Finally we meet part 5


Finally we meet part 5This had to be the longest hour ever as the clock appeared not to move. Once an the time came for our pizza girl to show the excitement level between us was at such a high level I wasn’t sure either of us were going to be able to contain our excitement. Still with no sign of our playmate we were about to give up hope and about to get out of our clothes which we put on after showering so we could use stripping as a part of foreplay. Then finally a knock on the door and just to be sure it wasn’t a neighbor I looked through the peep hole and saw this cute little face staring back at me. Opening and seeing that devious smile on her face told me I was about to experience one hell of a fantasy that at my age figured those days were over. I took her hand and introduced myself formally as she did the same then walked to the family room where my friend waited not so patiently. The two ladies introduced each other as I played host getting some drinks.I knew she was slightly u******e to drink but she informed me that she drank at parties all the time and like my friend wanted a beer. Now that we were acquainted and refreshed small talk started to slowly ease into a place any of us had ever been. She was shocked my friend and I never had a threesome. When we told her our entire story she was more than pleased to be part of a very special arrangement. She then confessed that she had only started working as a pizza delivery girl a few months ago and would often masturbate to visions of doing exactly what we were about to do now. I told her it had always been a fantasy of mine but to be with a woman close to my age and one 30 years younger was unimaginable. When our young friend learned that my friend had only been with her husband and fantasized about being with another woman the look in her eyes matched the excited look on her face. I couldn’t stand the anticipation of just how awesome this was going to be and with that leaned over and kissed my friend passionately and briefly wanting to see the young girls reaction. She smiled and I said since we are all new at this I want you to be comfortable and just do what you feel when you want to. She replied by saying she wanted to watch us for a bit until she is comfortable and less nervous. Let a cue I embraced my friend again, I probably should have used a name for my friend since I never actually mentioned her name due to protect her identity but after 5 chapters I suppose it’s kind of late. Our kiss was now more passionate with our hands exploring and our tongues play in each others mouths. We both heard her make some kind of a little noise almost like a squeal and we smile through our kiss agreeing how cute it was. As our kisses became more intense her hands removed my tee shirt as I did the same with hers. She wasn’t wearing a bra so her breast were in full view and like the last couple days, her nipples very erect. The spectator complimented both of us letting me know how hot of a body I had for an old guy and how beautiful and perfectly round my friends tits were. As lowered my head down to take a nipple between my lips both girls moaned and looking past my friend I could see the girl running her hands over her top feeling her own breasts which were small but looked firm. Pushing me back away from her my friend took the girls hand and placed it on her exposed tit and this was now getting interesting.She was not hesitant at all as she squeezed it looking as if she had never saw one. My friend ask if she had ever been with a girl before and she replied no but always liked looking at girl on girl porn.Then reaching down my friend pulled this girls top up and over her head exposing a very cute pink bra that held two perfectly small but firm tits. My friend then instructed me to unfasten her bra as he explained that one of her biggest fantasies was to dominate instruct and direct a man and woman to do things to please her. The girl response what that she was game and down fell her bra. What a beautiful sight I was afforded the pleasure of witnessing as the two women explored and fondled each others breasts. My friend then pulled me over taking my hands and putting one on her and the other on the girl. As I felt both pair of tits at the same time playing with 4 nipples my cock straining against it’s confinement. The three of us were all on the couch now with the young girl between us all naked from the waist up. My friend asked the girl if she could kiss her to which she readily agree without hesitation. I had to ask again if she was sure she never did this before with her reply again saying this was a first for her. As the two kissed I played with the young girls tits paying most of my attention on her fully erect nipples. She was moaning into the mouth of my friend and I took a nipple between my lips and gently sucked then licked each nipple. She was wiggling and moving so much it was hard to keep my mouth on those sweet young titties. When their kiss broke my friend joined me as we both worked our mouths lips and tongues all over those perfect breasts. With her had back she was now pushing them into our faces and we began to use this as our playground. We would stop every so often to kiss each other then kiss her and her lips were so soft and smooth and it had been a long time since I had the opportunity to kiss such a young pair of lips and was now imagining just how wonderful those lower lips were going to be.We traded off kissing each other until my friend pushed one of her tits into the face of our new playmate and she took the bait like a pro as I join her with the tit left behind. It was getting far too hot to stay on the couch and that’s when our mistress was stepping into her role to fulfill more fantasies. She did more than suggest that we retire to the bedroom and her two eager pets were happy to oblige. The three half dressed new friends made our way to the bed where before we climbed in I was instructed to undress my mistress as the young girl was told to watch and observe. First I unbuttoned her jeans letting them fall down her legs and as she stepped out of them her panties followed right behind.Seeing our lovely instructor in all her naked glory caused the new girl to rub her nipples with one hand and her crotch with the other hand. Now I was told to take off my shorts and underwear which I had off in seconds with my cock already fully erect. I could see this excited the pizza girl as her hands moved faster and more frantically over her clothed crotch and hard little nipples which she was now pinching. Our mistress was asking her about her sexual experiences to know just how experienced this young sexy girl was. We found out that other than a couple times of missionary with a longtime boyfriend and a blow job every once in a while she was very inexperienced and why she was looking for someone older either man or woman to help her with more of what she wanted and visualized when she masturbated. She did say she got herself kocaeli escort off at least once a day as she loved to cum. My friends response was well honey you came to the right place. Now I was told to get on my knees and lick her clit while she wanted the girl to watch. As she watched she was now rubbing that poor crotch of hers with more pressure and there was now a visible wet spot developing between her legs. As she was fixed on my oral performance my friend told her to come over and kiss me so she could taste what a pussy tastes like. As she came over I was told to remove her jeans which were skin tight and no wonder her wetness was easily seen. Once I had them off we kissed and she seemed to love that taste. I was then ordered to remove the girls panties and bring them up to our guides face for inspection. This was driving me insane as these little cute panties were literally soaking wet with silky young nectar. Bringing them to our directors face as an offering she quickly brought them to her nose and let out a sexy noise of approval which seemed to please the youngster. I kept thinking I was dreaming and grateful we had so much sex in the previous several hours otherwise I would have cum long ago. I did still have a raging hard on but was able to contain myself so far but wasn’t expecting to for very long. I was then told to get back to work on her waiting pussy as the girl was told to take my cock and explore it so she could my friend could watch and see how she handled a cock. As those tiny little fingers touched my throbbing rod she wasted no time checking out every inch of it which had my tongue going faster over her clit. I could see why she wanted the girl to play with my cock so that she would benefit from my oral pleasure. It didn’t take long before she came hard and long falling back onto the bed. She spread her legs wide and instructed the girl to put my cock in her pussy so I could fuck her while she watched. She was so excited doing this as her hands left my shaft watching it disappear between those wet and pink swollen lips. She wanted the girl on the bed and was told to kiss her and then suck on her nipples while she watched me fuck her. The poor girls was on fire and I knew she wanted more than what she got so far but we were fulfilling my friends mistress fantasy and I was loving it. I was told to not cum inside her but don’t stop fucking her until she achieved orgasm. This was very difficult since I was now sharing her tits with this young girl and was told to kiss her every so often while we sucked licked and kissed her nipples. When I felt my cock about to release I would stop and pull out which she didn’t like but I pleaded my case so I could please her by doing what I was instructed to do.After several minutes of fucking her deep and hard and with two mouths working on her tits she finally announced her orgasm which caused the girls eyes to light up. She reacted the same way when she saw my friend cum when I licked her. I was told not to cum and pull out now which I did since I was just about too far gone to stop. She then told the girl to stroke my cock into our mistresses open mouth. With a puzzled and confused look on her face she wrapped her hand around my shaft as she slid up and down the length of my well lubed cock.I think it excited her when she saw how dripping wet my cock was from the orgasm it just left. I knew it was only going to be a very short time before I filled her mouth and with stroke after stroke my mistress used one of her hands to massage my balls as the young girl sped up her pace. I noticed my friend was using her other hand to pinch the girls nipples very hard which had her gripping my cock very hard and within a few more seconds I was off to a place I could never describe as my cock heaved swelled and burst sending a stream of sperm directly into my friends waiting mouth. Looking at the girls she was so excited and didn’t seem to want to stop but then my friend pulled me down to her and began kissing me with a mouth full of cum. Pizza girls looked shocked probably never seeing anything like this which had me hoping it wouldn’t scare her away. We had to remember we were much much older than her and seem lots of kinky things in our time. As we played with my offering she motioned to the girl to kiss her. With most of my cum down our throats when she did kiss her there was just a small amount my cum left but she seemed ok with it. When asked she said she had tasted cum before from he boyfriend but since he wouldn’t go down on her she wasn’t all that ready to please him that way. She went on to say she liked it and wanted more. Now as my friend got up she wanted me to suggest something for us. I then asked if our new friend trusted us to which she replied yes. Then with her naked I told her to lay on her back comfortably on the bed as I retrieved the silk ties from the toy box.Handing two to my friend I took two for myself. Without even mentioning what I had in mind my friend began to tie her wrists while I tied her legs spreading her to each corner of the bed posts. She had almost a scared look on her face and I assured her if at anytime she wanted us to stop we surely would. Now with this tasty feast before us we began a painfully slow tease kissing he all over her body not missing any part of her. We shared nipples kiss and licked her feet kissed her neck and ears with occasional kisses on the lips. We would stop every few minutes and kiss each other in front of her. I would lick her pussy right in front of her so she could see everything. She would suck my cock right in front of her face. The girl began to beg saying please please. We asked if she wanted us to stop and she said no she wanted more. My friend then offered her another kiss as she whispered how much she was going to cum or us. This excited her more as she again begged please. Our instructor then bridged the girls body perpendicularly with her ass by her face for her viewing pleasure then had me fuck her from behind so she could watch my cock going in and out. I was still recovering from the violent cum I just had so with a half hard cock now covered in mistress juice she pulled off me and grabbing my cock fed it to the girl.She latched on like a vacuum as she moaned loudly but muffled by a cock filled mouth. She as so aggressively sucking my cock I as actually getting hard again. Seeing this my friend then played her part to the fullest. She scolded me for getting hard with the girl and not with her which by the way was wrong since I was starting to stiffen up again when she pulled me out of her. As I was enjoying the feeling of hardness once again I began to feel wet fingers on my ass. And looking in the mirror across the room there was the image of my friend with her fake cock attached to her harness. The girl couldn’t see and continued to suck away like a baby sucking a bottle. I knew what was coming as my now lubed hole was about to get fucked without any fingers to loosen kocaeli escort bayan me up. And with a slow and deliberate motion she pushed the dildo painfully inside me. The girl had no idea what was going on but she knew something was up by the way my cock got harder and swelled and throbbed. Now it was me that was making sounds as I was pleasing my online friend by committing fully to her wants and needs and for my pleasure of pleasing her. I was about to cum again and so quickly and then grabbing my hips she went full tilt to the balls of the fake cock and that’s when there was no more control left in my body as a huge blast of cum shot hard into this poor inexperienced girls mouth. I was actually feeling a bit bad not wanting to scare this young woman away. To my surprise she was moaning and loving to as my friend pulled out of me and planted her lips on the girls and that’s when this girl was now experiencing what my friend had longed for her entire life and at such a young age. I was hoping we didn’t ruin her with our kinkiness.She did ask what was she doing with that strap on.We laughed from her knowing about strap on when she informed us that she watched porn to masturbate to and strap ons turned her one but she never thought about using it on a guy. I told her I never did that but wanted to please my friend. Still tied told her all about who we were and how we knew each other and that really excited her and thanked us for including her as we thanked her for joining us. Now looking at each other we figured since she was still restrained its time for her to cum and like she’s never cum before. We asked her what she wanted and her reply was everything and anything. Great answer was the words from my friends mouth and with that out came magic wand. We asked her if she had seen one maybe in porn. She did see one but had no idea how it felt and with that told her she was about to find out. The buzz alone had her squirming and when the first touch of it on her stomach her reaction told both of use this was going to be good. Up and down and all over her body as she tossed and moved about the bed, well at least as much as the ties would let her. When the wand touched a nipple she let out a grunt both our mouths began sucking her nipples and she whimpered as her breathing quickened and her heart pounded. Up and down the insides of her thighs went the wand moving closer and closer to an very obviously soaked pussy. Once the wand touched her lips she bucked from the sensitivity begging please please. Now above the clit but not touching the force from the vibrations still affected her clit and we noticed her pussy was getting ready to be entered by the way juices flowed out of the tiny cunt and down the insides of her thighs. I couldn’t handle anymore and made my friend turn it off. I immediately moved down to her pussy with my friend right behind me. Her dildo was still connected so this girl was able to feel two cocks against her legs as we both met where this girls legs met. Kissing each other as she watched tied up and helpless unable to join in and only able to watch as we kissed and licked the insides of her thighs. She was so close to cumming and we hadn’t tasted her yet but that was not the case now. We both began slowly licking her juice as it seeped so beautifully from her sweet young pussy.There was so much to lick and we both greedily lapped up as much as we could before another long sexy kiss in front of her as she told us she wanted that. Well she was about to get that and more as both our wet hot tongues met at her clit passing it back and forth between us. Gently then with more pressure then backing off then taking turns. Meeting together again and repeating over and over changing speed pressure and angles. That was all she could take as she let out a scream that should have had someone calling the cops. When she came she actually had an orgasm that not many women have. She came with a white very creamy substance that had both of us lapping up her excretions like two kittens after milk. I then climbed on top of her as she was still reeling from her intense orgasm and as I began to enter her my friend moved up to play with her nipples and kiss her. I heard them talking as she was being asked how good was that for her and I actually think she had tears she as she said she felt wonderful and thanks us. Before another word came out I entered her gently and slowly and she immediately started cumming again. I knew at this point I needed to give her what she came for and with that I began a more steady rhythm and she actually matched my movements. My friend was feeling left out so she offered her nipples that she was working toward producing more milk. Once the white cloudy wetness began to form on her nipples a surprised look returned to the girls face almost that of shock. Letting it fall onto her nipples it allowed me to lick them as I fucked her feeling her body move so perfectly with mine as she started to cum again this time vaginally. I still didn’t cum and keeping my cock hard I moved to fuck my friend now wanting her from behind which was exactly what she wanted. We fucked on the bed in front of the girl who now wanted to be released to join in but we were still wanting to try something else. With me fucking doggy style that allowed my friend to push the legs up enough to lick the girls virgin asshole. She had this confused look as she felt the darting tongue of the woman I was fucking. The closer I brought her to orgasm the deeper her tongue probed the tiny hole until she was tongue fucking her ass while I continued to fuck hard. I was happy to be able to hold off since I wanted to add more to the mix. Reaching for the magic wand I brought it close to us without either of the girls knowing. I then reached to undo the dildo from the harness as my cock continued to work in and out of her well used pussy. As she buried her tongue deep into this little girls ass I penetrated her ass with the dildo.This was causing her tongue fucking to be more aggressively deeper as the fake cock went all the way in and all the way out. Still able to hold out I reached with my free hand for the wand, turned it on, and moved it underneath us letting it buzz on her clit while she got fucked in her pussy with my cock and fucked in her ass with the dildo. The girl was almost crying as she begged for release from her ties and from the building orgasm between her legs. As soon as the wand touched my friends clit she exploded pushing my cock out of her cunt and the dildo from her ass as violent convulsions over took her body. It was now my turn to take over pleasing our restrained playmate. Rolling off the girl and collecting herself she wanted to watch us. I then moved the wand over the girls clit making her go wild again wanting to be released. I then licked her clit and moved the wand away until I ran my tongue down her slit to her ass stopping at the skin separating her pussy and ass. I then izmit escort proceeded to give her a hickey there sucking so hard it hurt but I wanted to leave a mark. I couldn’t tell if it was too painful or that was moans of sheer pleasure. Just to be sure it was pleasure I move the wand directly on to her engorged clit. With a quick release from sucking I slid my tongue inside her ass and in seconds with the wand and my tongue she came again. As she came both being unaware our mistress had worked her nipples into a frenzy as milk was leaking noticeably from each one. With the girls mouth being open as she screamed from orgasm our mistress fed her one nipple then the other as she couldn’t get enough of this rare treat.Well now I was the one in need of release and standing up looking at my two beautiful women on the bed spent wet and out of breath. I untied each ankle and wrist and the girl still didn’t move as both girls seemed to drift away in each others arms. I looked at the clock realizing this adventure as coming to an end since it was well into the evening and we needed to leave my house by 8 am for her to make her flight. The pizza girl being so young I’m sure can’t be out too late but what do I know. What I do know as I am typing this long hopefully not boring story is I have explored more sexually with this woman in the 7 months online and the 45 and a half hours in person than all the women I have been with and believe me there were plenty. Still standing left unsatisfied I thought to myself if I never came again for weeks that would be ok. Just as I was trying to convince myself of that the young one reached for my cock which by the way was still like a flag pole, and taking me in her hands pulled me back to the bed putting me inside her. She kissed me thanking me for inviting me into my fantasy as we fucked like we had been fucking for years. Feeling the movement on the bed and not wanting to be left out she managed to maneuver her pussy over the face of our pizza delivery girl as I fucked her. This was awesome since she was facing me as she was being licked and I was able to suck those milk producing nipples with much appreciation. Not being sure of birth control with the one underneath me I held off through two more orgasms by her before standing in front of my friend as he was being pleased orally by an inexperienced young woman who put my friend on the brink of an very strong orgasm as I could tell from getting to know how her body reacts from just a day’s time. Pulling out as my own orgasm was close I stood in front of her as I knew the girl below was doing some pretty amazing thing to that older pussy. As she started cumming I pushed my cock into her mouths with no resistance what so ever as I reached to pinch her nipples hard. As I twisted and pinched those hard red nipples she began to cum which made the way she sucked my cock incredible and I have that young sweet girl on the bottom of our sexual pile of bodies to thank. With her now well into her orgasm I was about to let go myself but she stopped sucking and climbed off the girls face and pushed me back onto my back having the girl slide my cock into her still soaked pussy. She rode me that way and I was in no way going to be able to hold off much longer and asked about birth control which she said she was on but I just could not take that chance and my friend knew this and planned her next move. I don’t know how or when but she obviously concurred with the young girl and the next thing I knew the fake cock was back in the harness as she approached me but this time instead of her or me holding my legs our new friend was behind me standing on the floor as she pulled my legs backwards over my head almost bending me in half. There was so much cum pussy juice nipple milk and more cum so not needing any lube my mistress entered me once again. I was thinking this was a one time thing never to be experienced again but was I ever wrong as she fucked me several times in just one day and was about to again. With the girl on the floor hold my legs down my friend was able to really enjoy herself without having to hold my legs or cock now having a partner in crime. In and out of my ass went that well used dildo as I looked at each of my ladies and the look of excitement on their faces once again. The young one was now feeding me her tiny little nipples which were so enjoyable. She then climbed onto my face riding my tongue for all she was worth. Looking up I could see them playing with each others nipples and I was jealous so I joined in. Not sure just how long this went on but with that strap on in me I was able to hold off again but only until the young one took hold of my cock with our mistresses instructions and then I was once again on the verge of explosion. She instructed the girl to take her hand off my cock until she started to cum and with that I was back to holding off. I didn’t think fucking me without any involvement with my cock it would be possible to cum but I was actually starting to do just that so the steady penetrating by her slowed down as she became aware of this. Just then my tongue action finally got to the girl as she went off screaming her way though yet another beautiful orgasm drenching my face and filling my mouth with sweetness. Now my friend resumed her thrusts deeper and faster as she was now demanding that the girl pull my legs back as far as she could and see if she could get my cock into my mouth. She stopped and said what and how is that possible. The instruction came back louder and more stern. Do it she shouted and the girl did her best to comply as my legs went further back then ever before. Feed your tits to him and do it now was her next command and her nipples were once again in my face and I sucked them like a vacuum one nipple then the other. Now without my cock being touched my lover and friend knew I was right where she wanted me on that sexual edge of intense pleasure so she pushed the girl back and took one of her hands and brought it to my cock and putting her hand around the girls hand she directed her on how she wanted her to stroke me as she told her to look how close his cock is to his mouth and she knew that because she was the one pulling my legs so far back and over. Once she had the motion speed and proper grip she then instructed her to fill my mouth when I cum. With all that’s been going on and the feeling of being dominated and fucked and seeing the expression of joy and the fulfillment of fantasies for my friend I started to cum as I heard more commands from our mistress, Faster faster do not stop was the commands I heard as my cum shot like an unkinked hose hitting the back of my throat never seeming to stop as the spurts just came one than another and another. My mouth was unable to hold that much cum but I was demanded to not lose or swallow a drop. Once the spasms subsided and it seemed to go on forever she pulled out the dildo and joined the girl for a three way cum swamp that tuned all of us on. Not sure how much time passed after that but I came to when I heard the young girl ask if she could lick my friends pussy before she had to go since that never was one of our variations.To be continued

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