Finger For Freedom 1: Bare in Bavaria

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Finger For Freedom 1: Bare in BavariaFingering the furry fanny of my sexy sibling was the long and winding road – for both of us – to sexual freedomMy first crush as a teen is Marjoleen, my sweet sibling, who is very pretty. Only some fourty months my junior.My first turn-on is seeing her taking a bath. We chat while I watch her soaping and splattering to make me wet.My s!ster slowly gets curious for the reason why I often grow bigger in my pants when I watch her so fully nude.My sweetheart is open for more, but we have to be careful and wait for rare moments of privacy, alone at home.Marjoleen & me, we keep those tasty moments in our memories. As anydoes does with memorable first times. My minds’ eye still sees her in that tiny blue bikini. We write about the sexy Summer of nineteen sixty seven.My mind works out a plan to have her all for myself, when we are all on a long holiday at an aunt in Bavaria.My s!ster agrees with me that the trip to the castle ‘Schloss Neuschwanzstein’ will be probably very boring.She maltepe escort agrees that taking sunbaths and swimming in the lake, at less than thirty meter distance, is the right idea!She stays with me. We walk hand in hand into the lake. When the water is up to our chests, I start to touch her.She feels sexy, for the first time ever. She allows my finger to enter her slip, slipping towards her snappy snatch.She feels funny when my hand pulls her slip down a bit. I start to caress and fondle her furry fanny under water. She is hot, but tells me the water makes her feel cold, so we walk back to the garden, with the tent where I live.She is looking lovely when she shyly undresses in my tent and takes my towel to dry her body, while I watch her.She shyly says “Pete, I’ve to pee, but the house is closed. Where can I take a leak, so no-one will see me?”She steps, on my inviation, into the front of the tent, where I stand in the grass. She gives my a kiss and squats.She lets her warm water flow and feels releaved. escort maltepe Her head is at the height of my swim-shorts, sporting a pole.She clearly is very curious for the size of what I might hide down there. I ask “Do you want to see and feel it?”She nods and slowly pulls my pants down. Liberating a big bend brown banana, which almost hits her face.She never knew a prick can be so big, having seen only tiny penises of younger brothers, during mutual baths. Marjoleen takes my mighty member in her hand, amazed how soft the skin feels, while my pole feels as steel.Marjoleen does not dare to give it a kiss, apparently she is afraid I might taste of piss… Which gives me an idea.[i}”Marjoleen, let me lick your love-lips clean. I am not afraid of your taste. I am sure your pussy will taste great!” Marjoleen giggles, sits down and spreads her legs offering me the best view from close-by I ever had so far.”Pretty peach Princess! I hope it tastes as fruity as it looks” More giggling. She slowly opens her maltepe escort bayan lips for me.”Fine flower, Femke Fatale.”. I start with kisses at her outer lips, up & down at both sides, teasing the teen.When I lick along her inner lips, she starts to get wet, which turns me on. Her feromones awake my hormones. What would have happened, if we hadn’t heard a car driving up to aunt’s car-park? She gets up, dresses. Gone.—————————————————————————————————————————————————-We got another occasion for a private close erotic encounter not much later that Summer, back home in Holland.We were finally alone together again, by chance. Our school started one week later than most others back then.We intend to tell that erotic episode in our next naughty interesting intimate installment of my memories of her.We warmly welcome your comments and ‘thumbs up’, as a reward for an author taking the time to tell the truth.—————————————————————————————————————————————————-All RIGHTS at Professor Poet-PETER, ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’, Amsterdam, Sat. 02-06-18

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