Subject: Transitions First Christmas Chapter 2 Hey Hi How ya Doin. Eric here in the Empire state. Its snowed twice since I have been here Yay go snow. Yeah Im odd I know. I do want to say Sorry everyone my posts are erratic at this time and may be for a few more weeks. The move has hit several bumps. I think that I have them paved over now. I sure hope so. If it wasnt one issue it was another. But, I am going to see about how much it costs to make my phone a hotspot so I can post regularly. I am posting two chapters today on the First Christmas. I hope you like where it goes because I am having fun writing it. As always Nifty needs some cash to keep our fun going. Just because its free for us doesnt mean its free for them. Peace Love and Happiness Eric Transitions First Christmas Chapter 2 Eric was sleeping soundly when he felt someone crawl into bed with him. He felt the person snuggle up to him and knew instantly it was Alejandro. It wasn’t uncommon for Julius to slip into bed with him at night anymore and sometimes make love sometimes just sleep Eric had become Rich’s substitute when Julius wanted more then what Rich could do at his age. Rich didn’t mind and Eric sure didn’t either. Eric wraps his arm around Alejandro and kisses him on the forehead, and quickly is back to sleep. “Poppi can we talk?” Eric hears in the back of his mind. He wakes up a bit. “Sure buddy whats on your mind?” Eric asks and looks at his phone seeing its 3:30 in the morning. “I couldn’t sleep and I need your help figuring something out.” Eric reaches over and turns on the light knowing this is important to Alejandro as he has never woken him in the middle of the night to talk. Other things sometimes sure but, not to talk. Eric sits up a bit and props some pillows up behind him so he is more sitting then laying. Alejandro snuggles into his chest. Eric can tell Alejandro is thinking how to say what he wants to say. He gently runs his fingers up and down his back as he waits patiently. It takes Alejandro a good four to five minutes before he speaks again. “You know I love you right?” He finally says. “Of course I do. Is that what is bothering you?” “Well, kinda.” “Tell me all about it Alejandro. I will always love you no matter what and I know that you will always love me. We are in this life together forever. No matter what.” Alejandro looks up at him and smiles. “I know its just I am confused is all.” “Talking to someone almost always helps when you are confused. Tell me all about it and we can figure it out.” “You know I love Cindy right?” “Of course.” Eric’s heart falls thinking maybe Cindy broke up with him or they had a fight. Again Alejandro thinks about what to say for a long time. So long in fact Eric thinks he may have fallen asleep. “Its just I never had anyone to love before and I don’t know what to do.” “How do you mean?” “I love you and for a while I have kind of been ignoring you . Well, not ignoring so much but, not spending as much time with you as before. I haven’t been coming in at night and sleeping with you or make you feel special.” “That’s OK buddy. You don’t have to do those things if you don’t want to. I would never want you to do things like that f you didn’t want to.” “I do want to. But, when I first started living with you it was just us. Then it was us and Julia and Julius. Then Rich moved in and then I met Cindy, Before I didn’t have anyone to love or who loved me. Its confusing. Because it was just us all the time together and I liked that a lot. Then we got more people in our lives and I love them too. I just don’t know what to do.” Eric hags him to him, and kisses the top of his head. He can feel the tears from Alejandro on his chest. “I understand what your saying. It is hard to figure out, especially by yourself. I wish you would have come to me sooner so you wouldn’t have had to worry about it by yourself. When you have no one in your life to love. Like both of us before we met it is difficult to figure out how to act and who to spend time with. Or, how much time for that matter. I have always had a lot of people I have known but, not really loved or friends. My life has always been about work and what to do for work. Of course I loved Mr Brown the old owner of our McDonald’s. I loved my parents but, just because they were my parents It wasn’t a deep love like I have and you have for me. Love is hard Alejandro. But, it is also beautiful and wonderful. It is also confusing because you always want to focus on just the one person at a time. At least that’s been my experience. But, our hearts have an amazing ability to love lots of people. So how about at first what you do is start spending a day with say Julius and Cindy and then, Cindy and me. So that way you are spending the day with two people you love and see how that goes. Then we can expand it even more after that. How does that sound?” “I think it makes sense Poppi. But, I want to start with you and Cindy because Julius spends all his time with Rich because they are in love.” “That sounds good to me. But, spending time with my beautiful boy always sounds good to me. You ready to go to sleep now or do you need to talk more about it?” “No I think I don’t want to go to sleep yet.” Alejandro says reaching down and gently caresses Eric’s cock. “Are you sure that’s what you want to do?” Alejandro answers by climbing on top of Eric and kissing him firmly on the mouth. “I guess that answers that. But, I want to make you feel special.” Eric says and flips over and starts kissing down Alejandro’s smooth brown body. He starts with his ears and works to his neck. Then he kisses his hard brown nipples licking them and gently biting them because he knows Alejandro loves this. He works down and gently kisses his firm tummy and is tweaking and rubbing his nipples with his hands now. He licks his belly button and works down and gently licks his ball sac and sucks in his testicles. Alejandro is squirming and loving the feelings Eric is giving him. Eric licks up the base of Alejandro’s now very hard cock and takes it into his mouth. Slowly bobbing up and down on it. Alejandro starts to pump into Eric’s mouth and Eric holds his small hips so he cant make it go faster. Eric wants this to last a good while. He gently sucks him and is now rubbing his sac with one hand and still holding Alejandro so he cant make it go faster. Eric lifts off and dribbles some saliva on his middle finger and slowly inserts it into his boys anal cavity. He is always amazed at ow tight it is. He starts working the finger in and out watching Alejandro’s face making his faces when he enjoys what is going on. Eric starts back onto the turgid member and starts to toy with his inner love button. He brushes it every so often getting Alejandro to the edge and backing off. Alejandro is trying to force Eric’s head up and down on his cock with his hands. “Oh Poppi please let me cum I cant take it anymore. Please.” Eric lets go of Alejandro’s hip and starts to rub his prostate quickly and his boy thrusts into his mouth with all he has. He is sweating and pumping furiously. “AAAAAYYYYYYYEEEEEEE Poppi!!!!” Alejandro shouts as he reaches his peak. He slams his cock up into Eric’s mouth and holds it there. Eric is still tickling him inside and Eric feels 6 strong pulses as his boy has his drygasm. Alejandro is panting and Eric gently and slowly removes his finger from his boys love hole. Alejandro lays back down flat on the bed his cock popping ankara grup escort out f Eric’s mouth. “Oh Poppi that felt so good I missed it so much.” He says as he catches his breath. Eric rolls over and is laying against the pillows. Alejandro slides next to him and then climbs on top. Eric just holds him his hard cock had slipped between his legs and is resting between Alejandro firm brown cheeks. The lay like that for a few minutes. Eric’s cock pulsing every now and then. He hears Alejandro lightly snoring and he reaches over and turns off the light. He removes a couple of pillows from behind him and scoots down to lay flat on the bed. His cock is so had he cant hardly stand it. He reaches down and presses it firmly between his boys cheeks and starts to rub it feeling his boys smooth skin against him. He rubs the top of hit pressing it against his boy and after a few minutes explodes several ropes of cum onto his boys back. He hasn’t came like this in ages it was so intense. After he recovers he reaches over and grabs some tissues to wipe the cum off of his sleeping boys back and globes. It takes three tissues there is so much. Then he drifts off into la la land. A few hours later Eric wakes and sees the light drifting in through the windows. He gets up and goes to pee and returns to bed and Alejandro snuggles up against him, smiling. He gives Eric a kiss. “Poppi last night felt really great. Why didn’t you wake me up and I would have helped you?” “You were sleeping buddy. I took care of it myself.” “But, that never feels as good Poppi.” Alejandro says and reaches down and starts stroking Eric’s cock which quickly hardens to his boys smooth, small soft hands. After he gets him hard he slides down his body and takes him into his mouth. Eric always loves to watch Alejandro’s ruby red lips go over the head of his cock and watch his hard cock disappear into his boys beautiful brown mouth. Alejandro slowly bobs up and down taking nearly all of his cock into his mouth. Eric moans at the pleasure of the feelings his boy is giving him. “Wait Alejandro I want you to make love to me.” Eric says. Alejandro lifts his mouth off of Eric’s cock and smiles. Eric pulls his legs up to his chest and Alejandro lines up his hard brown cock to Eric’s hole he dribbles some saliva onto it and then pushes in. Eric feels the cock penetrate him and moans with pleasure as his boy slowly starts pumping into him. After a few strokes Alejandro wraps his hand around Eric’s cock and starts to stroke him with each thrust. After a few minutes the stroking is becoming faster and there is a sheen of sweat on Alejandro making his brown skin glisten. He starts to pound into Eric and his hand is working furiously on Eric’s cock. Both of them moaning in pleasure. Alejandro reaches his peak and slams his cock all the way into Eric trying to shove more then he has. Eric can feel the pulses of his boys cock in his ass as he cums. Alejandro after he reaches his crescendo quickly pulls out and pops his mouth over Eric’s throbbing hard cock and takes him in to his pubic hair. He had never gotten it all the way in and when Eric feels his cock in his boys throat erupts into him. Alejandro is bobbing and Eric cant hardly stand the pleasure of what he is feeling and lets out a guttural moan in pleasure. Alejandro sucks every drop of cum from Eric’s cock after he erupts into his mouth nearly choking him with the quantity. After Eric feels the last twinge of pleasure Alejandro lets his cock slip from his mouth and climbs up on his chest and gives him a big kiss. He has saved a bit of cum in his mouth and kisses it to Eric. He had never done this before and it turns Eric on that he did it. After they kiss fr a while Eric can feel Alejandro rubbing his again hard cock into his belly. Eric had never gone soft because being snowballed had turned him on. Alejandro lifts up and pulls open the night stand drawer and pulls out the tube of KY jelly and smears some on his love canal and then on Eric’s cock. No words were needed they both knew what they wanted. Alejandro tosses the tube back into the drawer and lifts up placing Eric cock head against his pucker. He gently pushes down until it pops through the barrier. He slowly lowers himself all the way down on Eric’s hard cock and starts to bounce up and down. Eric can feel the tightness of his boys hole as he slides up and down. Alejandro spins around facing away from Eric in reverse cowboy position and starts really slamming down on him. He his hitting his prostate with every thrust and is moaning in pleasure. “Oh Poppi you make me feel so good.” He nearly hollers as he continues. Eric grabs his hips and sits up. He grabs a pillow and sits it in front of them. Without pulling out he puts Alejandro on his belly with his hips on the pillow lifting his ass in the air. Eric moves forward hovering over his boy and starts to pound into him. “Oh Poppi I love when you take charge. It feels so gooooood.” Alejandro shouts and starts humping into the pillow. Eric can feel His boys butt tighten as he reaches his peak. He feels in constrict five times. Eric almost loses his load at this but doesn’t. He keeps thrusting into his boy looking down and watching his cock slip in and out of his lovers tight hole. What an amazing sight his cock sliding in and out between those lovely brown cheeks. Eric lays down on top of him not putting too much weight on him but wanting to feel his smooth skin against him as he pumps in and out. After what feels like an eternity of pleasure Eric finally lets loose and is slamming into him. He feels Alejandro reach his third orgasm and his ass tightens and that’s it for Eric. He unloads 7 hard shots up into his boy a grunt with each one. After he has his last load fire into him he slams his cock all the way in trying to force more then what he has into the boy. He lets it sit in there for a good minute or two and slowly extracts his cock from him with a pop. Making them both giggle at the noise. “Oh Poppi that felt so good.” “Yes it felt absolutely amazing to me as well. Thank you so much for that. I haven’t felt that good in a long time.” “I’m sorry Poppi that I didn’t make you feel special for a while.” Eric takes him in his arms and holds him. “Buddy I love you no matter what. One day you may not want to do this anymore with me and it wont matter I will always love you no matter what.” Alejandro just smiles and then a look hits his face and he runs off to the restroom to release what Eric had just injected into him. After he his done with that they both get into the shower and wash each other completely. Afterwards they go down stairs and here Miss Julia singing three little birds. Alejandro dances in and starts singing with her. Eric just gets a cup of coffee, sits down and smiles at his boys antics. Alejandro has grabbed Julia hand and his dancing with her as she continues singing. “Hold on my young friend I got to stir the eggs.” She says and does just that. She sits some tortillas on the table and they begin to eat. Rich and Julius join then in short order and they all are enjoying the breakfast burritos when Eric’s phone rings. “Eric its Chris I have a problem down here and I wanted to call you first and see what you wanted to do. I didn’t want to call the cops.” “Alright I will be right down.” Eric grabs his plate and takes the last bite of his burrito. “That was Chris on the phone and I need to run down to the store to gümüşhane escort see whats going on.” “Can I come Poppi?” “Sure buddy lets finished getting dressed and we will go.” Its only about a five minute drive to the store and Eric asks Alejandro. “Do you think that Miss Julia and Julius would like to go home for Christmas to see their family?” “Sure they love their family.” “I thought the same thing. I think we will get them airline tickets and a room at the hotel we stayed at so they can have a good Christmas. In the rest of the time Eric called a travel agent friend of his. Sure who uses travel agents anymore. But, Eric and him had been friends a long time and figured he would buy through him so he could have a few extra holiday dollars for his family. It was arranged they would leave tomorrow and have a limo pick the up and take them to the airport. May as well do it in style Eric thought. Once they get there Alejandro goes back to the office to wait. He likes the office its so cool to him with the big safe and all the paperwork. He walks in and sees a boy he knew from his old school. Joey is his name. He is nine like Alejandro but that’s the end of the resemblance. Joey is a blonde haired pale white boy with piercing blue eyes that are covered by glasses that are always taped in the center and the sides. “What are you doing in here Joey?” Alejandro asks. Joey just starts crying, burying his face in his hands. His glasses falling off and hitting the floor. Alejandro quickly goes to him and starts rubbing his back. “Its OK Joey its not as bad as all that.” He says repeating what he has heard Eric say to him so many times. Joey is sobbing now and shaking. Out front Chris starts to tell Eric what had happened. “It really all started yesterday. I put out some shoe boxes wrapped in Christmas. paper with some hole cut in the top for people who wanted to help with Christmas presents for kids in town but didn’t want or have enough to get an actual present. I know you didn’t tell me too but a lot of the crew wants to help and they have their own families. Not to mention a lot of our customers aren’t really well to do. So I thought it was a good idea. So being trustworthy I didn’t tape them or anything so I could just grab the cash out of it and put it in the envelope I have in the safe for it. I didn’t dream anyone would try to steal any of it. So yesterday this boy comes in and I thought he had stolen out of it but wasn’t for sure. So I didn’t want to accuse him of anything unless I was sure. He got a dollar hamburger and a glass of water yesterday. He sat down and ate it and didn’t bother anyone. So I just let it go. This morning I was in the office and saw him on the camera and thought I would watch. He slid up to the counter all casual and slipped his hand in and pulled out a twenty I could see. He put that back and fished around again and he pulled out a dollar bill. Then he walked over and ordered a dollar hamburger and a cup of water again. The weird thing is he pulled out change from his pocket for the sales tax. I don’t think he was stealing to steal. I think he is just hungry.” Chris says wiping a tear from the corner of his eye. “I didn’t want to call the cops because hell when I was a kid there were a lot of times I was hungry. So I am pretty sure that’s what it is. That and hell I don’t want the kid to go to juvie over a dam dollar.” Eric just loos at the floor trying to decide what to do. Meanwhile back in the office Alejandro is trying to calm down his former classmate and finally gets out of him that his mom was gone and hadn’t been home in five days and there was no food in the house and he was hungry. Joey had sat up and Alejandro hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I know what that’s like buddy. Stay here I will be right back.” “OK.” Joey says sniffing, Alejandro hands him a tissue from the box on the desk. “Seriously don’t go anywhere. My Poppi will help I know he will.” Alejandro walks out into the prep area and asks the boy making sandwiches to make a quarter pounder for him and he sees Maria and asks her to get him a BIG coke And BIG fries with some ketchup and bring it back for him to the office. Maria just looks at him and smiles and does as he asks. The sandwich maker has finished and had set it on the edge of the counter for Alejandro. He of course thanked him and as he did this Maria came back with a tray with the fries and Coke. Alejandro put the sandwich on the tray and took it back to Joey. “I cant pay for that.” Joey says. “Its OK my Poppi owns this McDonald’s. I know he would want you to have it. If not I will pay for it. Just eat up and enjoy.” Joey tears into it and the food is gone in a flash. “Are you still hungry? Do you want more?” Joey opens his mouth and a big belch escapes, this makes Alejandro giggle. “No I am stuffed thanks Alejandro.” “You want an apple pie or some ice cream?” “No really I am full. But, thank you.” Back at the front of the store Eric was still trying to figure out what to do. “Well fuck Chris. The kid was obviously hungry and he wasn’t stealing more then what he needed. So I definitely don’t want to call the cops. No reason to get them involved if we don’t have to.” “Can Joy help out maybe?” Chis asks. “I mean its obviously a case of neglect. Other wise the kid wouldn’t be stealing for a hamburger. Hell you know me if I knew he was hungry I would have given him something.” “As I would expect you to do.” The small amount of homeless in the community knew that if they really needed it to go in and ask and they would get something to eat. It had always been that way even under Mr Brown. “Well, shit I guess I should call her. Dammit I hate to do that but, I feel like its the best alternative.” Eric pulls out his phone and calls her. “joy I have a problem and I need your help please.” He says. Back in the office the boys are talking. “So you took a dollar for a hamburger from the Christmas box?” “Yeah. I feel really bad about it. I kept hoping one of the men that come to see my mom would come by. But, none of them did. Sometimes some of them will give me $20 to do something for them.” Alejandro shook his head knowing what he was saying. “In the butt or the mouth?” He asks. “Just in the mouth. One guy paid me $100 once for the butt. It hurt too bad I wont do it again.” “Yeah if they don’t do it right it hurts a lot. But, some guys like it to hurt you.” “Yeah that guy did he kept telling me to cry more. Which wasn’t a problem I cried a lot.” “If they do it right it can feel really good. But. Most guys don’t care they just want it to feel good.” “I don’t really mind sucking. Dont think bad of me but, I kind of like it. Especially when they suck on me. It gets to feeling really good.” “I know it does. Do you have any idea where your mom is?” “Shes probably in jail. She sells herself for drugs and every now and then gets busted. Shes usually only gone a day or two but, this time shes been gone for five days.” “I think you should come and stay with me and my Poppi. Hes really a good man and he loves me lots. I know that he can love you lots too. We always have plenty of food and we got a real big house. You can have your own room and everything.” “Your Poppi wouldn’t want me to stay at your house I’m just poor white trash.” “No you aren’t. Your a good boy. I know you and I know the other kids make fun of you like they used to do me. Its not your fault that you have dirty clothes halkalı escort and your glasses are broken.” Joey starts crying again. “I really try to keep my clothes clean. I wash them in the sink every day. But, I only got two t shirts and one pair of pants. I was saving money from sucking one of those guys and get some clothes at goodwill so I could have more. But, my mom found the money and used it on drugs.” He says through tears. “Well that’s not fair. Poppi will buy you clothes and he will take care of you too.” “Will I have to let him put it in y butt?” “No way. Poppi would never have you do anything you didn’t want to do. Hes a good Poppi.” “He wont want me. I just know it.” “Let me go talk to him real quick. Dont leave OK?” Alejandro says putting his hand on the boys shoulder. Joey looks up at him still half crying. “Promise me Joey.” “Hes going to call the cops on me I know it.” “No he wont do that. I know he wont do that.” “OK I promise I wont leave. But if I see a cop IM gone.” “Fair enough. But I know he wont do that otherwise they would already be here.” Joey nods his head knowing this is true. Alejandro walks to the front of the store and see Eric on the phone. “OK see you in a few minutes.” Then hangs up the phone. “Poppi I need to talk to you.” He says grabbing his hand and pulling him away from Chris not even thinking no is a possible answer. Eric just follows. Alejandro motions him to sit down at a table. So he does. Alejandro sits opposite of him but sits on his feet and leans in to talk to him and is speaking very softly. So much so that Eric has to lean in to hear him. “Say it again buddy I didn’t hear you.”Eric says. “Joey needs to come live with us Poppi.” “Buddy it doesn’t. work that way.” “Poppi he needs us. He is going to come live with us and that’s all there is to it.” “Alejandro it doesn’t. work like that. There is a whole process for how it happens.” “I don’t care, Joey is going to come live with us and he is going to be my brother and you are going to be his Poppi. Tell Joy to make it happen just like that.” He says pointing to Joy as she walks back to them. “Hi Eric and Alejandro. How are yo guys today?” She asks as she gets to the table. “I’m good Miss Joy. Tell Poppi that Joey Jones is going to be my new brother so we can be done with this.” “Joey Jones is the boy?” She asks. “Yeah hand tell Poppi that he is going to come stay with us.” “Well that is certainly a possibility. Alejandro why don’t you go talk to Joey and I will talk with Eric a few minutes OK?” “Sure just remember he is going to be my new brother. We have to help him Poppi. Hes right in front of us.” “Right in front of us huh?” “Yes sir right in front if us.” Alejandro says. He walks back to talk to Joey. Joy sits down. “What a small world. I was just at Joeys house to pick him up and place him in foster care. His mom got busted last week with a shit ton of crack and is going to be going down for a long time. Shes a prostitute that’s addicted to crack and God knows what else.” “What about the boy?” “Joey my goodness. He is actually a great kid under the circumstances. Hes really very bright and scores very high actually the highest in his class. His teachers all love him and are always doing things for him. They actually gave him a bunch of things last year for christmas but, his mother sold all of it for drugs. Honestly I couldn’t think of a better boy for you to adopt to be Alejandro’s brother.” “Adopt I haven’t even met him yet and you both have me adopting him.” “You will. As Alejandro said Eric. He is right in front of you.” “For fucks sake you two keep saying that like I am just a piece of shit. I help people all the time.” “Yeah but, hes right in front of you and what is it you say?” “I know good and well what I say. Start the paperwork for me to be his foster dad.” She reaches in her brief case and pulls out some paperwork with his name already on it. Also with the name Joey Jones. “Yeah by the way I was just about to call you about this before you rang me.” She says with a big smile. He just looks at her grabs the pen and signs. “Why do I feel like I have no choice in this?” “Because you don’t. Also I know you will never regret it.” She says taking the paperwork and putting it back in her case. “Lets go meet your new son.” Joy says standing up and starts to walk back to the office. Eric gets up and walks back to his old office and sees Alejandro talking to the boy and Joey nodding his head. “Hi Joey how are you today?” Joy asks. “Pretty good Miss Joy. I guess mom got busted again?” “Yeah its pretty bad this time though. Shes going to be gone a long time. I want you to go and stay with Eric and Alejandro for a while.” “Sure.” He says without any joy in his voice. Eric can see this boy has been through this situation time and again. He walks over and gets down on one knee in front of Joey so he can look him in the eyes. He sees a boy in massive need of a haircut. Glasses taped up everywhere. He wonders if any frames are actually under all the tape. He looks into his brilliant blue eyes. “Hi Joey I am Eric. I am friends with Joy who it seems you know and Alejandro is my son. Now they both think that you should come and love with me and Alejandro. But, I want to know what you think. I don’t really know what your other options are. But, O don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to do. So it is entirely up to you. Would you like to come and stay with Alejandro and me? Now I want you to think about it. Because it is probably going to be for a really long time. Maybe even until you are 18 and go to college. Maybe not so long. I don’t really know. I will tell you that I am not perfect. Sometimes I lose my temper. But, I will never hit you or hurt you. If you do something I don’t think you should you will be punished. A few months ago Alejandro couldn’t make it home on time and his game system spent more time in my room then his. But. He learned his lesson and now his system is back where it belongs back in his room. I will make mistakes I am sure of that. But, I will try my best to teach you and to love you. When you make a mistake I will point it out to you. I also expect when I make one you point it out to me as well. I don’t want to rush your decision but. Unfortunately you have to decide now. If for some resewn in a few days or months you change your mind that’s OK we can call Joy and see what other options there are for you. So with all that said. Would you like to come and stay with us?” Joey looks at Joy and she is smiling and nodding her head yes. Alejandro is just grinning hoping he says yes. He slowly nods his head yes. “Is that a yes then?” Eric asks. “Yes. I think I will be happy staying with you guys. Alejandro says I will and it looks like Joy thinks its a good idea. I promise I will be good all the time for you and not cause problems.” Eric smiles at this. “Joey I would never expect you to be good all the time. I’m not good all the time. But we will try very hard to make you happy.” Alejandro throws his fist in the air and shouts out. “YES!!!” Joy giggles and says. “That’s exactly what I was thinking Alejandro.” Eric stand up. “Well I guess we better get going then.” “Joy I imagine I will see you later?” “No I will stop by in a few days for a *surprise* visit.” She says smiling. “I will see you then.” Alejandro gives Joy a hug and the three of them walk out. Joy sees that Alejandro has grabbed Eric’s hand as they walk to the car. What surprises her yet doesn’t. is that Joey grabs is other one. Eric looks down and smiles at him. Joey smiles back. She orders some lunch and sets down smiling to herself thinking. If I have my way Eric will have a dozen boys calling him Poppi or dad before I am done.

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