Finally Giving In

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Finally Giving InShe had fought the urges for so long. She had dreamed and fantasized about taking a bare cock while she was in her fertile time. It was the one idea she obsessed over…This passion for ‘Playing The Game’ had cost her several boyfriends. None of them were man enough to want to plow her fertile fields. To prove their worth by exploding deep inside her and filling her with their c***d.She joined Tumblr to explore and express her desires. She read blogs by others who shared her passions, men and women from around the world that thought like she did. People who lived for that moment of supreme ecstasy as fertile cock merged with ovulating cunt. Taking the ultimate chance at fulfilling and/or ruining their lives with a baby kicking it’s way into life.Her dark desire to be taken unprotected, to risk her virgin womb to potent semen, led her to take the moniker @ao-whore-92. One bright, beautiful spring morning she could no longer resist. The thick mucus between her thighs signaled her ovulation. Today she would take the risk, she would find a bare cock and tempt fate…Taking a train to a nearby town, we walked the dirty streets in search of her destiny. Passing down a side alley she found the door to the Adult Arcade she had been reading about on-line. Taking a deep breath she walked inside.A small bell rang as the door opened. The faces of several men turned to look lustfully upon her. Involuntarily she blushed.The handsome black canlı bahis man behind the counter laughed softly at your discomfort, and pointed towards the rear of the store. Gathering her courage, she made her way in the direction he had pointed, to a dark passage marked only with a sign that read “viewing booths”.Feeling her way along the pitch black hallway she found an open door and went inside the booth. A sudden blinding light illuminated the room, the lighting set to a motion sensor. Nothing filled the room but a single chair, the video screen on the far wall and a hole cut into the wall to one side. She locked the door and started to strip…She had seen 5-7 men in the outer room of the arcade, how many would follow her down the hall? Which would offer her his cock and fertile sperm? Which might be the father of her possible c***d?Naked she stood by the gloryhole and waited. She did not have to wait long.The sound of the next room’s door opening and closing brought her nerves to the edge. This was the moment she had longed for, her ultimate fantasy. Would her courage fail her now?A voice spoke softly from the other side of the hole.“I know why you are here. I understand your need without being told. Position yourself before the hole and close your eyes. I will give you what you crave so intently!”?With trembling hands you obey. Bending at the waist you place your hands on your knees. Your eyes closed you prepare yourself to be bred.Fingers bahis siteleri touching you is the first sensation. A single thick digit pushing into you to test your wetness. He finds you soaking, ready as you will ever be for this stranger’s cock.The finger withdraws, the blunt end of a very large cock replaces it. He is hard and damp as he pushes the tip between you cunt lips. You moan in anticipation of the fullness to follow.He pushes a bit more until the whole head pops inside you. He is the biggest you have ever felt. How appropriate is it that this cock may make you a mother?“Brace yourself.” The voice from the other side say. You moan again in acknowledgement.Your lover shoves his massive cock inside you! Stretching you, filling your depths with his thick man meat. You scream at the invasion but at the same time push back against the intrusion. You want it all, you want it to be painful, you want it to be real!In short order his prick is pressed against your cervix. He is deeper than anyone ever before. You start to cum as he begins to pull out and start the thrusting motion you both crave so badly.Pulling almost all the way out he slams back inside you again. Once more bouncing off your tight womb entrance and continuing your orgasm to even stronger heights.He begins to piston in and out of you, every stroke slamming against you. Every thrust taking you further up the ladder of lust. Your orgasms now roll one into the next, bahis şirketleri each one stronger than the last.In a short time he is pounding against the wall with his passion. You are forcing your ass against the wall, trying to get every bit of him inside you. You feel him swelling side you as your climaxes overload your brain and darkness begin to envelop you. You feel the intense heat of his cum as it begins to fill you. You involuntarily start falling towards the floor as you lose consciousness. The last things you see is the cock sticking through the hole in the wall still cumming!Some time later your eyes open. You feel the cold dirty floor under your thoroughly inseminated body. For the first time in your life you feel complete. For once you know complete satisfaction.Slowly you gather your strength and dress yourself. You exit the both and return to the shop. All of the other men have gone. The black man behind the counter smiles warmly at you as you walk unsteadily towards the front door.“I hope it was everything you wished it to be.”?Your hand hesitates as you reach for the door. Thoughts jumble through your sex addled brain. Should you talk to him? Tell him you may have just made a c***d together? Kiss him? Get a phone number?You focus on your intent. You turn and smile weakly at him. The bell rings as you step through the door and back into the streets beyond.Weeks later you do not bleed. A month later you piss on a stick and weep as you proudly pass your pregnancy test. What will happen now? Will you abort or bear it? Will you take that short train ride now and explore what might be?The rest of the story as they say is completely up to you…

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