Finding Out: The Hard & Fun Way – chapter 2

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Finding Out: The Hard & Fun Way – chapter 2bisexual – mfmI remember dreaming a good dream, about my wife. About how she called me her faggot and I called her my dyke. I remembered that it actually had happened.Have you ever had those mornings where the first thing you feel when you start to wake up is your hard cock? Well, that is the kind of morning I was having. I could feel my 6″ cock pulsing through the restrictive bedsheets.I reached down to touch myself, but I couldn’t. Then I tried my left hand, but that didn’t work either. It felt as though something was holding me down. I opened my eyes, but everything was still black. And I couldn’t see through it. Normally, when it is dark at night I can still see, but this time I couldn’t. I started to get nervous.”Hunny???” I enquired into the black abyss.All I heard back was moaning. It didn’t occur to me that I was wearing a blindfold. But I could start to feel the blindfold, like I had started to feel the restraints. My body was waking up. My ears perked at the muffled moaning and slurping sounds. My cock got harder. But I was still nervous. More and more of my sense kept coming back to me; soon my smell did, too.All I could smell was a familiar odor. At first I couldn’t pinpoint the smell, but then it hit me. It smelt like balls. It smelled like balls after they had been in the gym for a few hours working out, or after having sex.Then my sixth sense came in. I started to get even more nervous. My stomach dropped. My cock was still rock hard. I could hear the noises that I assumed were just mere feet from me on the floor. Moaning, two distinct noises. Two distinct moans. Both sounded like females.My sixth sense wouldn’t shut off, and combined with the scent of sweaty balls, my mind was working overdrive. I couldn’t help but think that there was a cock infront of my face. I reach up with my neck and my face runs into flesh… hard flesh, hard, warm, pulsing flesh.”Darling?” I call out without moving my face away from the cock. “Thank you,” I mumble around the balls that I start to lick and kiss passionatly. pendik escort My mouth waters as I lick the heavy balls that are on my tongue. The thrill of not knowing whose cock it is and the rush of it being my first cock overwhelms me and I go into a frenzy. I slowly lick up from the base of the shaft where the balls meet. My tongue lathers its way up the long sweaty shaft, zig zagging from left to right and then back the opposite way. I nibble on the meat infront of my face.”Ugh, ohhh yeah, Janey, are you sure your husband hasn’t done this before?”The voice is familiar, but I can’t place it. I, frankly, didn’t want to know who it was, I just knew that they had a delicious cock and I was going to suck the powerful tool.”Oh yeah, eat my pussy, eat my pussy! Ugh, ugh, ugh.” I heard Janey scream. Then another form from another woman. It was right after Janey had came, so Janey must have been licking and sucking some chicks cunt and fucking it with her tongue and fingers as I was sucking this amazing cock.It was like it was a magnet, I didn’t want to stop sucking it. Ever. It tasted so good in my mouth. I would bob up and down on it enthusiastically and then I would do down and suck and lick the big, smooth, heavy balls. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and I am very disappointed. But I can feel movement on the bed and then there is something hot and fleshy infront of my face.”Lick.” Is all the masculine voice tells me.And I lick, it is his asshole. I lick it up and down, and then in small figure-eights and then i flick it with my tongue. I apply pressure and saliva and my tongue goes further into his asshole. It is sweaty and doesn’t taste bad at all. I get into. I force my face into his ass. His butt cheeks are muscular and there isn’t much hair. I just later up his asshole with my tongue. He moans loud.”Lick my ass bitch.” He says over and over again. I lick his shit-hole and eat it. I nibble on it and around the ass cheeks.”Ugh, Janey, he licks sooo good. You must have him working your cunt all the time.”HAHA, yeah, he has a good tongue. escort pendik But show my sissy faggot of a husband what I like.With that command he got up from off my face and he lifted my legs. I knew what was coming. I felt softer hands on my asscheeks, spreading them apart. The something cool being applied to my buttocks. It was lube: Analeaze.”Ugh, mmm…” I moan as it is applied. Then in my ear Janey says to me, “Oh yeah, take his cock hunny, take his cock in your ass and I’ll let you see what I have been moaning about you silly little faggot.”My legs are held high and rest on this bulls shoulders. His cock touches my asshole.”This is going to look like a pussy when I am down with it, ” he tells me. “You’ll be getting wet for my cock everytime you think about it after I fuck you, sissy.”His bulbous, mushroom cockhead is applied to my asshole and he slowly eases it in. I can feel the head in my ass. There is a dull pain, but nothing too serious as he slowly pushes his rod further and further into my bowels.His cock is about four inches in.”Take it faggot, ” Janey says.He pulls his cock out of my asshole, almost to the tip and then shoves six inches of his fat shaft into me.”UGGHHHH, mmm, ohhhh fuck yeah,” I scream. Him and I start to get into a sexual frenzy, we get into a rhythm. We he pushes his shaft into me, I try to shit out his cock and thrust my hips to meet his thrust. His full eight inches are pistoning in and out of my well greased, but still tight asshole. My wife then sits on my face and makes me tongue her asshole. Hers is sweet and my tongue works up into her loosened asshole. Her loosened asshole?Then it flooded my mouth. His semen, his bull semen. It was very bitter and salty and it mixed with the taste of her asshole. This man who was fucking me had fucked my wife in the asshole. The thought only turned me on more. I gyrated my hips and sucked his cum from her asshole. Janey lightly stroked my cock as this bull fucked, and bucked against my ass, bareback. He pumped in and out. Each of his thrust drove deeper and deeper. He fucked pendik escort bayan me hard. I passed out for awhile, woke up and he was still fucking my ass hard. Janey left my face and the other girl climbed aboard and I ate he pussy and sucked on it.The bull was stovepiping me now, pulling all the way out and then slamming all the way back into me. I was moaning like a two-dollar whore as he pounded his meat in and out of boicunt. This woman was riding my face and she flooded my mouth repeatedly as my tongue worked around her clit and then dove itself in and out of her fuckhole, my tongue would wriggle around pushing itself in and out of her quickly and rapidly and then I would suck on her clit hard and licked and flicked it with my tongue. She came, rapidly and frequently. My face was covered with her juices.His cock was roch solid. His balls were spanking my shaft with each thrust. He quickly sped up his pace and fucked me without mercy. His thick cock plowed my now loosed hole and then he jettisoned his cum up my asshole. Each of his thick, heavy ropes of cum filled my asshole. The woman op top of me got off and went into oblivion. The bulls cock rammed my prostrate several times over and then, out of nowhere, the pleasure from my asshole exploded through my cock and my dribbeling load shot all over my stomach and chest. He was still pumping and grunting his hot sticky load up into my asshole. I felt him pull out.The room fell silent as I felt his cum leak out of my asshole. And I drifted off to sleep. Hours later I awoke and my wife was uncuffing me. Janey took off the blind fold and looked into my blinking eyes.”I love you baby, but our friends had to go home.””I understand. I assume you got your fill?””Yeah, she was amazaing, and so was the bull. He fucked my ass good. Did you like his cum in my ass?””Ahh.. yes, it was a surprise to say the least. How did you get this all set up?””Just one quick and easy phone call after you passed out last night.””Who was it?” I enquired.”You’ll find out next time faggot.””Shut up dyke, I heard you moaning while she ate you.”MMM, you caught me red-handed. She was good.”We ate some breakfast and then had a nice little weekend shopping at Home Depot.Do you like this story?If you do please leave a COMMENT or THUMB UP below.

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