Filtered Sunlight


Angie sat on her back patio under the sun shade, busy typing away on her laptop. She paused to re-read the email, and then sent it. There was a tall glass of water about half-empty, most of the ice melted, so she went back into the townhouse. She refilled her glass and returned to the patio just as her cell phone began ringing. She grinned seeing that it was Tracy, her best friend, calling.

“Hey Trace!” Angie said smoothly as she settled back into her chair. “What’s up, girl?” The two chatted for a while, and Angie invited Tracy to come over and enjoy the Friday afternoon sunshine on her back patio. Angie explained that she was still working but it was light stuff, mostly emails and reports, nothing major, and that Tracy should definitely come over. They’d not seen each other in a few weeks, and it was definitely time to get caught up.

Angie busied herself further while waiting for Tracy to arrive. She did some more work and when Tracy finally walked in at close to four, Angie had decided that work was concluded for the week. She snapped her laptop shut, stood and angled the sun shade, and then sat back down and rolled her head back, allowing the sun to caress her body.

“Don’t you look comfortable,” Tracy announced her presence. “I brought wine.”

“Of course you did!” Angie laughed without moving or standing. “Sit. I’m enjoying the sun here.”

“Pale maiden that you are, you ought to be out in the sun more!”

“Ha. Go to hell!” Angie grinned. “Not all of us are Mediterranean descent with those big italian boobs and olive skin!”

“You northern europeans have nothing on us italian girls on boob size,” Tracy tartly replied. “And look at you, braless!” Tracy added. “Have you no shame?”

“Fuck that, the girls need to swing free sometimes. It’s not like I was expecting anyone from work to show up here,” Angie explained without moving from the sun. But it was a hot day and as Tracy had alluded to, Angie was fair-skinned and could not tolerate being in direct sunlight for too long. She sat up and slid under the shade. “Feels good to go without a bra.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Tracy said. She reached behind and unhooked the four-snap bra at the back, and sighed in relief when the bra loosened from her body. As Angie had alluded to, Tracy’s large breasts instantly fell and swung a bit to the side. She snaked her hand inside of her shirt and withdrew the bra, and tossed it on the table next to the wine bottle and two glasses. “There, now we can be equals!” Tracy giggled.

“Too bad we don’t have boyfriends,” Angie sighed. “We could have them all hot and stiff just from watching us sit here and talk without bras on!”

“No kidding, right? I know.” Tracy poured two glasses of wine. “So what’s up?” The two friends moved into conversation smoothly. They had met through college but had never been super-friendly at that time. They shared a few classes, and had gone out for drinks once or twice. But after they both graduated and found work, they ended up finding work in the same city and then after separately joining the same young professionals organization, struck up a much closer friendship. While they were not inseparable, over the years their friendship grew until each called the other her best friend.

They saw each other about weekly, sometimes just hanging out like they were doing at the moment, other times out at events or for drinks. The last time they had gone out to the bars they had a bad time because of incessant harassment from men ogling their chests or pinching their backsides. That night there had been a steady stream of suitors, and the experience left both feeling rather sour at that moment. Neither was with a steady man. Angie’s man had been a tenuous relationship at best and then he moved to a new city for a better job. She had wished him well and meant it. Tracy was still sort-of/kind-of seeing this man but the more she saw of him the more suspicious she grew. She suspected that she was the girl on the side and it was becoming more than a little annoying.

The first bottle was drained, and Angie went inside to grab another. She stocked up on wine at each payday. There were more than enough bottles to handle the two of them gabbing and drinking, so grabbing another one meant little. She returned, sat, and they continued right on going.

Not unusually, the conversation turned to matters of love and sex. Tracy had just concluded bitterly about her last excursion with Trevor. “So yeah, I’m pretty much done with him. It’s just…well, I have to make the call.” She sighed. “It’s too bad because he’s a good lover,” she said wistfully. “It’ll suck not having a man around.”

Angie snorted. “Get some toys. How the hell do you think I manage?” she asked rhetorically.

Tracy’s snort was on par. “I have them. It’s not like I have cock on demand with Trevor. A girl has needs,” she giggled. The alcohol was loosening tongues. “I could use a cock tonight,” Tracy sighed softly.

“Me, too,” Angie agreed Ankara escort matching the soft tone. “A nice hard thick throbbing cock would be delicious right about now.”

“You keep talking like that,” Tracy snapped archly, “and it’s gonna make it so much worse!”

Angie laughed heartily. “I know, right? Still, I could close my eyes and just daydream, can’t I?” She ran her hands smoothly from shoulders over breasts over stomach and down over her legs to her knees. “That would be hot right now.”

Tracy shook her head. “You horny slut.”

“I know, I know, I am horny,” Angie agreed immediately. “Getting a little warm and wet, too,” she added with a lecherous wink.

“I’m not far behind,” Tracy said, closing her eyes for a moment to gauge her body’s state. “Yeah, I’m getting wet too. Damn!” she cursed.

“What ever shall we do?” Angie giggled.

“We keep talking like this, I’m gonna have to leave and go home to get my toys out!” Tracy proclaimed.

“I wash mine, use one of them,” Angie suggested with a leer.

“What, in your bedroom?” Tracy replied lightly. “Where will you be?”

“In the bedroom too,” she said. She drained her wine. Tracy did not see the slight tremor in Angie’s hand, a tremor that had nothing to do with consumption but rather excitement, and maybe trepidation. She refilled Tracy’s glasses. “I’ve never watched another girl masturbate,” she said in a whisper.

Tracy’s eyes widened and she carefully set her glass down on the table. “No?” she replied back. “I have, once,” she admitted.

Angie leaned forward. “Yeah? Was it hot?”

Tracy gulped a little. “Yeah, it was.”

“We should do it.”


“You have anything better to do?” Angie retorted. She leaned a little closer to Tracy, but did not reach out to make physical contact. Angie feared that doing so might break the escalation sexual tension.

“Um…no, not really,” Tracy smiled. “All this talk, it’s turning me on so much,” she whispered.

“Me too, I’m wet as a river right now,” Angie said. “Come on, let’s go, before we lose our nerve,” she added.

“Uh, okay…” Tracy was not yet fully convinced. Angie stood and held out her hand. Almost shyly, Tracy took it. Angie pulled her up and through the house, clasping her friend’s hand tightly as they climbed the steps. Angie could not help from giving her hips an extra twitch or two for the benefit of her friend trailing behind.

Angie’s bedroom was in the back of the townhouse, and the late afternoon sunlight filtered through the blinds resulting in a warm atmosphere in the bedroom. “Here, sit here,” Angie said patting the bed, and Tracy dutifully sat. Angie walked around to the other side of her bed to her nightstand and opened the bottom drawer. Because she lived alone she did not bother hiding her toys more than putting them in the bottom drawer. She gathered them up and brought them over, and tossed them on the bed, and then sat on the edge of the bed so that the assorted toys were between the two of them.

“You have more than me,” Tracy admitted. She reached out and picked up a thick, long, semi-translucent pink one that had little nubs at the base of the thick phallus. She turned the knob at the base, and the toy began vibrating slowly. More twisting increased the frequency. She turned it off and set it down. There was a slim gold vibrator. A life-like dildo, no vibrations. Two miniature vibrators. And a thing that was a little pink butterfly connected to elastic straps. Tracy picked it up. “What’s this one?”

Angie released a quick sigh. “Oh that’s a good one. That’s the butterfly vibe,” she said. “You want to try it?”

“I’m not sure…” Tracy said. So Angie snapped it away from her, and undid the button and zipper on her shorts. The shorts fell to the floor.

Tracy gawked. “You were commando?”

“Yeah, why not?” Angie countered. “It wasn’t like I was planning on having visitors today.”

“You could have changed for me,” Tracy said.

“Why?” Angie said conversationally as she slid her feet into the straps and pulled the device up her legs. “What would be the point? It’s not like you’ve been all that prim and proper when I’m at your place,” she continued reasonably.

“Yeah, I guess,” Tracy replied. Her eyes were glued to the pink toy as it slid up Angie’s pale, thick thighs. Angie got it positioned, hooking it over her hips, and then fiddled with the positioning of it. She sat down onto the bed, and scooted backwards and piled up pillows on the bed, and then reclined in a more comfortable position.

“Here, you do it,” Angie said, handing the wired remote to Tracy. Angie settled into her pillows and closed her eyes, keep her legs open for the toy to have its most intimate access.


“Because I want you to, that’s why,” Angie said without opening her eyes. “Please?”

Because Angie’s eyes were closed, she did not see the way that Tracy first made a head to toe appraising pass of Angie’s Ankara escort bayan body. Almost inadvertently her tongue slid out and ran across her upper lip. Angie shifted somewhat impatiently, and Tracy turned the dial.

The buzzing was soft but audible, and Angie’s reaction was about instantaneous. “Oh yeah,” she breathed softly as the toy began applying the vibrations directly against her organ. Angie shifted her hips on the bed, back towards the headboard, before sliding back down again. She brought her hands up to cup her heavy, thick breasts, her thumbs toying with her quickly stiffening nipples. “That feels so fucking good,” she said before rolling her head back into the pillows. The way her back arched lifted her hips just a touch. “You’re teasing me,” Angie said softly.

Tracy, watching, felt her own sex engorge with need and become slick from her juices. She turned the dial up just a notch or two, eliciting a quick squeal from Angie from the increased pleasure. Tracy fiddled with her shorts, and peeled them and her panties off of her body. Her idle hand dropped to between her legs, and she dipped her fingers into her wet pussy and moaned quietly herself from the pleasure.

Tracy turned the dial up a little more. This time Angie made a soft squeaky noise. “Fuck it’s so good,” she panted. She opened her eyes and looked over at Tracy. Her eyes were half-lidded, her lips plump and her face slightly blushed from the pleasure. “I want you to touch yourself too,” Angie said.

“I am,” Tracy replied softly.

Angie turned her head back and tried to relax. Tracy watched carefully, and just at the moment when Angie seemed to settle back into her bed, she flicked the dial up to full blast for a second. “OH FUCK!” Angie cried out, and just as quickly Tracy dialed the intensity back down again. She did not turn it off but kept it at the lower frequencies.

Angie writhed on the bed. “Do that again!” she pleaded. Tracy complied, keeping the toy buzzing at its highest frequency for longer this time, watching as Angie’s legs bent and spread and came back together not fully in control. She was panting heavily, and dropped a hand down to press the toy harder against her clit. “Oh god I’m so close!” she panted.

“Hey!” Angie cried out in dismay. “Why did you turn it off?” she demanded. Tracy held the remote in her hand, her thumb on the wheel.

“I’ve heard that edging makes the orgasm much more powerful,” Tracy grinned. “You want to find out?”

“Oh god I’m so hot and wet right now,” Angie moaned, flopping back into the bed. “This toy, god, it’s something else!” she promised. She stayed reclined but turned her head to Tracy. “You want to try it?” she asked.

Tracy pulled her lower lip into her mouth between her teeth, and then nodded. Angie pulled the toy off of her body, and the two women exchanged positions. “Wait, let me do it,” Angie said. Tracy hesitated. “Please?” Angie asked nearly begging.

Tracy nodded silent assent. Angie got down and slipped the elastic bands over Tracy’s feet, and brought the toy quickly up just Tracy’s bent knees. Angie shifted position, and then began to slowly, teasingly slide the straps up Tracy’s firm smooth thighs. Angie’s fingers lightly brushed Tracy’s legs as she did so while Tracy’s eyes fluttered closed.

Angie positioned the toy, her fingers brushing not against Tracy’s pouting sex, but against her sensitive inner thighs. It was not quite ticklish, but the intimate location of the touch seemed to go right to Tracy’s needy organ. Tracy lifted her hips off of the bed from the gentle teasing Angie applied, and sighed heavily. Angie got the toy positioned, and gave it a quick but firm press to ensure the toy was properly seated.

Angie then laid on her side so that she could position her mouth almost against Tracy’s ear. She whispered “The lowest setting” before rolling the dial to the point where the toy just began its buzz. Like Angie had done earlier, the sudden explosion of sensation lifted Tracy’s back from the pillow rest in a big arch, jutting her breasts out in front of her. Tracy’s breath escaped in a low, semi-controlled hiss. Only once she returned to her initial spot did Angie continue her soft little whispers right into Tracy’s ear.

“Imagine that’s my tongue on your hot clit,” Angie whispered. “My fingers playing inside of that wet pussy of yours, mmmmm, that’s turning me on so much.” The dial went up to 2, and Tracy hissed in more breath. “Yes, that’s it, feel the vibe tease your pussy, tantalize your clit. You’ll be begging me to take that toy off and lick your slit, won’t you, hmmmm?” Angie continued her tease. The dial went to 3. “Feel that buzz, right on your clit, feels so fucking good right? I love that toy but not as much as a hot wet tongue on my clit. Maybe I’ll make you get on all fours and slide under you, and hold your ass with my hands and bring you down on my face so I can suck you good.”

“Fuck Ang fuck!” Tracy moaned. Angie turned Escort Ankara the intensity up to 5 for a moment. Like Tracy had done with her, she spiked it for a second up to ten and got the same intense near-scream out of Tracy. “Oh god…mmmmmmm…oh yes…mmmmmm…god so good!”

Angie dialed it back to a 1. “Shh, relax, just relax,” Angie said. She dropped the control down to the hand she was lying on, and used the freed one to place it on Tracy’s soft inner thigh. She rubbed the thigh, and with each rub, the closer she got to Tracy’s pussy, the higher she rolled the dial. Each time she slid her hand away she dialed the toy back. Tracy’s legs were trembling and with each increased vibrations her hips lifted. Tracy was toying with her own boobs, and had slid her shirt up to better play with her own stiff nipples.

“You bitch you’re teasing the shit out of me,” Tracy moaned as Angie dialed the intensity back one more time.

“I know, it’s fun, right?” Angie giggled.

Tracy’s grin was lopsided from the intensity of the pleasures. “Yeah,” she nodded. Tracy’s forehead shone from the light sweat. Angie tenderly wiped some strands of hair from her friend’s face. She winked, and zapped the toy back up to ten. Tracy howled and then Angie snapped it all the way back off.

“Oops. I did it again!” Angie giggled.

“I hate you,” Tracy moaned with a big smile. “Tease.”

“Damn right. I love it, don’t you?”

“More when I’m doing it,” Tracy admitted.

“Turnabout is fair play,” Angie said loftily. She held the dial up in front of Tracy. And turned it. She waited until Tracy was moaning about being close to cumming before she turned it back off. Tracy heaved, panting from the exertions and pleasure of it all. Angie got back down close and whispered in Tracy’s ear.

“I want to tie your hands behind your back. Will you let me?” Angie asked. She moved away and stared intensely into Tracy’s eyes. Tracy gulped but after a moment, nodded.

“Okay,” she whispered. She sat up and put her hands behind her back. Angie climbed off of the bed and went into her closet, and pulled down a pair of pantyhose that she had hung there to dry.

“I don’t have anything better for this,” Angie apologized.

“It’s okay,” Tracy said. Her eyes were now bright with excitement. Angie paused just for a moment, to take in the sight of her best friend sitting half-naked on her bed, holding her hands behind her back. It was a vision Angie knew she’d never forget. She got back on the bed and told Tracy to scoot forward a little. Tracy did and Angie had enough room to kneel behind her friend’s back. She looped the pantyhose around Tracy’s wrists three times, and then looped the hosiery a few more times between her wrists to tighten the bonds. She then tied it up with a firm knot. Nothing dangerous, but Tracy tried pulling her arms and could not escape.

“There,” Angie said with satisfaction. “And now the teasing shall really commence!” Angie laughed.

“Oh no-” Tracy stammered but her words turned into a guttural moan when Angie spiked the toy back up to 10 for about thirty seconds. Tracy was quivering so much that her breasts were sloshing around. Angie cut the toy back to zero. “And…rest.”

“You bitch!” Tracy moaned in mock anger. “God this is hot, I can’t move I’m so fucking wet and I can’t escape that toy I’m so hot!”

Angie moved and positioned herself between Tracy’s legs. She put the dial down on the bed right in front of the opening to Tracy’s sex. She took each hand and ran them slowly down the inside of Tracy’s thighs. Tracy’s moan of pleasure was more than enough. “Mmmmm that’s so nice,” she said before laying back onto the mound of pillows. She squirmed to get her bound hands in a better position, though nothing was all that easily accomplished. “Wait until I’m doing that to you,” Tracy promised in a low growl make less effective because of her grin and parted lips suggesting very high arousal.

“Oh yeah?” Angie said. She patted Tracy’s soft thighs again. “Maybe I’ll just have to turn this up, then.” Angie rolled the dial to a three, and put the remote down. Tracy shifted her hips again, unable to escape the pleasures of it, and now coupled with Angie’s gentle teasing of her thighs, Tracy’s inhalations became fast, shallow and ragged.

“Fuck oh fuck mmmmm so good mmmmm oh yeah oh oh mmmmm I’m so close mmmm I want to cum!” Tracy moaned. Angie rolled the toy back to off, and scooted closer. She extended the index fingers of her hand, and used just the tips to slide along the midline of Tracy’s inner thighs. She stopped just on either side of the toy covering Tracy’s sex.

“That tickles,” Tracy squirmed.

“Good.” And Angie did it again, trying for an even lighter touch.

“Oh god you’re killing me!” Tracy moaned. Angie smiled, rolled the the dial to a three, and then bent over. She extended her tongue and ran her tongue along Tracy’s left thigh. Tracy shivered then. “Oh oh fuck oh god mmmm oh oh mmmmm!”

Angie reached under and held the remote. Like she had done earlier, she changed the intensity based upon how far her tongue was from Tracy’s sex. The closer Angie got the higher it went, and Tracy was thrashing wildly now.

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