FINDING PATRICIA UNDER MY XMAS TREETimes were tough that year we had only been married a year when Patricia got laid off from her job the company was down sizing and was moving a lot of it’s office people overseas which meant more jobs for people in India and less jobs for people in the good old USA typical corporate greed I knew the company was not doing badly I watched their stocks being a broker I was hip to these things but laid off she was and with just my salary it was going to be a struggle until she located another job! Christmas was coming soon and there would be no extra money for gifts this year I made her a few things in my work shop out of wood and metal things she could use around the house I also painted her portrait from a photo I had of her it came out really nice I thought and I hoped she would love it as much as I did… Patricia would have to figure out something and I knew she would her intuitive Asian mind would come up with something amazing I was sure and I could not wait to see it kind of excited I was and the days grew long waiting for Christmas to arrive!.On Christmas morning yes it had finally got here I awoke and reached for her in her usual place beside me I wanted to kiss her awake and then maybe have a little Xmas sex oh boy sex with Patricia is always good and lately is has been amazing it’s like she is trying to compensate for not contributing her share of the money to our budget I know that is not fair and she does wonderful and amazing things every day for me things I find to be priceless and have told her so but she still wants to do more and our sex life has gotten more than a little wild she finds new and incredibly sexy things to do to me and for me to do to her I am one happy boy let me tell you! So anyway she was not there and her side of the bed was not even warm where illegal bahis was she I called out to the bathroom but got no answer hmmmmm where could she be the little vixen? I went downstairs and it was all dark I could barely see my hand in front of my face it was so dark wow it was never this dark in here she must have taken the night light out of the wall to save energy or something so I felt along the wall till I got to the living room and suddenly the tree lit itself up boink it surprised me but not as much as the sight of Patricia under the tree wrapped naked in cellophane and wearing three bows two covering her nipples and one covering her lovely pussy my mouth dropped open like a trap door and she spoke to me with a huge grin spread across her sweet mouth “Merry Christmas Billy as you can see I wrapped this special gift myself!” I was flabbergasted and aroused at the same time but I quickly recovered and went to her I got down and lay beside her she kissed me and whispered into my ear “Anything you want!” I stared into her beautiful dark eyes and said “Anything?” she nodded and her hand reached over and squeezed my cock which was now hard enough to chip ice by the way “Take me right here Santa! Or take me to bed your choice!” I could not wait to get her upstairs my cock needed some relief right now so I pulled off her bows one by one and her hard nipples were straining against the plastic I freed them by chewing open a hole and they sprang into my mouth happily freed from their temporary prison I bit each one drawing out a sharp intake of breath and a long sigh from my Patricia then I moved down and removed her pussy bow and the sight of her sweet sex trapped inside it’s plastic prison was almost too much for my cock to bear I felt myself leaking precum onto my leg my cock was drooling for her and she illegal bahis siteleri stroked it some rubbing the fluids between her fingers I groaned and then dove between her legs I ate my way through until her pussy was free and the wonderful aroma of her perfumed pussy greeted my nostrils and I breathed it in deeply….My tongue found her labia and licked it gently Patricia was having none of gently and she demanded more I happily complied and my tongue found her sweet portal and slid up into her deep “AHHHHHHH God that is so good!” She declared “More please!” I gave her more all right licking her clitoris till she cried out as waves of pleasure rippled through her body I then mounted her and slid my cock which was now to the point of snapping off it was so darn hard deep into her lovely body we cried out as one and our sex noises filled the crisp morning air I hoped the neighbor’s k**s were not up yet or they might hear something other than Santa’s reindeer’s on the roof ha ha our bodies blended together and sweet squishy noises and the crunch of Saran wrap filled the room I could hear my hips slapping her hips as I rode her to my first orgasm of the day I gushed into her and she drove her heels into the cheeks of my ass demanding more cock I gave her all I had and she came again crying out my name as her pussy contracted and pulsed milking out every drop of cum I had! We lay panting and gasping and she smiled again and said “Anything!” I smiled and got up and lifted her off the floor I kissed her as I carried her up the stairs to the master bedroom where I lay her on the bed “Anything?” I asked “Anything!” she replied I said “Turn over and get that pretty ass up in the air!” I had always wanted to try anal sex with Patricia but had been cautious about asking she seemed sensitive down there and always canlı bahis siteleri removed my probing finger wanting sex for her pussy only but here I was behind her and her ass bulged through the plastic wrap looking like a float at the Macy’s Day Parade or something I grew hard imagining the sight of her ass floating through the sky over the heads of all those people and all the guys exclaiming how beautiful it was and how they wished they had it for themselves…I poked a hole in the wrap right over her pretty rosebud of an asshole I rubbed my drooling cock across it and lubed it up real good then I began to slide it in….Patricia’s tight asshole gripped my cock like a vise and the sharp intake of air told me it hurt a bit “Shall I stop?” I whispered “Anything!” she replied “Shut up and fuck my ass please!” I complied with her demands like I always do give a girl what she wants I always say but in this case it was give Billy what he wants that counted Patricia groaned as my cock slowly fucked it’s way into her hot little hole I had her hips in my hands and began to fuck her deeply I could not believe hot tight she was and how amazing she felt she begged “Fuck me hard Billy!” and I happily did as I was told her sweet ass was bouncing like a ball as I pounded her hard I heard her cumming her finger I saw was busy fingering her clitty and her orgasm tightened her asshole mightily I gasped and then came filling her again with another huge load of cum and when my spasming cock was finished I collapsed on top of her she rolled over and kissed me deep “Merry Christmas Billy!” I said “Merry Christmas indeed Patricia!” and we both fell back to sleep for awhile and I dreamed of her sweet wonderful ass and a smile adorned my dreaming face! Patricia found a job soon after that and things got back to normal except the sex which got even better for some reason see Patricia discovered that she liked anal sex after all and we added all sorts of fun ways to do it I had an amazing time thinking of new ways to take her wonderful tight delicious ass!.Never, THE END!

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