Finding Mr. Right Ch. 05


Sorry guys, there’s no sex in this chapter either. But I promise the action is coming soon.



Matt’s Perspective

My heart sank as Laura came down the stairs looking amazing. She had on a short, flowing, flower print dress and brown riding boots with a heal. Her hair was curled and pulled off her face. Her makeup was light and fresh, making her glow. I wanted nothing more then to hold her and touch her, to feel her in my arms. Instead I watched her gracefully glide down the stairs.

She grabbed a sweater and clutch off the table and turned to me. “Ready to go.”

“Yeah.” I’d go anywhere with you.

We walked out the front door, Mary and a few other of their friends following. It was just a few blocks to the bar they hung out in, so we walked the short distance. It was perfect out, warm but not muggy, just comfortable. I spent the whole walk fighting the urge to take her hand in mine.

Walking in to the bar, Laura and I made our way over to the bartender to order. It was already crowded with post game fans, celebrating the Husky win. To my surprise, Laura ordered whisky, not her usual drink of gin and tonic. She had been quite the whole walk over, not really into what was going on around her, her mind was obviously else where. I thought it must have been the phone call from Johnnie. I hadn’t heard her talk about Dean before, and the thought of a guy distracting her this much made me jealous.

Drinks in hand we sat down and started chatting. Laura still wasn’t really paying attention, commenting occasionally on my analyses of the game. Laura drank quickly and often, obviously on a mission to numb whatever it was going on in her head. We’d had a few drinks, when she got up and headed over to the pool table, leaving me sitting by myself.

I watched her rack the balls and break them. She knew what she was doing. I was enjoying watching her move around the table, bending over to make each shot, when Mary sat down next to me.

“Not a good sign,” she said.

“What?” I wasn’t sure what Mary was getting at.

“Laura, when she’s playing pool I know something’s one her mind. Is she drinking whisky too?”

“Yeah, why.”

Mary oni thunder gods tale izle took a deep breath before starting, “She’s upset. Did she tell you about Dean?”


“Dean is this guy that she’s known since grade school. Totally not her type. We weren’t friends with him in high school. He had the reputation of being trouble and cheating on his girlfriends. You know the type.”

I did, I’d been friends with guys like that. Fun to be around if your a guy but no good for any girl. It hurt me to think that Laura had fallen for a guy like that.

“Well last fall she ran into him. He was here for the UA v. UW game. She had been on the phone with me, complaining how she couldn’t find a guy to pose for her drawing assignment. Dean over heard her and offered to help. Well after she drew him, they ended up hooking up.”

I could feel myself stiffen; the thought of another guy touching Laura had me on edge.

“She thought it was just gonna be a fling, but he wanted more. So she told him straight up, I know your reputation, if we’re gonna do this it’s just me. No hooking up with girls in Arizona, if you want out, you tell me. He agreed and they started the long distance thing. He came up for Halloween and she went down for Thanksgiving and then he was home for Christmas. In the beginning they’d only go like three weeks without seeing each other.”

Everything was good until like January/February. They hadn’t seen each other in over a month and Laura started hearing things from friends in Arizona and friends here. She saw some funny stuff on his Facebook. It was clear he was cheating on her. She called him up right away and broke it off.”

So when Johnnie called tonight and said Dean wanted to see her and wanted her back, well you can see how she is.”

My heart sunk, if she was this upset she must still have feelings for him. “Did she love him? Will she go back to him?” I had to ask.

“No, she didn’t love him. She had fun with him and the sex was good, but there was nothing more. I think it was hard for her to deny the fact that the bad boy from high school wanted her, so she went with it. There’s no way she’ll oussekine izle go back to him, she’s totally done with him.”

I took a deep breath, slightly relieved. “Then why is she this upset?”

“Because she knew going into it that he would cheat on her and she did it anyway. All our friends knew it would happen and she’s embarrassed. She knowingly let him play her and she hates herself for it. Her getting drunk tonight is about her being mad at herself, not him.”

We were silent for a moment. I watched Laura sink another shot and thought about what Mary had just told me.

“Damn it. Dean just walked in with Johnnie. I better go say hi, distract Laura will ya?”

I got up and walked over to Laura at the pool table. Her back was to the front door as she lined up her last shot, she didn’t know Dean was here yet. She looked up at me and then down at the ball. She slide the q-stick back and then brought it forward, hitting the ball with the perfect amount of momentum to send the ball flying across the table and sink the last ball into the corner pocket.

“I’m impressed. You’re really good. You’ll have to give me a few pointer sometime.”

“Sure.” Laura handed her stick to the man waiting to use the table. Then she picked up her whisky and drained it.

“Dance with me?”


“Because this is a good song.” And I don’t want you to see that Dean’s here. I reached out for her hand; it fit perfectly in mine. Her skin touching me made my heart jump in my chest. I pulled her close to me, putting my other hand around her waist. Laura rested her free hand on my shoulder. I breathed in deeply savoring her flowery perfume, mixed with the spice of the whisky on her breath.

“He’s here isn’t he? And you’re trying to distract me.”

“Yeah, is it working?”

“I’d love to be able to say my full attention was here with you, enjoying the moment, but it’s not. Mary told you didn’t she?”

I was worried that she didn’t want me to know. “Is that okay?”

“It’s fine. You know it’s not about him. I’m mad at myself for letting him.”

“I know.” We danced for awhile. I savored every minute I got to hold her close to me, paper girls izle hoping the song would never end.

When it did, Laura pulled away and looked up at me. “Take me home before I drink any more?”

I leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “Of course.”

Laura’s hand still in mine, we headed for the door. As we past our table, I grabbed her purse and sweater. I could see Dean eyeing us on our way out, but I just kept walking, directing Laura to the door, afraid of what I might do if we stopped to talk to him.

It was a bit cooler outside now but still nice. Laura was obviously drunk. I held one hand around her waist, the other holding her hand trying to steady her.

“I shouldn’t have had that last one.”

“Maybe the last two weren’t the best idea.”

“Probably not.”

We reached the front door and Laura fumbled with her keys. Giving up she handed them to me. “It’s that one,” she said pointing to the key that went in the door.

Once inside I struggled to get her upstairs, finally giving up I threw Laura over my shoulder to carry the rest of the way up. Laura was beyond the stage of protest, letting me willingly take control. When we got to her room, I gently put her down and held her for a moment until she steadied. Soon she let go of me and walked over to her closet, pulling off her dress. I went to the bed, pulled off my shirt and kicked off my shoes. Then I laid back and watched Laura undress.

She wasn’t usually so open in front of me, being drunk had obviously changed that. Her back to me I admired her ass covered by a pair of black boy shorts, as she bent over and took off her boots. Standing up she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She tossed it on the floor and grabbed a wife beater out of her closet and put it on.

Laura walked across the room and crawled into bed. She snuggled up to me, resting her head on my chest. Another thing she didn’t usually do. She felt perfect there, like she was meant to fit in next to me. I could feel her hard nipples pushed against my chest through her tank top. I was thankful in that moment that she was drunk, or she might have noticed me beginning to get hard.

“Thanks for saving me tonight.” Her hot breath on my chest sent tingles through me as she spoke.

“From Dean?”

“No, from myself.”

Shortly after that Laura was asleep. It was going to take me a considerable more amount of time to fall asleep. With Laura against me, my mind was full of all the things I wanted to do to her.

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