Finding Goddess Ch. 22


While outwardly, Carol was able to project an image of sternness towards her daughter, inside she was shaking all over. It was happening. The one thing she had been wanting for all 42 years of her life was really actually happening! She was going to live a permanently nude life! No clothes on, completely starkers, as nature intended, the way she was born, skyclad, in naught but her skin, completely exposed, dressed in her birthday suit. All day, every day, for the rest of her life. She looked down and gazed at her completely bare body, at her boobs that jiggled lightly with the movements of the car, whose bulk almost obscured the rest of her form. At her stomach, a long field of creamy white skin, with the pit of her navel rising and falling alongside her breaths. At her unclothed thighs squeezed tightly together, hiding her sweet-tasting feminine treasure within. At her bare toes that dug nervously into the mat on the floor.

This is what she would be seeing every time she looked down from now on. No longer would Carol be treated to the sight of her shirt or her jacket or her pants or her skirt or even her stockings, socks, and shoes. The only thing she would ever see now was her bare, beautiful, natural self. Just thinking about that, thinking about always being treated to that wondrous sight was enough to make her want to leap out of the car, spread her arms out, and run around screaming “Freeeeeeeeedooooomm!” at the top of her lungs.

Not that she would of course. She still wasn’t officially a Lover of Zenriah yet, and nor was she allowed to be publicly naked. And the car was moving way too fast to bail out anyway. Hopping out of the vehicle at this moment would just get her a broken limb or two, and that wouldn’t do her or anyone any good.

But maybe if I was a Lover of Zenriah…would it be possible? The Scripture indicated they were very strong. Stronger than any ordinary woman…or even any man.

The Scripture. It wasn’t here, was it? No, it wasn’t. A shame; she was really aching to read it. She wanted to know more about her new faith, her new history, her new people. And more than anything else, Carol wanted…she wanted to feel closer to her Goddess. The Goddess…that was so far away now, forced to leave the world behind to save all that She created and loved.

And yet, the Zenrists I’ve spoken with seem like they are still with Her despite that. How could they have possibly reached Her across the light years? Something had to have happened to make that possible. But what?

“Ohhhhh!” she grumbled, fidgeting uncomfortably in her seat. It was just so frustrating being so close yet so far from her dream! She wanted to get into the Temple of New Deastone, see Celeste again, and become a full-fledged Zenrist, and she wanted it now! But she couldn’t have it now. She had to sit here, in this car, and wait. If only she had the Scripture, the only thing related to Zenrism she actually owned (well, borrowed). Then she would feel like she at least had her toe dipped in her faith. And if nothing else, it would help make the trip go by faster.

“Is something wrong?” said Mindy.

“No, no, everything’s fine,” sighed Carol. “I just…really, really, really want to be there now.”

The teen chortled with amusement. “Heh. Never thought I’d see my own mother giving me the old ‘are we there yet’ routine. Honestly, it makes me feel like I’m the mom here and you’re the bratty little kid.”

Carol let out a chortle of her own. “A bratty little kid. Yeah, I guess that’s what I am. I certainly feel like a kid right now. A kid on Christmas Eve who just doesn’t want to wait to open her presents anymore.”

“And the type who doesn’t like to wear clothes.”

“Yes and the type who doesn’t like to wear clothes. And who doesn’t need to…anymore.”

Carol let out a sigh as she ran her hands down the length of her body, tracing her collar, her boobs, her stomach, and both of her thighs. At least she still had her body in all its perfect feminine glory. Sure, it was a mess right now, wet with sex and perspiration, but it was still here, still serving as a testament to the Goddess’ artistry and sense of beauty. And perhaps as long as she had that, she would still, on some level, retain a sense of closeness to Her.

Though not as much as if I had a nice girl to fuck. Sure wish I was still in the backseat with Henri and Katy.

“Mmmm.” As if on cue, a murmur went off behind her. Katy moaned happily in her slumber, no doubt experiencing a sweet and sexy dream involving her mother. Or Carol. Or both, possibly at the same time. One could never be sure with that girl. Goddess knows Carol sure as hell didn’t. “Mmm, oh Mommy,” she continued, almost confirming Carol’s theory.

A sound of hands slapping gently against soft skin followed shortly thereafter. “Mmm, you feel so nice,” whispered Henrietta. “I could just hold these forever, Carol.”

That comment caught Carol by surprise. Huh? Who is she talking to? Is she talking to me? But I’m right here. There was a Ankara bayan escort smacking and slurping of lips as girl flesh was kissed and suckled behind her. Wait a minute…

“Your hair feels nice too,” Henrietta added. “But…when did it get so long?”

They couldn’t be.

“Oh, Mommy,” murmured Katherine. “Oh Mommy, I…huh? Wait…you’re not Mommy.”

It was just a trick of the ears…

“WAAGGGHHHHH!” Katy and Henrietta screamed, and Carol nearly jumped through the roof of the car. She didn’t want to look behind her, she dreaded what she would see, but alas, her morbid curiosity compelled her. So she looked…and she saw…

Henrietta huddled on one side of the car. Katy on the other. Both blushing furiously across their every inch of bare skin and wearing nothing but an expression of deep shame on their faces. And in between them was Erin sitting just as nakedly and just as uncomfortably, looking half-shamed and half annoyed by the turn of events.

“Uh…what happened?” Carol asked, though she felt like an idiot since she heard enough to have a good idea.

“Nothing!” said Henrietta.

“Nothing!” echoed Katherine.

“Uh…yeah. Nothing,” huffed Erin in a tone that denoted annoyance and…disappointment?

“Uh…sure,” said Carol, deciding she didn’t want to pursue it further for the time being. She had enough on her mind already. There wasn’t any need to add any more, and the nudist couldn’t think of anything more awkward than two adult lesbians talking about their intimate behavior to the mother of their latest mutual lover. Though as she sat back, she couldn’t help but feel disappointed as well. They were all women here and women were supposed to enjoy each other’s bodies. So what if the woman her lovers were enjoying was her daughter? The girl could use a little lesbianism in her life. But perhaps they could worry about that at a later date, after everything settled down.

And after I become a Zenrist myself. Then I can maybe start thinking about how I’ll convert all of them.


It was a long trip, at least by Carol’s reckoning, but at last, they had reached their destination. They had arrived at New Deastone.

“So is it true?” said Mindy as the city’s buildings began to surround them. “You’ll just find a bunch of ladies walking all over this town naked?”

“Well, maybe not a bunch,” said Henrietta, “but if you keep your eyes pealed, you’ll probably spot some here and there. The Zenrists are pretty well entrenched here.”

“So does that mean if all of you just piled out of the car, no one would look twice at you?” asked the teen.

“No, people will look plenty,” said Carol. “When we went on our stroll here last week, everyone I passed by eyed me up.” Goddess, has it really only been a week? It feels like a lifetime ago. “Including a policewoman who saw clear as day I wasn’t a Zenrist. Nearly got arrested right on the spot.”

“Because you didn’t have the tattoo marking you as one…right?” said Erin from the back, her voice nearly a whisper.

“Uh, yes, that’s correct,” said Carol, blinking in surprise. Was it just her, or was her previously surly daughter revealing more sides of herself that the mother didn’t know about before? Carol didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but more and more evidence was piling up indicating that the girl might have had a few Zenrist encounters herself. For some reason, the nudist mother couldn’t help but find the whole notion mystifying. It was a stroke of luck that Henrietta was able to find out about the Zenrists and tell Carol about them. But it would seem that even if the redhead had never stumbled upon them, the faith would still find its way to Carol via her daughter. There was no escaping it; one way or another, Carol was going to find the Goddess whether she wanted to or not. And maybe…that had been the plan all along?

“Yes, that’s…correct,” Carol repeated. “Which is why we still have to be careful and mindful that we don’t draw any attention to ourselves. If someone looks in and realizes none of the naked women in this car are Zenrists, we’ll all be in big trouble.”

A pregnant pause fell over the group as every woman blushed, realizing and remembering that they were all indeed naked in public. Everyone, that is, except for Mindy, who was the only one still wearing clothes. “You guys might be, but I won’t!” she giggled smugly. “You know, if I wanted to, I could blackmail you all, threaten to expose you for the indecent sex fiends you are if you don’t do what I say.”

“You wouldn’t,” said Henrietta.

“Would you really?” said Katherine as she chewed her lip nervously.

“Don’t you dare!” Erin hissed from between her teeth.

“Relax, I said that I could, not that I would,” the driving teen laughed. “Though considering all the trouble I’ve had to go through for you all today, I think I’m entitled to a little reward, dontcha think?”

No one in the car could think of a counter-argument to that.

“Well, whatever,” said Mindy. Escort bayan Ankara “So far, I haven’t seen any naked girls roaming around, which is kind of disappointing, but I guess it doesn’t matter because I think we’ve just about reached our destination.” As the car pulled into the parking lot and came to a stop, she nearly did a double take as she took the strange archaic-looking building in. “Whoa! Is this…really the place?”

“Yes, this is the place,” said Carol. “The House of the Goddess.”

“It’s beautiful,” said Katherine.

“Yeah, it is,” said Carol. “But just wait’ll you see what it looks like inside.”

As she finished speaking, a group of women suddenly emerged from out of the Temple. They moved with purpose, as though they were on a mission, with their backs straight, their heads high, and, because they all happened to be completely naked, their nipples erect and their breasts full and bouncing. Carol only recognized two of them: one was the angelic-looking blonde, Maisie, who had set her on her path to enlightenment. And the other, with the brilliant red mane and the queenly gait could only be…

“C-Celeste,” Carol whispered as the priestess opened the door and locked eyes with her, as dark and ethereal as she remembered them. Unconsciously, she unbuckled her seatbelt, eager to get rid of every possible barrier that existed between her and the flame-touched goddess, no matter how small it was or how little it covered. Around Celeste, wearing even a string felt like too much.

“Yes, childe, it is I,” Celeste said, her voice as gentle as it was sultry. Without wasting another moment she grabbed the mother and pulled her out of the vehicle, cradling her in her arms like she was a newborn infant. Lifting Carol up higher so that their faces were nearly touching, the priestess took a deep breath through her nostrils and smiled approvingly as she inhaled the hefty aroma of arousal and sex wafting off nearly every inch of the raven-headed woman. Then she planted a deep, wet kiss right on Carol’s lips.

Carol gasped in astonishment, surprised at the priestess’ boldness, which only gave Celeste the opportunity to slide her tongue between her parted lips and explore the recesses of her mouth. She licked the mother’s bottom gums, she lapped at her top teeth, she rolled the appendage around her lover’s own tongue. Then she inhaled again, sucked the air in from Carol’s mouth, from Carol’s lungs, and took it into her own. She swallowed every lingering morsel, every remaining vapor, every scant fleck of womanly arousal from out of Carol’s breath, and smiled again as its sweet, nectarine flavor washed down her throat like a finely aged wine.

“Haaaaahhhhh,” sighed Celeste as she pulled away, leaving Carol gasping for air. “It is good to smell and taste you again. You are even better than the last time we met. I…missed you, Caroline Connors.”

“I…I missed you too,” Carol whispered. Once again, she found herself tongue-tied in the presence of the woman, who seemed as holy and formidable as ever, like a heroic Greek statue come to life.

“When I heard about your condition from your daughter, I feared for you,” the priestess went on. “I feared that your life would end, that your soul would snuff out before we would ever have a chance to make love again and properly deliver you to the Goddess. But it would seem you were saved by the intervention of your daughters and your lovers.” She paused to address all the remaining occupants of the car, giving Mindy, Erin, Katherine, and Henrietta each a turn to lock eyes with her. “On behalf of Zenriah and all Her lovers, let me thank you all for the love, kindness, and support you have shown this woman. Without it, she might very well not be here with us right now.”

The girls all blushed, not quite knowing how to respond to that. Henrietta mumbled an “Oh, it was nothing.” Katherine stared transfixed at the priestess, completely awestruck by her beauty, her radiance, and most likely the motherly aura all around her. Erin looked away unsure as she covered her breasts up with her arms. And Mindy scratched the back of her head, totally befuddled.

“As a reward for your service, we invite you all to our sacred Grotto to witness one of our most important rituals,” said Celeste. She nodded at her companions. “Take them.”

The women all mirrored her nod, and in the instant that followed, they swarmed around the car like ants. Doors flew open, greedy arms reached inside, seatbelts snapped away, and one by one, all the occupants were pulled out and nestled neatly into the arms of some very gleeful-looking nudists.

“Mmm, aren’t you a cutie?” said the one who was cradling Katy.

“Ahhh, I see the resemblance,” said the girl who got Erin.

“It’s so nice to see you again,” said another, Maisie, who was holding a very startled-looking Henrietta. “Just masturbating over you wasn’t enough.”

“Hmm, this one’s still clothed,” said a final woman holding Mindy, who didn’t look like she had any idea Bayan escort Ankara what had just happened. The woman, who was a tall and elegant-looking brunette, then grinned sultrily. “Shall I free her of her vestments?”

“Free me of my…what?” gurgled Mindy as she looked confusedly all around her. Realization hit her after a moment and her eyes nearly bugged out. “Wait, are you going to…make me naked?”

“Hmmm.” The priestess approached the pair and lowered her face to meet Mindy’s, her eyes never leaving the teen’s. They were close, very close, their lips mere millimeters apart, close enough to kiss. As Carol looked at them from her position in Celeste’s arms, she found she desperately wanted them to. To make out in the parking lot, to taste each other’s tongues, to enwrap their forms right there, before everyone. To make love to one another. She didn’t think twice about the older woman having her way with her daughter. She wanted her to. She wanted Celeste to enjoy the ripened fruit of her womb. She deserved it. She deserved to have any girl she wanted. And if Mindy was as much of a virgin as Carol suspected she was, then she in turn deserved to have her virginity taken by the priestess. Nothing would convert her to lesbianism, nudism, and Zenrism more than an orgasm from the flame-haired beauty.

“Hmmm,” Celeste repeated, and her lips curved upward into the barest hint of a smile. Her breath hitched, and for an instant, her eye left the teen’s and rolled directly into Carol’s instead. The mother bit her lip nervously. What was going on behind those coal-black orbs of hers? What was she trying to convey to her? “No, do not. Not yet. Do not strip her…yet,” she finally said, her voice shuddering oddly in a way Carol never imagined it could.

The brunette seemed taken aback. “But…the Temple!”

“Let her have her…break. She has done much today. The Goddess will understand,” said Celeste. “And besides, I have a very vital task today. Seeing this girl in her true state will be…very…huhhhh…distracting for me.”

“I…I…” the brunette stuttered, still trying to form an argument. When she realized she wouldn’t be able to, she sighed in defeat, lowering her head like a deflated balloon. “I understand, my love. I’m sorry.”

“You’re forgiven. Now, let us take our guests to the Grotto.”

The girls all nodded and set off, walking in lockstep behind Celeste with their chosen girls in hand, carrying them each like a prize. Which, Carol realized, they very much all were. One who hadn’t claimed a girl stayed behind, choosing instead to hop into the car, which was still running.

“Wait, that’s mine,” said Henrietta.

“Relax, she’s just going to park it for you and make sure your keys are stored in a safe place,” said Maisie. “Think of her a valet. A very naked and sexy valet.”

Their business outside done, the Zenrists marched straight into the Temple without uttering another word. They made haste through the massive Gathering chamber, giving none of their bewildered charges enough time to take in the place’s romantic atmosphere. They twisted through the halls, descended down the stairs, and finally entered the sacred Grotto where Carol and the priestess had made love not even a week ago. The mother flinched as the memory came back to her. Goddess, just being reminded of that wonderful day was enough to make her tingle all over.

I wonder if we’ll get to make love again?

“In time, childe,” Celeste whispered gently into her ear as she descended into the water, still holding the mother in her arms. It rippled silkily against her form as she sank, first up to her thighs, then to her hips, and finally to her stomach. Carol flinched again as she felt it slap against her buttocks, chilling her creamy round cheeks like a comforting caress before it seeped in between them and into her most precious crevices. She gasped as the water penetrated her insides, licking her folds like a feather frozen in ice and coaxing the sensitive and still very worn nub within from out of its hiding place.

“What is this place?” said Erin.

“This is the Sacred Grotto,” said Maisie as she followed after her priestess, walking into the water with her redheaded lover still in her hands. “Where we cleanse ourselves of our communion.”

“So you mean this is where you go for your baptisms or something?” said Mindy.

“No,” said the brunette carrying her. “This is where we clean up after we fuck.”

“Oh.” That made Mindy lose her words.

“Yup!” Maisie chimed in excitedly. “Which is why you’re all gonna be coming in with us! Mmm, I can still smell the sex all over you, Henri. Did you have a lot of fun?”

“You could…say that,” said Henrietta. “Though unfortunately, I can’t say I remember how it we-HEEENNNT!” Like Carol before her, she too jolted the second her butt made contact with the water, cooling the flesh in all the right ways as it slithered into her most sensitive places.

“I guess you don’t need to, though,” said the brunette as she looked at Mindy, who was still wearing her clothes and lacking a notable musky sheen that could be seen—and smelled—on all the other women she shared the car with. “But you can still join us. Would you like to get out of those dirty, confining clothes now?”

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