First Date Domination 2


First Date Domination 2At first I gave you a ton of attention, either I’d tease you and be sarcastic, or give you compliments until I couldn’t think of any more. We both knew why; I wanted you to hang out with me, and I wasn’t going to give up until you said yes. And you did. We decided to see a movie together. I’d pick you up beforehand and we’d watch it and see where the night went.I show up at your place a little bit early so you have to invite me in while you finish getting ready. “Take your time,” I tell you. Grabbing a seat in the living room. When you emerge I stand up and tell you that you look amazing. You walk towards the door but I interrupt you, putting my hand on your waist. “So I was thinking of changing plans on you,” I say. “Oh really,” you reply, “but I’m looking forward to this movie!” “Yeah. I’ve been looking forward to this too.” I’m looking at you in a different way now, my eyes moving slowly up and down your body. You aren’t sure how to react. You tell me that we should get going, we are going to be late. I just laugh and tell you to wait. “I’m going to make sure we have a good time tonight…” You’re pretty sure you hear me say ‘slut’ under my breath. You just fidget and look away. “So this is what you’re going to wear, huh?’ I ask, giving the hem of your flimsy cotton skirt a tug. “This feels kinda cheap, but you want to know what I like about it?””Please, can we güvenilir bahis just leave,” you know I won’t go at this point but you ask anyway. “I can feel your pussy getting hot through this flimsy material…” I’m getting closer to you, backing you up against the wall now, “…your pussy is getting hot for me isn’t it baby?””No…” I have you pressed against the wall, my hands starting to feel your thighs, going for your pussy as you try and squirm away. I push my body against you, and hold your chin up, forcing you to look into my eyes. “It’s okay, I know what you like, so just shut the fuck up and be a good little bitch..” You are still meekly protesting at this point, but you’re not even sure what you’re saying. Later when you think about it you won’t be able to remember exactly what was said. You can’t believe what is happening. You were always a good girl. But you can feel my hard cock through my pants pushing against your leg. My hands are gripping your ass so hard it hurts, enveloping you and pulling you against me. Your hands are on my chest, lightly pushing. You know you aren’t strong enough. And the worst part is you can feel your pussy getting slippery and it makes you feel so fucking ashamed. I grab you by the hair and throw you over the sofa, bending you over. Your hands instinctively go to cover your ass and hold the skirt down, but I slap them away. “Don’t you fucking canlı bahis fight me, bitch!” I’m tearing your skirt and panties away already, the fabric biting into your flesh before it rips.And then you feel my fingers on you, and are horrified as they sink into you easily with a wet squish.”I knew it bitch!” The shame sets in as you hear the glee in my voice. But you know there is no point in pretending. Maybe you should let go and enjoy it. The moaning sounds are already coming out of your mouth as I work my two fingers in and out of you. “Put a condom on, please,” you try use your most assertive voice. I slap your ass, hard. “Shut the fuck up and behave yourself, slut.” You hear my pants unbuttoning. I grab your hips and position you to get fucked. “PLEASE, jusst..” I slap you again. Harder this time. “Don’t move, slut.” I’m slapping your ass with my cock now, teasing you. Whipping it against your thighs and pussy. I can tell you’re scared of it by the way you quiver and shake… or maybe you’re turned on.. I don’t care. I guide it into you and you gasp for air. ‘That’s right, give up that pussy for me,’ and I’m fucking you now, pushing your face into the cushion. At first it hurts, even as wet as you are, but you stop caring about that as you can feel yourself about to come. You hear me laughing at you as you do, but it sounds far away, all that exists for you is the hot, hard thing bahis siteleri tearing you open, making you ache deep inside. You scream as the orgasm happens, and I pound you harder and harder, letting you cum all over my big dick… Then the shame sets in again. “Did you like that, slut?””Hmm..?” “Did you?”I’m standing behind you, dick halfway in, halfway out.”Answer me, slut.” I start sliding it in, slowly, and you make a noise.”Tell me you want me to fuck you, or I’ll pull my cock out and leave.”You hear yourself answer, quietly, “I want it…””What do you want?””I want you to fuck me.”That’s right. I knew you wanted it. I start to fuck you again. Going faster and harder. My hands dig into you, and you start to feel like a rag doll as I slam you onto my dick repeatedly. I could care less about your pleasure at this point and you can tell. I’m just pounding you as fast I can, using you as a fucktoy to drain my cock. And as I start grunting and saying “yeah, bitch, yeaaaaaaaahhhh” you suddenly feel the hot cum start spraying inside you. I push it in you on last time, somehow getting a little bit deeper than I have before and just holding you as my cock twitches the last few times. I let it go soft inside you and slide out, leaving your pussy feeling sloppy, wet, and used. The cum is dripping down your leg as I zip up and pat your ass. Now you’ll always remember me laughing at you, saying I knew you’d be easy but not this easy. You know that I’ll come around to fuck you whenever I want to, and you’ll do whatever I tell you. You’ll always be my bitch and as long as I fuck you, you’ll never tell anyone.

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