Firehouse Bunkroom


It was another shift filled with idiots, assholes and domestics and I had already put in 4 hours of reports on what was shaping up to be another ten hour tour of duty, so I was glad to get back in my cruiser and hit the streets to grab some dinner before the bars got going. After getting a few burgers at the local drive-thru I headed to the firehouse that was within my beat so I could relax and sit down at a table and not fight the dashboard and who knows, maybe a few of the guys were there killing time and I might get in a game a pool and swap some stories. Firefighters and medics are some of the few that understand the warped sense of humor not only cops have but they themselves have.

As I walked in I saw a few of the firefighters in the bay washing down some equipment and gave them a wave as I headed into their dayroom to eat my food, but I stopped short as I went in and I saw her bent over the pool table lining up a shot. Her name is Samantha and damn does she know how to make uniform pants look nice. I stood there a moment admiring her shapely ass and just as she was about to make the shot and being the smartass I can be, I yelled “don’t hit the ball to hard”, and of course she missed the shot and turned to yell back at me, but when she did her anger was replaced with a smile when she saw who had startled her. Most of the people at this firehouse knew me and trusted me. We took care of each other and were all good friends on and off the job. Samantha came running over to give me a hug and while we had joked and flirted I still couldn’t help but notice the bounce of her tits. She had to me perfect breasts, about 38c’s if I had to guess. The AC was up pretty high and her nipples were a little hard so I was wishing I wasn’t wearing this damn vest so I could feel them pressing into my chest as she gave me a tight hug before pulling away. She was not only beautiful but damn did she smell good, and between the hug and her perfume I was getting hard. I turned to grab a chair hoping she didn’t notice but when I looked back at her and saw the grin on her face I had an idea she saw.

I was beat and was hoping for a short nap but the other guys came into the dayroom and started shooting pool so I finished up and told Samantha I was going out to my cruiser to get a fast nap. She suggested I go lie down in the bunkroom, that it was quiet this time of the evening and she’d make sure no one bothered me, and the thought of not getting a kink in my neck made up my mind real fast. She walked me back and told me I could use her bunk which was fine by me. I removed my gun belt and tried to get to sleep fast, but her pillow carried her scent and watching her leave, the gentle sway of her hips got me hard again and as luck would have it she turned around and this time there was no mistake, she saw the bulge and stared with no worries if I knew it or not. She looked back into my eyes and smiled before telling me she’d wake me up in a half hour.

I was thinking of some of the silly things we had all done and the playful flirting between the females at this station and myself when I heard the tones go off for a call, but it was for the engine and not the medic, so I drifted off pretty fast knowing things would be quiet for the short time I was going to be there. I don’t know when I became aware of the sound that woke me up, but when I opened my eyes wondering if the soft moaning and whimpers I was hearing was a dream or not, I saw the shower room door was ajar, and Samantha was sitting in a chair, her slacks off and her panties down, working her pussy with something long and dark. My mouth must have hit the floor when I realized it was my nightstick she was using. Her eyes were closed and her head back, twisting from side to side while she pumped it in and out of her pussy, which was bare of all hair except for a small strip above her puffy lips. I didn’t know if parallels izle I should make a sound or just enjoy the view, but I knew that with the pressure in my groin that sooner or later I was going to have to do something myself. She was opening and closing her legs and I could tell she was trying not to make a sound by the way she had her mouth closed, but I could also tell she was about to cum. She drew her legs up and wide and was fucking herself hard with my club, and I could hear how wet she was and see the gleam of her juices as the first wave of her climax began to wash over her. I had seen a few girlfriends masturbate before and it was something I found very arousing to see and even be a part of, but seeing Samantha was awesome, and thinking that either she had been just horny as hell or maybe had some desire with me making love to her just added to some thoughts I had tried not to really think about. I don’t know what it was but I was brought out of my own thoughts when I heard her ask me if I had enjoyed the show. Her eyes were still closed and she was still moving the club in and out so I don’t know how she knew I was awake and watching, but at this point I really didn’t care.

I told her I had and that she should have asked for some help, that I was well trained in the use if the nightstick just to see if she was for real, which she proved she was when she got up and came over, never taking her eyes off the bulge of my pants. She handed the nightstick to me as she stood beside the bunk and lifted her left leg onto the mattress and said “there it is officer, make me cum”. I reached my hand to her, stroking her thigh, wanting to feel the warmth and softness of her skin under my hand. She was so wet that her juices were running down her thigh. I reached thru her legs, cupping her cheeks to pull her in closer and leaned forward to kiss her inner thigh and taste her sweetness and oh what a delight when I discovered it was truly sweet. Giving a lady oral pleasure has always been one of the most enjoyable things for me and it always amazed me how no two ladies tasted the same, each has something to offer and Samantha was just yummy. I couldn’t wait to bury my tongue between the folds of her womanhood. While I kissed and let my lips trail up and down her thigh, I brought my thumb forward and let it slide between her lips, moving it back and forth as I moved it up towards her engorged clit, the hood pulled back exposing her pearl of delight, and when I finally touched it she shivered and sank down onto my hand, letting me know it was feeling good. She rode my hand for awhile, holding onto the top bunk and was just rocking back and forth. I turned sideways some so she could straddle my face and I must admit, when I spread her lips and began flicking my tongue over her swollen clit and felt her reaction, then wiggled my tongue back and forth as I moved towards her tunnel of desire, I knew I had better plan on being late getting back on the streets because this wasn’t something I wanted to rush. I eased my tongue into her pussy and she just buckled, pushing herself down on me which was great. I reached around her hips to grab her ass so I could pull her even harder onto my tongue and I sucked her clit between my lips, drawing it inside, sucking it with steady pressure which drove her wild. She began to cum again, covering my mustache with her sweet dew.

She told me she wanted my cock, and being there to not only protect but to serve, who was I to refuse. She undid my belt and pants, lowering the zipper and I lifted my butt so she could ease them down. I was busy removing my shirt and vest when she pushed my boxers down and my cock felt her touch for the first time as she bent over to take it in her hand and began to stroke me slowly, grasping the shaft at the base and brought her closed hand up towards the head, milking some paul t goldman izle precum which she rubbed all over the head with her thumb. The anticipation of what she might do next was as exciting as what she was doing, but when she lifted her leg over my head keeping the other foot on the floor, a moan escaped me as her smooth wet pussy opened before my mouth and she lowered herself down while she bent over and flicked the head of my cock with her tongue, continuing to stroke me. Her hand was warm and firm as she began a steady pumping action and she licked up every drop as it oozed out. She said she was having fun watching the way my cock reacted to her touch and that the head was so much larger than the shaft, like a sucker, and we both laughed at that. She opened her mouth and engulfed the head of my cock and slowly let most of it slide into her until my balls were touching her lips, oh my it was great. Feeling her swirl her tongue around me like I was doing to her hot pussy made my balls tighten. She took me really deep then pulled back fast while sucking with a lot of pressure and each time she lifted off she would make a popping sound as her lips came off the head, it was funny to hear but better to feel. While she resumed sucking me, pushing her tongue hard against the shaft of my cock, I picked up my nightstick again and began pushing it into her while drawing her clit between my lips, sucking it like a straw and pushing my tongue against it till she began to gasp and holler that she was coming again.
I had already started rubbing her cluster of nerves some call the g-spot, so as she came I began fucking her hard with the club while pushing it against her. She twisted, rocked, bucked and jerked as she experienced the first orgasm of many I was going to help her have and she filled my mouth and coated my lips with her sweet juices. I let her relax just a moment and she told me how intense that was, but what she didn’t know was I already knew how good it felt for her, and she was about to find out the wonders of the g-spot. I eased two fingers in beside the club, finding the almond of joy as I like calling it, and began to pump her hard with the club while rubbing her hard. She screamed with pleasure as she came again right away. I eased back a moment and just as she said she’d never come that fast before I did it again, and she came really fast, and I keeping going back and forth, make her cum, ease back then make her cum again till she was out of breath. My face looked like someone had poured thin honey over it and the walls of her pussy were clamping down on my fingers and the club, then I knew I had let her feel something many women only hope their lovers will make them feel. This was the part of making love that I enjoyed the best.

She had stopped sucking my cock once she began to cum over and over, which I was somewhat glad because having my cock bitten wasn’t something I really care for, but she started again, sucking me harder than before and while I could have cum right away, I wanted to feel myself deep in her so I held back, giving her ass light slaps till it was rosy red. She told me she didn’t like feeling pain but the slaps felt good, but she wanted me in her.
Their bunk beds were older ones with round metal railings. I asked her to go get some soft restraints from the ambulance, which she did but wanted to know why when she came back. I told her not to worry, it was going to be alright. The space between the upper bunk and lower had enough room, so I had her sit on my thighs. The restraints were soft leather with a pile lining and secured with buckles. I took one of her wrist and secured her arm to first one rail and then the other on the other side so her arms were spread and her breasts were presented very nicely. She was worried about this since a medic call might come in at any time but I midnight at the pera palace izle knew if it did we’d have enough time to get her loose and ready before her partner arrived since it was a part paid part volunteer department, so she relaxed.

I had gotten a little soft but feeling her soft ass on my legs, seeing her large hard nipples and looking at her beautiful face did wonders, plus knowing how this was about to feel didn’t hurt either. I began to stroke my cock while taking one of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, squeezing and twisting till she began to moan and when she told me she wanted my cock in her now, I helped her lift up and pulled her forward guiding myself into her hot wet folds. It was like an oven that didn’t burn as she lowered herself down on me and began to rock up and down. The restraints helped hold her up and she was able to move her hips from side to side while riding me. I brought my hands up to her breasts and massaged them, tweaking her nipples as she began riding me fast, slamming her ass against my balls. I grabbed her lower legs and brought her feet up onto my chest so she was basically floating free, and this must have really felt good to Samantha because she threw her head back and I felt her pussy tighten around me and she came once again. She was riding me like a kid does on a seesaw and I wasn’t able to hold back.

I felt it building in my legs, moving up into my body. Knowing I was about to cum I asked her where she wanted me. I was surprised when she asked me to fill her pussy but since I had been clipped years ago, and from knowing all those at the firehouse like I did, I just let it go, and pulled her down on me hard and started raising up to meet her downward thrust.

I’m not sure if I had ever felt what I was feeling before. The first surge of hot cum seemed to last forever before the pulsations began, and I felt wave after wave of my hot juices spurting inside her. Samantha must have felt it too and screamed yes, yes each time it did. It felt like I came for five minutes before my legs relaxed and we both settled into a slow rhythm.

We were both wasted and when I released the straps holding her wrist she collapsed into my arms. I held her for a long time like that, enjoy the feeling as my cock became limp and slide out of her. I was stroking her hair and face, feeling like a young man again, and when I tilted her face to kiss her, it was not that of lust but of a budding friendship long awaited for that went beyond the norm.

I was running really late now but I was glad the station was still empty except for her and I as we went into the shower to clean up. It had been a long time since I had shared a shower with a women and it felt great soaping her breast and holding them in my hands as we bathed. Her nipples became erect again and I couldn’t help but take a few extra minutes letting my fingers lightly caress them and grinding my cock against her soapy ass. When she lathered her hands up and took me into her hand, stroking me, it wasn’t long before I was fully erect again. I told her if she kept it up I was really going to be late but she just smiled a very wicked smile and pumped me faster. Her hand became a blur, holding me tight and stroking me fast, cupping my balls and pulling the sac lightly and I told her I was about to cum again. She knelt down and opened her mouth, holding her tongue out while I came again.

This was driving me wild seeing my cum hit her lips and face, her running her tongue around licking it up before she took me into her mouth and sucked the last drops up.

As much as I wanted to eat her right then, I had to get back onto the streets so we finished up and talked about what may be ahead for each other as I dressed. As I snapped my gun belt stays, we agreed that we didn’t want this to be a one-time event and made plans for the following weekend.
As I got back into the cruiser and went to slide the nightstick back into the rack, I had to smile remembering it sliding into her. The rest of the evening went fast and many folks got a word of advice and only a warning that night. It never hurts to put a smile on someone’s face now does it?

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