Finding Miss Perry


Her walk was just like any other high school teacher. She had the stern look of business and control. Her eyes were locked straight ahead, yet you were sure she saw everything around her. If she did, she must have been aware of every teenage boy glaring at her perfect body and drooling inside. Plainly stated, Miss Perry was gorgeous.

The newest faculty member of my high school was a vision that every teenage boy dreamed about. Petite and fresh from college, Miss Perry had the body and the looks that even had the male teachers taking the second and third discreet glance. But her beauty was not the only thing that was obvious. What caught the eye of every young and old male admirer was that she was stacked with an exquisite, petite hour glass figure.

I was one of those naive senior guys that never missed the chance of watching Miss Perry stroll thru the hallways. She never seemed to flaunt her obvious attributes but she never seemed interested in hiding anything either. Her form fitting skirts and tight blouses accentuated a figure that enticed every male to look, to wish and wonder what it would be like to bed her.

I never had the privilege of having Miss Perry as a teacher, but I envied every freshman boy taking her English class. The opportunity to gaze upon her face, her smile and that body every day was wasted on those young kids. Heck, in my mind she was a goddess. I would’ve loved the chance to trade places with any of those guys. Sadly, that dream never came true. So I had to satisfy myself by dreaming all the adolescent thoughts that every high school kid deals with. Wishing and hoping yet never being able to make it into reality!


I squeaked by graduation with average grades. I found the job market was not open to a person without any marketable skills and after a short lesson in reality, joined the Marines. The service gave me great opportunities and a chance to grow up and become a man. Yet it also convinced me that after four years of seeing some of the less than desirable parts of the world it was time to get serious and obtain a college degree.

College was fun. The four years away from academia gave me a great appreciation of what it had to offer and the doors that could be more easily opened. Plus those four years also provided me with mental maturity that helped me in the classroom and the physical maturity that helped with all the pretty little coeds. A former Marine that took life seriously and had his head on straight was a big turn on to the ladies and I my quest was to take full advantage of every opportunity provided me.

Upon graduation, I received a wonderful corporate position in my ol’ home town. It was a chance to come home, back to familiar surroundings, with old friends, near my family and to become part of my community. It had been more than eight years since I had lived here and I soon realized that I had a lot of catching up to do. Some things had changed but many things remained the same.


A few months passed while getting reacquainted to my home town. Getting an apartment, establishing myself in the business environment, and the general things that one needs to do to create that comfort zone that we all strive for were tops on my list.

Friday nights were the same as anywhere. Finish at the office and head to the local watering hole to see old friends and create some new female relationships. I arrived to see that the bar was jumping. The usual crowd was already getting well into the weekend routine.

Seated at the bar, I noticed a group of attractive ladies gathering on the other side of the room. Girls night out was quickly growing and it seemed like they were getting ready to celebrate a big event. Yet one lady caught my eye. Not because she seemed to be the center of all the attention but she looked so familiar. Petite with short brown hair …probably early 30’s, a terrific figure, a perfect smile . an angelic face that one should never forget. Someone from my past, who was she? Long, long ago? She looked so familiar. And finally it hit me, Miss Perry, from so many years ago. The teacher that I’d fantasized about every single day in high school. She was even better looking now. I had to make sure!

As I starting walking over to her she saw that I had my eyes on her. I’m guessing that she thought I was some guy preparing to put the typical moves on her. I could see that her posture and look were already becoming defensive. This was going to be interesting.

Most guys seem to stumble over their words as they approach a gorgeous women and I was no different. After gaining some composure I boldly inquired if she was Miss Perry from the local high school? A broad smile spread across her face. She looked back at me and said “No one has called me that for quite some time but I guess you could start calling me that tonight since I’m now a free woman.”

During our brief conversation she mentioned that she and her oni thunder gods tale izle friends were celebrating her divorce that became effective today. She didn’t say much about her situation except that it was over and it was now time to begin living again. Miss Perry went on to say that she was still teaching English at the same school, yet sadly could not remember me as a student. I mentioned that I remembered her and how all of the guys knew who Miss Perry was. She smiled, with a bit of a blush, and thanked me for the compliment.

It was a short conversation. Seeing that she was missing her own party, I wished her well and excused myself to the other side of the bar. The rest of the evening was spent catching glimpses of Miss Perry’s other side. Her playful, adventurous and funny sides were very evident. It was a side that I’d never seen before. She seemed to become even more beautiful the more I watched.


Weeks later I was walking into the same bar for a late lunch. As I approached the door, I almost physically ran into Miss Perry as she was moving quickly out of the rain.

After reintroducing myself to her I asked if she was coming in for lunch and if she’d like to join me? To my great surprise and happiness, she accepted!

The planned short lunch extended itself into the dinner hour. We really hit it off and laughed all afternoon. It was a perfect day. As the day drew to a close I built up enough courage to invite her to my company Christmas party. She was a bit coy and a little apprehensive, but after explaining that we’d be going as friends and it was being held at one of the nicer country clubs, she accepted. But, she had one condition. I could not address her as Miss Perry. Her name was Jenny and that was that. I was the happiest guy in the world and to this day really can’t remember the balance of the evening.

The Christmas party could not come fast enough. I was like a high school kid once again. As I look back upon that time I’m embarrassed by how giddy I was over the upcoming evening. I was so excited, eager to spend a fabulous evening with Jenny Perry, the high school teacher that I had fantasized about for so many adolescent years. My heart was racing and the time could not come fast enough.


I arrived at Jenny’s home and was greeted by a goddess. Her “little black dress” accentuated every curve that she possessed. She looked spectacular. She noticed how I was looking at her. Taking a step back and giving a quick twirl, she asked if I liked what I saw. My expression and dry throat told her all she needed to know. “I’m guessing that you like what you see and the dress has had its desired effect.” All I could do was nod as I cleared my throat and then said, “You are absolutely beautiful.” She moved closer and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and we were off.

The party was great. Our company had a terrific year and the owners spared no expense. Everything was top shelf. The mood was festive and full of fun and happy people.

The evening went better than I could have expected. Jenny was a hit with all of my coworkers. I noticed a number of the other guys taking in the vision of my date and a few winked at me or gave me the thumbs up sign. I met up with my boss at the bar and he took me aside. He had noticed my date and wanted to let me know that she was the talk of his table. He put his arm around my shoulder and said with a smile, “Make sure that you hold on to that one because she is a perfect 10. Probably one of the most attractive ladies I have ever seen and if you ever tell my wife I said that I’ll deny it forever.” I could not have been happier. She was a 10 and I was so proud to have her with me.

Sadly, the evening came to an end. During the drive home Jenny kept smiling at me. I kept asking her what was going on but she wouldn’t say. She just kept her eyes on me and smiling during the short drive home.

When we arrived at Jenny’s home, she invited me inside. She had something that she wanted me to see. Something old but something that she knew I’d have fun with. I sat down, loosened my tie and looked around her living room as she brought out 2 glasses of wine and then disappeared into another room. She returned with a book, my old high school yearbook. Jenny opened it up to a page that was marked and pointed to a skinny kid’s picture and asked ” who was that?” We both smiled as I looked back into the past of my high school senior year.

Jenny sat closer as we reminisced about her first year as a teacher and my last year as a high school student. Some wonderfully funny and somewhat embarrassing stories flowed. It was fun to hear the teacher’s side of some of the things that went on that year. Yet as the stories continued I felt that we were drawing ever closer. I had to make a move.

I leaned over and kissed her. Jenny did not pull away as I sat back and wondered if my advances oussekine izle were inappropriate. Her eyes told me all I needed to know. Our lips met again and I could feel the passion that was welling up inside both of us. The urgency was building between the two of us as our tongues began to slide in and out of each other at an ever increasing pace. The heat between us was building as I explored her back and shoulders, then dropping my hands down to her bottom and giving a gentle squeeze. Much to my frustration Jenny stopped and pulled away. My fear was that I had gone too far or too fast and was cursing myself that I’d blown it.

To my surprise, Jenny smiled, looked down at the bulge in my pants, running her hand over my ever increasing mound and then she eagerly straddled my lap, her legs spread on either side of me. Wrapping her arms around my neck and bringing her mouth to mine, she began grinding herself onto my bulge. The more she moved, the higher her little black dress rode up her thighs, exposing more of her well defined legs. Running my hands up and down her legs, I noticed that she had removed her stockings sometime after we had arrived home. Things were looking promising.

I pulled her closer plunging my tongue into her mouth, in pace with her hip movement. Our moans were a chorus of pleasure and ecstasy. Each of us in a heated passionate embrace as our tongues dueled to see who could go deeper. My hands moved to the sweet swelling of her firm and full breasts. The same breasts that I fantasized about throughout my final high school year, breasts that had turned all of those heads in the hallway were now in my hands. I could feel her hardening nipples as they begged for attention. The more that I fondled her, the more vocal and aggressive Jenny became.

I moved to her back, rubbing my hands up and down her back, then lowering her little black dress’s zipper. Jenny pulled away only long enough to let her dress fall from her shoulders exposing a see thru black lace bra that held all my high school fantasies. Her dark nipples were clearly visible as her breast seemed to almost want to spill out of there confinement. I knew I had to explore each. I placed my hands on her breasts and moved my thumbs over and over her hardening nipples. Jenny leaned back, looking up to the ceiling and moaning her approval over and over again, all the while still grinding her pussy onto my groin.

I unsnapped her bra. Her firm breasts, now freed seemed even larger, as I removed her bra flinging it off to the side. I remember thinking of my time in high school, gazing upon those big puppies, bouncing down the hallway, and now……. they were going to be all mine. I gazed for a moment at the beauty of Jenny’s petite body. It was a masterpiece. Her large breasts and dark nipples stood out before me, clearly inviting the attention that I was happy to provide.

I slowly licked one nipple and then the other, looking at Jenny to see the desired effect. She responded by pulling my face into her sweet mounds and begging for me to suck her tits. I placed my lips over one nipple sucking hard, trying to draw as much of her into my eager mouth. Moving from one nipple to another, the sucking and gentle biting were met by Jenny’s moans and encouragement. My hand was massaging her breast as my mouth stimulated the other and the pinching, sucking and licking had its effect as Jenny let me know that she was going to cum and cum soon. Her breathing was hot and heavy as she worked her pussy over my hardening cock at an ever increasing pace.

I lifted my hips into Jenny’s grinding pussy and it was all that she needed to go over the top. She started moaning a low groan from deep inside that quickly escalated into a wild yell as she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me driving her tongue into my throat. I could feel her juices flowing onto my pants as she shuddered. Her climax seemed to cascade throughout her gorgeous body. The juices continued to flow and I could feel a very wet area forming in my lap. She clung to me, whispering in my ear, rotating her hips ever slower against my straining cock.

Her breathing began to slowly come back to normal. She was coming down to reality as she sat back and gazed into my eyes, smiling and then kissing my neck and mouth and then whispering into my ear how wonderful that was.

Still straddling my hips she leaned back and began to remove my tie and unbuttoning my shirt. Once she had my shirt opened she moved her hands across my chest, all the while gazing into my eyes and gently smiling. She then bent over, kissing me gently and then whispering “I think we need to go to the bedroom if we want to continue having fun.” I just smiled and said “lead the way.”

Jenny stood, leaving her dress fall to the floor, mingling with her discarded bra. I could not take my eyes off her body, standing all but naked except for the smallest black bikini panties that really paper girls izle didn’t hide anything. Her pussy folds were protruding over each side of her panties and her juices were running down one leg.

She noticed my stare, stepping back a few paces and for the second time that evening, she twirled around slowly and asking, “so, you still like what you see?” Once again I was enthralled with her beauty, her body and now that fact that I was going to fuck this goddess. I looked into her eyes and said “you are the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever known and I can’t wait to make love to you.”

She extended her hand to me and pulled me out of the sofa, leading the way to her bedroom. The entire time I followed I could only look at that sexy ass and realize what was going to happen in a few minutes.

We entered her bedroom and she immediately removed my shirt, tossing it off to the side. I kicked off my shoes and socks, glancing over to Miss Perry and mentally pinching myself to see if I was dreaming. Yes it was real and it was not a dream.

When I started removing my pants Jenny stopped me while she examined the very wet spot that was covering my front. She smiled up at me and said” oh my, I was a very bad girl. I hope you’ll let me make it up to you?” She let my pants drop to the floor, then dropped to her knees, fondling the large tent that had grown underneath my boxers. She slowly massaged my erection, looking up at me and then gently pulling my shorts down and letting me step out of them. Returning her attention to my rock solid cock, Jenny placed both hands on either side, massaging it gently and inspecting it’s size and girth with her hands. All the while glancing up to see what affect she was having. I could only moan as she manipulated my dick back and forth in her hands. She was a tease and she doing a great job.

Lifting my cock she slowly licked the base and twirling her tongue around the head licking the pre cum that was eager to be placed on those lovely lips. I was in ecstasy.

Jenny whispered that it was so big but so nice and then placed the head into her mouth, slowly sucking it deeper and deeper. Still looking into my eyes, she moved her hands to my balls and started rolling them while moving her other hand up to my chest. She continued to lightly suck and move her tongue around the head of my cock. This lady knew how to suck a cock and I loved it.

I placed my hand on the back of her head and started to slowly pump in and out of her mouth. Jenny got the hint of my urgency and completely engulfed my cock around her sexy lips making a perfect seal that really got me aroused I could feel myself building to an orgasm but was desperately trying to hold off as long as possible. Jenny, on the other hand, was really getting into her endeavors and was trying to deep throat me as much as possible. The wet slurping sounds of my cock gliding in and out of her mouth along with my deep sighs were filling the room.

Jenny was really into her efforts as she clamped her mouth around the base of my dick, urging me on, I tried to fuck her mouth with everything that I had. We were both wild with the thought of sex and I knew I could not hold out any longer. I moaned that I was going to cum soon. I could feel a gigantic orgasm building and knew that I was about to explode in her mouth. Jenny pulled back so that only the head of my cock was in her mouth and moved her hands to my butt, holding on as I starting gushing into her waiting mouth.

I can honestly say that I have never had an orgasm like that before or since. All of those years of adolescent dreaming and I was now unloading into Miss Perry’s waiting throat. I was in ecstasy as I pumped volumes, more than I can ever remember I felt my knees almost give and a tingling go up my spine, so utter was my climax. It was amazing. Not only was Miss Perry beautiful, but she really knew how to give a terrific blow job.

A few minutes passed as I finally came back to earth and looked down to see that Jenny still had my cock in her mouth with a broad smile was on either side as she looked up, draining the last drops and twirling her tongue around the head. A small amount of cum was running down her chin. It was such a sexy sight as Jenny placed my cock on her chin and spread the seepage over her cheek, rubbing it in as she closed her eyes enjoying the feel of my dick against her face. It was obvious to me that this girl loved having a good size cock to suck. She once again engulfed most of my cock and I could feel it reach the back of her throat as she sucked the last strands of cum.

Regrettably, after a few minutes, she let my deflating dick slide from her mouth, licking the last remnants of my cum, all the while never letting her gaze wander from my eyes. I looked down to this amazing lady kneeling in front of me, her eyes telling me that she needed to be thoroughly fucked, and soon.

I bent over and assisted her to her feet. She smiled saying that she really enjoyed having my cock in her mouth and how sexy it felt when I filled her mouth, stating what a thrill it was to have a man size cock to have fun with for a change. I wasn’t sure what that meant but could only assume that her X husband didn’t have much equipment to play with?

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