First encounter


First encounterSo we meet in a quiet pub after weeks of chatting. You look sexy as hell and I want to rip your clothes of there and then but restrain myself and greet you with a smile and a kiss on your cheek. I get the drinks in and we move to a quiet corner of the pub out of eyesight from the main bar. We chat away like we have known each other for years and quite soon the empty Glasses start stacking up. Without realising i have placed my hand on your leg. I apologise but you just smile and make no attempt to move it. I begin stroking your leg again you don,t object and just smile at me, so I lean in to kiss you gently on your mouth. You respond by opening your mouth and I can feel your tongue wrestle with mine. My hand has moved to your hip to pull you closer to me as our kiss intensifies. I brake away and begin to nibble lightly on your neck and earlobe. At the same time My hand has moved up and is gently caressing your breast, you let out a low gasp and I can feel your nipple hardening under the fabric of your clothing. Getting bolder I slide my hand down to your naked leg and begin to stroke your skin. Slowly working my way up the outside of your thigh and back down again. You let out little gasps as I caress you, my hand running up and down your leg. I get bolder still and begin to stroke the inside of your leg. At first you have them close together so I cant stroke you to far up, so I change tactics and begin to nibble on your earlobe and kissing your neck. You slightly open your legs and I seize my chance to gently slide my hand further up. This time you don,t make any attempt to close them and let me caresses your naked inner thigh, till my fingers start to touch the fabric of your underwear. I begin to gently and slowly trace my index finger up and down the middle of your knickers making you give out a low gasp. God I want to feel how wet your pussy is but I restrain myself and for now just tease you through the fabric of your knickers. Teasing your pussy. I feel you gently thrust your hips onto my hand so i slide my hand down the top of your knickers and feel your naked pussy for the first time. Using my index finger I trace your pussy from top to bottom making you gasp and pull me closer to you. I slide my finger slowly and deeply into your pussy. God your wet. I begin to slowly but firmly slide my finger çankaya escort in and out of you, making you groan, all the time I whisper into your about how wet you are and how I want to feel my hard cock deep inside your pussy. Then I slowly remove my finger and offer it up to your mouth so you can taste your sweet pussy juice. Looking into your eyes I remove my finger and kiss you hard tasting your pussy on your tongue and replace my hand under your dress and back in side your knickers. This time I insert two fingers deep into your pussy. With the palm of my hand resting on your clit i begin to move my fingers in a come here motion. With the pressure of my palm on your clit and the movement of my fingers your gasps turn to low soft moans of pleasure. I stop what I am doing and slowly slide my fingers out of your pussy and remove my hand from your dress before offering my two fingers to your mouth for you to taste yourself. My cock is straining In my jeans so I whisper into your ear if you would like to continue this else where?You straighten yourself up and turn to me and say get the drinks in I am of to the toilet with a smile on your face. I go to the bar and get another round of drinks in and by the time I return your still not back. I sit and wait a bit but you still don’t return so I go searching for you. Standing outside the ladies I am in a bit of a bit of a dilemma. Do I go in and see if your there or do I wait? I throw caution to the wind and walk in and see you standing there applying lipstick. You see me enter and with out breaking away from what your doing say” I was beginning to wonder if you where coming or not”. I walk up behind you and move your red hair from your neck and start to kiss you and gently bite your neck as my hands slide up to grab your breasts. Firmly kneading and squeezing them you let out a gasp. Thinking to myself were going to get caught any moment now I grab your hand and head of to the nearest cubical. Inside I push you up against the door and kiss you hard, feeling your tongue fighting against mine I fumble for the lock. My hands tremble in excitement as I unzip the back of your dress a bit allowing it to slide of your shoulders so I can expose your bra. Pulling one of the cups down I get to see your naked breast in all its glory for the balgat escort first time and notice how hard your nipple is. Instinct tells me to suck on it but I refrain and roll and tweak at it with my thumb and forefinger making you moan softly. Now I bend my head and take it gently into my warm mouth sucking on it softly and rolling my tongue around it. My hand has snaked its way down you your skirt and up under it and is starting to slide one side of your knickers down then the other side till they are just above your knees. Placing my hand on your hot pussy I slowly trace up and down your slit and probing my finger between your lips, feeling how wet you are. I gently slide one finger then two deep into you again making you moan with pleasure. Fuck I need to lick you, so I slide down to my knees and slide your dress up around your waist and get you to hold it there. I slide your knickers all the way down to your ankles but not completely off and get you to spread your legs as wide as you can. Using both my hands I spread your pussy lips wide exposing your clit. I begin softly licking it my tongue circling around it before gently biting it, then moving my tongue down to your pussy hole. Licking up and down your pussy I stick my tongue in as deep as it will go and feel your hand on the back of my head trying to push me deep into you. You begin to thrust your hips against my face rubbing your clit against my nose, your moans becoming louder as my tongue explores deep inside your pussy. My hands move around to your arse checks and I grab them roughly spreading them wide then releasing them to pull you closer on to me. It’s not long ( I hope ) to you let out a loud moan and tell me your cumming as you thrust harder onto my face. Knowing that your going to cum a spread your arse cheeks wide and with a finger press The tip against your tight hole and slide the first part in. I can sense you cumming now ass your arse hole tightly convulses around my finger and your hands grab the back of my head tightly then go limp as you let out a loud moan. Breathing heavily I move my soaked face from your pussy but can’t resist gently flicking your clit with my tongue making you jump. Standing up I kiss you letting you taste your juices on my lips and tongue.We go out into the night. The car park is deserted elvankent escort with only my car which I parked in the far corner. Leading you over to it you stop and say ” we have had to much drink for you to drive”. I smile and say don’t worry we are not driving any where. Leading you over to it I stand you on next to the bonnet and kiss you hard. I push you back onto the bonnet of the car and spread your legs wide. Kissing you you wrap your legs around my waste and your hand goes to my crotch rubbing it through the fabric of my jeans. I break away from kissing you and undo my jeans and fish out my semi hard cock. Your hand goes straight to it and you begin to gently wank my shaft, moving the skin back and forth as we kiss. You feel my cock growing hard and when I feel it’s fully erect I pull you to the edge of the Bonnet and ask ” do you want to fuck” you just smile and pull your knickers to one side, revealing your wet pussy. Taking my cock in my hand I would rub it up and down your slit and slap your clit with it before slowly pushing it against your pussy hole. I can feel how hot and wet your pussy feels as I slide it deep into you. You moan and tightly wrap one hand around my shoulder and the other goes to my arse cheek pulling me deep into you. I begin to thrust in and out of you slowly at first with long hard thrusts our pubic bones slapping together. Your hands move from my body and you lift yourself up of the edge of the bonnet so I can fuck you harder and faster. As your body is arched I bend my head down between your cleavage and bite your fleshy breast making you moan out loud. Breaking away from your breast which I have now marked I pull my cock out of your wet pussy and grab the back of your hair to pull you down and take my hard cock in your mouth to taste your juices on it. After a couple of sucks I pull you back up and turn you around and bend you over the bonnet as I pull your knickers down over your bum and down to your ankles. Spreading your legs wide I slap your ass hard and spread your cheeks wide and dip my head down to lick your tight hole. After I have rimmed you for a bit I stand up and place the tip of my cock at the entrance of your pussy and slam it hard into you making you gasp out loud. I fuck you with long hard thrusts building up my speed. You move a hand down to your clit and begin to rub it hard, bringing you closer to another orgasm. You moans become louder I fuck you hard and fast, and you thrust your arse back with each thrust trying to get me deeper in your pussy. Soon you are coming I can feel your body convulse on my cock as you cum hard which sets me off.

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