FIRST AID PART TWOAbout a week after my fuck with Sue the powers that be decided to use the First Ak** Room for Training? During the day and removed one of the beds and replaced it with six chairs, also moved in a wall chart and slide projector. Now part of my job was switching off the lights and locking the room after the cleaners finished at 7:30. Also now the Dealers area was closed at 7pm and all staff were out of the area by 7:15 so the cleaners could do their job! I told sweet Sue we could now use the room after 7:30 whenever we liked so I now began my patrols at 7:45 after Sue sneaked into the room. That first time since our first time seemed magical and hopefully there was no way we,d be caught out as I said I,d only be moved elsewhere while Sue would likely be fired! illegal bahis It was fabulous seeing her naked again and my chick reacted magnificently! I decided to feast on her cunt till she was swimming in pussy juices and begged me to “Fuck Her Good”! Not being one to disappoint a female I slipped up her from behind and “accidentally” slipped up her butt hole as she was so slippery. “Oh Joe Yes. Fuck my Ass!” she groaned and I again obeyed her command till I shot her shit chute full of my cum! The next time wife Sarah and I got together for a fuck I told her of my arrangement with Sue. “You,d better be very careful as both of you have a lot to lose!” Sarah warned. “No. The bank actually changed the hours to suit us as long as we don,t get seen we can carry on as long as illegal bahis siteleri we want.” “Well don,t get too complacent!” Three weeks later Sue told me. “Sorry Joe, But this must be our final fuck. I,ve met a great guy Ernie who,s asked me to move in with him and I,ve agreed. He doesn,t fuck as good as you, but I can teach him!” “Okay with me. You, e been great Sue and I wish you all the best with your new man!” A week later daughter Christina moved in with her new boyfriend leaving just Sarah, myself and Sarah,s Mom in her annexe next door in our house and nan only came in to visit when Sarah was in so Didn,t bother us much. Then Sarah decided to quit working Monday to Friday and began work for an agency as a temporary secretary and found she got paid as much canlı bahis siteleri for three days a week as she gotbpreviously for five days! So now Sarah Wasn,t so flagged out tired, could work when she wanted and was around much more than she had in years and our sex life revived so no more affairs at work despite the temptations! Four months later the client at the merchant bank out of the blue decided to cancel my security firm,s contract so I got moved to another office block, but by then I,d found a job working in an alarms control room with only eight hour shifts and more generous time off and holiday money for More money so grabbed it with both hands! No way even though I worked with females as well could I get involved with anyone there without any one knowing, but now I Didn,t need to as I saw my wife much more and it Didn,t take long for us to get back to our regular fucking except for the times she Didn,t feel well which with her poor health happened a lot yet we made up for it when she was back on track.

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