finding a friend

Autumn Falls

finding a friendi am bi male seeking sexual fun all the time but i am picky,so i am seeking a man older then me and women of any age,but i recently met a guy at of all places an adult book store in kalamazoo,michigan,the place had .25 cent viewing,i went there for checking out various vids and to get off of course.some guys leave their door crack as they do their business. i accidently opened one of these doors,inside was a guy about 6 foot about 300 pounds yanking his hard love shaft his cock had to have been 9 inches and very thick.i couldn’t help but to stare,he said either come in or close the i went in.we instantly began kissing,he began founling my crotch,unzipping anadolu yakası escort my pants pulling out my hardening cock,my cock was small compared to his and i am 8 inches uncut,he didn’t hesitate he had me lay down and he moved over me in a 69 position with him on top , i didn’t hesitate i put his big cock into my hungry mouth,he began fucking my mouth as he sucked my cock,as he got closer to cumming he forced his cock down my throat it was to much i gagged everytime he thrusted his hips he stopped sucking my cock in his own excitement and suddenly he pulls his cock out of my mouth and he forcefuly rolled me over onto my ataşehir escort stomach,i thought about every guy that must have been in here jacking off squirting their sperm all over the place,i felt him open my ass cheeks and he shove his massive cock hard and deep into my rectum,it hurt like hell but i wasn’t going to stop him,no matter how forceful he was being with me,i felt shiver roll through my body feeling his cock ripping my ass apart,i felt my balls tighten and i knew i was about to cum without even touching my cock,i panted hard and heavy,probaly droulling on the floor with my ass in the air and my shoulders against the floor,giving him ümraniye escort full access to my tight asshole he moaned loud as he pounded my ass hard,i felt wetness i had to be bleeding he was thick and going deeper then most men have,i felt his hot spermfilling my soar asshole .it stung it made me wince a little then he pulls his cumming cock out and he tells me to turn around and i start sucking his still cumming cock,he contiued to cum as i sucked his cock until he stopped me wanting to kiss me,i don’t remember when i came but my cock oozed cum he had me stand up,it felt great but i loved how he forced me and how my asshole felt.we got dressed and left the booth and store,he gave me his nuber and his home address,i have been there several times before he left to florida,i won’t see him until febuary which sucks but i loved that sexaul adventure with john.and thought i’d share it.he’s a clean guy i had a testt done and i am clean but it was a great spontanious sexual experienc my first.

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