Finally Ch. 01


I had married Sam, after having an affair with her.

Sam was everything my first wife was not, sassy, sexy, funny, and an insatiable slut.

Eventually Sam had gotten tired of her husband, he was older, and although a decent lover and provider, he was very conservative and old fashioned. Sam had many lovers during her marriage, and she always like dominant confident men, those that would make everything a dare, a challenge she could not refuse to at least try.

I guess we were destined because I was a pervert, and someone that would push the limits, and we both knew neither would bore the other, especially not in the bedroom.

Before we decided to leave our spouses and spend our lives together, I had to make sure she would not change. I told her upfront, although I had no interest in straying outside the marriage, that she was all the woman I could handle, all the woman that I wanted, no, I need her to maintain having lovers. I knew she loved sex, and that was a large part of the attraction, she was addicted to cocks, lots of cock.

We had played some of those games, and we had discussed fantasies, what we both wanted, but did not know if we could follow through on. Tonight, Sam was going to attempt to fulfill one of mine. We both loved D/s, and normally it would be me being dominant, and her submitting, a role in which she cherished and excelled.

Tonight would be different, because tonight I would be both the dominant, and in a way the submissive. Tonight, Sam was going to come home, after being fucked all night long, then submit herself to me, as the slut she is.

Sam had dressed up, and went out to a favourite bar of hers across town.

She would have no problem picking up a man, she is reddish-blonde, large tits, with nipples that poked through any bra, long and thick. She is voluptuous, with a nice round ass, that begs to be rubbed up against, but her most seductive feature, would be her eyes and smile.

I sat at home, watching the hockey game, yet not watching it, time not dead yet izle slowly dragging on. Hrs. went by, and I eventually fell asleep on the sofa.

I was not sure how long I had been sleeping, but when I heard the door close, the sun was coming up, and there she was. Sam walked into the living room, her hair disheveled, her clothes rumpled, and her face flushed. She looked, almost totally satisfied.

Almost, because if I knew Sam, she wanted one more, me!

Sam came over to where I was, and as I sat up, she leaned over and asked if I was ready for my fantasy to cum true? Was I? I was not totally sure, it is one thing to fantasize, another to actually do it now.

As I was thinking, she leaned into me, the smell of alcohol still on her breath, and she did it. She kissed me, fully, sticking her tongue in mine, swirling around.

I could taste her lipstick, the alcohol and then it hit me, the taste of cum, and not mine either. Instead of being disgusted, I instantly felt my member begin to grow.

Here I finally tasted another man’s cum on my gorgeous wife’s mouth, and I was enjoying it. I am sure not many men would admit to it, would they?

Sam must have felt me tense up, as she pulled back and had a nervous look in her eyes. You did want this, didn’t you, she asked? You haven’t had second thoughts?

No, I replied. Babe, you are so sexy, and I am so lucky.

With that, she grabbed me by the hand, and led me to the bedroom. You are going to love this story she told me.

When we got to the bedroom, she took control, telling me to undress and lay on the bed.

She said, you wanted your slut to go out and get fucked, well she did, but it was wilder than even you could have imagined. As she told me this, I began to stoke my cock. She was standing back, leaning on the door, with her tits just about popping out of her top, and she asked, want to hear it all. I stammered, yes, every detail, my cock throbbing, and the veins in it seemingly about obi wan kenobi izle to burst.

First things first, you have to promise to be my slut and do everything I tell you, is that clear. I nodded my head in assent. She then told me, I want you to show me how you jerk off, as I take my clothes off, do it slowly so I can see it.

She began unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her lacy push up bra, and I reached for the bottle of lube on the nightstand. I squirted a large dab onto my hand and began stroking my 7″, slowly as she had instructed.

As I was stroking, she reached behind to undo her bar, and I noticed what looked like marks across the top of her freckled tits, could they be from a whip?

As the bra fell, my eyes opened right up, and before I could say anything, she brought her finger to her lips, indicating for me not to say a word.

Her breasts definitely had been whipped, but also had bite marks and her nipples looked raw. With a small smile, letting me know that she was glad she had me stunned, she continued disrobing, removing her skirt, garter and stockings. She was standing there in just her panties, when she said, now I can have a treat.

With that, Sam bent over and rolled down her panties, and I could see the same marks across her ass, they had caned her, and it looked like she liked it. I always knew she liked rough sex, but a caning was something we never discussed. My cock grew even harder if that was possible.

The red criss cross marks across her plump ass, almost made me cum right there. I had to grab the base of my cock and squeeze it, to prevent me from shooting too soon.

Before it could subside, I did not notice her come up beside me, and without warning, she stuffed her panties into my mouth. Here is the treat I told you about, and saved this especially for my slut. You wanted other men’s cum in me, well it was, and now you have it too. Stunned, her I was sucking my wife’s panties full of another man’s cum, and I was ölüm zamanı izle enjoying it. How times have changed.

Sam reached down and caressed my balls, as I stroked my cock, leaning forward, letting her marked tits slide over my face, she asked if I liked the new looks. Of course with a mouth full of her dirty panties, all I could do was nod.

She said she would relate the story all in good time, as long as I pleased her some more.

Before I could wonder what she meant, she slowly removed the panties, and then climbed up on the bed, straddling my head and said now for the main course, and she lowered her sopping wet cunt right down on to my face. There was no mistaking the smell of semen as she lowered slowly. I looked up, and could see cum starting to seep out of her, dripping and soon, right onto my nose and mouth. I was about to say something, when she reached down, grabbed my hair, and she pulled me tight against her, almost suffocating me, she started to ride her cunt on my face.

As she rocked, I finally got into the rhythm of her movement using my tongue, sticking it in her cum filled pussy. I would lick her clit, and she would convulse, forcing out more cum, which I greedily lapped up. Who would have known, this would be this hot.

I licked and licked, and it seemed like it was never going to end, this guy must have been full of cum. Sam started to cum, and her legs squeezed my head and more cum came out, almost gushing with her juices, and just when I thought that was it, she rose a bit and said, you are not dome yet my dear, now for dessert, and with that, she opened her ass cheeks and I noticed more cum oozing out and she lowered her ass onto my tongue, urging me to clean her out. By now she was into this, calling me her slut, telling me to suck all the cum out of her dirty brown hole, and here I was stroking my cock, all through it.

I licked and prodded, and tasted her ass, a mixture of her musky taste with cum, strangely it was very erotic.

Soon Sam came again, and she rolled off me. Smiling she asked me what she already knew, did you enjoy this?

I replied, more than I even thought I would, how about you?

Oh yes my darling, YES YES YES.

Now, think you are ready to be my man, as I tell you the story of my night?


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