First Encounter


First EncounterShe was on his lap, her back to his front, her head resting on his shoulder. He ran his hand up her thigh – he was impressed by how smooth it was – and slid it over the light red fabric of her skirt; he could feel her body melting against his chest as his fingers crept over the hem. He slipped a finger inside of it, sliding his nail slowly around her waistline, observing as she shivered slightly, a slight gasp escaping her lips. He loved to watch her body react to his touch.He began to move back down over her clothing, back to her thigh, down to her knee, tickling it slightly. She giggled slightly, but she knew that wasn’t the purpose of his movement. Again he slid his hand up her thigh, more slowly this time, and underneath her skirt. He stayed there for a moment, reveling in the deep breathing as she pressed against his chest, the light squeeze of her hands on his legs, the smell of her sexuality. Then he began to move again, ever so slowly, and meandered his way near the prize. Her body tensed. He felt the deep flesh, the taboo flesh, and suddenly he felt it and realized.She wasn’t wearing any panties.Let’s pause there for a moment. This is my story. We should start at the beginning.It began inconspicuously enough. I was at the dining hall in my college, and it was a busy day. As I walked around with my food in hand I realized all of the tables were more or less full, so I began to search for someone unassuming that I could eat next to without discomfort. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find that either. So, I went with the next best option. Just find a place to sit, no matter what.So there she was. She was alone, eating some sort of a sandwich, and reading a small book of some kind. Plus, she was gorgeous. Normally I don’t have the balls for this kind of thing, but for once in my life I got the courage up somehow.“Can I sit here?” I asked, trying to maintain eye contact, feeling somewhere between a fool and the awkward guy that engages women in vaguely inappropriate ways. She didn’t seem to think anything of that sort. In fact, she smiled.“Yeah, of course. I’d love some company anyhow. This book is crap.”I laughed genuinely, which surprised me. I didn’t expect her to crack a joke so easily. This girl was comfortable with herself.So I sat down, and she set her book next to her foot and began a conversation like we were old friends. It was utterly amazing. I was instantly attracted to her in every way possible.I tried to study her as we conversed. She was even more beautiful up close, maybe even sexy, which is a rare quality in a girl who’s merely eating lunch and talking to me. Though I couldn’t fully tell because we were sitting down, I guessed she was about 5’5’’ or so, perhaps a little taller. She had long, chocolate brown hair tied in a ponytail which swished softly when she moved her head, either to laugh or to express her interest in what I had said (both of which I loved to see). Her eyes were dark blue and set deeply into her face, a beautiful almond shape, with only the tiniest amount of make-up that accentuated them perfectly. Her nose was small and well proportioned, and her smile was deep and knowing, with little dimples and white teeth.And her breasts. Oh man, her breasts. I couldn’t help but look at them time and time again. They weren’t terribly large, but they were prominent on her body, tight and firm. It seemed gravity hadn’t touched them. I’m sure she noticed my glances, but she didn’t seem offended.As our time came to a close, we stood up and prepared to say goodbye. That’s when I got to see her bottom half. She was wearing a skirt, flattering without being slutty, and it showed off her legs and ass so perfectly. This girl had the whole package. Beautiful, smart, engaging. That’s all I needed.“So, where are you off to?” she asked.“Psychology 101,” I replied.“Really?” She seemed pleased. “Me too. We should sit together.”“Definitely.” Of course I wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity such as that.So we went to the class. It was the best class of my learning career. I could hardly listen, simply watching her take notes. It was pathetic. I had to wonder if I even had a chance, and whether or not it was worth taking.Sadly, class ended. But as we stood up her looked me dead in the eye, saying: “We should go out for a movie sometime.”God, I almost fell over. I almost cried. I almost did everything else that would be utterly embarrassing. “Yes, that would be great.” I don’t know how I got it out, but it was there. I was proud avcılar escort of myself.“How about Friday?”“Sure. I’m not busy. Friday it is.” How could she be so calm?“See you tomorrow in class?”“I’ll be here.”She walked off and I watched her go. I got my stuff and began to walk to my next class.I wasn’t functional for the rest of the week. Every part of my body was twitching all of the time, waiting for Friday night so eagerly that I could hardly contain it. It was utterly ridiculous, but I reveled in the feeling. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before.Let’s move on to Friday night. I stopped by her apartment at 6:00; we had decided to eat dinner before the movie began. She was dressed in a skirt again, of the same make but a light red color, with a relatively tight black tee-shirt that showcased her breasts beautifully. She slipped on a jacket, which was somewhat disappointing, but she made it work. I was sure she could wear anything and make it work.The meal was just as pleasurable as the first. She talked about herself so easily, so sincerely, that I merely enjoyed listening. When it came to my turn to talk, words came easily to me for once as my comfort with her increased rapidly. When the meal ended, we walked to the theatre which was just on the other side of the street, and watched some movie that I didn’t pay much attention to.You’re probably starting to understand how much this girl held me under her sway.I dropped her off at her apartment, and like a perfect gentleman, escorted her to her door. We said our goodbyes and I turned to leave when I heard her voice.“What? I don’t get a goodnight kiss?”I turned around slowly. “Would you like one?” I asked, teasingly.“Yes, please,” she replied.The bantering continued. “I don’t know if you deserve one.”“Aw, come on.” Was that a hint of begging in her voice?“Okay, fine.” I put one hand behind her head and one on her waist and pulled her close to myself. I could feel our lips touch; it was different than anything I had experienced. It wasn’t my first kiss, of course, but this one…it had some sort of an electrifying effect on me. My lips tingled.I pulled away from her slowly and saw her face. She was even more beautiful than before as she stood there with her eyes closed before opening them slowly. She grabbed me by the hand.“I want you to come inside,” she urged, pulling on my fingers, a strange sense of urgency in her voice. I followed her in as she entered her apartment. I stepped inside and barely had time to observe the furniture before I heard the door and she turned me around. She placed her hands on the sides of my face and kissed me, much more passionately this time. I couldn’t kiss back before she left me standing there, dazed. She grabbed my hand again.“Come on,” she said. She led me over to the couch and sat me down. I was still in a bit of a stupor. She pushed me over and sat on top of me, and resumed her kissing, her tongue dancing in and out of my mouth. If nothing else, she was a fantastic kisser.I had regained enough sense to kiss back this time. She moaned slightly as our tongues met, and all of a sudden I knew where this was going. My heart began beating like mad; my breathing accelerated. We continued our dance as my hands began to move. They began on her waist. I pulled her down into my own, letting her feel me, what she was doing to me. I could feel the smile on her lips; she ground her hips slightly into my crotch and I couldn’t help but grunt softly.She pulled away from the kiss for a moment, with something close to a grin on her face. “I hope this isn’t too much for you, big guy. We can slow down if you’d like.” I shook my head. “Okay.” She ground her hips into me again, harder, and I gasped. “Your choice.” She laughed.I yanked her back down, meeting her again in desire, and then pulled away again.“I need to know…where did this come from? Why are we doing this?” She looked at me quizzically. “Not that I want this to stop. Far from it. But this is so sudden.”She pondered for a minute, still on top of me, her skirt riding up slightly. “I don’t really know,” she replied. “I hope that’s a good enough answer for you.”I chuckled and sat up. “Works for me, I suppose. Now, let’s get back to it.” We sat facing each other. “Now, don’t move.”I placed my hands on her sides of her waist, then ran them up over her shirt, squeezing softly in a massaging motion, relaxing her body. I found her shoulders and massaged those as well, watching as she closed her eyes. I continued this for a couple beylikdüzü escort of minutes: giving her pleasure without the sexuality. I wanted to save that for a little while later.I began to stroke her hair as well, kissing her softly on the lips, as well as her cheeks as neck, breathing on her skin and letting her know I was there. Finally, I began to move my hands back down her body, this time over the front, and let my hands run over her breasts slowly but comfortingly. She sighed quietly and thrust her breasts out slightly in order to encourage more contact. I moved my hands in circles around them, in and out of her cleavage, with the occasional squeeze. I was incredibly aroused; I don’t know how I found the patience to take this much time.After some time I moved my hands down and under her shirt and proceeded to manipulate the bare skin underneath. As I progressed up, back towards her breasts, I brought the shirt with me. I saw her toned belly, with just enough substance to avoid being too skinny, and observed how it went in and out with her excitement. I continued to move her shirt up. I skipped over her breasts and pulled her shirt up to her head. She assisted me in removing it completely.Now they were there in the entirety, covered only by a lacy bra somewhat akin to lingerie: I almost burst out and started crying from the sheer beauty of them. As it stood, I could nothing but stare at them as she blushed. I reached out my hand and cupped one of them, feeling both the softness and the firmness in my hand as I rubbed them gently.I turned her around now, and she followed willingly. Placing her in my lap, I reached around and continued to massage her breast slowly and continuously with one hand while rubbing the rest of her chest and stomach with the other. My hand progressed down near the top of her skirt, and then over it. I was touching her leg now, smooth as a pearl, and I could feel myself tense as I came closer to her most private possession.Here we come to the part where I began the story: the part where I discovered she had no panties on. You can imagine my pleasure at this find.“You planned this from the beginning, didn’t you?” I asked her.“Yup,” she replied. “And I’m glad I did.”I didn’t bother with a response. Instead, I began to manipulate the outer lips of her vagina, alternately rubbing and squeezing them softly. I could feel the wetness that had soaked all the way through to the outside, and I could sense my penis struggling ever more against the prison of my pants. She seemed to take notice of this fact.“Would you like some help with that?” she asked. Before I could respond she had spun around and placed herself on the floor in front of me. She sat on her knees and abruptly undid the button on my jeans and pulled down the zipper. I lifted myself off of the couch as she eased my pants down to my knees; my penis now stood proud and erect in front of both of us, straining against my boxers, looking for some sort of escape.She wrapped her hand my shaft through the boxers, apparently admiring it. I have a normal-sized penis, perhaps a little larger at about 6 inches, with a reasonable girth. Whether or not she had seen larger, she was rather impressed. She moved it back and forth with a smile on her face, when she gazed up at me.“Can I see it?”I nodded. I once again lifted myself off the couch as she eased my boxers down this time. My penis got caught on the fabric but finally broke free into all of its sexual glory. I had never been so happy to see it in all of my life.I was breathing heavily now that I was so free and vulnerable. The room was beginning to smell of sex and pheromones, that musky smell of attraction. Her eyes never left mine as she placed her hand around my naked sex. She kissed the tip gently.My body jerked upwards, thrusting reflexively. She took it in stride, waiting for me to calm down. When I settled down she tried again, licking the tip of my penis softly. The warmth of her tongue slipped through the tip and traveled along my chest up to my head. I was in heaven.She began to lick steadily now, intermingling long strokes with soft flicks, all against the very tip of my penis. The shocks of pleasure traveled through me over and over again. My chest was pounding. I couldn’t take my more.“Please…stop…” I begged. “I can’t take much more of this. I’m gonna lose it.”She stopped. Looking me in the eye, she giggled, then placed her mouth around my cock and slid all the way down, deep-throating in a way I never thought possible. esenyurt escort I couldn’t contain myself. I came hard and fast, my hips pounding at her throat, my hands clutching her hair. We both groaned as I filled her mouth with my fluid, wave after wave. It was a good thing I hadn’t masturbated that day.When it stopped, I could hardly breathe. She popped me out of her mouth and smiled again.“I hope you enjoyed that,” she said. I could only nod, resting against the couch. She sat next to me and put her head on my shoulder. “So, when is it my turn?”I laughed despite myself. “Give me just a minute, will you? Orgasms are hard work.”“Maybe this will help,” she replied. Standing up, she strode in front of mine, facing away. She undid her bra strap and let it fall to the floor. Then, she slid her skirt down to her ankles and stepped out, leaving me with my first look at her ass. It was beautiful.She looked over her shoulder. “Ready?” she asked.“Why not,” I replied.She turned to me, and even in my drained state I could feel desire crowding back into me. Completely naked now, her body shone in the room’s lighting, glancing off of her breasts and clean body, free of hair in every area. Her vagina was prominent, slightly puffy and ready for anything I could give it. I motioned her to sit next to me.“You’re beautiful, you know that?” I told her, sitting down in front of her the way she had been only a moment before. She was ready to respond when I drove my face into her, licking away at anything I could find, anything my tongue could reach. I thrived in the musty scent of her sex. She moaned loudly and reached for my head, grasping my hair as I sucked at her lips and shoved my tongue up her hole. I retreated after a little while to let her catch her breath, and give myself a breather as well. She sighed in pleasure.“So, tell me. What do you want me to do?” I inquired. “I am yours for the using.”“Really?” She seemed surprised, but happy for the offer. I suspected it was something had never heard before. “Well, I’ve got a task for you. See if you can find my clit. Do you know what you’re looking for?”“I have a general idea.” I grinned. “And I know what’ll happen when I find it.”I moved down again, going much slower this time, and dragged my tongue up and down her slit. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for: only that it was the most pleasurable part of a woman’s body, and that once I found it, I would know it. It didn’t take too long for me to hit the jackpot. All of a sudden her body twitched and she stifled a howl of pleasure. I tried again, and this time she couldn’t hold back her sound, a high pitched squeal of sheer enjoyment. I knew I had her under my power. I touched her clit more lightly with my tongue this time, letting her body twitch with sexual excitement.“What now?” I asked. “I seem to have found it.”“Hm. Well, you’re gonna need to make me come, one way or another. Trust me, it’s not too hard. I’m easy to please. I’ve already been close a few times.”I decided to use a technique I had developed in my imagination. I moved back up to kiss her once, briefly, resting my hand on her breast. I moved the rest of my body down, leaving my hand behind, returning to the wet glory of her vagina. I licked at it slowly. After a moment I began to slide a finger inside of her; she gasped: I don’t think she was prepared to be invaded, but she didn’t resist. I moved my finger in and out, stroking her cavity, looking for something that set her off. Suddenly I found it; I could feel her body twitch as my finger ran over it. Everything was in place.I began to massage her nipple with my hand. I played with it, pinching it lightly, twisting it slightly, flicking and rubbing it. At the same time I began to move my second hand as I had found she enjoyed it. Her body was shaking now, as I played with two of the most sensitive aspects of her body. Finally, though, I added my tongue to the orchestra, rubbing it over her clit firmly. It only took one stroke of my tongue to set her off. She cried out in ecstasy: I could feel her vagina clasping my finger as it was wracked by her orgasm.It took her a full thirty seconds to cease shaking. I sat on the couch next to her, letting her rest herself on my shoulder as I put my arm around her.“This was fun,” I said.“Yes. Yes, it was.”“We’ll have to do it again sometime.”She giggled softly, tiredly. “Definitely.”We rested there, eventually laying down and falling asleep together. There was something romantic about the whole event, something beyond the simple sexuality, but I was never able to put my finger on it. In any case, we stayed together for quite sometime. This was our first encounter, though, and it was easily one of the most memorable.

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