Finding my stockings were wet

Big Tits

Finding my stockings were wetTwo days ago we had received at our home one of Victor’s good friends, Terry, a former coworker now living out of the town.Terry was on his way to the West Coast, so my husband invited him to stay with us at home.That night my beloved hubby had purchased tickets to the theater. I was dressing sexy for my hubby and within a few seconds I forgot about someone watching me as I was in a major rush.Then I felt him again, someone was watching me. I should have wrapped the towel better but I did not have time. Then the towel fell to the floor and my naked body was revealed to anyone; but I had no time to be worried as I was late. Victor was coming back home from his office and he would be waiting impatiently for me to get ready…I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye. I was sure it could be Terry, who was out when I started having a shower. Then I heard Victor’s car horn blowing to hurry me up… I slipped into the black pantyhose and pulled them up. Then I slid inside my tight black dress and climbed onto my stiletto heels.The mirror gave me back a nice vision of myself…Then I felt my pantyhose wet. But I had no more time; I just raced to the car. I kissed my loving hubby and he just started driving.Victor looked at my long legs and then again I felt the wetness in my pantyhose crotch. I was pretty damp now. It was making me wet but not from my own arousal. The liquid in the crotch felt thick…As Victor started to drive he focused on the illegal bahis way ahead and he did not pay more attention to me. I slid my hand under my tight dress.I had to know what this strange substance was. It felt thick, like egg white. Oh, no way… I brought my fingers out of the hem of my dress.Even though it was dark, I could make it out. It looked like I had human semen on my fingers. I tasted it and I confirmed my fears…Victor was not at home when I came out from the shower and got dressedSo, it must be Terry; the bastard had masturbated in my pantyhose. I didn’t like what my fingers found. Yet it was cum. I had Terry’s cum on my pussy and I was not wearing panties…Then it hit me, I started to feel like a slut. It was so naughty…I had my hubby’s friend cum on my pussy and my hubby was there.Then I couldn’t help myself; my body just took over. My hand went back under my dress and inside my pantyhose. Then my pussy cried out and my fingers answered the cry. Slowly I started to rub Terry’s cum into my pussy lips and my clit.It felt so bad… I had no control over the situation. We arrived at the theater. Victor parked the car and he walked around to open my door and help me out. Of course I gave him a very generous leg shot. I allowed my skirt to ride high, because I wanted him to see that I was not wearing panties.I wanted him to take me right there for him to slide his cock in me in the parking lot. But Victor just smiled and we entered the theater.He led me illegal bahis siteleri to our seats. I was afraid he could smell my pussy was covered in cum…It’s was now time to relax and enjoy the theater. But I could not stop thinking about what all that had happened. I was excited and upset.After the show ended, Victor whisked me to the car. He drove home in silence and finally he parked at our driveway.All I wanted was a warm shower. I entered the bathroom and Victor came up behind me, grabbed me and started to nibble on my ear. I whispered to him if he wanted to take a shower with me.I really needed badly someone to take me.But my loving husband did not want a shower. He pressed his hard cock against me and told me he wanted me. Then he reached down and grabbed the hem of my tight dress…He pushed me against the sink, turned me around to face the mirror, lifted my dress up and then he ripped down my pantyhose. I felt exposed having him down on his knee. I was afraid he could notice the scent. But the he kissed my buttocks. He licked my round cheeks…Then I felt my juices running down my thighs. I was very aroused. He turned me around again to face him. He kissed me deeply and told me he loved having me so wet.Then he fell to his knees and took my pussy in his mouth.His tongue felt so good on my clit. I felt dirty down there…My horny hubby spun me around again facing the mirror. His strong hands grabbed my waist and he pushed me forward giving him a better canlı bahis siteleri access to my wet swollen pussy lips.Then I felt Victor as his cock entered my wet cunt from behind.He felt good; his cock pushed deep into me. I wanted to warn him, wanted to clean myself, but his cock was deep in me and now I was sure that Victor’s cock was covered by Terry’s semen…My loving husband bent me over the cold sink; ripped my pantyhose off and took me. He slid his cock into me without caring if I was ready. But I felt my cunt was slick for his cock. The tip of his cock entered my pussy lips and slide deep into me. Victor’s cock felt great. He quickly worked up to his fast rhythm. I wanted him deep in me and I was ready for him. I moaned loud as he started frantically pumping me from behind.Victor started to grunt louder, pushing his cock harder into me. His pace was faster and faster. I looked at him in the mirror. He looked almost in pain as he got ready to cum…Then I felt it. Victor’s thick head swelled as he started to cum. Feeling him cum exploding inside of me sent me over the edge. I needed it. I felt the relief as my own orgasm ripped through my body. I convulsed onto his cock. Victor gave me one last and hard quick thrust and he finished. Then he pulled his cock out of me. My wasted hubby walked into the bedroom and climbed into bed.I took a moment to gather myself; thinking I was a real naughty slut.I was surprised as to how much I loved the situation…A while later I joined him at bed, after taking a warm shower. Victor looked at my naked body and pointed at his hard erection.As I got on all fours and felt his hands onto my hips, I decided I should not tell my hubby about the naughty friend Terry he had…

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