. “Kamusta Bro,” he said. My cousin was almost seventeen and a junior. He was one of the “cool kids” and always had girls and guys surrounding him. He dressed in cargo shorts, a baggy shirt, and always wore a backwards baseball hat which covered his long and messy hair. He was a bigger guy, maybe five foot ten and about one hundred eighty pounds. He worked out regularly and had big arms. There was something comforting about sitting with him, especially right after being along with Mr. Manchin. I knew I was safe with my older cousin. “What’s up?” I said, trying to sound like a “bro”. I felt awkward and out of place but hopefully I could hide that with some false confidence. Miguel was surrounded with white and latino friends. He never hung out with the few other Filipino’s in the school. I heard him tell me before that it was because he liked izmit otele gelen escort to have his dick sucked by white girls. There were a few white guys sitting at the table. They were all juniors and all on the football team. I didn’t know, or care, about any of their names. “You look a little shaken up Little Cousin, anything wrong?” I shook my head. “Just fuckin tired of my english teacher. He’s such a dick. He wants to give me detention,” I said. I didn’t like to swear but I thought it might help me fit in. “Fuck him. He’s probably an old perv’ looking to get your little brown boy pussy,” Miguel teased. The other guys laughed. My face turned red and I knew that my older cousin was testing me, to see if I was strong enough to fit in. “Fuck off, I am the one who does the fucking. Nobody fucks me,” I said. “Oh yeah? You get yourself some pussy?” “I’ve fucked somebody before,” I said. Last night. My dick started to get hard. Miguel smiled. “A guy or girl?” “Why are you so curious? You looking for a date?” I stared him down. Miguel approved of my answer. I passed his stupid masculinity test. “Calm down Bro. My friends and I are having a party on Saturday, you should come. You like white chicks?” No, I prefer white guys. I thought about Ryan and how I’d much rather spend the time with him. It didn’t matter though, I couldn’t refuse to go to this party or else my cousin and everybody else might get suspicious about me. “Yeah, I’m down,” I said. Sitting with my cousin, instead of eating alone, had been a mistake. For the rest of the lunch period, I tried to keep my head down and not say too much. Miguel pulled me aside after lunch. “You sure you’re okay, Lil’ Cuz?” I nodded. “Yeah, it’s been a good and bad day. Lots of stupid shit,” I answered. My older cousin put his arm around me when as we walked down the crowded school hallway. Other kids seemed to get out his way. “The other day at your party, you seemed more confident. I liked that but today you seemed out of it,” he said. “It was that teacher. He just pisses me off,” I said. “Don’t let the old guy rattle you like this.” I just shrugged. “Hey, I have an idea,” Miguel said. He switched from speaking English to Tagalog. “There’s gonna be a lot of slutty girls at this party. If you want, I can help you get your dick sucked or maybe even fuck. I’ve taught some of these white girls to love Pinoy cock. Trust me, once they have a taste, they get hooked.” The thought of fucking a girl didn’t do anything for me. Actually, it made me a little nervous. What if Miguel made me fuck somebody? What if I had to fuck a girl to prove to everybody that I was a man? “If we were back home, I’d bring you out to get `Blessed’,” Miguel said. In the Philippines, sometimes older cousins or uncles would pay for prostitutes to help turn their younger relatives into “real men”. I remember hearing my uncle talk about how it prevented boys from turning into bakla, or feminine gays. Some white girl saw my cousin and smiled. “Hey Christie,” he said. “This is my little cousin, Amiel, he’s pretty chill.” “Be friendly to her, she’s a little slut who loves to suck cock,” Miguel whispered in Tagalog. The girl smiled and waved. I guess she was pretty but I really didn’t care. She didn’t have Ryan’s muscular body. My cousin was probably thinking about her lips on his dick but they weren’t as appealing as Ryan’s lips, or even Kevin’s. Poor Miguel, I thought, I bet Ryan and Kevin are so much better at sucking dick than this girl. They are probably better than any girl. The three of us chatted for a minute before I excused myself to go to gym class. “See you tomorrow!” Christie called out to me. I smiled and waved. I was suddenly a little horny, thinking about having my dick sucked. I walked into the locker room to change before class. My dick was hard and I wanted a blow job. I locked myself inside a toilet stall and unzipped my jeans. My underwear had a wet spot where my thick tip was pressing against it. I freed it and took a picture. I sent a picture and message to Ryan. `Babe, need ur help’ Then to Kevin. `Need this in your mouth Bro’ Ryan replied first. `Can’t wait to help you out. I have grad classes tonight but I’ll see you as soon as I get home’ Kevin replied next. `Ok’ Kevin was good at sucking but I wanted to be loyal to Ryan, my boyfriend. I also cared about Kevin and didn’t want to make him feel like I was using him. `Babe suck me good tonight, ok? `Babe?’ Kevin replied. “Shit,” I said aloud. `I accidentally called my bro Babe. im sorry’ I messaged Ryan. `It’s okay Babe. Is he going to help you out after school?’ `Is it ok? Im really horny’ `As long as we can still make love tonight’ Ryan answered. `Of course we will. U are my babe and u always come first :)’ I then replied to Kevin. `Nevermind. U can suck me before mom and uncle get home’ `Ok’ Kevin replied. I thought about my older cousin. He was hoping to get lucky on Saturday but I had two people that I was going to have fun with today. Both were guys I really cared about. Both were sexy and special to me. The gym teacher asked me again if I had thought about joining the wrestling team. Masculinity was still flowing through my veins at this point. I was an hour away from cuming down in my little bro’s sexy mouth. Tomorrow I was going to go to my first highschool party where I would probably drink and be forced to flirt with uninteresting girls. I wanted to prove to everybody that I could be strong. I wanted to prove that being different did not mean that I was weak. I was also still horny and thinking about what was going to happen tonight. “What time is practice, Sir, I mean, Coach?” “Practice starts next week,” he said. The coach smiled and patted me on the back. It was a friendly and encouraging pat, not like the awkward shoulder rub from Mr. Manchin. I knew it would be tough, and awkward, but the coach described wrestling as a “challenge” and I was in the mood to challenge myself. I was also still in the mood for a blow job and was very impatient for school to end. ————————————————– Things are still very busy for me so I haven’t been able to write as much recently. Please keep sending your emails with feedback (good and bad). I am writing this story for you and want to know what you think. I appreciate everybody’s comments. -RyC

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