First (and last) Time?


I met this couple (we’ll call them Steve and Lisa) through an adult dating website. I was instantly attracted to Lisa when I saw her profile picture. A well-stacked, brunette BBW, she was kneeling up on a bed, hands behind her head, heavy breasts hanging down, and a curvy, soft plump belly jutting out impudently over a skimpy red lace thong. Steve and Lisa said they were looking for another guy to play with, and on the strength of Lisa’s picture, I got in touch straight away. We chatted on messenger, and it became clear very quickly that Steve was particularly keen to play with me. He was upfront about being orally bi, and said Lisa got really turned on by the thought of watching him and another man suck each other off. I told him I’d never done anything remotely bi, and wasn’t sure it was for me, but we continued to exchange messages. We had a lot in common, including a passion for panties, looking at them, sniffing them, and especially wearing them. He said Lisa also got really hot when she saw him in his lingerie. She also shared hers with him and bought him his own. I really had the hots for Lisa, so in the end I told him straight: “Steve, the only chance you’ve got of me sucking your cock is if we both play with kaçak iddaa Lisa first and I get to lick her pussy and asshole.” Steve said he’d talk to Lisa and a few minutes later another message popped into my inbox: “Lisa says YES. Come over next week. PS wear your sexiest panties.” They sent me their address and the following week, I took the afternoon off work and drove over. Lisa answered the door, looking even more voluptuous, plump and horny than she had in her pics. I kissed her on the cheek, handed her a bunch of flowers I’d picked up and followed her through to the living room where Steve was waiting. We had a coffee and sat around chatting for a few minutes, then Lisa suddenly turned to Steve and asked: “Steve, what underwear have you got on?” “A pair of midnight blue silk French knickers and a matching slip,” replied Steve. “You’d better let me see them,” said his wife. Steve took off his jeans and t-shirt and showed off his pretty lingerie, his cock already showing semi-hard through the silky knickers. “Mmm, that’s nice,” said Lisa. “R, what have you got on underneath that suit?” “A pair of black lacy panties and a black cami top with a bit of lace trim,” I told her. “Well, I’d better see those as well,” kaçak bahis said Lisa, with a wicked grin. When I took off my suit and shirt and stood in front of that horny BBW Lisa, in my favourite lingerie, it was one of the most erotically charged moments of my life. “Oh, those ARE pretty,” said Lisa. “But now I feel a bit overdressed. Let’s go upstairs.” I followed her upstairs, watching the rolling curves of her plump body lustfully. Steve followed me and I felt his hand running softly along the lacy strip at the back of the panties I had previously kept secret but was now blatantly showing off. We went into the bedroom and I recognised the bed from Lisa’s profile pic.I’d told Lisa how much her picture turned me on and I could hardly believe it when she peeled off her jeans and blouse, unclasped her bra and knelt on her bed in the exact same pose, in the same red panties. “You like in real life as well?” she asked with a cheeky grin. I looked at her magnificent tits and the fat roll of her belly hanging down over those flimsy panties and felt my cock hardening. “Fuck, yes,” I said, and joined her on the bed. Steve got on as well and we began taking it in turns to kiss her while fondling her tits, groping her belly, illegal bahis squeezing her ass and rubbing our hands over the moist crotch of her panties. Then she lay back and parted her legs, reaching one hand into her panties to start frigging herself. “You boys both look so hot in your lingerie, I want you to show me how dirty you can be with each other,” she said. “Now R, I think you said something about eating my pussy and ass and making me cum?” I didn’t need a second invitation. I lay down beside her, and started kneading and kissing her fat belly, easing her panties down over her thick thighs and then working my tongue down over her trimmed snatch and into her soaking cunt. Steve watched and rubbed the head of his cock, which was now sticking out of the leg of his frilly blue silky french knickers and dripping with pre-cum. I rolled onto my back and pulled Lisa on top of me, sticking my tongue even deeper into her dripping pussy. I felt her saggy tits and bulging belly squashed on top of me and the musky smell of her juices filled the air around me. She eased my throbbing cock out of my lacy panties and started sucking on it greedily before Steve joined in and then they were kissing each other, taking it in turns to suck my cock, passing it from one mouth to the other with their lips and tongues. I’d never been sucked off by two people before, let alone a man and woman, and it made me incredibly turned on.

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